Club 9, selling empire and Rangers European Champions 1967


Club 9 Sports released a priceless statement tonight indicating they are considering an investment in Rangers only as part of a consortium and will not be bidding for the club on their own.

So far, so clear.  They then entertain us with a remarkable interpretation of liquidation, saying:

“We understand that it has been strongly rumored that our group planned to “liquidate” the club. It should be made clear that any party that attempts to acquire the club, eliminate the debts, affect a turnaround, invest monies and put the club back on solid ground is in fact “saving” the club from liquidation and preserving its past and its future.

“In an asset purchase, all of the good and valuable assets (records, marks, names, trophies, players, staff, history) are preserved and separated from the bad and harmful liabilities (tax bills, bad contracts, creditors), which have put the club into administration and which act to force the entirety into liquidation.”

“Saving” the club from liquidation by putting the entirety into liquidation.  Don’t laugh, they honestly wrote this.

For the record, you can’t sell history or records.  Can you imagine?  Britain could flog off our whole empire period and maybe use the current economic crisis in Greece to buy their classical period from them. Aristotle, from Scotland, perhaps.

Personally, I would love to be the first Briton to hold aloft the European Cup, maybe Billy McNeill would sell me that record?  He’s had it for 45 years now, it can’t be worth that much to him anymore.

I wonder how much Messi would sell his record breaking Champions League history?  Barca are playing catch-up with Real Madrid in the European Champions stakes.  Instead of buying expensive footballers they could just offer Real cash for some of the trophies won during the 1950s.

David Murray should have saved himself all the trouble and just offered our old board a few million for the Lisbon history, just think:

Rangers, European Champions, 1967. Opportunity missed. Murray should have had a word with Club 9.

I’m enjoying these guys already, hope they are given the green light tomorrow.  What terrified Brian Kennedy floats my boat. They even finished off with some sweet platitudes about a “legendary fan base”.  I think we have a winner….

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  1. tommytwiststommyturns on

    PF – Stephbhoy is right, take the blinkers off.



    If we’re stuck in this environment for say another 5 years, then steps have to be taken to improve the overall product. More small clubs investing distributed TV money in developing more young Scottish players will improve the league and we will still be able to pick up the best of those coming through the ranks.


    Rules would have to be enforced to ensure that clubs could no longer live beyond their means and waste the additional funds, e.g. wagebill ceiling related to overall turnover, etc.



    If we could only take the poison that is Toxic FC out of the equation, then I think we would all buy in to improving the product. The Bunnet knew that, many years ago!




  2. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    When did the creditors and others owed become the bad guys? Has the planet Earth drifted through a looking glass in space? Have we entered a dimension where up is down, left is right, black is Whyte and wrong is right?



    An unbelievable statement.

  3. Havingapartycsc aka mouldy67 on




    Re super sammy



    To think that there are thick people out there that would believe the April fool, msm



    This comes across that bigot fc fans to a degree are gullible and think that they are superior and above liquidation



    Had to laugh at his 300,000 sounds like another Manchester riot in the brewing ?

  4. stephbhoy on 3 April, 2012 at 21:35 said:


    We have been screwed by every other club in Scotland, as well as by the officials, organisation and press.


    Now because we have pursued a prudent financial path, we should be carrying the rest of them.


    Those who screwed up the Sky deal.


    Who will not allow us to broadcast live cup games to Celtic tv subscribers.


    Who have laid down to ensure Rangers win the title.


    Who have celebrated when Rangers won SPL on goal difference.


    Screw them all. My dear departed granny said


    “If you fly with the crows, expect to be shot at.”




  5. viewfaethewindae on 3 April, 2012 at 21:46 said:


    Just how nice a guy is Neil Lennon?



    View……remarkably nice. A remarkable man who is a credit to the club. Consider all he endures – and more than what we know – he is quite remarkable

  6. T4



    you can consent to helping Hearts /Well/Killie/Pars …teams that have cheated us for years if you want …not me sir

  7. Oh please let Gordon ‘The Explainer’ be involved with this mob….




  8. johann murdoch on

    Sorry need to repeat..there is no such thing as ” hybrid liquidation”


    It’s like saying you are a little bit pregnant..anyone care to let me know any other company that entered into ” hybrid liquidation”…dearie me now the peepul rewrite business practice ..

  9. But I read in my Mum’s daily record today that everything was just perfect, and ticketus where willing to write off 63% of the debt, and charge no interest, and even give ragers money to buy more jeloviches in the summer.



    Is that not happening then?



    nurse, nurse……………

  10. Havingapartycsc aka mouldy67 on

    Bundoran Bhoy – Standing with Neil Lennon against victimisation and injustice!!!!! on 3 April, 2012 at 21:45 said:




    Doing well petal



    What about yourself

  11. The bould Hector’s bhoys….. Tá ár lá anois on 3 April, 2012 at 21:49 said:




    that IS brilliant! ta !

  12. johann murdoch on

    Mwd I am on holiday first two weeks in July but happy to do the route on another date..if any other bhoys would join me..hh

  13. Is it just me or are Wilkins and Redknapp really pissed off that the London Huns are going to have to play Barcelona in the semi-final (and hopefully get thrashed).

  14. I remember the last game down at Kilmarnock,


    remember thinking ,next time we play here we will


    win the league…………………..cudavbeenajournalist@club9c.s.c

  15. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on




    Not sure they are saying ……. “Saving” the club from liquidation by putting the entirety into liquidation. 


    Are they not (stupidly) saying that they will split the assets into two ‘sections’ and liquidate one section only …….. Which is not possible under UK Business Law, is it…?

  16. One thing more than anything else that will help the game in scotland is fair and honest referees.


    A legaue where the footballers are allowed to play football, a league where the referees adhere to the rules, and impliment the rules equally to all clubs.



    Then other clubs will have a chance of finishing second to Celtic, and a crack at euro football, and a chance to get a few bob from their own efforts, rather than of Celtic supporters backs.



    It’s not up to our supporters to subsidise other badly run clubs.



    Change the refereeing system and open the game up, allow footballers to flourish, then we will have honest competition.



    Anything else is papering over the cracks.

  17. viewfaethewindae on

    trickeymickey67 on 3 April, 2012 at 21:49 said:


    A wee story to confirm, a young fulla who works at the training ground has a birthday, Neil and Charlie Mulgrew only take him into his local in Campsie (Lennoxtown) for a celebratory lunch time pint, what a nice guy. Bet the young guy feels like a star.

  18. No doubt Declan will explain hybrid liquidation to us tomorrow. Today, he explained that an MG01 was a sportscar. :-)



    Can’t wait.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP I see the bhoys are going a bike ride in the summer,you getting your shiny Chopper out? Can see you at the front,a bit like Sting in Quadraphenia ………

  20. Wonder what HMRC will think of Club 9 from Outer Space referring to to tax bills as harmful liabilities?



    Leona Helmsley CSC

  21. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    stephbhoy on 3 April, 2012 at 21:26 said:


    Your ideas have merit of varying degrees. The ones I might feel less inclined to support however are the play offs. They would add excitement for sure but these rewards are earned over a season. There would be an element of luck in a single game that I’d consider unfair. You’d also have to work to convince me about giving up half of the European tv money. Some of us have to appreciate we are not a supermarket or pub who just have to get as many people through our own door as possible to make money. We need our competitors existence and cooperation to thrive. I just wouldn’t be as generous as you suggest.

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