Club 9, selling empire and Rangers European Champions 1967


Club 9 Sports released a priceless statement tonight indicating they are considering an investment in Rangers only as part of a consortium and will not be bidding for the club on their own.

So far, so clear.  They then entertain us with a remarkable interpretation of liquidation, saying:

“We understand that it has been strongly rumored that our group planned to “liquidate” the club. It should be made clear that any party that attempts to acquire the club, eliminate the debts, affect a turnaround, invest monies and put the club back on solid ground is in fact “saving” the club from liquidation and preserving its past and its future.

“In an asset purchase, all of the good and valuable assets (records, marks, names, trophies, players, staff, history) are preserved and separated from the bad and harmful liabilities (tax bills, bad contracts, creditors), which have put the club into administration and which act to force the entirety into liquidation.”

“Saving” the club from liquidation by putting the entirety into liquidation.  Don’t laugh, they honestly wrote this.

For the record, you can’t sell history or records.  Can you imagine?  Britain could flog off our whole empire period and maybe use the current economic crisis in Greece to buy their classical period from them. Aristotle, from Scotland, perhaps.

Personally, I would love to be the first Briton to hold aloft the European Cup, maybe Billy McNeill would sell me that record?  He’s had it for 45 years now, it can’t be worth that much to him anymore.

I wonder how much Messi would sell his record breaking Champions League history?  Barca are playing catch-up with Real Madrid in the European Champions stakes.  Instead of buying expensive footballers they could just offer Real cash for some of the trophies won during the 1950s.

David Murray should have saved himself all the trouble and just offered our old board a few million for the Lisbon history, just think:

Rangers, European Champions, 1967. Opportunity missed. Murray should have had a word with Club 9.

I’m enjoying these guys already, hope they are given the green light tomorrow.  What terrified Brian Kennedy floats my boat. They even finished off with some sweet platitudes about a “legendary fan base”.  I think we have a winner….

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  1. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Hmmm wonder what we could offer ole Clarence moneywise to finish his career in the Hoops?! Whit an auld haun he would be to our young team.



    And he could get his 4th CL winners medal with another club….lol




  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Great ovation from the Nou Camp,for ex Real Madrid player Seedorf,what a footballer.

  3. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on




    For those who actually read instead of podium-chasing ;)

  4. P67



    that statement from club 9 is ridiculously simplistic and very disingenuous



    any of the Govanites reading that would think that the safety of their club is easily secured



    i suppose they have been spoon fed this sophistry for years

  5. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Still can’t see what the assistants behind the goal actually do ?



    Easy money I suppose….

  6. This mob will be good value……..I’m sure they will follow up any investment in the ‘franchise’ by introducing a larger sized ball, advocating 2 more sets of goals and smarter ‘costumes’ for the outfield……………..






  7. It’s not just the small tax case…


    Nor the £60m+ big tax case…..


    Nor the non payment if tax this season….


    Nor the jelavic cash….


    It’s also getting out the JJB deal…


    And getting the NTL held media rights back too……



    This country stinks!

  8. fergus slayed the blues on

    Is that the hybrid liquidation dwarrryl. was on about in snyde. tonight

  9. The Singing Detective on 3 April,


    2012 at 21:13 said:




    Ahh.. The vivid colours of the


    Cuisenere rods,the intoxicating smell


    of plasticine.


    Hymns,Black-Baby Cards,and that


    delicious Free Milk…


    And the Globe was still reassuringly




    ( Mark Binnie did it ,Miss…!! )

  10. I thought the Club9 statement was a spoof!



    Hell of a long-winded way to say “Naw thanks!”

  11. BSR



    i think they`ve been bevvying in said hun shop before cobbling together the above nonsense

  12. Clashcitybhoy on

    A big HH to all the CQNers I met on Sunday after the game.


    Hope I haven’t missed anyone , but , in no particular order, thanks for your company to CRC, Penfold , Old Tim , Hamilton Tim , timsinohio, Blantyre Tim , mort and anyone I else I missed.

  13. The Pantaloon Duck on

    RFC(IA) exists in an alternative reality where things are what they are not.



    Boing! Time for bed.

  14. bankiebhoy1



    pmsl but if cheerleaders are part of the package they get my vote!




  15. Paul, your tongue will leave a permanent groove in your cheek.


    Happy to see that they can dump the baggage of bad liabilities. I assume they can also dump half their fan base?

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