Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. Four Green Fields yes its a great spot have some great memories and parents are retired there beside lough melvin.

  2. FGF,


    I need to look again, I have had advice frome different sources which conflict.


    Initially name as per share registration and current address such the share must be registered to, make sure the first 100 have £100 worth, get their numbers then check against the register, importantly make sure it’s no bull, oh and get the register.


    Was told no need for numbers but since found out it can be a sticking point if I don’t provide the requisite details, still trying to find an official document to outline requisite details.


    Had a few mails telling me they bought into an HBOS issue that did not provide voting info. So I need more info on this.


    Yesterday rightly knocked the stuffing out of all of us, real life does that, we can only deal with what’s in front of us and there was one of ours and his, who are in real pain, god give them the strength to go forward and be strong.


    I’m actually still a wee bit weepy for the pain I know they are feeling.


    So, I’m gonnae do my own research stop asking experts and will be back in the next day or two with what I find.


    Then we let the experts correct the info.


    Currently I’ve taken a step back, no use going forward in the wrong direction eh


    Hail hail


    Time yet

  3. valentinesday on

    Well done Clifftonville, if it’s true that yer playing


    yer home tie at Solitude…….too much chasing


    the big money in fitba…..what about sporting



  4. 16 roads.



    Haven’t read back, i was under the impression we are at home first.


    I’ll miss the tie if that is the case as myself and the kids win be in Santa



  5. celticrollercoaster on

    Evening Bhoys & Ghirls



    Have you joined the CQN footie predictor yet?



    As part of the celebration of 10 years of CQN, we are running a weekly football predictor next season. The predictor will be based on both Scottish and English games each week. We will run both a league and cup format.



    The cost of entry for the entire season will be £10 each with 50% of funds going to a CQN nominated charity.



    So whether you think you can do better than Lenny, easily replace Fergie or be as mad as Di Canio, register your interest by dropping us an email at









    ps thanks to all those that have already emailed. I will acknowledge your emails later tonight

  6. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Radio scotland 16.00 neews reported £12 mil agreed between ourselves and southampton.



    Is this proving to be more premature bunkum?

  7. Canamalar1,seen some sites last year who didn’t even make it to a barn..


    Micky gets a deal with the hotels,or sort you with a bungalow or apartment ..


    Great chance to meet other Tims other than at the games.

  8. Gordon _J backing Neil Lennon


    If both clubs are agreeable then the venue can be switched . Shelbourne of Dublin drew Rangers in the first round of the UEFA Cup in 1998. The big standoff at Drumcree a fortnight earlier raised fears that there would be serious crowd trouble in Dublin. The match was played at Prenton PK, home of Tranmere Rovers with Shelbourne opening a 3 – 0 lead in the first half before losing 5 – 3.

  9. Danny’s Story


    On the 22nd of August 2010, on


    the day of the first home game


    of season 2010/2011, the Green


    Brigade unfurled a banner of Neil


    Lennon with Ibrox in flames as


    the teams emerged from the


    tunnel. Everything went as


    planned and there appeared to


    be no sign that over the course


    of the next 16 months, my life


    was going to be turned upside


    down as I was made to attend


    11 court dates for a banner that


    was deemed offensive.


    In November of 2010 I was at


    work and got a call from my


    Grandparents saying that the


    Police were wanting to speak to


    me. This caused me both shock


    and confusion as I had never


    been in trouble with the Police in


    my life. After contacting a


    lawyer, he arranged for me to


    meet the police at London Road


    Police station. I went along


    where I was formally charged


    with a Sectarian Breach of The


    Peace (this was prior to the


    introduction of the Offensive


    Behaviour and Threatening


    Communications (Scotland) Act


    2012) before being taken to the


    cells and kept in for several


    hours. I was then questioned


    about the Neil Lennon banner at


    Celtic Park and admitted holding


    it on the basis that I felt that I


    had nothing to hide.


    I was eventually released and


    told to appear at court in


    December, where I plead not


    guilty to the alleged offence. The


    Fiscal then dropped the


    Sectarian part of my charge


    meaning that it was now simply


    a BOTP. I then had to attend


    court a further 10 times,


    resulting in my case being


    perhaps the most expensive


    BOTP to be processed through


    the Scottish Judicial system. My


    case was continually adjourned


    for a number of spurious and


    occasionally ridiculous reasons.


    This pantomime continued for


    months with each passing court


    date making it increasingly


    difficult for me to remain in my


    job, as the days off naturally


    took their toll on the patience of


    my employer. As every court


    case came, the Procurator Fiscal


    would claim to not have


    sufficient evidence ready, or an


    eye witness would have to go in


    for a knee operation.


    This charade continued for 16


    months before my trial finally


    went ahead. The trial itself then


    lasted 3 days, ultimately


    resulting in a Not Guilty verdict.


    As one might expect, this was a


    major relief and a massive


    weight off my shoulders.


    The verdict however did not


    undo the damage that this case


    caused. The regular days off


    work as well as the constant


    looming threat of the


    repercussions of a ‘guilty’


    verdict remained a strain on my


    whole family. My lawyer was


    confident that we would win the


    case but at the same time he


    had to be realistic and inform us


    that a custodial sentence was a


    possibility if convicted. For


    someone who has never been in


    trouble with the law before, this


    seemed both surreal and


    terrifying. Holding a banner at a


    football match could


    theoretically have landed me in




    Fortunately, this particular


    nightmare was never realised


    and the judge came to the


    correct decision. Unfortunately


    though, much of the damage


    was already done. Due to the


    amount of days off that I had to


    take, I was subject to


    disciplinary proceedings at work.


    The amount of shifts I was


    offered decreased dramatically


    and I simply could not afford to


    live on a 16 hours a week wage


    when I had myself and my family


    to support. I eventually lost my


    job however I was fortunate


    enough to find another shortly




    To look back on what I was put


    through, and to consider the


    affect that it had on my family,


    it seems incredible that it all


    stemmed from holding a banner


    at a football match. A banner


    that was neither racist nor


    sectarian. Sadly it now seems


    that football fans are fair game


    in the eyes of the government


    and the police. As if to


    demonstrate that, and to


    emphasise the problems inherent


    within the new Offensive


    Behaviour Act, I was arrested


    again under the new law and


    wrongly accused of an apparent


    crime once again. Fortunately


    this time the judge had the good


    sense to see the case for what it


    was and he threw out the case


    on the basis of video evidence


    which exonerated me of any


    wrong doing, and thankfully I


    was spared the nightmare of


    further court appearances. Now I


    simply hope that common sense


    prevails and that the SNP can


    accept that this new law is


    simply not working, and that


    there must be a complete and


    drastic overhaul regarding the


    way that football fans are


    treated in this country.



  10. Coorslad


    My dad mentioned it to me yesterday. He is going so a couple of us may tag along..


    He is also due in Derry in August. Not sure of dates yet..

  11. FourGreenFields


    18:21 on


    24 June, 2013





    Thanks mate , had forgot all about that festival .


    How are you ?



    Im good mate thanks, hope we can catch up soon for a beer



    You happy with the draw, enjoy Donegal hope the weather is kind

  12. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Sipsini – Both clubs have agreed to switch the games for some reason.I think Cliftonville were a wee bit afraid of us beating them about ten nil at home,as there would then be less interest in the away leg.

  13. BT,good stuff,All Fleadh is on for a week,Starts 11th August,be nice time for him to be here..


    I’m for Bundoran,brilliant last year,Donegal won the All Ireland on the Sunday,some party..

  14. asonofdan,


    Time for recourse laws, there must be human rights laws that give Danny compensation, Shirley

  15. Nice one , did some work with Gerry, i remember one of his brothers worked in McCuskers was he Andy? if so he sorted me out many years ago with CL tickets for me & mrs which i was grateful for. He also had another brother Marty I think was his name. I think they are now part of the new diaspara after the country was ruined by the muppets in charge, Donegal & Leitrim very badly hit, have some great friends in Manorhamilton.



    CelticRollerCoaster was wondering if you had any space for another player if football is still being played?

  16. Apologies if this has already been posted (probably has as it’s a couple of hours old) but apparently Celtic and Cliftonville have agreed to swap the ties around, so we’d be away on the 16th July. Yet to be confirmed though.



    What will the ticket allocation be like? Their stadium is less than 3000, so I can imagine tickets will be pretty hard to get, especially as the demand will probably be quite high also.

  17. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Latest is Cliftonville are going to put temporary seating in.I heard they are going to allocate the entire away section of their ground to Celtic fans.That wee stand holds about 800.Very generous of them.

  18. Evening bhoys, hot and hun free in the mountain valley.



    So, the huns have sold 17K season books, allegedly.



    This caught my eye…..






    Renewed under the 10 month option as getting married next month and money is tight due to the costs.



    My renewal options were



    Season Ticket Price £288.00


    Monthly Payments £31.32


    Fee £25.20



    Total Payable £313.20



    Which is totally fine.



    I have a good credit rating and have no issues getting credit.



    Zebra Finance Proposal



    Monthly Repayments £62.64


    Charge for Credit £54.00


    Amount of Credit £576.00



    Total Payable £626.40



    Over twice what my season ticket is worth.





    I wonder if the spivs have anything to do with Zebra Finance, wouldn’t surprise me.




  19. just popping on to say thanks for the recommendation of Ee Usk as a restaurant to go to in Oban. I stuffed myself there not once but twice, not cheap but worth every penny. Also recommend the Oban Bay Spa Hotel , we were lucky and had a decent room , some other travellers were in smaller rooms. The breakfast was excellent and service good , make sure and book it on a deal/package.



  20. Canalamar1 17.23



    No that is not the case. The wee tax case is covered by Article 50 and ” Rangers” (oldco) failed to meet the admission criteria by having unpaid tax. It is unclear if this is the wee tax case or the unpaid VAT/PAYE or both. ( As an aside if it includes the wtc what changed between April/May 2011 and April/May 2012 to make the wtc a reason to refuse a licence? Nothing in my view, having pored over CF leaks on the matter. The wtc was as much overdue in May 2011 as it was in May 2012. However back to the reason a 3 year exile applies)



    “Rangers” were excluded under Articles 47 and 50 on grounds of no audited accounts and unpaid tax. Those Articles have no time frame as it is an annual process so applies 1 year at a time.



    However “THE Rangers” (newco) the ones who rose from the ashes were exiled for failing Article 12 which does have a 3 year timeframe and that is a club has to have had membership of the national association to qualify for consideration for a UEFA licence. Over 3 years they should amass 3 years accounts but accounts are not mentioned in Article 12.


    So its lack of 3 years MEMBERSHIP that causes the 3 year exclusion.


    You have obviously missed earlier tutorials on the matter so are excused the 100 lines. :)

  21. Celtic Legends ‏@BhoyEddie 10m


    If Sevco are genuinely playing Bristol City just so they release Foster so he can join Sevco as a free agent, football fans need to create hell over this now so the SFA cannot allow it to happen – these fu**ers can’t be allowed to do this shit

  22. ASonofDan



    The process adopted by the Procurator Fiscal in Danny’s case is without doubt a breach of Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998. The Right to a Fair Trial includes the right to a “Fair Hearing” 6(3) and also the right to 6(5); “Trial within a reasonable time”. The latter right has certainly been breached. From the point of being arrested and or charged to the actual trial it is obvious, to me at least, that Danny “has been substantially affected as a result of a suspicion against him”. Multiple court visits, and subsequent referrals, time off work, loss of earnings,and subsequent loss of work, due, it appears, to the incompetence (in the legal sense) and intransigence, in the wider sense, of the Procurator Fiscal’s failure to bring the case to trial in a form in which the case could be heard. The Sheriff, or Justice is also at fault by allowing such leeway to the prosecution by persistently allowing the case to continue in the face of repeated and continued delays. It also prevented Danny from using the classic Scottish defence when faced with the charge of breach of the peace, namely;



    “And whose peace did I breach?”

  23. A Ceiler Gonof Rust



    18:59 on 24 June, 2013



    ‘Radio scotland 16.00 neews reported £12 mil agreed between ourselves and southampton.



    Is this proving to be more premature bunkum?’







    From what I’ve heard Southampton seem to think it’s a done deal but those close to VW are saying there’s no way he’s going there.



    Time will tell.

  24. murdochbhoy,



    thanks for posting that link to wee oscars award, marvellous, i wonder if the wee hero would be fit enough to take a bow at the Cliftonville game.






    also from that link for anyone interested, there was a another link to a story about the man they said turned in Che Guevara.



    well i found it interesting anyways.



  25. WeefratheTim on

    TET @1944



    Great stuff, unfortunately don’t know any of thems who are not like that. :))



    Nice to talk to you again. How are the family and the pups? :))



    Weefra HH

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