Club partnerships will be the next big story in football


I watched a few cup games on TV over the weekend, including the Exeter City-Liverpool and Hearts-Aberdeen games. There was a huge juxtaposition between the two Liverpool goalkeepers on show, Adam Bogdan (28), who had a nightmare for Liverpool against Exeter, and loan-ee Danny Ward (22), who was Aberdeen’s top performer against Hearts.

Within a day Jurgen Klopp recalled Ward from Aberdeen, who I’m sure will now become first deputy at Anfield. Six months ago Ward was not part of first team plans at Liverpool, who wanted Bogdan to be deputy to Mignolet. Ward took his chance, played in Europe and became a fans’ favourite at Aberdeen.

Without this loan, I’m sure Ward’s profile at Liverpool would be well below its current level. This is a great example of why you put players out on loan. Players sitting in the stands, or playing youth or reserve football, will find it very difficult to progress.

The other aspect of Danny Ward’s Aberdeen experience is that he was hooked back home after a live TV game. With the sheer number of players out on loan, I often wonder how much scrutiny of their progress parent clubs are able to deploy. Especially if it’s Celtic sending a player to Norway. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that Ward’s performance being on TV at the critical moment when Liverpool were pondering their reserve keeper position had a bearing on his career development.

For some clubs, appropriate scrutiny of players out on loan will be practically impossible (Chelsea list 30 players on loan at the moment).

If we extrapolate the way large clubs harvest players, there’s a good possibility loan players will make up the bulk of transfer activity across football going forward. Teams like Aberdeen should be using their Danny Ward experience to demonstrate what a good place they are for English Premier League teams to send players. I know a couple of years back there was some apprehension that one Scottish club were making inroads into Newcastle United’s misfits, but some cunning campaigning put paid to that.

All clubs need to learn how to feed off the squads of others, while managing the development of their own talent, not yet ready for a place in the first team.  Those who do this well will flourish.  Club partnerships will be the next big story in football, they will change the balance of power.  At the moment there is little discernible pattern to how and where clubs loan players.  This will change as clubs try to replicate the experiences of Danny Ward and Jason Denayer.  Partnering with others, both up and down the food-chain, looks like the biggest efficiency gain in the game today.

Delighted at the genuine anticipation ahead of our next Scottish Cup game, which will be against either East Kilbride or Lothian Thistle. It’s a great story for grassroots football, no matter if it’s played in the Lothians or Lanarkshire.

Anyone surprised that lot were hauled into court this week by someone else looking to be paid? What a way to run your business. We know how the story will end.

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  1. THE EXILED TIM on 12TH JANUARY 2016 12:22 PM
















    Oh yes he did.











    Me thinks yo







    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/ronny-wasting-his-breath/comment-page-19/#comments







    And ok, I’ll , you have proof of this, that this young fit fast guy was the banner boy for res.12?





    I await with bated breath.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/ronny-wasting-his-breath/comment-page-19/#comment-2752371

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on







    I said yesterday that if the ST uptake is greater next season, when they are promoted and if the demand exceeds the supply for tickets v them, then the Boards PERCEIVED stance will be seen to be justified by the majority of match attending fans.




    Excuses of just being there to support Celtic are invalid…….nobody would turn up if only one team took to the field.




    It will be make your mind up time for Celtic FOOTBALL supporters.

  3. Celtic have a good relationship with Manchester City, but is this due to change?



    City are chasing Pep Guardiola. Pep’s brother and agent, Per Guardiola, has purchased Segunda team FC Girona. FC Girona are now set to agree a deal to be City’s feeder club in Spain.

  4. So what court case is on this week …….. any news on new signings or is it a bargain case of the yellow tickets being put on the goods





    Partnerships are indeed the way forward.



    From what THE EXILED TIM tells us,we are as always ahead of the game.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    We know how the story will end.





    Do we?! Can you remind me, because we’ve been hearing this since 2012…




  7. Greenpinata



    Hoisting a banner is not a crime. However, I do agree that the flares were thrown on the pitch from behind the cover of the giant Ultras flag.

  8. Paul67



    As every year passes I become disillusioned by Celtic’s lack of a plan to get into the EPL.



    Surely Celtic should be taking at seat at the EPL table as opposed to scrapping around the floor fighting for the scraps of the table.




  9. On a football note, how far is Broony away from playing?


    I think we really miss his bite right now and the players around him having to stand up and be counted or an ear bashing will ensue.


    We have been lightweight for weeks now and need him back IMHO.




    There is zero chance of Celtic getting into the English Leagues.


    Not while Sevco are in tow in the zombie old firm agenda.


    Remember what they done the last time they were in England:)


    A big no from Manchester id suggest.


    See if you run with a dirty mob….you will be classed the same.


    A big no from England.




  11. Getting to be really depressing reading the blog of late, sometimes it feels like the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Verbal and written flares and smoke bombs seem to be the order of the day. I note 5that quite a few longtime posters seem to have chucked it, maybe time to rethink. H H Hebcelt

  12. traditionalist88 on




    There seems to be a stronger alliance and greater will than ever amongst clubs like ourselves, the Porto’s, Ajax’s etc to level the playing field a bit between ourselves and the big 5 leagues.



    There has to be a realisation that even the same 8 clubs from the big leagues meeting in the latter stages of the CL every year will become sterile.



    Its whether they wait for that to happen or be proactive about doing something…



    It’d be a start at least:







  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family



    To be fair, there’s no reason why City can’t send players to both Celtic and Girona.



    Though I think Pep would let his brother bagsie the best ones!

  14. Agree with all Paul has said re partnerships – what would help is if we could get our development squad admitted to the league.



    This could effectively produce many more first team-ready players, including loanees, throughout the squad and negate the necessity to send our players out on loan to lower league clubs – in this way we would be able to monitor ALL players in house.



    In effect at least 38 players will be involved in REAL competitive games EVERY week.

  15. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Club partnerships are nothing new,Those playing out of Ibrox have always been in cahoots with the McManitowoc Football Association.













    I said yesterday that if the ST uptake is greater next season, when they are promoted and if the demand exceeds the supply for tickets v them, then the Boards PERCEIVED stance will be seen to be justified by the majority of match attending fans.









    Excuses of just being there to support Celtic are invalid…….nobody would turn up if only one team took to the field.









    It will be make your mind up time for Celtic FOOTBALL supporters.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/ronny-wasting-his-breath/comment-page-19/#comments




    It’s more than make your mind up time for Celtic supporters.


    It’s make up your mind time for the Celtic “ethos””.


    I don’t know the numbers following because of the ethos or the politics or tradition or just the habit, but if the “ethos” (based on the Greek for spirit) is ignored then I think Celtic or at least the version many of us thought we were following will have died.



    That ethos is based just not on charity for charity is just a manifestation of the ethos. That ethos is about doing what is right or at least trying to. It’s what I think differentiates Celtic from other clubs and if we don’t do that then the differential has gone and we become just another club.



    The decision makers at Celtic should know this although it does no harm in taking every opportunity to do so, as I did last week at meetings with The Res12 lawyer and the Celtic lawyer with Canalamar and Morrisey123.



    Because Res12 (and the misleading of LNS) is at heart uncovering SFA misgovernance which affects all of Scottish football I was at the launch of The Fans Manifesto by the Scottish Football Supporters Association in Edinburgh ( my elbow was on TV) then back to Edinburgh on Monday for an SFM meeting with another tomorrow with them and SFSA.



    There is a much bigger picture playing out here with many actors, some of whom are now appearing with wigs and gavels.



    Unfortunately, as Fred Quimby has pointed out, the latter will dictate the pace at which the wrong doing becomes public, because, as I know for a fact, the Scottish media are refusing to publish what they can on LNS which does not impact the trials and could be made public



    Celtic therefore will be constrained by the wigs in what they can say, but the extent of the wrong doing and how it was and is being done, IF the Scottish football supporters as a whole become aware of it as opposed to a limited number on blogs, will make inaction by Celtic impossible. Hopefully the ethos I/we identify with will shine through. If it doesn’t the game in Scotland will be dead. It will have committed suicide.




    There is not one poster who has condoned smoke bombs and flares.


    The lads who done it…were jailed and banned by the club.


    Id say thats punishment enough.


    A bit of perspective would be nice though.




  18. mullet and co 2 on

    Interesting article and interesting note by Timaloy in actions of Peps brother.



    My understanding is that Peter Lawwels son works in scouting and analysis for Man City. We have had the benefit of Guidetti and Denayer coming on loan. Denayer no doubt made our team better but I am unsure re Guidetti. His total package may have been better spent on transfer and wages of someone else.



    We also got Boyata who in my view is a liability. There are questions that should be answered on who benefited the most from these deals? The folk on this site are intelligent enough to put those questions together.


    Celtic should take a wide berth from any offered partnership. You get young inexperienced players who probably earn more than others in your squad and have no depth of feeling for the team. Why would a loan player be of more benefit to us than an experienced pro coming towards the end of their career? The experienced pro adds their career earned experience and makes the choice to come. He helps the younger players. The loan player comes in and helps the team as an individual but the side that own his registration get the benefit of that experience and the increased asset value.


    We have a young side in dire need of experience. No no no to any loans unless it is geared with a permanent transfer which is realistic to us.


    I’m away to put some stock in my shop window that my son can’t shift in his high end store.

  19. The Green Man I did not allude to, imply or outright say any poster had condoned the flare/smoke bonb incident. H H Hebcelt

  20. Fred Quimby


    You have a great body…………. Of work.


    The zombies effectively killed the reserve league when they withdrew due to financial issues. Our domination at the time had nothing to do with it.


    Our first team squad size is far too big. ATM we have 12 players plus Boerigter listed as midfielders vying for 4 or 5 spots.


    It’s impossible for them to get match fit unless we get to enter them into a 3rd or 4th tier set up.


    The old reserve league was an ideal way for players to regain match fitness after an injury or to retain match fitness when out of the side on the Saturday.

  21. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Partnership? If we are talking about developing other teams players, who can be recalled at any time as happened to Aberdeen then no thanks. If this were to pass I would walk away from the joke that would be Scottish pro football.


    I’d take my money to the juniors where you are welcomed as a supporter and not treated like a criminal for merely attending a game of football.



    Did anyone watch the video Lionsroar posted last night?






    Surely the way forward is to engage with the fans who use the pyros and come to a compromise otherwise we are at risk of totally alienating a section of our support, probably the most important section tbh. The next generation of Celtic fan could be lost to the game if their concerns about the way they are treated isn’t addressed. Also they watch the Ultras from abroad create unique atmospheres using pyros, as demonstrated in the video above, yet they are constantly abused and criminalised for merely wanting to enhance the match day experience. Let’s try and find a solution through negotiation and compromise, it’s the mature thing to do rather than indefinite banning orders, for what in reality are minor issues in the grand scheme of things.




    Still awaiting Celtic’s response to the appalling Policing that travelling fans had to endure on Sunday, also their statement challenging the Media and Police smears on our fans being involved in Sectarian singing. No doubt our PR team are working on these issues as we speak.

  22. Auldheid


    If you continue to come up against these obstacles,




    The local guys can move the CQN corner to the BarL on a Saturday lunch time.

  23. mullet and co 2



    I have to disagree with you on Guidetti



    The guy was class. We thought that dropping him would convince him to sign and Leigh Griffiths was playing so well we didn’t feel like we needed him.



    But when we called on him against Inter, he showed his class.



    So far we’ve had 2 good players out of City and one bad. 2 out of 3 is a pretty decent record in fitba.

  24. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Auldheid. I feel like the guy with the bill board on his back saying the end is nigh. I can only see one end for myself and that is the Rangers will be in the SPL next season.Also there cheating will go in my opinion unpunished so as far as they are concerned they will have gotten rid of 140 million of debt and as the Establishment team they will continue very much as before.Celtic it would appear will just fall into line happy to have the extra income fom the Rangers games that for me will be the end for Scottish football and unfortunately the end of my support.I will always glance at Celtic results but will no longer put my hard earned money into a corrupt game.H.H.

  25. hi lads and lassies….off topic …as ever …..looking for info on St John Ogilvie High School…….anyone work there ,,,,


    thanks …have a braw day …..




  26. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    That’s my fear and the outcome will mean the end of my financial support of celtic

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