Clean sheet objective against Lille


The one ray of sunshine in our long dark autumn was holding Lille to a 2-2 draw in France.  After 13 games, the French club sit second top of Ligue 1, two points off PSG; so far, this is their season in the sun.  The French club sit top of our Europa League group, a point ahead of Milan, both teams have qualified for the knock out round ahead of the final group games tomorrow.

Lille are incentivised to win at Celtic Park, there is the best part of Є1m open to them and seeding in the first knockout round to play for.  Celtic’s motivation is less clear.  We should certainly rest some ahead of the more important game on Sunday against Kilmarnock, but our defence needs every test it can get right now.  A clean sheet is achievable and should be the focus on team planning today.

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

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  1. Andy Patons Mullet on

    Tailor made for Turnbull to do a Liam Miller (RIP) turn for us tomorrow night and reignite the season. Hope springs eternal.

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  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    Taking SFTB’s post into account I’ve tried to remain positive in light of the managers latest comments. I get that he’s got to remain positive and back the players, I get that some of the banners are a bit to extreme, I get that he acknowledges the generational gap in expectations. That’s were I draw the line, if it was only a few tweaks needed then why didn’t you do it sooner, if squad players deserve to play why didn’t you do it sooner. The nail in the coffin is the portrayal, implied, is that we’re the bad guys in all of this. The reason for the current lamentable season lies firmly with Lennon.



    I may look back in months to come and think my disdain for the manager was irrational and out of context but I don’t think so. Change of management should’ve happened when it could’ve made a difference. Sadly, for me, it’s clear that our choices as payed out by the board. We’ll win the ten with Lennon or we won’t win the ten with another manager.



    You can scroll on bye as getting it down in words quells my ire

  4. Paul The Spark on

    Very concerned when Neil talks about getting a bit of consistency. We need a settled side and formation. The one thing we have is consistency. Unfortunately we are consistently poor.

  5. Bhoy from Boyne



    Wouldnt bother my arse with juco james.



    A few weeks ago after our ac game he and his anus (bots) unleashed a ferocious attack on Neil Lennon stating he left his captain to take the media on,ie what sort of manager does this?sort of narrative..


    Only thing incorrect and wrong about his narrative was Neil had already given 2 pressers about the game.


    I asked him what was the story behind him ploughing narrative of lying in that sb was not left hanging out to dry.Result my only block from allegedly pro Celtic analysis site.ah well.



    Be wary my friend.not only the above.but of all meeja narratives,keiran at the Athletic is not more in the know due to being behind a paywall,michael macgowan etc.the question of any reporter is do you write and be damned as a report or do you write a narrative for someone which impinges on your job as a reporter.


    It was this places original strengths cqn not lazy journalism.


    Hope your good





    I havent seen you post for a few weeks, I hope that your okay ?


    I know the Pubs are still closed…thats why I cry into my non existent beer




    HH Mate.

  7. I have to agree with you Paul about the importance of keeping a clean sheet against Lille. We were two up when we played them last time and let it slip, that might just have been the moment when the malaise set in this season. Since then we have lost our identity. More interested in Europe? More interested in Scotland? Ask the players, even the scottish players. Of course they are more interested in Europe and not only for the money. It’s about playing at higher levels. Ask the punters, which do they prefer? Ten in a row please, no contest. The manager wants 10 because it keeps him in a job. The board want 10 because they stay in a job. The players have to suck it , well that’s ok, they’re young. All that is needed is for the manager to deliver the 10. I expect some scottish clubs to take points off Gerrard’s team. Going on previous seasons. But Celtic could drop some points too. I dont do math in football but I would say Lennon has exactly one more match to show he can turn this around. Anyway lets enjoy Europe tomorrow as we bid adieu to the old continent.



    Post data : Martine Aubrey, daughter of Jacques Delors is the mayoress of Lille, will the provost of Glasgow be going to the game?



    Celtic to win 1-0

  8. Clean sheets , consistency. Doesn’t matter who plays or what formation we play. We are rank and it won’t change until the management team go.



    There are quite a few on here today , who I think have been taking some of the huns deludemol.

  9. Bhoy from the Boyne,



    I’m going to counter that one from AT. Whilst a bit antsy, American and a bit in your face (and oh dear god would I love a blocking system on CQN) his analysis, along with Alan Morrison of this parish, the CynicWolf and others do a great job in breaking down the stats that too many in your support refuse to embrace. Yeah, he doesn’t like Neil Lennon – he’s not alone there sadly but the stats stand up to scrutiny and he’s been absolute spot on with his predictions against Neil’s inability to course correct leading to the current meltdown.



    The old constant ‘reds under the bed’ narrative has caused too many in our support to become complacent.



    We have a problem Houston and the stats have been telling us that since the start.




  10. Ex Pat @ 1.55



    When you say…



    “ I liked our goals against Milan, breaking from our own half at pace through the middle.”



    …what game against Milan were you referring to?



    If it was the recent match, our 1st goal came from Rogic getting the ball on the edge of the box, as their defender failed to control a pass out from their keeper. Rogic promptly slotted the ball home. Our 2nd goal came from high pressing in the final third, which won us possession. Quick assist from Christie to Edouard led to the goal.



    There was no “breaking from our own half at pace through the middle” for either goal !!







  11. JAMES FORREST on 9TH DECEMBER 2020 2:53 PM




    Which part? The article? Or their assertion?




    James – To think that no Celtic supporter has complained.



    D :)

  12. BRRB – Get on here.



    Big Jimmy – I text BRRB the other week and he said he was fed up with Celtic just now (he is Scunnered).



    D :)

  13. DAVID66..


    Cheers mate, I was just a bit concerned about him…although due to Celtics shocking ” Form”, and the Pubs still being closed…He aint the only one thats pure scunnered…so I um !



  14. Big Jimmy – I know mate beginning to get scunnered myself.



    BRRB – If you are lurking we all wish you well Amigo.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  15. An Tearmann



    I came across this translation of a poem by a local Irish poet , Cathal Ó Searcaigh.



    You might recognise the experience:-





    ”Twill put a stir in you, and life,’


    says old Bridget, spark in her eyes


    profferring a bowl of spring-water


    from the purest well in Gleann an Átha,


    a well that was tended tastily


    from generation to generation, the precious


    heritage of the household


    snugly sheltered in a nook,


    a ditch around it for protection,


    a flagstone on its mouth.



    When I was growing up


    here in the early sixties


    there wasn’t a house in the neighbourhood


    without its like,


    for everyone was proud then


    of how wholesome and pure


    they kept the family well:


    they wouldn’t let it become murky or slimy


    and at the first traces of red-rust


    it was bailed-out with a tin bucket


    then purified every season with kiln-lime.



    Lively, living water, pellucid spring-water


    gushed forth from our family well.


    In tin-cans and pitchers


    they drew it daily


    and in the devouring thirst


    of sweltering summer


    it slaked and cooled them


    in field and bog.


    It was a tonic, too,


    that made them throb with delight


    and for their ablutions


    it served from cradle to grave.



    But, this long time,


    piped water from distant hills


    sneaks into every kitchen


    on both sides of the glen;


    water spurts from a tap,


    mawkish, without sparkle,


    zestless as slops


    and among my people


    the springwell is being forgotten.



    ”Tis hard to find a well nowdays’,


    says Bridget filling the bowl again.


    ‘They’re hidden in rushes and grass,


    choked by green scum and ferns,


    but, despite the neglect,


    they’ve lost none of their true mettle.


    Seek out your own well, my dear,


    for the age of want is near:


    There will have to be a going back to sources.’




    The work done by Celtic by Numbers (Alan Morrison) & Juco James is excellent & their message, based on data & the analysis of data – has been consistent long before the team experienced their current implosion.



    Their joint podcasts with Enda Coll are worth listening to.


    They’re passionate Celtic fans who can’t believe that the club is being run in the current manner.


    Their conclusions would chime with many other Celtic fans – team selection, shape, tactics, substitutions & they don’t support NFL remaining as manager etc.


    You may have seen their latest podcast but I’ve linked it anyway.


    In this they make some excellent points that helped me personally to understand relevant issues.




    Juco James suffered a social media pile on after one of his early assessments but now he & Alan Morrison looks almost like savants.




  17. BIG WAVY on 9TH DECEMBER 2020 4:02 PM


    Bhoy from the Boyne,



    I’m going to counter that one from AT. Whilst a bit antsy, American and a bit in your face (and oh dear god would I love a blocking system on CQN) his analysis, along with Alan Morrison of this parish, the CynicWolf and others do a great job in breaking down the stats that too many in your support refuse to embrace. Yeah, he doesn’t like Neil Lennon – he’s not alone there sadly but the stats stand up to scrutiny and he’s been absolute spot on with his predictions against Neil’s inability to course correct leading to the current meltdown.



    The old constant ‘reds under the bed’ narrative has caused too many in our support to become complacent.



    We have a problem Houston and the stats have been telling us that since the start.








    Big Wavy


    His numbers have been countered.when they its all about him.poor juco.look back on his stats(if you can be arsed) and they conclude the same as cbn did for 9iar.that is the highly unpallateable fact that Neil Lennon made Celtic better than BR’s pre leicester bolt.



    No reds under the bed narrative wavy.he is not telling you anything you cant see with your own eyes.


    he was lying about Celtics manager


    He asked what sort of manager leaves his players to do the presser- lie.


    I advised him Neil had given 2 interviews prior which his assertion- ignored.



    Now you and i may differ in view.your a Celt that is not questioned,seek a narrative for change by all means.but if that is yir back up youll lose.The block button is not used by myself.we get energy from differing voices.our trouble starts when we all start thinking the same(no much of that bout eh lol).cbn/cynic leave me with evidence and i can make my mind up.your baseball dude was caught initiating an agenda.. if he does it there his narrative continues with its bias unhindered.not with me wavy.





    For anyone who MAY be interested they are…with early Prices..



    TAUNTON 1.10 LILLY PEDLAR @ 10/1.


    TAUNTON 2.15 EL KALDOUN @ 3/1.


    TAUNTON 2.47 FRASER ISLAND @ 14/1.





    WARWICK 3.32 BLAIRGOWIE @ 15/8 Fav.


    WARWICK 12.52 PATROCLUS @ 6/4 Fav.



    As you can see BOTH PATROCLUS and FANTASTIC both run in the same Race. The Trainer Henderson does this quite often, so Ive backed BOTH Horses…and Ive also backed a Forecast with the Favourite PATROCLUS to win and FANTASTIC LADY to be 2nd.


    The No.1 Stable Jockey ” Nico De Bonville” is on the likely Favourite… PATROCLUS


    It maybe worthwhile to Bet the higher Priced Horses in an EACH WAY Bet…its up to you…IF anyone is interested ?


    I wont be putting up Horses every day…you are all capable of reading a RACE CARD…so IF you fancied any of Hendersons horses any day…then fire in…You certainly dont need me, to Pin Point them.


    Please dont shoot the messenger, its just that I have followed Trainer Henderson for over 30 years and he has given me some great returns over the years.


    Cheers…and the best of Luck to anyone who Bets any of the above.




  19. If Steve Clarke categorically dismissed any interest in the role when things were so rosy for us, due to the inevitable orange bile it would attract, why on earth would he have changed his mind now?



    HH jg



    PS I would much prefer a furriner. With an obscure name and some 21C nous!

  20. JAMES FORREST on 9TH DECEMBER 2020 5:12 PM



    Plenty on here have baulked at the idea of Steve Clarke….and Eddie Howe…..and David Moyes.



    Not sure if any of them would’ve come but any of those three would’ve won us the league.

  21. EX Pat Celt………..Interesting point about our slow buildup play. Celtic scored 4 goals against Lille and Milan, elite opponents, all as a result of quick breaks and one touch passing. Rangers have tailored their game to this style particularly in Europe.



    I watched my first Champions League game last night with Leipzig and Man Utd. and the Germans played the EPL sideoff the park in the opening half with some terrific one touch passing. It was hard to believe Celtic actually beat Leipzig at Celtic Park not so long ago and lost narrowly in the away fixture , those were the days my friend.

  22. Just watched the interview with NL, why Neil is it a societal issue that Celtic are unrecognisable from the team they were, that answer is incoherent , why are they playing garbage cant score goals and cannot defend, no fans effect every club every professional club so stop saying it now players are saying it. Get training get organised and fight in every game until the last.


    That shoot the board banner is so out of line with those who are demanding change that whoever hung it up should be found, CCTV must cover the arae it was put up, that is a threat to people and not acceptable at anytime or towards anyone.

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    NL on #CELLOSC: “We are looking at Klimala, Turnbull, Soro getting game time which they deserve and need with the run of games coming up. It’s ideal to give them an opportunity to play.”





    incredible statement



    so he will give them some game time because we have a run of games coming up?



    we have had a run of games coming up since before the first game of the season



    2 games a week



    yet he never game them game time



    just stuck with the same players and formation that has dragged us into the gutter performance wise




  24. LADTH


    I wonder if he even thinks through what he is saying,he looks foolish and could easily be pinned on stuff like this if the media were in a questioning mood, he has had ample time to give people games and didnt.




    The following is true, and it’s all about confidence.


    Our team IS playing some very good football on occasion, but not consistently nor enough. When things don’t come off, their heads drop quickly and that happens when one is devoid of confidence.


    Now for the story, and as I said it is true, every word.


    Growing up, I was into my football and boxing. Now, there was a young boxer guy who was quite gifted, not too confident, but gifted. He had only won one match, having fought in about thirty. His confidence, what litttle there was , was shattered. Anyway, he was drawn to fight a young guy who was the current champion, a guy, never beaten. So, he was cocky and assured, why shouldn’t he be after all.


    After a few words our wee hero had with his Grandad at ringside, he entered the ring. In the first round he floored the champ twice and was romping it on points. You could see his head rise higher and higher as his confidence lifted. Round two started and within 30 seconds he had the champ on his arse, and down he stayed.


    Bout won. There he was with his confidence as high as Everest, not believing what he had achieved. He went on to becoming a very good am boxer and a very good confident guy.



    So, the moral of the story is just believe you can do something and surely you will.



    Celtic, please just believe, you have the tools, get the job done.




  26. I’m extremely jaded/scunnered by it all – the manager’s comments, the lack of shape, the change of formation, the same players not turning up, players playing out of position…



    At least if I see some fringe players tomorrow there will be a buzz of excitement for the game rather than the trepidation I’ve been facing for months.



    I’m glad it’s not dry January

  27. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I’m disappointed with the Celtic Trust protest planned for Celtic way this Sunday before a must win game.



    I too want a change in manager now & club restructured longer term.



    But I don’t see how Sunday’s protest will help NL & the team. Time for rallying around the team.



    The board protests can be conducted another way & day.

  28. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Just in passing, seen a question earlier about priorities, the priority for some time now has always been the 10, well certainly in the eyes of the fans, if we cant get the 10 the undoubted priority is to find out why we failed to win the 10. An in depth independent analysis of what went wrong and why, c/w conclusions and recommendations, then formulate and execute said plan from there. Why Not?



    when we blow the 10 the board will want it all swept away presumably with the sacking of the manager, so the only answer we will get as to why it all went wrong is a failed manager. Not good enough, these guys should have had a plan in place to win us the 10 from way back, when they realised that was all we were singing about it, they didn’t, crossed their fingers and left it all to Neil and JK, its as if they really didn’t care,



    Clear Dereliction of Duty – STB!

  29. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE- I’m all for protest, but given the last couple of weeks, the CT will get tarred with the same brush, I well remember being in the car park in 1994,the disconnect is as big now as it was then.HH

  30. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Baba Bing,



    I doff my hat to you & anyone else that stood there in ‘94.



    But while there still is a chance to win this title, I’d prefer manager & players not get distracted any further & be allowed focus on getting the 3 points on Sunday.



    I think




    Absolutely vital reading for every fan. The takeaways from that, which I mentioned in my own piece, are absolutely extraordinary. The CEO lied at last year’s AGM and the Requisitioners are so angry about that that their first motion on it was rejected by the club as “defamatory”.



    Actually, they seem to have Lawwell bang to rights.