Clowns falsifying the Rules


As recently as December, Sky Sports contributor and very, very, lapsed Celtic fan, Neil McCann, accused John Guidetti of cheating while simultaneously acknowledging that the player didn’t claim for the penalty McCann thought he didn’t deserve. The mental contortions required to allow McCann to accuse a Celtic player of cheating, while not cheating, was worthy of awe.

Yesterday the same open sore was evident. Craig Gordon fouled Jackson Irvine 23 yards off his line, to the side of the field. Virgil van Dijk was back inside the six yard line with other Celtic players storming back.

McCann waxed lyrical that the Celtic goalkeeper should have been ordered off, claiming “The new rules are simple. Is the Ross County player being denied a goal scoring opportunity?”

He’s half right, the Rules of the Game are clear, they note three sending off offenses for fouls:

Serious foul play
Violent conduct
Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity

Referee guidance on the third offense is crystal clear; denying a possible goal scoring opportunity is not a sending off offense. Referees are only allowed to show the red card when an obvious opportunity has been denied.

Jackson Irvine could get an early shot off with his left foot (he’s right footed) but it would need to be a spectacular effort from a tight angle. The potential chance was never an obvious goal scoring opportunity. The yellow card decision was correct. These are the Rules of the Game and the guidance referees are given.

The only thing you need to know about yesterday is that if you have a career in the football media, and before you cite the Rules of the Game, you’d better read them. Otherwise you might appear to be a bitter clown who falsifies the rules to suit an agenda.

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  1. Nope, no idea either, but I’ll be sad and claim my first ever podium, they all count, right haha.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    McCann is a disgrace to himself his family and his roots


    Scumbag judas clown

  3. Yeah, does have a bit of a napolean complex regarding us, but we should laugh at these fools, it’s what makes them them.

  4. Sadly many professional footballers seem not to know the detail of the Laws of the Game, let alone those paid for their opinions.



    Did McCann have anything to say about the lack of a card at our penalty? Griffiths close to goal with a clear shot – looked like an obvious goal scoring opportunity to me ..

  5. Well said Paul it takes some doing to be so universally disliked,trying too hard to forget.

  6. Test.


    First post on the ‘new’ format.


    McCann hurts so much because he was never deemed good enough to wear the Hoops. Sad little man, of little consequence.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Such bitter bias against one team by a commentator who should be fair and neutral, would not be allowed in any other league. The trouble is, his Sky bosses encourage rather than condemn McCann’s anti Celtic agenda.

  8. Just dropped in to say….Neil McCann bringing out the rulebook and staring down the camera lens




  9. Will be approx 35,000 feet over Europe somewhere, probably heading into Germany, when the game kicks off Wednesday.




    Wonder if CTV will work on my OS Ticket… not sure what IP # registers up there. Possibly not a concern as I doubt they’ll have access to show the game.




    Will just have to find a kind stewardess who can have a word with the captain re his radio/comms access.




    If not, should be able to gauge the mood when I arrive Glasgow.





  10. Isn’t it so ironic that McCann has turned so sour on Celtic because we didn’t show any interest in signing him?


    The fact is simple enough. If there was a ref in Scotland who would have been dying to red card any Celtic player yesterday, Collum is that ref. if he could have issued a red to Gordon, even better!


    But it would have mattered nought.


    Respect to Ross County, but Celtic played with two men short the whole game and still dominated. Both Forrest and Scepovic were spectators. We had a quality keeper who could have replaced Gordon. The result would not have changed, even had Collum done his bit as he so desparately would have had there been the tiniest possibility.


    Neil McCann is saying infantile things to keep his name in papers. He is otherwise a forgotten man who was party to illegal financial transactions with his now extinct old club. Talking about rules fom him isn’t worthy of the time I just spent saying this. He was unwanted by Celtic.

  11. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Was the goal scoring opportunity obvious?



    Obviously not.



    Is McCann an obvious twat with an agenda.




  12. Can’t get my head around this new format, are there comments on every article? McCann’s a bitter hurting sevcoite.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    Great craic in great company yesterday. Glad you got home safe and sound.


    See you in a fortnight.

  14. Paul don’t let the ferret faced jump the dyke get to you, as my ma said to me as a youngster…never trust a jumper from our side to the hun side, as they become embroiled in their bigotry.




    Ps, when will my moniker be green again? :(

  15. watching the kerry kildare game,



    without knowing all the rules, the refree is worse than collum,



    for the 2nd kerry goal, the bhoy definately put the ball in the net with both hands.

  16. chicagobhoy1967 on

    Paul and CQN staff, just want to say thanks for the re-design. It’s ambitious and no doubt required much time, effort, and talent. IMHO, as someone who attempts some graphic design professionally, it’s beautifully conceived.



    Some like it, others not as much, all will adapt in a bit of time as with any update of web sites, software, etc. All appreciate your tremendous work — measured, reasoned, and as unbiased as you can be, a voice worthy of trust and emulation.

  17. Pss…when will I need to stop using full stops to form gaps for paragraphs?




    Not that my writing skills need them !




    Clougher, good to meet you yesterday, hope you got home safe and sound. HH

  18. Obvious that McCann is just a hurting Hun. And the reason Sky Sports will be departing the paid services in my house.

  19. Watchin the Dundee United v Aberdeen build up



    Is the “New Firm” now a ‘thing’?



    Its been mentioned a few times now

  20. Sorry, I’m sure I turned bold off after the word obvious.



    Obvious that McCann is just a hurting Hun. And the reason Sky Sports will be departing the paid services in my house.

  21. Delany’s Dunky: had a brilliant time yesterday, thanks as ever. Would loved to have witnessed the female boxing in Clydebank last night:-)



    Kerry 6-13 to 0-8 for Kildare with ten mins. to go. D(ublin)QN starts at 4pm

  22. daft question time ……………..



    on the gaelic football, the redhead up front for kerry, he certainly knows how to finish with the feet, is he a well known player ?



    is there any examples of gaelic footballers becoming succesful association footballers ?



    sure i read martin o’neill was a good young gaelic player . was neil lennon ?


    was cillian sheridan (i cant remeber the bhoys right name !)).




    did anton play any ?



    packie ?



    did sean fallon ?

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