Club partnerships will be the next big story in football


I watched a few cup games on TV over the weekend, including the Exeter City-Liverpool and Hearts-Aberdeen games. There was a huge juxtaposition between the two Liverpool goalkeepers on show, Adam Bogdan (28), who had a nightmare for Liverpool against Exeter, and loan-ee Danny Ward (22), who was Aberdeen’s top performer against Hearts.

Within a day Jurgen Klopp recalled Ward from Aberdeen, who I’m sure will now become first deputy at Anfield. Six months ago Ward was not part of first team plans at Liverpool, who wanted Bogdan to be deputy to Mignolet. Ward took his chance, played in Europe and became a fans’ favourite at Aberdeen.

Without this loan, I’m sure Ward’s profile at Liverpool would be well below its current level. This is a great example of why you put players out on loan. Players sitting in the stands, or playing youth or reserve football, will find it very difficult to progress.

The other aspect of Danny Ward’s Aberdeen experience is that he was hooked back home after a live TV game. With the sheer number of players out on loan, I often wonder how much scrutiny of their progress parent clubs are able to deploy. Especially if it’s Celtic sending a player to Norway. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that Ward’s performance being on TV at the critical moment when Liverpool were pondering their reserve keeper position had a bearing on his career development.

For some clubs, appropriate scrutiny of players out on loan will be practically impossible (Chelsea list 30 players on loan at the moment).

If we extrapolate the way large clubs harvest players, there’s a good possibility loan players will make up the bulk of transfer activity across football going forward. Teams like Aberdeen should be using their Danny Ward experience to demonstrate what a good place they are for English Premier League teams to send players. I know a couple of years back there was some apprehension that one Scottish club were making inroads into Newcastle United’s misfits, but some cunning campaigning put paid to that.

All clubs need to learn how to feed off the squads of others, while managing the development of their own talent, not yet ready for a place in the first team.  Those who do this well will flourish.  Club partnerships will be the next big story in football, they will change the balance of power.  At the moment there is little discernible pattern to how and where clubs loan players.  This will change as clubs try to replicate the experiences of Danny Ward and Jason Denayer.  Partnering with others, both up and down the food-chain, looks like the biggest efficiency gain in the game today.

Delighted at the genuine anticipation ahead of our next Scottish Cup game, which will be against either East Kilbride or Lothian Thistle. It’s a great story for grassroots football, no matter if it’s played in the Lothians or Lanarkshire.

Anyone surprised that lot were hauled into court this week by someone else looking to be paid? What a way to run your business. We know how the story will end.

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  1. bhoywithseethrougheyes on

    Natknow 8.21pm



    Good shout.



    Definitely needs addressed or the “sectarian” myth will be allowed to flourish.

  2. Stairheedrammy on

    Quonno, they didn’t need ammunition. The stories had already been written, the lies about sectarianism already planned. If you think they wouldn’t have been broadcast without the pyro then your far more trusting of the Scottish media than me. As for me I think the lies would have been put out anyway, the flares just added the icing to the cake they had prepared earlier, as Fanny Craddock might have said.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    My landlord in the B&B Stranraer could not believe that you and your brother travelled all the way from Dublin, just to watch his wee team play at Stair Park. :))

  4. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    The sev lawyer said Sevco’s assets were valued at 47 million including their (or Craigy’s) stadium.



    Did the former owner of the now defunct club not say the stadium itself was valued at over 100 million pounds in the some time in the last fifteen year? That is some drop in its valuation and wont be questioned by anyone in the media.



    Hopefully my son and I can get to the European youth game against Valencia in four weeks time. Be a good chance to ser how our younger players are progressing.

  5. Just watched the FAC petition at Holyrood. Well done a tremendous amount of hard work and preparation had clearly been done. I was impressed by Jeanette and Paul and they made Mr McAskill look foolish. If any of you have a spare hour definitely worth watching link previously provide.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    Loved belting Roman in the Gloamin out in my teenage days.


    Sad to say that I joined in with much worse than that too.


    Then I grew up a wee bit. :)


    The Mental Jungle!

  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gary Hooper has just put Sheffield Wednesday 2 1 up aganst Bolton.



    Glenn Loovens paying for Wednesday tonight and Ross Wallace also.

  8. With Sevco being a new club can they choose the referee to officiate their cup tie with Kilmarnock……just wondering if hun other than Bobby Tait could get the nod just for old time sake.

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Sorry I’ve not answered back to some of you ghuys lately I’ve had


    wifi problems think it must be the heat here 41 degs today and


    rising maybe my iPad has melted inside, never mind as long as


    i don’t get taken to court, imagine the riddy standing beside the


    darkside lawyer ;~((


    Andy Murray is in town fit and ready for the Melbourne open he


    was on national news last night doing a pre tournament stunt


    with all the ballboys and girls especially picked for this year and


    they have decided that they will all wear emerald green hats with


    emerald green sunflaps on the back and emerald all green tops


    on i think i’ll be sticking a few bob on Andy this time, it’s an omen.


    Don’t think there will be many stickies watching it though with all


    that green about.


    Well, my wee rest is over today, the wee mhan is back from his


    scout jamboree , thank god, no more being dragged kicking and


    screaming round the shopping malls with the princess, believe me


    i much prefer being bombarded with missile like shots from him.


    Wonder how many converts he made at the camp i’d guess quite


    a few.


    Oz tims.


    As usual this is our Sun sesh week so get the dancing shoes on


    and head for the Bay Hotel Mornington unfortunately no live


    music this week but wee Gerry will supply our usual reb tunes


    with his massive ghetto blasters he had at our christmas bash


    if you’ve got sensitive ears sit outside, maybe about a mile away




    H.H Mick

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Topkat, I mentioned to some sevs I work with the very same thing about Tait today. Their coupons were a picture.

  11. tonydonnelly67 on 12th January 2016 4:06 pm




    AULDHEID on 12TH JANUARY 2016 2:45 PM





    Tony Donnelly















    Scottish football fans ‘should have greater say in clubs’ –






























    Do you disagree with the principle? How else can the originators proceed without asking for views of supporter organisations?







    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/club-partnerships-will-be-the-next-big-story-in-football/comment-page-2/#comment-2752439







    I’m afraid it’s not just as cut and dried as that, and you know that.


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/club-partnerships-will-be-the-next-big-story-in-football/comment-page-4/#comments




    The initiative came from Supporters Direct who wish to consult with supporters representative groups, one of many are the CST.



    Its a simple as that. Due process .



    Having watched as you did Jeanette Findlay put McCaskill in his place at the FAC meeting I’m rather glad that calibre of input to the debate is taking place.

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    Haha. You know better!


    Hope we get to play EK at Hampden to give their club a boost.


    Budgie at Clydebank would be ecstatic at drawing us, he told me today. :)

  13. Celtic being deprived of home games in these cup competitions must be losing a helluva lot of gate money…..its obvious its a fix …not for the club, but other teams could benefit from the 50% share out .if more ties were at celtic park……maybe they are frightened to talk up ?????????????,

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, when we played the Bankies twice at Kilbowie in the 77/78 season, we lost one game and drew the other. Two of the most abject performances I have ever saw from our team.



    Budgie comes over as a good guy and must have a near 30 year association with Clydebank at both senior and Junior level.



    Its great he is still their boss depite relegation last season.



    He is a Bankies legend along side Jim Fallon, Jim Gallacher and Gerry McCabe.




    NatKnow @ 8.21



    Good post – I agree.



    Do you think Celtic are late to the debate? – or incapable?




    I think that Celtic PLC treat every issue in a corporate manner using corporate thinking. There’s little chance they will get involved in challenging Police Scotland on behalf of fans. Because they literally do not represent fans. They must act in the interest of the shareholders and business. “Fans” are simply customers by another name. “More than a club” is a marketing tag – not a moral position. All big business does charity – it’s a PR job.



    So to answer, I don’t think they’re late or incapable – I think it’s a conscious choice by senior management that this is a matter for those individuals who get involved. Celtic are hoping that Police Scotland arrests will do the work for them and they can ban people who tarnish the brand. This is corporate-think that demonstrates a failure of understanding about what Celtic means to people. The Celtic community will be here even even when the football club isn’t. In the meantime, it’s a cash cow.



    Which is why I say that the CSA and similar should make the challenge – because they purport to support the fans.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    I don’t say this very often but this EPL game is rather good, and Manu score a peach.

  17. Don’t think too many Celtic fans would venture to the Dump to watch the next tie…..im sure the opposition would prefer Celtic Park…..is that allowed?????

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    Budgie is a good Knightswood man. I would add Lumsden, Lanarch, McCormick and Cooper to Clydebank greats. Also Michael Conroy fae Alderman Road. :)

  19. Topkat



    Sadly we have probably not lost a penny from these away draws.



    Our costs are high for home games and the supposedly faithful celtic support don’t bother turning up for the cup these days at CP. For Aberdeen home game we almost had less support than Rangers had vs Cowdenbeath.



    Away games and the chance to share the love as we did on Sunday are much more fun.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on




    Would follow the German model and give the home game to the lower side by default……

  21. Delaneys Dunky on




    I was in the Stranraer social club after the match. The Stranraer fans loved the atmosphere and craic that we brought to their town. We will be welcome back. The boost to the economy of a struggling town was welcomed.

  22. Watched all of the FAC presentation to the Committee.



    Jeanette provided her usual sharp, cool and well prepared interjections and back ups. But I was very impressed with Paul Quigley’s ability to stick to the relevant points and not fall into the elephant traps that were set out for them. It cannot have been easy for a young man in such intimidating settings.



    It was a fairly friendly reception given the number of opposition MSPs present and in support and we got the desired outcome in the Kelly petition being backed so well done to all concerned on achieving successful negotiation of that hurdle.



    However, we got a flavour of the fate that waits in store when any parliamentary review takes place. The frankly deranged meanderings of Kenny MacAskill, in stark contrast to the more reasoned objections of the other SNP MSP who spoke, lets us know that defeat of this SNP Bill will not be tolerated.



    His argument in favour of staying with the Bill were:-



    Look at Northern Ireland where policemen get killed!- do we want that here?


    This is all about Sectarianism which is bringing Irish “stuff” into Scotland and we want nothing to do with that.


    The Act is working because opinion polls show a majority do not want sectarianism and this Act is stopping sectarianism.


    The next election result will show that this Act is working.



    Those four non-sequiturs provide the complete extent of the thinking that Kenny MacAskill brought to the debate.



    And yet a Celtic fan football site wants us to unseat the MSP who moved this petition and replace him with an SNP MSP who will provide the backing of this Act as they will be ordered to do regardless of what their conscience, intelligence or mailbag tells them. When you are guaranteed a landslide victory, it brings a high risk of developing arrogance and an intolerance of dissent or questioning. That state was on open display again today- this Act is, unfortunately for us, likely to survive because of this.

  23. Delaneys Dunky on




    A signed Celtic shirt was on display in the Stranraer FC social club. The only other Scottish shirts on display were Gretna and QOTS.

  24. Delaneys Dunky on

    My favourite ever David Bowie song is playing Little Wonder. Magic!


    You little wonder you!

  25. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Villa winning bust my coupon tonight. Change from Boro letting me down







  26. According to The Huddleboard, a Glasgow based SNP MSP made the following tweet, showing that his ears were closed to the debate.



    “James Dornan MSP ‏@glasgowcathcart 2h2 hours ago


    Watched a very interesting Glasgow Labour hustings this morning…oh wait it was Petitions Committee & ‘interested’ MSPs discussing OBFA.”

  27. SFTB…



    His argument in favour of staying with the Bill were:- Look at Northern Ireland where policemen get killed!- do we want that here? This is all about Sectarianism which is bringing Irish “stuff” into Scotland and we want nothing to do with that.






    Ban the orange walks then, simple!