Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    A Stor Mo Chroi


    10:30 on


    25 June, 2013



    Wrote mine without seeing yours.


    No argument from me about the establishment closing ranks.

  2. An Fear Dearg on



    09:57 on


    25 June, 2013







    1. the state of being or living alone; seclusion.


    2. remoteness from habitations.


    3. a lonely, unfrequented place.



    Strange name for a football stadium, except maybe for Ibrox in a year or so. Hopefully!






    The Reds have been playing at Solitude, on the Cliftonville Road in Belfast, since 1890. Back then the Cliftonville area was on the outskirts of the city. The site where the stadium stands was formerly part of an estate around a large house, whose owner was something of a recluse. His house thus came to be known as ‘Solitude’, and the name carried over to the ground once it was built.



    There’s a bit more background on the ground here if you’re interested:





  3. Canamalar



    Morning bhoys & Ghirls. Just a wee message to Canamalar. Keep going, mate. You’re doing a great job in keeping the issue of the SFA’s negligence and incompetence, if not downright corruption, to the fore. Your alleged unpopularity is not important. I am not a shareholder and cannot help you directly and it may well be that you will not get what you want at the AGM, but your efforts will not be in vain if they help to bring the matter to the attention of the wider public. HH

  4. C_F,


    I think most on here know you well enough to trust you, I’d have no problem with you deleting the agents name and posting the correspondence and believing you without the sources name even if some would no matter how renouned he is and he is a well known character, even I knew who it was and I tend not to absorb info like that.


    Keep it up


    Hail Hail

  5. pmsl at the stories coming from the Daily Record when you know they are being instigated and paid for from ibrokes.

  6. Remember when we were called paranoid… lol!



    In an internal Ibrox memo a member of the


    clubs PR staff explains to Whyte that ‘Peter


    Lawwell has spoken to the media today and


    made a comment- Celtic had a 29 million


    pound bid for Gary Hooper from an unnamed


    agent for an unnamed club!!!!!!!! Rejected last




    ‘Clearly a dig at the Jelavic bid news on SKY


    last night.


    ‘The papers will use this remark tomorrow so


    I’ve asked Darrell King to quote a senior


    Rangers source on Radio Clyde’s phone in


    tonight at 6pm stating ‘Lawwell ought to


    know better than making snyde remarks about


    transfer speculation he knows nothing about’.


    Darrell says he’ll do his best to fight our




    The Ibrox email may cause some


    embarrassment at Radio Clyde who also


    decided not to broadcast a quote from a


    Charles Green interview when he used the


    phrase ‘no surrender’ regarding ticket sales


    until after Green had stood down as chief



  7. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on

    I was on the same flight as big virgil van dijk from Amsterdam yesterday… as I’ve been away can someone tell me if he has signed yet or if he was jetting over for more talks??

  8. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    I have an electronic copy of The Last Secret – The delivery to Stalin of over Two Million Russians by Britain and the USA by Nicholas Bethell



    From The Telegraph Review



    The 4th Lord Bethell, who died on Saturday aged 69, was a hereditary peer, Conservative member of the European Parliament, writer, and an unsung hero of the Cold War.



    From the 1960s Bethell quietly and persistently sought to mobilise opinion against the Communist dictators of eastern Europe, and for the release of Soviet dissidents; among those he helped were Irina Ratushinskaya, Vladimir Bukovsky, Oleg Gordievsky, and the Sakharovs. For this he was denigrated by the KGB, Private Eye, the Foreign Office, and the former Conservative prime minister, Ted Heath.



    A House of Lords whip in the early 1970s and MEP for London North West from 1975 to 1994, then for London Central from 1999, Bethell, tall, stooping and with a quick, nervous smile, and furtive, sidelong glances, seemed almost to embody the cloak-and-dagger world in which he moved.



    He was the author of seven books, mainly on the history of Communism in eastern Europe. His most important book, The Last Secret (1974), broke to the British public the story of the part played by the British V Corps after the end of the Second World War in handing over two million White Russian refugees to death or imprisonment in Soviet camps.



    The book, the forerunner of Count Tolstoy’s better known but more polemical Victims of Yalta, told a horrifying story with restraint and balance, and was made into a television documentary, Cossacks, in 1974. As a result of Bethell’s book, in 1980 Mrs Thatcher personally overruled objections from the Foreign Office to the erection of a memorial to the Yalta victims.



    As well as writing historical works Bethell also translated into English novels and plays by Russian and Polish writers, notably Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Cancer Ward (published in English in 1968). The story of how Bethell arranged for its publication in the West was a plot worthy of Le Carré, but ended in a bitter row with Solzhenitsyn.



    The book is not as accusing as Tolstoy’s but its story parallels Tolstoy , nor is it as gripping or emotional, but then the two authors came from different stock. If you send an e-mail I’ll reply with it attached.

  9. “Celtic and ourselves have agreed. to [switch] so we will just need our decision rubber-stamped by UEFA. “We have both agreed to play the first leg here and then go to Celtic.”



    NOOOO!!! I am on holiday for the second game. B******’s!

  10. South Of Tunis on

    Lord Aldington / Tolstoy / Toby Low etc ..



    Yes —-an establishment cover up but also a war between different political wings of the establishment . . Aldington was too close [for some] to the likes of Rab Butler and Ted Heath . . Better that Aldington carried the can than Churchill or Macmillan. Some big establishment cheeses helped fund Tostoy..

  11. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on

    Cheers BT, never knew if talks were ongoing. He’s a lump of a bhoy so I’m looking forward to seeing him in the hoops

  12. On the CQN Citizen (or just Citizen)



    Imagine we had some stunning story and this was published in the Citizen.



    If we PRINTED copies rather than publish online only and gave to an army of CQNers to distribute around Scotland – then the job that the newspapers should have done would be done for them and in their own format.



    It would be damning for both the MSM and those we would be writing about. It would be much harder to ignore.

  13. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    South Of Tunis:



    Don’t forget Eden. You are right some big hitters and journalists did back Tolstoy, but it came out of their own pockets, not those of shareholders in companies without their knowledge. Quite a few of the same people paid for his kids education and his home and car too. (if I remember rightly)

  14. Davy Provan rebuked Darren King for speaking like a fan.


    It seems that he was not correct.


    He should have told him not to speak like a stooge.

  15. Canalamar1


    In respect of using LNS and FTT I think there might be a place for a conditional sentence regarding the UTT decision in July.


    If HMRC get the nod then imo it blows LNS away in that his decision was based on the undisclosed payments being regular.


    A lot depends on timing if the HMRC appeal is rejected but making room for the eventuality that it is not would strengthen the case for an enquiry if HMRC get the nod.


    So ” in the event the use of ebts is judged irregular by the Upper Tier Tribunal ……….. In event EBTs are judged regular this section falls but does not impact on the need for an enquiry based on what has emerged.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    A Stor Mo Chroi


    10:48 on


    25 June, 2013



    If you send an e-mail I’ll reply with it attached.






    I`ll Email tomorrow.

  17. Joe Fillippi



    The AGM is not the story. Getting enough shareholders to sign up and what prompted them could be. It would be hard for a resolution to be ignored but harder to avoid touching on why it was presented.








    One wrong step and they will be on you like howling wolves.

  19. Robert Peston ‏@Peston 14m


    Probably the very best thing I have ever done as a journalist may be on #bbcPM and online today, or may not be. All a bit nerve-wracking.





    Lordy goodness.

  20. JFH,


    I did consider issuing my questions as you propose but only for answers that would help form the resolution.


    You appear to have misinterpreted my aim, which I thought was quite clear,


    We can only hold our representatives accountable for current shareholders being out of pocket due to the sfa not carrying out due diligence as is their responsibility under existing rules, our representatives appear not to consider this as an important matter going by their actions to date. Horse trading in secret may be happening or may not, that is not the point, what is the point is they appear to be treating the matter as a trivial price to pay to achieve their hidden goal, if there is one. Many minority shareholders lost money through reduced dividends because the SFA did not enforce existing rules. More importantly for me is that many minority shareholders were denied the opportunity to increase their stakehold in the club thought the share deal.


    Our representatives are responsible for this, the SFA are accountable to our representatives I and many like me want to see our representatives hold the SFA to account, if we are paying for it then I for one want a danm good show.


    I’ve had enough of the ‘don’t disturb’ none sense, it does not excuse flippant disregard of their responsibilities to their own shareholders interests and that is what I interpret by their perceived inaction.

  21. Do you see how the mood is changing, folks?



    People have had enough of the lying liars and the lies they tell. Whatever the truth is, let’s have it and live.


    AULDHEID 1106



    With respect for your efforts on this,the LNS inquiry is done and dusted.



    There is no likely appeal this far down the line,as there is no-one who deems themselves wronged by the verdict.



    It was a collective who employed him,not an individual club or person.



    Members of that collective may well be mightily annoyed,tough.



    Prove it.

  23. Robert Peston, ex Financial Times, is business editor for the whole of the BBC. The whole shebang.



    He scooped the Northern Rock story.

  24. C1st


    Hope they don’t interview him on tv he has one of the most annoying voices ever.

  25. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    I thought the LNS inquiry concluded with LNS making a recommendation according to the facts as his enquiring saw it. I didn’t think the recommendation was enforceable in any way. I may stand to be corrected.

  26. Blantyretim



    I like listening to him. Maybe it works better on radio. I don’t bother with TV news, it’s too dumbed down.

  27. Celtic_First



    Thanks CF, great post this morning, when the tide eventually turn we might just see a sink or swim panic among those responsible..



    The Big House will be filling up!!

  28. Auldheid,


    I’m looking to centre the whole thing around the ‘wee tax bill’ from what I gather it is the only piece of hard evidence out there, as I keep trying to impress on people, the club who offended are an insignificant (though source of much mirth and joy) side show, the focus for our campaign is on the SFA’s licensing issuance irregularities and why our board have/are not held the SFA to account, why they appear to believe its ok for Celtic shareholders to bare the cost of this ?

  29. mearns 2 milton on

    googybhoy ♥ Celtic




    Great tweet. I was a later started but have just watched the first 4.5 season in 4 weeks (whilst having a child in between times)

  30. mearns 2 milton on

    Ok that last comment to Googbhoy is seriously lacking some english. Must be nearly lunch time.

  31. Maybe Clyde will have an investigation about Clydes behaviour, and then say nope that did not happen here, was it not done before by another club/company?

  32. Blantyretim



    And on that point, it’s no surprise that Peston is pointing to PM as the programme on which he is going to break his story. PM runs on Radio 4 from five till six. Regular presenter: Eddie Mair.



    If the lawyers clear it, I think this will be good. I don’t know what he’s going to say, but the Northern Rock thing was massive and if he says this is the best thing he’s ever done, it must be good.