Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. This is where i wish the bunnet pipes up from nowehere and ask for independet invesitgaion on old co Rangers 9 in a rown in the 90’s

  2. Oglach –



    It warms my heart to see your excitement on display. You say you hope Celtic win by the odd goal. Let me ask you . . . Could you handle a penalty shoot-out?




  3. The switch is clearly about money, Cliftonville are giving away a footballing advantage by playing the first leg of the tie at home instead of away, Celtic happy to have the first leg away leaving them happy to secure the tie at Celtic park



    Celtic have the home leg on the season book, sorry if this offends our friends from Cliftonville but we will not generate big money on season tickets or TV rights



    Celtic happy to let Cliftonville have a money spinner for them in the first leg tie at home whilst Celtic happy to secure passage to next round at paradise, having had little travel time and expense for the away leg



    UEFA will have no problem as both teams happy to agree switch

  4. Tom McLaughlin


    09:26 on


    25 June, 2013


    Oglach –



    It warms my heart to see your excitement on display. You say you hope Celtic win by the odd goal. Let me ask you . . . Could you handle a penalty shoot-out?







    That would be stretching my affection for Cliftonville a wee bit too far. A close win (2-1) at Solitude follwed by a comfortable but not embarrasing win at CP. I guess Its a bit like loving your wife passionately and faithfully but still having a wee secret soft spot for an old flame from your teens.

  5. Tom.try tapping the time of the last post. This should take you to top of page. Click refresh button and that should take you to last post.


    Thats how it works on my Samsung s11 and mini bt ipad..

  6. Celtic_First on

    crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’





    Thanks for your answer last night.



    My feeling is this. We know, we have always known. We have been told for years that we were paranoid. We knew we were not. But it was still our word against ours. Then Charlotte comes along and, boom.



    For the first time, we cannot be told we are imagining the bias. If they dared now to say, “Nothing to see here, Timmy,” suddenly, for the first time in our history, we can prove that there is plenty to see.



    It’s slightly disappointing that a good few CQNers referenced the link to ‘Snyde Clyde’ without giving Charlotte any credit. We cannot complain that the MSM are ignoring Charlotte if prominent CQNers are too.



    I am a champion of Charlotte’s because this is a world in which nothing can be hidden and if you have something to hide, it is going to come out. Therefore, the only people who can have a clear conscience and face the future with confidence are the people with nothing to hide.



    The news in Ireland this morning is awash with this:





    The story is resonating well beyond Ireland. No one has paused to ask if the Irish Independent used any trickery to obtain the audio files. That is not the story here.



    I say more power to Charlotte. The truth will set us free, in the sense that it will help us take back the game we love from the spivs, chancers, blazers, liars and huns (not necessarily mutually exclusive terms). Let all the truth come out, though the heavens fall.



    I am going to continue with the Tell All the Huns You Know series until told to stop. If anyone wants to see the proof that a prominent football agent engaged with me over it, get my email from Paul and I will share it if you agree to keep the agent’s name confidential. If Rangers fans accept the truth that they were swindled by a load of spivs who were replaced by another load of spivs who swindled them and are currently looking at some new spivs to swindle them, we are doing them a favour.



    The sooner Rangers fans stop backing Sevco, the sooner the wheels will come off. Scottish football is financially poorer without them, but richer in every other way. To hell with the money. To hell with it.

  7. ASMC : 00 32


    Thanks for your reply. My memory says you brought up the Yatla bit to a previous Yalta from Macjay, which in itself is nothing (thinking was it my careless dyslexia) until Magnus asked you why, and then your given answer. You did bring up “was Macjay condoning the atrocities” when he had said nothing of the sort, which he later explained as the discussion had been about British,culpable or compliant (my words) involvement. Not by my knowledge, apart from knowing we were really weak then I preferred the latter. Also this not being one of Churchills finest moments (memory again?), and Truman was anti colonial/British which is how the incoming Labour government found itself immediately out of the Marshall plan. Out with the old in with the new!!


    So far I had missed the point that you and Macjay were old friends/sparring partners.


    No problem with what or where you read, it was repeatedly rereading what wanted to make you puke- strange?


    As said before, then later when all was about Britain you came up with who was the most compassionate in this”involvement -Welsh,Scots Irish or English. What angle was this coming from? To Magnus? I read on and it was never mentioned again- strange ! Was why I queried if you had an agenda. I also saw you posted Macjay book titles etc.


    What got me to posting was that I thought another decent CQN discussion was descending again into farce and that Macjay had done well to deflect this happening.


    My mentioning TSD was to do with me reading alternative views to my preference, not alluding to you and him.


    That should clear us up, no big deal!



  8. Tom McLaughlin @ 09.30



    At the bottom left of your phone, beside the big buton, if you touch that, a pop-up will appear and the address bar will drop down. touch the wee wheel at the left of the address, and hey presto, refreshment!




  9. Twisty,


    I would much prefer someone more popular to take this on, I’m really looking for nothing more than a result, I’m no in it for anything else. I don’t want anything else.

  10. Solitude





    1. the state of being or living alone; seclusion.


    2. remoteness from habitations.


    3. a lonely, unfrequented place.



    Strange name for a football stadium, except maybe for Ibrox in a year or so. Hopefully!

  11. Just received a privare message from min BT who Iis in tenerife.


    Dad can you get me a couple of tckets for my irish friends dad for Liverpool game..


    Unbelievable …o))


    Not even a question about my or mrs bt wellbeing. .


    I blame the parents.

  12. South Of Tunis on

    Edinson Cavani .



    Napoli FC ‘s radio station has stated will sign for Chelsea . Napoli will get 63 million euros . Cavani will get £ 8.5 million a year plus 100% Image Rights —-



    But ——



    Cavani has reiterated that he wants to play for Real Madrid



    And ——–



    Italian media are claiming that Manchester United have made a late bid for Cavani .



    We’ll see .



    Hot -way down south.

  13. C_F,


    I’m loving your well written reports and can’t see why anyone would ask you to stop.


    I’d also be interested in seeing the correspondence.




    I might as well plug my own wee project while I’m at it,


    Anyone with £100 worth of shares who would like our representives questioned at the next AGM, on their action/inaction over the sfa’s misgovernance of licensing issuance, which cost our club and shareholders financially.


    Can offer their support at the above address, required info currently is


    Name as per registration of shares


    Address as per registration of shares, if you have moved address since acquiring the shares ensure you have registered the new address with the relevant authorities, if you are in the process provide both addresses.


    Hail Hail

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    SofTunis- road safety alert- it is very difficult to drive while listenin’ to ole George singin’ ‘Wino the Clown’

  15. twists n turns on



    Someone more popular? Nah! That’s like playing guid fitba but getting beat. The result is all that matters in this instance. Anyhow, in my personal team of favourite cqn posters yer playing up front. (yer striking partner is Kev jungle)

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Things are very quiet at Celtic Park at the moment although the MSM seem to be trying to guess what is going on with Victor,Hooper and Stokes there is nothing being said officialy by the club.Also there are no reports on incoming players other than McFadzean and that was the MSM again changed days from when a mole inside the club used to release stories regularly.I think the current regime at Parkhead is the most professional we have had in a long time and for any transfer information in or out we are best served by waiting for Celtic to release information rather than swallow the pig swill served up by the MSM. H.H.

  17. Summa.


    Got caught last year in turkey with roaming charges… cost of a bomb…


    Once bitten. …

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Celtic First- many thanks for posting summaries of the latest adventures of the other C.F.



    This has the potential to be much bigger than Calciopoli; it is becoming clearer why so many of our ‘Sports Journalists of the Year’ are so reluctant to lift the lid.

  19. C1st.


    Keep them coming. You summerise them perfectly for numpties like myself who can’t be bothered trawing through the vast paper trail.



  20. DBBIA and Blantyretim



    Thanks, amigos.



    If everyone in Scottish football can face up to the truth of what David Murray and his successors and his collaborators have done and tried to do, we can get the game back. It can be proper football again.

  21. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    The behaviour of the soldiers from different nations (different regiments) is pertinent.



    The books I mentioned are generally Tolstoy’s, they are the ones that progress to actually naming names. The last one that I mentioned, the Cost of a Reputation, is about the court case between Tolstoy and Toby Low. It explains about the authorities closing ranks, witnesses losing the will to remember, documents for the defence no longer being available, copies that Tolstoy had made -they were lost, sent to ministers who couldn’t locate them, witness statements not being consistent, denials, etc. It sort of tells the story of a whistle-blower being hounded by the establishment as the establishment protects one of its own. How the case against Tolstoy was funded by shareholder monies without the knowledge of the shareholders and the cover-ups.





    It is about a cover-up of a cover-up of a cover-up of a cover-up. Can you draw any parallels between that story and the one that we are now witnessing toxically leaking out of Glasgow?

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Canalamar I understand that you like many Celtic fans would like answers to why it appears that the board have done very little considering the information that has been released about the goings on in Scottish football.My view is dont interupt the enemy when they are fighting amongst themselves.We do not as yet know how much of the information is fact and how much is fiction and also will the whole sorry mess land in court ? I share your view that we should ask questions and hope we would recieve honest answers from the club.However, I am not sure that the AGM is the best place to ask those questions as there will be many questions related to various issues included finance which may we play down your questions and they may well be lost in the overall meeting. I would respectfully suggest that you draw up a list of questions you want answerd then select another two Celtic supporters one of whom would be Paul 67 who is well known at the club and one other that means 3 people can support each other as it is difficult to prepare your next question and listen for the answer to the current question at the same time.I would then contact the club in writing and ask for a meeting with 3 key board members and explain what you want from the meeting thus the meeting would be exclusive and not a small part of the AGM of course in your letter you can tell them you have the support of 100 shareholders.That is my thoughts on the matter however,whatever way you move forward Good Luck. H.H.

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    09:51 on


    25 June, 2013



    Must tell you how much I appreciate your sense of fairness ,in spite of what I sense may be your basic difference in political philosophy from myself.


    There`s much to be learned from our fellow Tims,particularly those with whom we disagree.My regret is that it would be so much more pleasant over a glass of decent Aussie red or even ” Tusker beer ” which I used to enjoy during a short visit to Kenya at the time of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.


    Hail Hail

  24. winning captains





    Thanks. Flattered. Let me know what Paul says.



    However, I’d suggest a Sunday round-up might work better as there is no way of knowing what will come out when. If you set up to do a two-page daily there could easily be days with nothing. Plus, I can only write about the Charlotte posts that I understand. A lot of the finance ones are beyond my ken. However, another CQNer could easily handle those ones.

  25. Canamalar1


    Will get those details to you soon,buisy weekend with the new arrival of a new dog, a one year old staffy from the dogs trust..a gem of a bhoy!nearly forgot how much i loved dogs..oh and my daughters 18th yesterday haaa


    nice to see dawell getting it in the neck from all quarters,i seriously think thats why he so much for what he’s said cause we know he’s a hurting hun,once made the sorry excuse that he’s married to a catholic during the time when our Boss was under attack from the knukkledraggin klan,to try an arguement of impartiality..pratt!!i think its because of what Charlotte is now leaking and probibly he expected it to be major news by tv and brit meeja..haaa i know..the chances ehh??