Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    EDB – still thinking about and praying for you and the family. Keep the family close. Love conquers all.

  2. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on




    23:15 on 24 June, 2013


    Tell All The Huns You Know






    The SFA were well aware of financial difficulties at oldco long before CW duped the dupe with his shiny £1 coin and silver tongued patter.


    Even without the EBT iceberg it would have been clear to the blazers that oldco were living on the ‘never-never’. It wasn’t because Campbell Ogilvie, Gordon Smith or any of the other like-minded betrayed their knowledge of the house of cards finances. It wasn’t because the media were applying the harsh light of their analytical skills to the obviously economically impossible down Govan way.


    It was because, since 2005, SDM had been desperately trying to dump oldco, nobody sniffed, let alone looked at buying. So either:


    Oldco was ripe for new investment to provide floating pitches, super casinos, increased capacity, a world class concert venue, hotels and houses, European football and a constant stream of new talent from Murray Park




    SDM had milked every penny and wanted to GTF outta there!



    Someone sitting backwards on a blazing motorbike could see the truth.





    @23:47 on 24 June, 2013




    Someone on KDS said it was Steven Mouyokolo, but if you watch the free video of first day training on the Celtic website then I don’t think it is.

  4. Thanks guys.



    My younger daughter was due to fly out to Rio next Wednesday to spend a month in Brazil culminating in a mass said by Pope Francis. A two yearly World Youth Day occasion and the city changes each time.



    She does a lot of charitable work with SSVP hence her inclusion in the group she would have been travelling with.



    She doesn’t want to leave me and her big Sis given the loss of her Mum.



    We had a few laughs tonight looking back through the years at some of the things we’ve done.




    I’m gonnae ramble on over the next few days/nights and I know I’ll receive your support.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    21:17 on


    24 June, 2013





    Glad I didn`t miss your message.


    Just arrived at work.


    No time to give an adequate response.


    I should mention that A.Stor is a pal of mine with whom I can have a difference of opinion without rancour.




    Will try to respond later.

  6. pobhoy



    Welcome btw.



    I got an e mail saying it was yer man, never saw the thing on Celtic TV, so none the wiser, in saying that, I wouldn’t know what he looks like >}



    The boy has had a terrible time with injuries.



    No doubt we will find out soon enough.







    Thank you very much.



    Whoever it is he is huge. As tall as Amido Balde but much bigger build wise. Looks like an NFL linebacker.

  8. TSD & Kojo



    I can see why Ann Barnhardt is not impressed with the Pope. She has just sold a Venture(vulture?) Capital business, presumably for millions of dollars. She maybe anticipates that the Pope will soon ask super wealthy Catholics to give more to the poor.


    People like her, and you two, seem to me to hold to a philosophy at odds with the founding principles of our club. IMO

  9. pobhoy



    Watching the Nigeria game last night, there was a few on their team who were well worth a look at, their No. 6 was huge, quite a few who could fit in, and for relatively little money I would wager.



    Had they had a decent striker, they would have given Spain a real test.




  10. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    • tusker


    21:17 on 24 June, 2013



    I don’t think your post accurately reflects the exchange I had with Macjay.


    That exchange started when I replied to a post from BMCUW, in which I said



    “That was nothing compared to what ‘some Brits’ did to the Cossacks at Lienz”




    NB the words – ‘some Brits’ – I did not then, nor latter, state that what occurred at Lienz, or at any of the other repatriation points, was official UK Government Policy.



    I had no exchange at all with Macjay over the mis-spelling of Yalta. To set the record straight I exchanged a couple of posts with Magnus, a poster who often appears at opportune moments to have snyde wee digs at what I have posted but never actually has anything to add or offer of any significance or relevance. I treat that poster with the disdain he so obviously accords me. If the most an infrequent poster can add to the discussion is to snyde a typo… well that to me speaks volumes. I saw his latter post too about wishing a pox on my house… think about that and think what poison motivated such an offering. Nothing of value, nothing profound, just wishing another ill will.



    I have know Macjay since the sixties and at no time in person, or on here, have I ever shown him disrespect. He is a mate of long standing and a good decent man who does not begrudge a difference of opinion.



    Regards puking, if you don’t think that the slaughter, often in the most bestial of ways, regardless of who perpetrated it, is not repugnant, then that is between you and your conscience. I however, do find it repugnant and puke worthy. I don’t just read one book on the subject, I read several, from various camps too, and where and when I read them is often determined by opportunity. So I read when I can; that might include reading in my car, is there some social crime in that?



    Certain officers and certain troops who were tasked with the forced repatriations were close to mutiny. Some troops were less so inclined. By your own admission you know very little on the subject yet you appear to promote Macjay account even though the best Macjay could offer in support of his assertion was ‘Wiki”. Macjay asserted that we, the allies’ had no choice, I disagree; we could have repatriated those that were agreed to under the Yalta Agreement and granted – those who did not fall into the agreed categories – asylum.



    The US were prepared to take them but certain Brits in the field made every effort to restrict this. Don’t forget Liechtenstein granted those under its care asylum and told Russia to back off. If mighty Liechtenstein could stand up to the great Bear, then why couldn’t we.



    You ask do I have an agenda, well none that is premeditated or formulated that I am aware of, but I believe it is better to be informed than not; even when the information that is made available may not be to your liking. I believe that a lot of what goes on is covered up and if it does inadvertently leak out is sanitised with deep prejudice. I believe, in a parochial sense, we are witnessing exactly that with what is being revealed about the SFA/SPL/Sevco/MSM, albeit not as concerning as a Shoot to Kill policy or sending hundreds of thousands to their deaths. Nevertheless the cover-ups and the ubiquitous denials and accusations of paranoia are there for all to see.



    You are more than welcome to opine on what I posted, whether you agree with me or not, but you’ll get a bundle more credence from me if you do so accurately.



    And as for TSD, I don’t read his stuff. If he feels the need to pass comment on anything I post, then that is his prerogative; conversely it is my prerogative to simply ignore it.

  11. Mr Gerrybhoy57….



    You Clearly The New’ Idiot On The Block’.



    Ann Barnhardt Wound Up Her Successful Commodity Brokerage….



    Rather Than ‘Selling It’…As You Have Presumed….




    And Consequently Suffered A Substantial Financial Loss To Her Personal Income…





    She Is The Very ANTITHESIS Of A Corporate Vulture…..



    In Fact,She Became Aware Of How Corrupt The Commodities And Investment Market Had Become Over Recent Years…..



    And The Criminal Manipulation Of Markets….



    Especially In The Wake Of The “Corzine Affair”….




    That She Reached The Moral Position…



    That She Could No Longer Advise Her Clients To Invest In Stocks And Shares….



    And Risk Losing Their Life Savings As A Result Of Financial Criminality……



    And Advised Them Instead To Invest In Precious Metals Market Etc….



    You’re Welcome…!

  12. 50 shades of green on




    Sorry for your sad loss my friend.



    Family at this time can become your rock,and i am sure your daughters will help you as much as you help them.



    Be strong and always remember that you have a second family on here to help.




  13. The reason the MSM are not talking is probably most of them were involved and are just waiting for it all to come out, or hoping it stops before their name comes up.

  14. Absolutely staggering the depth’s the media will sink too. Darrell King now implicated. I always hated the way he arrogantly spoke down to callers (especially when defending his beloved Rangers) Pity he took that job in the states. My sides would be splitting listening to him try and defend the accusations.


    El Diego Bhoy, so sorry for your loss.

  15. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000



    The web of deceit just gets bigger and bigger. Who, honestly, before all these revelations, believed that a nations media could be so complicit?




    iirc. Egwekwe? – Agree, he was massive and I think he still plays in Nigeria. I thought Nigeria were very unlucky. You don’t see many teams get that number of chances against Spain.



    Watched Ghana v. Spain today in the Under 20 World Cup. Fantastic game with loads of talent both technical/physical on display.

  17. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    It’ll be more surprising to find out who’s not fighting oldco’s corner!!! The best media money can buy.

  18. gherrybhoy57 on




    I hardly think that advising clients to buy gold when the markets are dropping like a stone gives her the right to question the morals of the Pope or for you to claim that she is a paragon of virtue. And anyway, you didn’t answer my charge that your basic philosophy is at odds with the founding principles of our club. Furthermore, whilst I am new to the blog, I’m no idiot and I can see clearly why many on here ignore you. I’m going to do the same.

  19. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on

    Pobhoy & TET



    He looks like Mr Mouyokolo to me.



    His wiki stats have him at 6’3″




  20. Snake Plissken on

    A Stor Mo Chroi



    I always believed virtually the whole media were behind them. All this is doing is naming names but they’re the names I’d have guess if asked.



    I’m sure plenty of others would have done as well

  21. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley



    Its possible but I watched the video then checked out google images for him and I don’t think its the same guy.

  22. .






    My Sincere Condolence on Your loss..I read it Yesterday but just did Not have the Words..My Prayers are Yours and Your Girls at this Time..









    00:05 on


    25 June, 2013


    Thanks guys.



    My younger daughter was due to fly out to Rio next Wednesday to spend a month in Brazil culminating in a mass said by Pope Francis. A two yearly World Youth Day occasion and the city changes each time.



    She does a lot of charitable work with SSVP hence her inclusion in the group she would have been travelling with.



    She doesn’t want to leave me and her big Sis given the loss of her Mum.



    We had a few laughs tonight looking back through the years at some of the things we’ve done.



    I’m gonnae ramble on over the next few days/nights and I know I’ll receive your support.







    Out Parish has been raising Funds to help send some of the Youths to World Youth day in Rio..If Your daughter goes and l hope she Does l will gladly pass on contact details of Who is going from our Parish to You..Our Priest is from Brazil (Not sure if he is going) and most of Young Seminarians are from Brazil..They have a Band and sing a Church get together’s a good bunch of Kids..



    Keep the Faith Buddi..




  23. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    I did the same and thought the opposite.



    Darnell Fisher was a suggestion (by Kojo) but he is much smaller, 5’8′ or so.



    This guy was as tall as Amido…



    The long & short of it. :0)

  24. .







    CLIFTONVILLE first-team coach Gerard Lyttle admits he was left speechless after the Belfast side were paired with his former club Celtic in the second qualifying round of the .



    The ex-Parkhead player retains a soft spot for the Scottish giants and cannot wait to see his current employers take on the 1967 European champions at Celtic Park on July 16/17.



    He said: “It is unbelievable. There are almost no words to describe the clash against Celtic.”



    The draw in Nyon, Switzerland also saw Welsh side The New Saints drawn against Polish side Legia Warsaw.




  25. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley



    If it is Mouyokolo, I think THE EXILED TIM said he’s had a terrible time with injuries. At any rate, worth a look and low risk (spend) if wanted.

  26. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Snake Plissken:



    I used to think the vast majority of the press were sympathetic to them but I never thought the press (almost as a club) would allow themselves to be played and payed by them. Paul alluded to ex-Celts being on the payroll, like everybody else I’m curious to know which ones, if any, and what they wrote whilst on the payroll.



    How many times have we seen the SMSM lampoon our managers and try and talk our better players out of Scotland. Stating the obvious, but this really does go way beyond the meaning of sport and support.



    Sending your draft over for editing before going to press and the like? No wonder the SMSM are silent, how, if they’ve taken the tainted coin, can they possibly say anything without antagonising one camp or the other? Their integrity would seem to have been shredded and who now, knowing what they know, could possibly trust a single word they put into print?

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    A Stor Mo Chroi


    00:32 on


    25 June, 2013





    As yet,haven`t managed to check the material you posted due to end of financial year stress.I hope to soon.





    The mention of journalists and various others on the payroll at Ibrox/MIH may not be a surprise to very many of us.



    It is,however,bribery and corruption.

  29. The Boy Jinky on




    In any normal civilised country it would be bribery and corruption.



    And im certain that if it was celtic involved it would be and also be all over the media



    But its the deady bears so move along timmy . Nothing to see here





    That,unfortunately,is the problem.



    It’s the equivalent of established work practices.



    They’re all at it,they’ve all been at it for years,no-one now seems to realise how wrong it is.




  31. DontPatmadug on

    So Darryl was a mouthpiece for RFC. Not a surprise I have to say 99% of his articles were about them and to hear him on SSB would leave you in no doubt were his allegiances lay.



    He is the one journalist who you could hear true emotion in his voice when talking about Ranjurs. Funny thing that emotion was mostly panic by the time he shot the craw.



    What sort of man allows himself to be worked from the back by the sort of people who would discard you like a used tissue . Or maybe not have always thought it a bit strange how Darryl gave up journalism to flee to the USA. Was his card marked?



    No matter what the circumstances of Darrylls departure he has been found but to many on here it is just confirmation of what we knew. Hope his next sh17e is a hedgehog :)).








    Difficult to argue with what you say-especially the punchline,haha!

  33. fergus slayed the blues on

    So Darwell was fighting ragers corner .


    Seems Davie Provan was slightly wrong when he told Darwell


    “calm down your behaving like a fan ” , seems he should have said “calm down your behaving like an employee “

  34. DontPatmadug on




    He was the one mouthpiece who really annoyed me because he was so blatant with it.


    The way he would get belligerent with any Celtic supporter who dared have a go at his team really Pd me off. Impartial my arse. Fact is he was just a whiney bitter dick,and he now knows that we know what he is and I hope he has trouble looking himself in the mirror but I doubt it those of his ilk never do.


    Mouse of a man.