Clubs, not Doncaster, made Murrayfield decision


Yesterday’s SPFL board decision to decide which League Cup semi-final to Murrayfield based on personal choice, not a ballot, had nothing to do with chief executive, Neil Doncaster.  Doncaster is the League figurehead but he has only one vote at the boardroom table.  On this occasion, he was overruled.

The Celtic statement said Peter Lawwell was obliged to leave the meeting as the matter was discussed, leaving Alan Burrows (Motherwell), John Nelms (Dundee), Warren Hawke (Morton – still smarting after Celtic refused to postpone their Scottish Cup tie in March), Martin Ritchie (Falkirk), Iain Dougan (Stranraer), as well as chairman Murdoch MacLennan and non-exec Karyn McCluskey.

Doncaster is seen as an obstacle by some Premiership clubs.  It suits them to have him portrayed as an incompetent, when in fact, he is picking up the tab for the weak thinkers who are ultimately in control of football in Scotland.

We need strong and independent executive management at the SPFL and the SFA.  The Association’s new chief exec, Ian Maxwell and Neil Doncaster are both working in environments dominated by people you would not trust to book a restaurant table.  Doncaster is both strong and independent, and a convenient fall guy, if you want to throw someone to the lions.

There are some who would have him replaced by a character more like Neil McCann than Neil Doncaster (bookmark this).  There is a dirty battle going on below radar to wrest control of Scottish football away from ‘the suits’ and towards ‘the blazers’.  Don’t help the blazers do their job.

Despite Filip Benkovic, Tom Rogic and Kris Ajer all confirmed injured for tonight, I would not risk Scott Brown, who is nursing a tight hamstring.  Our prospects, with or without Scott, are not encouraging, but we have an important game at Perth on Sunday and a relentless schedule after the international break.

We have a big squad, use it.

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  1. More spin Paul 67? What has it to do with the SPFL Board anyway, it should be a matter for the clubs concerned. HH

  2. Alasdair MacLean on




    Waiting about at work has its advantages.


    My wife has me on sober October….which I willingly agreed to on Monday after spending the weekend at Loopallu….Ullapool music festival in Wester Ross.

  3. I hope the supporters association are noting the roles of Dundee and Motherwell.


    Deny them our funds and leave their directors to only participate in the SPL at Ibrox as the fans they are.


    If this anyone but Celtic attitude continues it’s time for the support to flex it’s financial muscle.


    As regards for bad press over such then who cares as we never get fair or positive press in the best wee country.

  4. Good afternoon CQN from a dull office in the North of Glasgow



    Come on Celtic action speaks louder than words.


    The statement was good, but we need action, if we are being discriminated against.


    Our tie was out first so we should be prime time on the Sunday at the National contracted stadium as Saturday was always out of the question due to us and Sevco’s Thursday European commitments.



    Grow a pair.



    D :)

  5. Re-post from last article..






    I believe you are meeting up with my Uncle Tully57, Dad, cousins and pals in Salzburg to collect a ticket.



    They are a man short due to my work cancelling my Annual Leave at the last minute, please give them all a big hug from me and bring back 3 points!!



    Hail Hail

  6. What an interesting and revealing article.



    CQN plunging even lower (didn’t think it was possible).



    So now we are being asked to back Doncaster or the blazers will win. Really?



    This says a lot about celtic and a lot about Paul67.



    Doncaster was up to his neck in helping the huns and in the continuity myth, the 5WA etc etc



    But its clear he is Lawwells man. What does that say about Lawwell and the 5wa etc?



    What does it say about Paul 67 and the 5wa etc?



    All in it together?



    Now we are being asked to back the blazers or the corrupt.



    How about we do neither Paul, get rid of our corrupt board and take on the authorities properly?



    Nah thought not – had any more gigs with BBC Scotland Paul where you tell them how much you love Rangers?

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Neil McCann ..? God forbid. What qualities/qualifications could he bring to the job? Oh , that’s right , I forgot……..a pathological hatred of Celtic.



    As for Broonie , he is due a rest . We have a long hard season ahead which will not be defined by tonight’s result.

  8. This decision by the sfa is just what what the sfa always do , LOOK AFTER SEVCO . The next time they are drawn first out the hat in cup ties at hampden , it will revert back to the original first out the hat gets prime slot . Is so obvious it’s unreal . I’m sorry to say our club get what they deserve ,they continue to accept without question whatever is pushed onto them . I don’t go to away games now I’m not so fit , back then I attended every match , so I know how hard it is to not don the kit and follow the hoops , but I feel it is overdue that the celtic support need to take a stand , and say keep your tickets , these games are high profile for the sfa and Scottish football , big Jock said football without fans is nothing , I would have taken it farther , football without the celtic support is nothing . The club are not going to stand up and be counted , that leaves the celtic support to fight this battle . A cup semi ,broadcast worldwide with no celtic fans present will bring the much needed question WHAT IS HAPPENING UP THERE . It will bring the bias of the sfa into open play , and believe me they won’t want that . It won’t take many actions from the celtic support to see this mob put in its place . We have endured these cheating ways all my celtic supporting days , enough is enough. Let’s now for gods sake sacrifice a few cup games , embarrass the cheats who run our game solely for the good of one club . So come on leaders of our huge supporters clubs .for gods sake bite the bullet and take them on .HH

  9. Doncaster should be sacked not feted. He’s not only incompetent but he’s also a proven liar. Nothing that comes out of his mouth can be believed.

  10. Defending Neil Doncaster? Seriously?



    That is pathetic.



    Some of us have longer memories than that. If this is the club’s line the club thinks we’re mugs.



    I never thought I’d see the day when any Celtic would site would do this.




  11. Gordon
























  12. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH OCTOBER 2018 1:02 PM



    Good shout, without Brown I’d consider






























    Griffiths and Rogic late on if chasing a goal.

  13. jamabhoy on 4th October 2018 1:15 pm



    Bitton is out for the season. Rogic didn’t travel.

  14. Paul67 et al



    The point surely is that Celtic should have been up in arms when the original two match solution was agreed, just over three weeks after decisions made by PoliceScotland led to thousands of Celtic supporters at risk of being crushed or worse at their own ground. On safety grounds. Celtic said not a word, though our manager gave something of a politicians answer. Doncaster said nothing could be done, BT was on board, PoliceScotland in support,and contracts with Hampden so tight that they could insist on two games being played on a Sunday one of an evening. Celtic accepted all of this, so no need for crying into the spilt milk now. And as for Brendan speaking up now well he said trust the authorities. The change took place because of opposition by both the Hearts and Aberdeen managers and subsequently the Scottish Police Federation, who were not consulted at the time. Nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with Celtic FC whatsoever.

  15. AlbertKiddCSC



    Met with yer uncle and entourage outside Salzburg rail station. They arrived from I think Budapest about 10 minutes after I came in from Vienna.



    There were hundreds just arriving in that small time window, so over the piece I would imagine a great turn out from supportes who don’t so much bleed Celtic, but bleed following them.



    The songs and chants reverberated around the station and a thousand hands were shaken. Train staff, locals, even Panathonaikas fans who were in town …for some reason?



    Anyway the sun is beating down and smiles are everywhere, not least on my gub as I gaze at the ticket. My gratitude is unbounded. Here’s a wee picture for ‘What you could have won” :)






    All joking aside, I am seriously grateful



    Thanks and Hail Hail




  16. GARY67 on 4TH OCTOBER 2018 1:18 PM



    The best laid plans and all that…



    I still think we need someone between the defense and midfield who can move between both and that really only leaves big Jules Christ Eboue Kouassi and I’ve not been impressed by him in recent games he’s played in. He looks a bit lost.



    Hail Hail

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Why did PL have a leave the meeting? He could have been there and not voted. Did they not want him to hear what was being said?


    Why were the clubs involved in the semis not allowed a say when they were (apparently) for the original arrangement?


    Why was George Peat in the media recently, talking about historic decisions going against an Ibrox club?

  18. I think this from the CSA site is worth posting in full.



    We need to stand together for the good of our Club.




    Postby Joe O’Rourke » Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:10 pm



    I’ve been following Celtic for over 60 years, and nothing has changed in some respect to this day. We are still a “Stand Alone Club” we have never had the support of any of the other professional clubs in Scotland. Even our wrongly named brothers from the east Hibernian have never had our backs, in fact many times they have been as bad as the deid club from Govan.



    In the early fifties Hibernian were behind a move to make Celtic stop flying the Irish National Flag at Celtic Park, but Celtic Chairman Bob Kelly stood his ground and refused point blank, ironically Rangers supported Celtic in their stance, the bulling didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.



    Every Celtic supporter knows we haven’t had the best of starts to the season, failing to qualify for the Champions League was a major disappointment, and our performances domestically has been a bit below our normal high standard, but remember this, the treble treble is still on, we haven’t lost any of our trophies.



    We know for a fact we won’t get a fair shout from the Scottish Media, “Celtic in Crisis” is their favourite headline, even yesterday when Sevco lost to Livingston, they wanted to talk about a non-story regarding Celtic. Kris Boyd spends every minute of the day trying to slander Celtic, it’s no wonder he can’t get a game at Kilmarnock, he obviously has no time for training with all the Celtic bashing, why Kris Commons is backing him I don’t know.



    Talking about a fair shout from the media, it’s even worse with the match officials, Bobby Madden was a disgrace on Saturday against Aberdeen, and his brother John Beaton was just as bad at Perth on Wednesday night, throw in Andrew Dallas and Craig Thomson, and we are up against it, but the one thing we certainly don’t need is our own support joining in.



    It’s time for everyone at Celtic to stay united, that means everyone, the Board, the Manager and his Staff, the Players, and most of all the Supporters. We have always been isolated in Scotland supporting Celtic, the vast majority of people in Scotland who follow football are anti-Celtic. We see the hatred at the Bigot Dome, but it’s almost as bad at Tynecastle and Kilmarnock, I’ve seen and heard the abuse at every ground we visit, with the exception of one or two clubs.



    When Celtic Football Club asked questions in regards to illegal player registrations and tax avoidance schemes we received no backing, when they asked about fraudulent issuing of a licence to play in Europe by one club, we received no backing, when we asked for an dependent judicial review of Scottish Football and its governance, again we received no backing. When we asked for the rules to be applied fairly, and for honesty and integrity, the then SFA Chairman George Peat told us to Fxxk Off, again no backing.



    The only way we will continue to dominate Scottish Football is by everyone connected to Celtic Football Club to channel all our energies into giving 100% backing to the team. We also need to continue to ask questions of those tasked with administering the rules, when they are clearly not being applied fairly.



    There is still a lot to play for this season, we can get back to our brilliant best again, but we can only achieve that with all of us pulling in the same direction.



    Our History make us Strong, their hatred makes us Stronger.





    Whilst I totally support the CSA message the question is “who are WE?



    Responses to today’s blog are typical of a swathe of support who would rather score points against each other than unite behind a common cause.



    I’m not saying folk are wrong to hold the views expressed, we all have our reasons for thinking as we do, but what I am saying is if we ever want to achieve fairness then we need to rise above the idea that there is separation of Board from supporters in our thinking, causing accusations that lead to divisiveness but worse than that – NO EFFIN CHANGE.



    When was the last time any of the CQN critics spoke to the CSA or CST and asked them to look at their priorities?



    Took the time to set out the issues?



    Kept them in the picture on UEFA Licence?



    Its a lot easier to pound away at a keyboard and demand others act, it is another to try and persuade them they should or must do so.



    I know, I’ve tried.



    We are our own worst enemies.



    I have no truck with Doncaster, he was doing what he was ordered to do in delivering the 5 Way Agreement which I viewed as a disaster for our game when I read it. Has anyone ever read how Doncaster and McKenzie of the SPL misused/hijacked an SFA Article introduced in 2005 to create the separation of owner from club myth that allowed the same club moral hazard into our game?



    (its long but go on read and comment https://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/neil-doncaster-and-the-birth-of-monster-myths/



    Doncaster was sent hard copy in 2014 of the documents that were not disclosed to the SPL Lawyers investigating Rangers use of EBTS, but did nothing except pass them to the SFA who have been swerving that issue since AND its linkage to UEFA Licence 2011 like Jinky on top form.



    None of that counters the events related by Paul, the system is the system, but one thing I am convinced of is that there is a dirty battle going on and if Celtic supporters don’t stop get their act together so that there is a real “we”, we will fall divided.



    I am not convinced Neil Doncaster or Peter Lawwell are the men to lead either, because of their past involvements but they are all there is to work with for now.



    There IS something rotten at the heart of Scottish football and its time our individual agendas were put aside in pursuit of a solution and that needs encouraged by honesty, a field where statesmanlike leadership might be found.



    Its its high time that field was ploughed.




    It is standard practice for an individual with a vested interest in an issue to be excluded.



    I know that there is a clause in the Club Licensing Committee rules that covers it in their meetings.

  20. Dungchucker? He of the continuation lie? He of the awarding of old titles to Sevco? He of the “Liquidation is the same as administration” nonsense (for which he got slaughtered on here)?



    Wouldn’t trust him as far as his haircut.



    On the basis of the above, his mucky paws are likely to be all over this.

  21. Find the Doncaster remarks fatuous.If he was of any help to Celtic,we would have had evidence of it.Just how PL thinks he is of any use at all,beggars belief.The fact he could be replaced with an even worse candidate has not the slightest bearing on the man being an absolute buffoon.


    What a pathetic SPFL Board,Morton,Dundee,Falkirk,Stranraer.Not exactly high flyers,are they?

  22. Auldheid (and CSA) hear, hear. Thanks for your past application and ongoing fair-minded exhortation.

  23. mike in toronto on

    On July 16, 2012, P67 wrote:



    “It may seem obvious that he has to go but don’t be so sure that he will. Nothing that Doncaster has said previously suggests he will easily be shamed into an act of honour, and several Gang of 10 clubs were behind his attempts to railroad the SFL into doing their dirty work.”



    On January 2, 2015, P67 had this to say about Doncaster:



    “Yesterday’s interview contained nothing he didn’t say two years ago, but it’s timing raises questions over what exactly he’s doing for his salary, that an inexperienced gardener couldn’t do.”



    On September 25, 2015, CQN Magazine published on CQN that, “Last night Neil Doncaster was linked to a job at Rangers* on one of the main Rangers fans forums. We’ll pay for his taxi to Govan.”



    Today, he is a useless factotum (“he is picking up the tab for the weak thinkers who are ultimately in control of football in Scotland.” which suggests that he is ineffective) but P67 concludes that we should support him because he is “strong and independent”)



    In legal terms…. WTF?

  24. Team :






    Lustig Hendry Boyata Tierney



    Mulumbu Ntcham McGregor


    Forrest ———————————Morgan







    Nae offence… but Bitton in from the start. C’mon sir



    You been in the boozer all afternoon, sinking triples ?

  26. stirlingbhoy on 4th October 2018 1:46 pm


    what true Celtic supporter would back that muppet Doncaster?? honestly…….






    Back? I don’t think the suggestion is to back Doncaster. Be aware of where the real power is. He’s the face of the SPFL but the blazers call the shots.




    Lawwell and Desmond, Gazidis and Kroenke, Woodward and the Glazers etc etc.



    Taking the blame for bad decisions is a major part of the job description. Don’t lose focus on the real power.

  27. So because PL thinks Doncaster is a good guy,we have to believe he is no part of this carve up? Forget a squirrel….canny see it for the pink elephants…….

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