Club 9, selling empire and Rangers European Champions 1967


Club 9 Sports released a priceless statement tonight indicating they are considering an investment in Rangers only as part of a consortium and will not be bidding for the club on their own.

So far, so clear.  They then entertain us with a remarkable interpretation of liquidation, saying:

“We understand that it has been strongly rumored that our group planned to “liquidate” the club. It should be made clear that any party that attempts to acquire the club, eliminate the debts, affect a turnaround, invest monies and put the club back on solid ground is in fact “saving” the club from liquidation and preserving its past and its future.

“In an asset purchase, all of the good and valuable assets (records, marks, names, trophies, players, staff, history) are preserved and separated from the bad and harmful liabilities (tax bills, bad contracts, creditors), which have put the club into administration and which act to force the entirety into liquidation.”

“Saving” the club from liquidation by putting the entirety into liquidation.  Don’t laugh, they honestly wrote this.

For the record, you can’t sell history or records.  Can you imagine?  Britain could flog off our whole empire period and maybe use the current economic crisis in Greece to buy their classical period from them. Aristotle, from Scotland, perhaps.

Personally, I would love to be the first Briton to hold aloft the European Cup, maybe Billy McNeill would sell me that record?  He’s had it for 45 years now, it can’t be worth that much to him anymore.

I wonder how much Messi would sell his record breaking Champions League history?  Barca are playing catch-up with Real Madrid in the European Champions stakes.  Instead of buying expensive footballers they could just offer Real cash for some of the trophies won during the 1950s.

David Murray should have saved himself all the trouble and just offered our old board a few million for the Lisbon history, just think:

Rangers, European Champions, 1967. Opportunity missed. Murray should have had a word with Club 9.

I’m enjoying these guys already, hope they are given the green light tomorrow.  What terrified Brian Kennedy floats my boat. They even finished off with some sweet platitudes about a “legendary fan base”.  I think we have a winner….

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  1. The wisdom of the greatest teacher who ever lived:



    I know the human being and the fish can co-exist peacefully.



    The incandescent witlessness of George Doubleya…



    Am aff tae Club9.

  2. bankiebhoy1 on 3 April, 2012 at 22:35 said:


    SSN are saying Club9 have pulled out.




    I did that once and instead of ending up with a CVA I’ve ended up with the CSA.



    PS can I join Sparkleghirl’s birthday club as it is also my birthday this Saturday 7th April, looking forward to being 21, cough! Championees, Championees.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Id like it to be known that the guy singing the praises of big Jon Daly on the Hotline page today wiznae me. OK?



    But he was spot on!!!!

  4. jock steins celtic



    Point me in the direction of where that has been said please.


    In my homeland, I can assure you the opposite is the case, but I will bow to your info if you can show me it :>)

  5. Laird of the Smiles aka PMTYH , you’re in :)


    The updated list:



    The Big Birthday / Bank Holiday / League title / Liquidation party weekend (apologies if I’ve missed anyone, feel free to add and repost)



    Mark \o/ McGhee’s \o/ Eyeliner \o/ AKA Mark Guidi




    Mini BT




    theweegreenman II












    Laird of the Smiles aka PMTYH



    Hector (the Inspector)








    (in the name of ecumenism)


    Rev Ian Paisley



    Blowing out candles when Rangers die :)




  6. MWD from earlier “HT



    The Swinging Deceptive; (AKA KOJO) is’ not wor-thy of, your precious? time.



    MWD” MWD I love you!!!! In a heterosexual way BTW. Am glad this has been picked up on, a few weeks back I clocked them on at practically the same time and kojo saying something to let the cat out the bag big style….

  7. jock steins celtic on

    Tet on my phone so links too difficult but if you search news UEFA congress in Istanbul.

  8. Estadio Nacional on

    Hey Jude2005 23:23



    The record? I didnt realise it was still going…



    Shcoked to see how Jon Daly was ahead of our two, poor show for both to be behind him. Both have not shown the hunger needed often enough, Id keep one and add a Real non SPL level striker for next season.






    ANTIFA 2237



    That’s noyhing,TSD accsed ME of creating YOU!



    I was quite impressed,TBH,that he considered me to have that intellectual capacity to do so,but hey-ho…….

  10. sparkleghirl on 3 April, 2012 at 23:26 said:


    My birthday is the day prior to our POSSIBLE game against the Darnel(IA).


    Over the years I have become accustomed to us losing cup finals in and around it.


    Qualify for Medicare this time round. :-)

  11. Kojo my friend, for your info got this from Shortbread a few moments ago. Club 9 Sports deny Rangers offer



    Club 9 Sports says it will not be bidding for Rangers.


    Awerabest PJ

  12. My Dear,Dear Kojo…



    I fear that our Under19 prodigies will not get a decent run-out in our remaining fixtures .



    After the Huns fixture on 29th April,we should drop Hooper,who has looked disinterested for months.



    Start games with Watt,McGeouch,and George….terrorise the diddy Group of Ten



    Forget Johan’s points target…



    Right ? Right !!




  13. ‘GG on 3 April, 2012 at 23:31 said:



    Mine is more Semifinal time. We once lost a replay to Motherwell at Hampden on my birthday. One of those remarkable games where Anton Rogan scored. I cried all night.

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    I think Hooper is the laziest player ive saw in the hoops for a long time. No wonder Stokes ran straight up the tunnel on Sunday. Hope Neil cuffs him for that.

  15. jsc



    Nothing was done there, Marca did a report on it and said that it was a stalemate, now I believe the Spanish press, they have no axe to grind, they want what’s best for Spanish clubs.


    There has not been any official announcement, if a deal had been done uefa would be shouting about it from the rooftops.


    There are a few German clubs very unhappy with the Spanish not paying their taxes, but uefa have not done a deal with the big clubs, they can’t back down on their ffp rules, and the big two in Spain are not for backing down either.


    Uefa said if you don’t pay your taxes, no matter how big you are you won’t play in our comps, well if that’s the case, the big two will pull out and set up a rival league, where saturday football is pan european, and trust me, there will be plenty of other clubs who will want to join, it has been the talk of the media here for long enough.





    Don’t start,ya s..t-stirrin’ sod!

  17. just back from some work study, murder.



    we have two choices –



    i already stated my opinion, not because i want celtic to give money away, but to ensure that we do a little better than survive, i want to see us strive



    if we stay here and continue as is, then how can we expect things to change.



    its our job, celtic’s job to make sure that scottish football moves forward and away from what has held it back over the last 25 years.



    and that is greed and success at any price, its a case of change or die and to ensure all clubs work within their means, don’t gamble with money they project and the league as a whole moves forward.



    i have stated many time we spend about 7 million on fringe players unlikely ever make an impact at the club. i’d get short of them and happily work with a budget of 2 million less from t.v money



    or 1/2 of the t.v money we get for europe, when we don’t budget for it.



    we would still have a massive budget compared to other clubs, but they would potentially push us harder which would benefit us and them in the long term.



    i’d also have agreement that every pitch be extended to max width and length to encourage a more open attractive style of football, no more 11 men behind the ball



    hail hail and have a great night

  18. Estadio Nacional on

    Hey jude 23:37



    I put the TV on after that post and its re-showing the game, Stokes flew off on 60 mins, didnt see much anger on the footage but understand he made a show, dont know why, he didnt turn up on the day, again. Embarassing if he made a show of his non show.



    Some of these young players seem to think they can get away with days off and not turning up, too many of them and it seems to happen too often, young age or lack of motivation by young management team?





  19. I don’t see any lack of effort from Stokes or Hooper. i see two players a bit below form. They remain our most reliable scorers.



    Sammi is playing better but will be longer odds to open the scoring on Saturday than either Gary or Tony.

  20. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Am sure there has been an agreement


    The clubs got compensation for international injuries and fewer friendlies

  21. jock steins celtic on




    My own view is the big 2 in Spain have destroyed their league while England Germany & Italy are content with theirs though are struggling with the big 2 Spanish clubs in the CL ! I see no appetiite to change EPL Bundesliga Serie A.

  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on



    Spot on.



    TTTT Stoksie me?? No thanks. Id put the 2 of them in a dark room with a ton of Henrik CD’s Wonder if they watched Messi tonight??



    ps. Its in the bag so well done to every Celtic player who brought the THUNDER BACK!! As Neil said these lhads are still young and still learning!!



    HaiL HaiL

  23. jock steins celtic



    In 1986 when Murray took over the reigns at ibrox he brought with him sack loads of cash. He signed the best that England had to offer at the time including their keeper and their captain. This policy of fiscal recklessness has got them to where they are today, a baw hair from extinction, and they deserve what is coming.



    Unfortunately the only way that we, and the other club sides in Scotland, could keep up was to spend cash that ultimately wasn’t there. Now Celtic have cut their cloth accordingly and despite grumblings from many amongst our support, the sense behind our policy is now evident in light of what is happening in Govan.



    This spending has been to the detriment of youth policies the length and breadth of the country. I take your point that for too long we as a nation have not been producing enough home grown talent. The difficulty lies in them not being given opportunity to develop at a sufficient level, to have the chance to learn alongside experienced, quality professionals.



    I spent several years coaching young footballers and what saddened me immensely was the number who, even at a young age, were saying ‘what’s the point’, they didn’t believe that that they would be given a shot at the big time in any case.



    That was Murray’s legacy to Scottish football in my eyes.

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