Club 9, selling empire and Rangers European Champions 1967


Club 9 Sports released a priceless statement tonight indicating they are considering an investment in Rangers only as part of a consortium and will not be bidding for the club on their own.

So far, so clear.  They then entertain us with a remarkable interpretation of liquidation, saying:

“We understand that it has been strongly rumored that our group planned to “liquidate” the club. It should be made clear that any party that attempts to acquire the club, eliminate the debts, affect a turnaround, invest monies and put the club back on solid ground is in fact “saving” the club from liquidation and preserving its past and its future.

“In an asset purchase, all of the good and valuable assets (records, marks, names, trophies, players, staff, history) are preserved and separated from the bad and harmful liabilities (tax bills, bad contracts, creditors), which have put the club into administration and which act to force the entirety into liquidation.”

“Saving” the club from liquidation by putting the entirety into liquidation.  Don’t laugh, they honestly wrote this.

For the record, you can’t sell history or records.  Can you imagine?  Britain could flog off our whole empire period and maybe use the current economic crisis in Greece to buy their classical period from them. Aristotle, from Scotland, perhaps.

Personally, I would love to be the first Briton to hold aloft the European Cup, maybe Billy McNeill would sell me that record?  He’s had it for 45 years now, it can’t be worth that much to him anymore.

I wonder how much Messi would sell his record breaking Champions League history?  Barca are playing catch-up with Real Madrid in the European Champions stakes.  Instead of buying expensive footballers they could just offer Real cash for some of the trophies won during the 1950s.

David Murray should have saved himself all the trouble and just offered our old board a few million for the Lisbon history, just think:

Rangers, European Champions, 1967. Opportunity missed. Murray should have had a word with Club 9.

I’m enjoying these guys already, hope they are given the green light tomorrow.  What terrified Brian Kennedy floats my boat. They even finished off with some sweet platitudes about a “legendary fan base”.  I think we have a winner….

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  1. Celtic to win last ever Glasgow derby, rangers to go bust, Celtic to win the double, Barca to win the treble, Mourinho to get sacked, McCoist to be given 5 year contract for the Newco, Atletico Bilbao to win Europa league, CARLSBERG DON’T DO THE PERFECT FOOTBALLING OUTCOMES BUT IF THEY DID …..



    Hail Hail




  2. TT



    On reading your post I was reminded of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’….and it wasn’t pleasant.

  3. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    Tim Malone Will Tell on 3 April, 2012 at 22:31 said:



    That’s not any less feasible than any of the other stuff being spouted at the moment!







  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    PF – we all know what’s gone before and big changes are required going forward. Answer me this….if we can’t get a move out of the SPL, what can we do to improve our team’s chances of progressing in Europe? Or are you only interested in 7, 8, 9, 10 in a row? Yawn!



    TET – were dishonest referees to blame for our shameful European record during the twenty odd years pre-MON?



    Our Seville team were the best paid group of players we’ve ever assembled, with custom Porsches and Ferraris to match, and we had no money to improve them after that. We lost money during that Seville season and were living beyond our means….and we know where that ends up!


    WGS to his credit, got us to two last 16 CL places with squads inferior to MON’s, but we only really competed in one of those against Milan.



    We can throw all the resources we’ve got, and then some, at trying to put the best available team on the park, but while they’re playing games against poor opposition every weekend, they will struggle to make the step up required in European football.


    I’m not interested in X in a row titles, I want to see Celtic back as a force in Europe where our ambitions should be. That requires a better football environment than currently exists in this country.



    How do we achieve that?






  5. If the Yanks are ‘successful’….



    They could call themselves Club Orange……….

  6. Estadio Nacional on

    Scottish Media tips to get over the current Vanilla Ice Cream shortage:



    Get Lidl, on sale, last day of sale, no name no flavour ice cream,



    Take it home, fling it in a manky old empty ice cream box.



    Tell everybody how great it was the first time round,



    And serve with dollups of strong overwhelming sauce to hide the rank flavour of the previous ice cream and the the whole manky dangerous episode of the whole thing.



    Get tam cowan to do one of his daily record favourable food reviews that have no basis on the actual food or surroundings.



    Job done NewIceCreamCo on the market and plently of idiots willing to buy into the whole manky sickening mess.



    Hope all involved end up sick.

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Ah want ah want ah want,


    You’ll get shots pit on yer plate and enjoy it, and if you don’t like it you know what you can do.


    Greetin about it is no go MAE change it.

  8. Kilbowie Kelt.



    I don’t believe in Christ or indeed any religion.



    I sometimes i envy those that have religious faith,but i just can’t convince myself .


    Each to their own.




  9. Enjoying your blogs of late Paul very good particularly liked this one nothing like a bit of irony good humour however you may be outbid for the Billy McNeill claim I hear club 67 from Boston might be interested!

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    T4- Totally agree,we need to try and re-establish in Europe again.The CL would be great but the Europa League seems to have risen a few levels recently.I hope we invest a reasonable amount, given we could lose 9/10 players in the summer,who are surplus.We cant cut our cloth depending on the shambles that is the hun.We can afford it and deserve it.

  11. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Looks like a Declan inspired fiscal rescue plan to me – could work – you’ve got me really worried now…

  12. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    tommytwiststommyturns on 3 April, 2012 at 22:35 said:



    That’s a tough one. The most obvious is take a hit for a few years and work our way up through the English leagues. But even getting into the EPL won’t guarantee European Football.


    If we could get a start in say Ireland, we'[d be guaranteed European football, but we;d struggle as the standard won’t help with preparation. Could always organise a large amount of top quality ‘friendlies’ to reach the necessary standards. But again no guarantees.


    Would Spain have us? The away games would be fantastic! :)




  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Simple difference a


    Easy enough that even capitalists can understand.


    If all your competitors go out of business you monopolise.


    If all the clubs competitors go out of business we go out of business

  14. What are we talking about here? Does Zombie Rangers claiming Old Hun history impact on them financially? If not, these have been 4 pages chortling over the right to mock, a right we enjoy regardless, so I don’t see the point.



    If Newco huns say they won the CWC in 1972, you can argue till you’ve expanded the boundaries of quantum reason, it won’t make any difference to them. They’ll just smirk and repeat their claim. The Scottish media will back them up.



    Fiorentina – liquidated, but now once more Fiorentina and claiming the history and heritage of the club formed in 1926. Look up their wiki page. So shall it be with the huns.

  15. If we go down the distributionist road and give our money away to strengthen those clubs that failed to pay their own way, we might, only might, and eventually, not soon, create a more competitive SPL with more teams having a chance of winning the title.



    We can achieve this at the expense of being European also-rans, because if you think we are also-rans now, wait till that plan comes to fruition.



    We are actually in the 3rd best period of European competitiveness in my lifetime.



    1. Mid 60s to mid 70s- 2 European finals each for both Celtic and Rangers plus all our clubs were competitive. Our Golden generation.



    2. Mid 80’s Aberdeen & United reach Euro finals. Economic boom in NE and good managers. Pre-Bosman era and tactical use of indentured slavery contracts helped



    3. The 21st Century- Two Euro finals, both lost, plus 3 last 16 CL appearances. We vastly out perform clubs from Cyprus etc;



    We are doing much better than late 70s, late 80’s and all of the 90’s bar the Huns Marseille year where they damn near won it , I heard :-)



    We can become a more competitive league with us wasting our dominance money. As Jock said a race between two pensioners will be close but it will not be a spectacle you’d want to watch.



    The only compelling argument stephboy advanced for the Distributionist approach was “it’s the only game in town cos we are stuck with the SPL”



    I do not accept the premise that we are stuck with the SPL. Those clubs with massive debts at a time when the expansionist football bubble is bursting, will need somewhere else to go in order to get the money to repay their debts. We better be in a position to catch the coat tails of that move or we will sink to a level where football will become part-time in Scotland.

  16. Club9 sounds like a adrenaline fuelled coke addled swingers club with sticky burgundy carpets, mirror balls and purple velvet couches…or is that a half forgotten memory?

  17. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Tiny Tim,


    Sadly for me, I have long since lost the faith I once had.


    That does not make me reject the wisdom of maybe the greatest teacher who ever lived.


    ‘ What does it profit a man………………..? ‘

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    tommytwiststommyturns on 3 April, 2012 at 22:35 said


    How do we achieve that?



    We exit Scotland.Businesses relocate.


    We weren`t welcome 100 years ago..


    We`re not welcome now.

  19. Craig Whyte confirms he is free wheeling on the St Etienne bike with a share certificate for 85% of rangers in one hand a choc-chip mint cone in the other.



    More to follow…

  20. T4



    A dishonest referee cost us the uefa cup imo, but that’s by the by.


    We spent money we didn’t have to keep up with the hun imo, and when either DD or BQ saw the writing on the wall it stopped.



    Ok, how do we improve things ?



    I reckon scottish footballs problems came about when minty bought the hun, he tried to emulate Big Jock, the sfa were bought lock stock and barrel, football changed, the hun had to win at all costs, gone were the days when Aberdeen were beating the mighty Real Madrid in a euro final, gone were the days when Dundee Utd were beating Barca home and away, getting to euro finals, all cos the hun had to win.



    Let the footballers back into our game, there are teams who are trying to play the game the way it should be played, Peter Houston is trying to do this, he has a good spl team there, Steve Lomas is trying to do this, Kenny Sheils is trying to do the same, they want to play football.



    There is not an easy answer, but imo, allowing the footballers to play is the first step.


    Lets try that first and see where that gets us.


    You will be surprised mi amigo how far it does get us.


    Then we can think about summer football, or artificial pitches, it’s not harming the way Arsenal play football is a plastic pitch.


    Tony Mowbrey tried to play football, see where that got him, imagine Brendan Rogers trying the same in scotland, he gets away with it in the epl.

  21. tommytwiststommyturns on

    MWD – we can continue going BACKWARDS with the self-serving incompetents currently running the senior game in this country or we can take advantage of the Huns demise to instigate major changes in the governance of the game in this country. For our benefit !



    TT – sorry mate, but that’s a completely invalid analogy. You’d love to put most of your competitors out of business and take over their share of the market. They would no doubt like to do the same to you!


    Whether we like it or not, Celtic need meaningful competition to play against week in/week out. The better the standard of competition, the better we’ll be prepared for any European ambitions we might have.



    Ten in a row against pitiful domestic opposition and the resultant unprepared forays into Europe will only put us further and further behind clubs in England and the continent.


    How long before we end up with no access to the CL at all? Where’s the vision?!




  22. Club 9 From Outer Space confirm they are bidding for the “good” parts of RFC:



    1. One St Etienne bike


    2. One Lovin’ Cup


    3. One staircase (marble and mdf)


    4. Five pairs of (worn) brown brogues


    5. One (worn) cardigan


    6. 10,000 bowler hats (XXL size)


    7. One framed pic of HM QE2 (circa 1955 vintage)


    8. 12 flutes


    9. One lambeg drum


    10. One (worn) man-size bear costume (Broxi edition).

  23. Estadio Nacional on

    wonkyradar 22:49



    Ha, I cant remember it, was that the night the fella fell over the table?





  24. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    bankiebhoy1 on 3 April, 2012 at 22:35 said:



    SSN are saying Club9 have pulled out.

  25. Et



    Correct. The colourful impresario thought he could ‘buy’ the biggest and best club footballing prize of all. He couldn’t. His legacy is the currant debacle…….



    When the books are finally written his notorious reputation will be buried with the rest of their tainted history.


    tommytwiststommyturns 2255



    I agree that we need to face regular competition at home in order to improve in Europe. It is too difficult a task to up ourstandards from one game to the next.



    Personally,I would love to see the likes of Aberdeen,Hibs,Hearts,the Dundee clubs,all pushing us hard,as they did in the past.



    Although I don’t want them beating us to the line,nor do I particularly want any teams from the West anywhere near our slipstream!



    BTW,the last time we were moderately successful in Europe,under WGS,we were painful to watch a lot of the time.



    Results v Entertainment,the Celtic quandary……..

  27. ItlaliaBhoy



    You forgetting the ‘cardigan’ – size medium, (slightly threadbare)

  28. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Guys – believe me, I want out of this league as much as the rest of you, but unless some major players go to the wall (and I don’t mean our toxic city neighbours) and UEFA back down, we’re going nowhere.



    We keep waiting for the big English clubs to implode, but the EPL will sign another bumper deal based on multimedia rights and we’ll be left hanging again. Our only route out of here is Euro reconstruction and an invite based on our potential fanbase.


    Anything else is fanciful !



    I’m not talking about major redistribution of funds in the SPL, but the current TV deal means very little to us, apart from the fact that the board want to maintain our profile in England and remind Sky that we could be a very big player.



    Sharing TV income from the CL or EL is another matter and needs to be thought through before making any offers we might regret.



    I think Stephbhoy has given us some food for thought and the situation forced on all clubs by the wanton disregard shown by one club has possibly provided the ammunition required to re-structure the game in this country for the better.




  29. Sir Paul



    Ah happen tae be familiar wi.. whit… this Club9 Sport diz.



    They Ur a Sports/ Media…Advisory and Management Company.



    And.. as such.. They Manage the LIQUID Assets.. and the ILLIQUID ASSETS..of Sport and MEDIA Organizations.



    ….”By focusing, on the operations and Finances of CLIENT Companies,and in doing so…they are able to improve those Companies’ Bottom line.. and..CONSEQUENTLY… generate income.. FOR THEIR OWN INVESTORS.( Boy, if this Outfit.. actually Buys in tae the G.A… then… are these Guys


    in fur a Surprise!)



    They themselves..






    INVESTORS.. who Invest in THEM..



    And those same Investors expect a STEADY and Bountiful Return, fur thur.. well. Investments.



    It Inconceivable, that ,should Club9 Nine Sports, buy the G.A.,


    then, that would,indeed, Generate any monetary benefit to their Own Investors.


    In fact, the Contrary… would be the likely upshot of such an


    imprudent venture.



    The Whole thing is . NUTS!



    Bull Pucky!



    Rubbishy Balderdashery!



    In Ma Opinion.






    Still Laughin’

  30. jock steins celtic on

    Don’t see how Murray buying Rangers ruined Scottish football. Scottish football has not been producing good enough footballers for decades. We’re still rooted to aggression and the threat of violence, might work in the park and the SPL but not at the top level.

  31. Another gem from our “special” friends on RM.



    Newco Scenario Two – Make assets (Ibrox, players, staff, badge, Murray Park etc) safe by having the owner prematurely buy them AND the company, then liquidate the company. Then secure all assets under newly formed company. So… Assets never destroyed, history preserved and able to be built upon without a break, also no need to re-apply to footballing bodies, as the “club” was never liquidated, merely the a switch in companies, liquidating the older, useless one.








    If it was that easy my old chum Lehman Brothers would still exist.

  32. I don’t have a problem sharing the tv money equally, split it 12 ways.


    I do have a problem with gate sharing and sharing our hard earned income, be it from euro money or anywhere else, it’s our money.



    As for getting out, a league reconstruction is on the cards, the big boys in europe want a bigger slice of uefa’s pie, they are not happy with uefa’s ffp, and will walk unless they get what they want, and we will be invited for what we can bring to the table, we are a massive box office PPV and the like, it will happen.

  33. Estadio Nacional on

    Scottish football’s demise can be traced back to Dundee United doing away with their Belhaven sponsored big high walls at their corner flags.



    Thats where it all went wrong.

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