Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. Paul67,



    Has Charlotte, Phil or anybody no managed yet to unearth the similar scheme they used in the 90’S TB and Fergus out of the titles.



    For me now there 9 in a row is tarnished as i’m sure if an investigation was carried out you would probably find similar findings. Gascoigne, Boli, Laudrup, etc… they must have used a similar scheme to get thes players and if they so they have cheated.



    They sold Trevor Teven for nearly 6 million quid and brought him back for just over 2 million 6 months later, then Bernard Tapie chariman of Marseilles at the time was jailed no longer after that?



    Rangers had the cheek to go on about being cheated out a CL final because of Marseilles, what about the likes of Aberdeen and Hearts in the 90’s when they where challenging them for the title then when Fergus took over us?

  2. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Sorry I didn’t meet you at the Cup Final mate.I was in Cosgrove’s before the game.It was really quiet. Was in the Rock then on the Saturday night then all day Sunday.Were you



  3. unionbearBhind on



    this is from WIKI site but could be wrong, my brother in law works in pub trade and he said both are the same?



    Bulmers cider and Magners have the same label and are identical products, except for the name. The ciders are made from 17 varieties of apples, fermented and matured for up to two years.[4] It is available in 330 ml, pint, litre and 750 ml bottles and 500 ml cans, and is served over ice. It is also available in most Irish bars on draught and Magners is available in some bars on draught in Scotland. Initially only available in Spain, Northern Ireland and Scotland, the brand saw its popularity increase significantly in recent years and is now available across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada,[5] New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the United States.[1]

  4. Ron Bacardi


    13:04 on


    24 June, 2013


    forget about capacity of their ground, that’s their problem not ours, just let us play our leg at Celtic Park, doubt if there will be 20 thousand at CP



    Disagree with you re 20 thousand at Celtic Park. This game is on your season ticket, the support will turn out as they have been starved of watching the Hoops because of the close season, so will want to get back asap and that The Reds are a good Tim team and will be a party atmosphere. I think there will be in excess of 40,000 at the game. Just my opinion.







  5. Mort


    13:09 on


    24 June, 2013



    I’d give yourself 2.5hrs in the summer, so you’re not having to hammer it. If there’s road works maybe longer. Haven’t done it for a while but your near enough an hour to Perth from Glasgow.

  6. unionbearBhind:



    “Bulmers Cider is one of a number of brands owned by British cider maker H. P. Bulmer of Hereford. It is one of the leading premium British bottled cider brands in the UK with a number of variants including Bulmers Original & Pear. It should not be confused with Bulmers Irish Cider, sold outside the Republic of Ireland as Magners.”

  7. I am going out on the 11th for two weeks with the family staying near Puerto Del Carmen….happy to meet up for a wee shandy…..









    We stayed in a villa in Puerto Del Carmen back in January for a week. Nice place but like all of Lanzarote it is windy.



    You will love it.







  8. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    I’ll keep an eye out for any extra tickets for you seeing as I missed you at the cup final & I know your a good reds man !!!

  9. The games against Cliftonville should be great occasions. Looking forward to them.

  10. chaos that has consumed Coventry City


    for over a year is a financial mess that has left


    fans in the dark about which parties own what


    parts of their club, whether they will play at


    the Ricoh Arena ever again and if they are


    under the ownership of the hedge fund that


    led them into administration.


    It began in March this season when a dispute


    arose between the club’s owners SISU, a


    Mayfair-based hedge fund, and Arena Coventry


    Limited who own the Ricoh Arena (who are


    joint owned by Coventry City Council and the


    Alan Edward Higgs Charity).


    SISU stopped paying their annual rent of £1.3


    million (considerably higher than any other


    team in League One and the Championship )


    and demanded that the fee be lowered and


    match day income be shared between


    Coventry City and the stadium owners.


    ACL made an improved offer of £400,000 rent


    per season, but once negotiations fell through


    they applied for an administration order


    through the high courts against the club.


    On March 28 the high courts ruled that


    Coventry City be placed into administration,


    which elicited the Football League to deduct


    10 points from the League One team, which


    before the punishment had been chasing




    Then the confusion really began. SISU


    appealed the 10 point deduction by claiming


    that it was Coventry City Football Club


    Limited, who had the lease for the Ricoh Arena


    and club offices, which was in administration.


    This was opposed to Coventry City Football


    Club Holdings, which SISU claims have the


    “golden share” which allows the club to play


    in the Football League , so there should be no




    The confusion over the different parts of the


    club and who owned them slowed down the


    administrator’s job to find a new owner for


    Coventry City. Throw into the mix that Sky


    Blues officials decided that they wouldn’t


    return to the Ricoh Arena and would attempt a


    ground share at nearby clubs – even though


    ACL had offered them to stay rent free for a


    season, just to keep the team in Coventry.


    Administrator Paul Appleton set a deadline for


    offers and was given four concrete


    propositions, one from American tycoon


    Preston Haskell IV, and one from Otium


    Entertainment Group, which was headed by


    three former Coventry City directors who all


    had links to SISU.


    To fans despair the offer was accepted from


    OEG because they had offered the most


    money, and now the club have found


    themselves with the same owners as a year


    before but this time lacking any home.

  11. Baku/Black Isle Celt on




    Wiki actually states “Irish Bulmers cider and Magners have the same label and are identical products, except for the name….”




  12. Just home from a weekend on the drink in belfast there seems to be even more flags on display this year on the lamposts and flag poles throughout the city…a sure sign of the increased sense of insecurity and desperation in the loyalist community…



    Nice to know we’ll get a warm and welcoming reception come the end of july.







  13. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    Anyone thinking of booking hotels for the game, avoid the Days Inn on Sandy Row and the Park Avenue/Park Inn – they are both in extremely uninviting areas for us !!!!

  14. South Of Tunis on

    Mmmmmmm –



    Re Gigi Buffon .



    Radio Pundit No 1 .-



    ” He should be dropped . He is losing it ”



    Radio Pundit No 2 .



    ” You can’t drop Buffon ——- he is a national hero —— it would be a humiliation .”



    Radio Pundit No 1



    ” Nonsense —— Sophia Loren is a national hero but everybody accepts that she’s old and past it “

  15. Charlotte Fakeovers @CharlotteFakes


    Future players could receive EBTs. Boumsong had £200k in his 2 months before scoring last minute winner in the French Cup Final for Auxerre.



    Is this saying rangers were paying players they had not even signed?



    UEFA could not ignore that.

  16. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Cliftonville Celt,


    Hope your’e over the Glens disaster mate.The writing was on the wall from early on.Even when Cliftonville scored I never thought they looked comfortable.

  17. Brilliant draw for both, North Belfast is already buzzing!!



    Had a sneaky feeling we would get this draw when my daughter had our 1st Grandchild in the early hours. Baby Cara started of a very good day. Over the moon.



    Was speaking to a Cliftonville man earlier and he thinks the 1st leg my be switched to Belfast. I would hold off booking anything just yet. There will also be a right few Redsmen travelling to Glasgow.

  18. The Token Tim on

    BT @ 1255



    Cheers for the heads-up mate.


    Will be watching out for the slippery areas.


    esp for the gruesome twosome!






  19. The Token Tim on

    Eurochamps @ 1258,



    Thanks! Looking forward to it.


    had a wee lok at the temps this week……High 20’s/low 30s. Perfect!



    and LOL re the sevco mob :-)






  20. cliftonville celt from belfast


    13:26 on


    24 June, 2013





    Anyone thinking of booking hotels for the game, avoid the Days Inn on Sandy Row and the Park Avenue/Park Inn – they are both in extremely uninviting areas for us !!!!



    The Park Inn is very central and not a problem at all (good personal knowledge of it) Agree the Days Inn and Park Avenue should be avoided.

  21. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    Yeah mate they just seemed to run out of steam – they didn’t turn up at all in the second half but still was delighted with the season overall and those stupid zombie glenmen falling into the moat were worth the ticket price alone LOL !!!!!!



    Really looking forward to this match – can’t go to CP match cos can’t get off work – raging !!

  22. The Token Tim on

    kikinthenakas @ 1306,



    sounds good!


    I’ll be in touch via FB and hopefully we can grab a couple shandies at some point.






  23. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    Is the park inn 7 the park avenue not one & the same ?


    Apologies if I have got it wrong.



    Don’t book the stormont hotel either !!!



    The Balmoral is dead on and the only hotel in West Belfast

  24. ASonOfDan


    13:31 on


    24 June, 2013



    He was going to be a Bosman signing, so it may not have been as big an issue as it seems at 1st glance.



    It does show the route they used to beat Liverpool in providing the bigger sign-on fee though.



    However being able to sign players they wouldn’t have otherwise got did not confer a sporting advantage. No, not at all.

  25. unionbearBhind on




    thanks for the ammo, he also told me most of the cheddar cheese was from Ireland and was generic just different labelling, said same about t-shirts a lot of them are made in Ireland by fruit of the loom?

  26. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    SofTunis- I’m a bit concerned about drug habits in Palermo, after they announced that Kyle Lafferty could be the new Luca Toni.

  27. The Token Tim on




    re the 2009 match, I noticed on that link you put up that a certain “Zhi” was down as playing.


    Surely not The one and only of the Zheng variety??



    I was astounded of forehead when i read it!






  28. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    WGS. The difference between Risdale and Murray is that Murray is a Knight of the realm Risdale isnt.Now wither Murray should be stripped of his Knighthood is in my opinion a whole different debate. H.H.

  29. Great Draw as in –



    Travel, no more than an SPL game, could have been thousands of miles also their league hasn’t already started.



    As for the game – If we talk about the great night that was beating Barca, why shouldnt they dream of the great night of beating us!



    Its football, anything could happen.

  30. Lionsroar67


    Previous blog. Thank you and I’m not finished yet.





    I think yer right on who is reading CF.

  31. Biggest danger of Cliftonville is complacency. Lets hope the stakes are a big enough antidote.


    Its 11 v 11.

  32. cliftonville celt from belfast



    No, Park Inn by Radisson is just of Bedford Street (old superbowl). Has the RBG bar attached. Lovely Hotel and I can personally recommend. If the match is switched not great for rooms as very busy. The 23/24 July aren’t as busy just yet, but will fill.

  33. The Token Tim on

    I must admit that, I for one, dont think for a second that complacency will be an issue for the team.



    Lenny and the players will know exactly what is at stake.



    The players’ season, more so than ours, revolves around their participation in the Champions league group stages.



    They will be up for it, of that I have no doubt.






  34. Summa of Sammi….@13:13




    1;43Mins from Inverness to Glasgow?



    Jeez, have they gone and built an autobahn to replace the A9 without me noticing?

  35. Mort


    I don`t know what those two drive but Inverness to Glasgow is at leat 3 1/2 hours. The AA Routefinder gives it as 3 hours 40 mins for a drive in excess of 170 miles.




  36. kikinthenakas on




    Sounds like a plan….






    Thanks, all the family are looking forward to it




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