Clean sheet objective against Lille


The one ray of sunshine in our long dark autumn was holding Lille to a 2-2 draw in France.  After 13 games, the French club sit second top of Ligue 1, two points off PSG; so far, this is their season in the sun.  The French club sit top of our Europa League group, a point ahead of Milan, both teams have qualified for the knock out round ahead of the final group games tomorrow.

Lille are incentivised to win at Celtic Park, there is the best part of Є1m open to them and seeding in the first knockout round to play for.  Celtic’s motivation is less clear.  We should certainly rest some ahead of the more important game on Sunday against Kilmarnock, but our defence needs every test it can get right now.  A clean sheet is achievable and should be the focus on team planning today.

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

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    Very good mate, I had forgotten that one from years ago ?



    Celtic ?..Covid?..Nae Beer…?



    I’m up to PURE HIGH DOE…So I am !




    Morning DAVID66 old son, its Feckin terrible as I am 65 years auld next week, and I canny get a Pint of REAL Beer in a Glesga Pub to celebrate……Nae wonder I take a Drink !




    HH Mate.


    Stay safe y’all.

  2. Never mind ME dazzling some defenders all those years ago……I could Dazzle 15 Pints of REAL Beer right now !



    My Heart Nurses are due to visit me this morning, I need to stop thinking aboot Celtic, Beer and Wummin for a couple of hours or else ma Heart Rate will be sky high by the time those Pretty Nurses visit ?





  3. I better Shave and Shower and get ready in case One ( or BOTH) of those Heart Nurses take a wee fancy to me….I will try and Dazzle the Wummin with ma Glesga Patter !



  4. Big Jimmy once it’s safe and the pubs are open I cannot wait to meet up with you and a few of the bhoys on here for a swally. BRRB included and anyone else who fancies it, we might need to hire somewhere that’s big enough.😂😂😂 and got enough beer/lager stock.



    You get scrubbed up big man as those nurses will not be able to withstand your Glesga patter and jokes they will melt in your arms.



    Hail Hail and stay safe vaccine days are nearly here.



    D :)

  5. Good morning, friends from a cold and drizzly East Kilbride.


    So, another matchday and surely the chance to freshen up the starting line up. I’ll always watch every game we play and I’ll always hope that I witness a good performance and hopefully the resultant win. Tonight, for me, is a ‘hope in our hearts’ game – just about trying to find some wee spark that might give us more confidence going into our next few domestic matches.


    Some of you will know that at full time last Sunday I had a bit of a moody strop and I’ve pretty much avoided all Celtic related social media channels since then. But when a matchday comes around there’s too much Celtic in my blood to feel anything other than a wee bity excited! So, even in a game with nothing at stake other than pride, I’m still looking forward to seeing The Champions play.


    On a related matter (and as I’ll explain later) the ole MOTM results from last Sunday still haven’t been published. I’ll try to rectify that later this morning, hopefully around 10am.


    Hail Hail

  6. DAVID66…


    It will be great to Meet and and Talk Treason in a Pub again over many Beers…


    There are never enough Beers !




    Ive cleaned myself up,, and hoovered the hoose..whit an effort it is some days…and its a Real ” Catch 22″ situation as I cant walk too far due to my health problems, but I SHOULD get some exercise, but because of Covid and being stuck in the hoose unable to go for long walks etc…whenever i try to do things like hoover the hoose…or take a brief walk to the shops I am sore and knackered.


    I KNOW there are Folk a whole lot worse off than me, so I shouldnt complain, but sitting and lying about the hoose isnt ideal for anyone. I do hope to get out Today for a wee while and buy those new Jumpers etc ?



  7. DAVID66…


    My local is big enough and my mate always has a great selection of Bevvy.


    They have also taken good measures with sanitising and social distance etc when they are open, thats why my mate the owner feels GUTTED that DESPITE ALL of his and his Staffs efforts for months in relation to Covid…His Pub and obviously other pubs are STILL being punished by the Scot Gov.


    I would argue that there will be MORE chance of ME catching Covid IF I am out shopping in the Christmas rush, than I would be sitting in a corner in my local Pub with numerous Beers on Tap…keeping distance etc. Thats why I hope to get out this afternoon at the latest BEFORE ALL the shops are re opened Tomorrow…and I can avoid the Christmas mad rush…….they wummin shoppers are Murder .





  8. I’m hearing Ntcham is injured again, WTF.


    Cut our losses on this waster, he has contributed nothing to the club, get rid in the window.


    I’d also sack whoever scouted him.

  9. The hand of God on 10th December 2020 8:04 am



    Careful old chap, disagreeing with KJ gets you a deletion.



    The Lanarkshire mafia will be after you.

  10. Goodbye Paolo Rossi, scourge of the mighty Brazilians and Germans in 1982.



    What a player.




  11. lets all do the huddle on

    They have also taken good measures with sanitising and social distance etc when they are open, thats why my mate the owner feels GUTTED that DESPITE ALL of his and his Staffs efforts for months in relation to Covid…His Pub and obviously other pubs are STILL being punished by the Scot Gov.





    cafes restaurants and pubs have become the great red herring of governments covid policies



    massive smokescreens used by governments to deflect attention away from the fact that they arent prepared to do anything about the real major causes of the spread of the virus



    so they have to invent other major causes to make it look like they are actually doing something



    but they are moving in ever decreasing circles in that respect given the last round of restrictions in those places that they brought in prior to lockdown 2, measures which, as you describe, make these places much much safer than many other things that we can do



    and compare this to the ridiculous christmas rules where 3 households can mix for 5 days



    by what scientific evidence was this rule based on?



    a total farce, which will be paid for by further restrictions on our civil liberties next year plus countless more job losses and government debt



    all so folk can stuff their faces with turkey and exchange shitey presents they dont want anyeay



    we are getting the pish taken out us by authoritarian governments



    they have sniffed the scent of dictatorship



    and they like it

  12. So it looks like Neil Lennon won’t be out of the door until/unless our season is over.



    Last season he stumbled across a new formation which blew the rest of the league away.



    I’m dreaming of a scenario where he puts Soro, Turnbull, Klimala, etc in, we see a brilliant performance tonight and he has no choice but to keep them in and we see a different, reenergized Celtic that goes on a run and catches Sevco cold at Ibrox….



    Worth fantasizing about or is this pipedream territory?

  13. Paolo Rossi R.I.P.



    He scored a Hat Trick against the best Brazilian Side in the World Cup of 1982, the best Brazil team since 1970, by far. I wanted the Brazilians to go all the way as they had some fantastic players that year, but fair play to young Rossi, he had came back from a Ban and took centre stage that day.





  14. Just read the El Hamed article. Seems we signed an 8 yr old kid rather than a professional footballer.



    Who scouted him?



    There are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK right now missing relatives and friends difference is we are not getting paid footballers wages, so man up or GTF.

  15. TIMMY7_NOTED on 10TH DECEMBER 2020 8:50 AM



    Bit unfair. People easily forget the human element in football simply because of the money they earn.



    He’s living an entire continent away from his wife and kid with no possibility to visit.



    Would living over 2000 miles from my kids make me more of a “man”?

  16. Timmy7,



    Moving home isn’t for everyone, and many don’t find out until they try.



    Add to that he won’t be able to socialise with friends, team-mates, the expat community due to Covid and you may find a very lonely man.



    Then if performances aren’t good and the pressure is building in the team and he has no where to turn to off the park the loneliness can mount.

  17. geebee1978 on 10th December 2020 8:57 am



    Of course not though of course I don’t know you…. :-)



    My point is you sign up to be a professional footballer and take money from a club for your services so there have to be sacrifices, would he be willing to walk away for nothing right now? I doubt it very much. Football agents spend their whole careers putting square blocks into round holes its all a big scam. If you can’t stand the heat etc. Plus my main point was really that most people working away from home don’t have a choice, he does. He is actually very lucky and should know that.



    Majestic Hartson on 10th December 2020 9:35 am



    I totally get that, I used to spend a lot of time away from home for work, its not easy. But I weighed up the financial and career benefits and realised it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. Footballers always have the safety net of the next club in line, they are incredibly lucky and don’t make huge sacrifices. So as I said suck it up or leave.

  18. *CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2020-21*





    When the full time whistle blew last Sunday I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so low about everything associated with our Club. I let my mood get the better of me and couldn’t be bothered even thinking about the usual Man Of The Match thing. I then gave myself a social media blackout for the next 3 days, knowing that reading endless opinions on the state of my Club wasn’t going to be pleasant.


    But I know realise that it was a bit selfish and petty of me to ignore the fact that a few folk still managed to do what I had previously suggested we do and separate individual player performances from the overall team result. So I have finally got round to collating the results from the 14 folk who voted after the St Johnstone game.


    The votes cast for each player are as follows (missing the usual asterisks as I have since obliterated the game from my failing memory) –



    Barkas: 0


    Bitton: 0


    Jullien: 3


    Ajer: 1


    Frimpong: 2


    Brown: 4


    McGregor: 12


    Christie: 6


    Laxalt: 0


    Rogic: 4


    Edouard: 1


    Taylor: 0


    Griffiths: 2


    Turnbull: 5


    Elyounoussi: 1



    So, the players receiving points for the St Johnstone game are –


    McGregor – 5 points


    Christie – 4 points


    Turnbull – 3 points


    Brown – 2 points


    Rogic – 2 points



    And the overall table is now –


    1st – Laxalt – 47 points


    2nd – Christie – 44 points


    3rd – McGregor – 42 points


    4th – Frimpong – 35 points


    5th – Brown – 25 points


    6th – Ajer – 24 points


    7th – Elyounoussi – 23 points


    8th – Rogic – 19 points


    9th – Ntcham – 16 points


    10th – Duffy – 15 points


    11th – Bitton and Griffiths – 12 points


    13th – Edouard – 13 points


    14th – Taylor – 10 points


    15th – Barkas – 9 points


    16th – Ajeti – 8 points


    17th – Elhamed – 7 points


    18th – Forrest and Jullien – 5 points


    20th – Bain, Klimala, Turnbull and Welsh – 4 points


    24th – Bolingoli, Dembele and Soro – 0 points



    Our next game is of course tonight when we entertain Lille. An 8pm kick off. And, no matter what, if you do vote for your 3 top players then this time they will definitely be recorded quicker with the results published on Friday evening.


    Hail Hail!

  19. but that wasn’t a sacrifice he was willing to make. His wife was refused a work-permit and Covid hit meaning he couldn’t see his own son. You were willing to live away from your son – fine. I couldn’t for almost any money in the world. Nor can he.



    You’re right, he can suck it up and leave so he’s decided to leave.



    In football and indeed at our club we see badge-kissers, people who use our club as a stepping-stone, people who down tools if they don’t get away (some are at our club now) yet he has given a genuine, human reason for wanting to leave. He won’t go to earn more money, in fact it’ll probably be a pay-cut, he won’t go for the glory or “bigger” club. He’ll leave because he wants to be nearer his wife and kid.



    There are plenty of those in football to have a go at – this isn’t one of them.

  20. I see Neil Lennon now saying that the players are trying too hard!!.


    So we have went from, some want away to need a culture change to being lazy to unfit.



    Does he even think about what he is saying.


    Press conferences really are cringeworthy now

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    His press conferences are embarrassing. he makes little or no sense and contradicts himself constantly. This is where we are as a club at the moment on all fronts. Things can surely only get better….

  22. Timmy7



    `…and realised it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.`



    That was your choice;Elhamed has made a different choice.


    Should either of you be criticised for doing what you thought was right?



    PS what does the ` _ noted` signify?

  23. StTams



    `I see Neil Lennon now saying that the players are trying too hard!!.`



    I have thought the same in recent games.

  24. GeeBee and Timmy7_noted



    An interesting exchange of views.



    I wonder whether Elhamed would’ve been more willingto suck it up if we were 13 points clear.



    I agree regarding hunting the wage thief Ntcham.

  25. AULDHEID on 9TH DECEMBER 2020 10:02 PM


    “”Down with that sort of thing” banners in The Celtic Way.”



    Dan Maskell couldn’t have put it better! por cierto

  26. !!Bada Bing!! –


    So can I given that it was only 4 days ago. But I AM looking forward to watching us tonight too.



  27. I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing and cringeworthy. Reading all the personal criticism of even the smallest details directed at Lenny from sections of our support. Like circling vultures out for blood. Get a grip!



    Any of you ever misspoke or misstepped at work, ever?



    If you want to feel less judged, judge less. Try it!



    The man is under immense pressure and must be hurting badly at the moment. A little understanding from the support wouldn’t go amiss right now, considering all he has given us. I would LOVE IT, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if Lenny turns this around.