Club partnerships will be the next big story in football


I watched a few cup games on TV over the weekend, including the Exeter City-Liverpool and Hearts-Aberdeen games. There was a huge juxtaposition between the two Liverpool goalkeepers on show, Adam Bogdan (28), who had a nightmare for Liverpool against Exeter, and loan-ee Danny Ward (22), who was Aberdeen’s top performer against Hearts.

Within a day Jurgen Klopp recalled Ward from Aberdeen, who I’m sure will now become first deputy at Anfield. Six months ago Ward was not part of first team plans at Liverpool, who wanted Bogdan to be deputy to Mignolet. Ward took his chance, played in Europe and became a fans’ favourite at Aberdeen.

Without this loan, I’m sure Ward’s profile at Liverpool would be well below its current level. This is a great example of why you put players out on loan. Players sitting in the stands, or playing youth or reserve football, will find it very difficult to progress.

The other aspect of Danny Ward’s Aberdeen experience is that he was hooked back home after a live TV game. With the sheer number of players out on loan, I often wonder how much scrutiny of their progress parent clubs are able to deploy. Especially if it’s Celtic sending a player to Norway. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that Ward’s performance being on TV at the critical moment when Liverpool were pondering their reserve keeper position had a bearing on his career development.

For some clubs, appropriate scrutiny of players out on loan will be practically impossible (Chelsea list 30 players on loan at the moment).

If we extrapolate the way large clubs harvest players, there’s a good possibility loan players will make up the bulk of transfer activity across football going forward. Teams like Aberdeen should be using their Danny Ward experience to demonstrate what a good place they are for English Premier League teams to send players. I know a couple of years back there was some apprehension that one Scottish club were making inroads into Newcastle United’s misfits, but some cunning campaigning put paid to that.

All clubs need to learn how to feed off the squads of others, while managing the development of their own talent, not yet ready for a place in the first team.  Those who do this well will flourish.  Club partnerships will be the next big story in football, they will change the balance of power.  At the moment there is little discernible pattern to how and where clubs loan players.  This will change as clubs try to replicate the experiences of Danny Ward and Jason Denayer.  Partnering with others, both up and down the food-chain, looks like the biggest efficiency gain in the game today.

Delighted at the genuine anticipation ahead of our next Scottish Cup game, which will be against either East Kilbride or Lothian Thistle. It’s a great story for grassroots football, no matter if it’s played in the Lothians or Lanarkshire.

Anyone surprised that lot were hauled into court this week by someone else looking to be paid? What a way to run your business. We know how the story will end.

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  1. Court Cases…..dont make me laugh.


    Nothing will happen to the sevconian masonic mafia.


    They will be the victims:)


    I can see it all now.


    They dont need money…..normal financial rules dont apply to thems.


    Ask HMRC.


    And not a mention of minty moonbeams….shhhhh.




  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    AULDHEID on 12TH JANUARY 2016 2:22 PM


    Tom the Tim







    Given that one Celtic supporter association has distanced itself from stupidity and that part of the Fans Manifesto goes some way to giving supporters a voice, I think we should not let the actions of unrepresentative groups blind us to the wider political picture.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/club-partnerships-will-be-the-next-big-story-in-football/comment-page-2/#comments








    All the focus should be on the SFA/SPFL.


    Sort that out and the rest will be easier dealt with.



    Until that happens, many people ill not support a rigged game. It should have started three years ago, with action against Scottish Cup ties.

  3. Breithla Shona Awe Naw and the Cosy Coarner Bhoy.


    Cosy how do they determine your age….cut you in half and carbon date you???


    Love and HH

  4. From STV.


    And they left out the bit where they didn’t have a problem with the system until they were asked to pay for it, fecking cheating thieving scum.


    Rangers Wi-Fi providers bid to ring-fence £300,000 over unpaid bill




    12 January 2016 13:31 GMT


    Ibrox Stadium


    Legal dispute: IT firm want £300,000 arrested from Rangers’ bank accounts.


    © SNS Group



    Rangers’ Wi-Fi providers are seeking to have £300,000 arrested from the club’s bank accounts last month set aside until a legal dispute over an unpaid bill is settled.


    IT firm, 802 Works Limited, is pursuing the Ibrox side over non-payment of bills. A sheriff granted an arrestment warrant for £300,000 against Rangers on December 31.


    At Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday, a hearing was held to argue if the cash should remain ring-fenced. The IT firm claim Wi-Fi at Ibrox stopped when the internet service provider, Virgin Media, withdrew its services due to non-payment of bills.


    Simon Catto, counsel for 802 Works, which began providing Wi-Fi at Ibrox in 2013, argued it wants the money arrested from Rangers’ bank accounts in case the club goes insolvent before the dispute is resolved in court.


    He said he believed the legal dispute would not be concluded before the middle of next season and wanted the cash set aside in the meantime.


    Mr Catto told sheriff Ian Miller: “The company (Rangers) cannot pay this of its own accord as it is operating at a loss. It has to come from somewhere else.”


    He told the court that Rangers are “entirely reliant on somebody else funding” any payment if the club are told to pay up the £300,000 being sought by the IT firm.


    However, counsel for Rangers argued that the its financial position is improving, lenders are in place and that there is no prospect of insolvency.


    Rangers allege that the company breached the contract they had with them because the Wi-Fi is not fit for purpose.


    They claim that the system does not have the capacity to be used by 50,000 people at the same time, but less than 10,000.


    However, 802 Works say they are entitled to the money because the work was carried out and figures relating to how many people would be able to access the system was made known to Rangers.


    Lawyers for 802 Works want the money ring-fenced to ensure payment if the club goes into insolvency.


    The court was told that Rangers “over a considerable period”, has been operating at a loss of £7.5m per year.


    Various accounts were lodged at the court including an audited report dated October 2015 showing financial information and an account showing more recent figures that were taken from the clubs account system.


    The most recent figures were objected to by the representative of 802 Works. Mr Catto said the audited report showing a full year’s accounts and a loss of around 7.5m per year should be preferred.


    He said: “These are the only documents that should be looked at when considering if there is a risk of insolvency.”


    Counsel for the club, Christopher Wilson, told the court that the sum sued for is two percent of the turnover.


    He said: “The company is turning over that amount each week.”


    Sheriff Ian Miller will rule on Friday morning whether the cash should be arrested from Rangers while the legal dispute continues.

  5. …………just heard they’ve mutually consented Eat-The-Breid and are replacing


    him wi’…………Cloudio Ranieri.

  6. get yir cash on another victory for the hun on friday…………………………..they’re bomb proof in scottyland.

  7. AULDHEID on 12TH JANUARY 2016 2:45 PM


    Tony Donnelly







    Scottish football fans ‘should have greater say in clubs’ –














    Do you disagree with the principle? How else can the originators proceed without asking for views of supporter organisations?



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/club-partnerships-will-be-the-next-big-story-in-football/comment-page-2/#comment-2752439



    I’m afraid it’s not just as cut and dried as that, and you know that.




    I’ve worked in telecoms and would imagine that 802 Works would have stated quite cleary in their specification or service schedule what usage levels the system could support. If Sevco wanted a WiFi installation that supported 50k simultaneous users, then I would suggest it would probably have cost more than £300k.

  9. TinyTim on 12th January 2016 1:01 pm



    A club of our size, infrastructure and stature should be playing in a bigger domestic environment.



    What I would really, really like to know is that what did our custodians do to enable us to move leagues when the Huns were liquidated. It seemed the perfect opportunity, when Scottish football was reeling from the years of cheating.



    If they sat on their haunches and awaited the return of Sevco then we should know, and that would be hard to forget.


    However if they tried and were unsuccessful then that would be a different story.


    Personally that is what I want to know.


    Our stadium was built for a bigger stage, than what we are at



    Paul 67.



    No I havent a clue how it will end. I thought I did, but there has been so many false dawns.



    Hail, Hail.

  10. I just watched that FAC meeting there, what an ****hole that McCaskill is ,and I also have to say that the both representatives of FAC held they’r end up very, very, well, a job well done credit where it is due.they took every thing that was tossed at them and some, even that clow McCaskill bringing up the subject of a catholic policeman being shot in Northern Ireland, wtf that had to do with it was beyond me, even Findlay & Quigly’s jaws dropped, that man is an idiot.

  11. Sevco lawyer spinning pish,saying their assets ,Stadium,Minty Park etc worth £47 mil? Hope the wifi mob ,push the button on who actually owns what.

  12. Bada


    No, I reckon that will out when Mash has his day~s in court, I reckon that’s the reason he wanted his £5mill back as the assets may not be his as he thought they were.


    We’ll see.



  13. TIMALOY29 on 12TH JANUARY 2016 4:15 PM


    Nobody in England wants us.


    End of.




    Football clubs do what they are told, especially if it’s financially profitable for them.



    Anyway The Esss pee ell didn’t want the Huns Either ( any reincarnation). We even voted against it but we will probably have them next year.




  14. Just watched the footage from Holyrood.



    Take a bow Jeanette and Paul. In the face of outright stupidity you presented an excellent case.



    Supporting your team is not a crime.

  15. Greenpinata



    Hate to break it to you, but England and Scotland are not identical.



    There’s no appetite from anybody in England to have Celtic in the league. A lot of them don’t like the content of our songs and I doubt the carry on this weekend amplified by the Scottish media did us any good.



    I doubt we would bring more money to the English league. They have saturated the TV money income and attendances are good.

  16. awe nee naw to you


    awe nee naw naw to you


    awe nee naw naw


    awe nee naw naw


    awe nee naw naw to you




    cosy corner hoops birthday


    hope you baith have a braw day



    braw ….

  17. Timaloy



    Accept what you say but if you don’t try, you don’t get.



    Incidentally I hate to break it to you but a lot of Scottish teams / society don’t like our songs either.




  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Awe bless, he really is that stupid, got to feel sorry for the mentally challenged, don’t you.

  19. Stairheedrammy on

    With the sudden coordinated attack on the Celtic support you’d think that either Devco supporters have been called out on their weekly sectarianism or a big bad story is about to emerge from Sevcoland.mi hope it’s the latter. Feck them and their media puppets.

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Starry Plough












    Florida Bhoy

























    Thanks bhoys it´s not every day that you turn the big 40



    so Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. “Accept what you say but if you don’t try, you don’t get.”



    I’m not sure what you can do though. Desmond’s all for it. He’d love to get us down there, massively increasing our turnover and allowing him to sell for a massive profit to some wealthy American who will use us for money.



    “Incidentally I hate to break it to you but a lot of Scottish teams / society don’t like our songs either.”



    Aye and it’s no wonder why they conspire against us

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