Clues behind Celtic rise and Rangers fall


There are some interesting stats behind Celtic’s meteoric rise to the top of the league and Rangers equally spectacular collapse.

Prior to the 5th November Celtic had played 12 games, scoring 23 and conceding 12. Since then they have played and won 10 games, scoring 21 and conceding just 3 times.  So there hasn’t really been a significant increase in goals scored per game, but there has been a massive improvement in the defensive figures.  Nine different players have scored during this time with Hooper, Samaras and (despite injury) Stokes scoring three or more during this time.

By comparison, Rangers have scored 15 goals in their last 10 SPL games with the goals coming from six different sources.  Nikica Jelavic is their only player to have scored more than twice but he needed penalty kicks to achieve this.  This period corresponds to Steven Naismith’s absence from the team.

Incredibly, seven of Rangers 15 goals in these games have been either own goals or penalties.  Dundee United, Dunfermline and Motherwell players have all scored for Rangers while Rangers have benefited from four penalties.  In total these seven goals have earned Rangers six points.  Only one of Rangers 25 goals prior to this period was a penalty and none were o.g.s, so their period of good fortune coincided with their period of greatest need, a recurrent theme in the Scottish game.

None of Celtic’s 44 SPL goals this season have been scored by opponents and only one has come from the penalty spot, not that we seem to keen to score penalties.

The figures demonstrate the importance of having a variety of players who can contribute goals on a consistent basis as key strikers are always liable to injury or loss of form.  Hooper and Stokes have already missed chunks of this season and Georgios Samaras started the season in barren form.

Celtic’s figures are all the more stark considering their most prolific midfielder, Kris Commons, has failed to launch his season due to a frustrating few months of injuries.  Goal-scoring midfielders are a precious breed.

I was surprised at how little appetite Nikica Jelavic appeared to have for the contest at Celtic Park last week but a return of 2 goals from 10 games indicates the problem may be well established.  He spoke to a Croatian newspaper this week and – unlike his manager when asked about the player being sold this month – informed them he had no intentions of leaving Rangers and that he was “focussed on playing in Scotland”, although he did reference Rangers financial problems.

If Rangers are budgeting on selling Jelavic they may well find the player wants a piece of the action before agreeing to move on.

Thanks to BigchipsUK for the research on the SPL goal stats.

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  1. Paul67 – Jellyfish’s quotes were without doubt the first indication from him he won’t be pushed out the door gratis. Why should he? He was given a big contract.



    Same goes for Davis and McGregor. How much do you think their agents will ask for for those “bumper” asset inflating deals to be cancelled?



    As we well know, it won’t just be as simple as accepting £5.5m from QPR for Jellyfish and that going straight to working capital. I am also led to believe the English scouts are well aware of the Croat’s glass ankles and knees…..

  2. From previous thread..




    DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) says:


    4 January, 2012 at 12:07



    The trialist was Danny Webber, a former Man Utd youth player. He has been around the english leagues for a number of year and has been without a club since being released in the summer.



    He came in on trial in early December and never heard anything else about him so just left him on the list as on trial, so might amend that to save further confusion.





    /Bishop B

  3. Oh dear an article in the CQN mag advertising the worst Celtic strip in decades (IMHO). I thought they were supposed to consult with the fans about strips. Obviously had a room full of under 5 supporters pick this monstrosity? Bring back the all black (with a bit of gold)away strip now that was class.



  4. Paul67



    I think Jellybean wants to stay until the summer but is being pushed out the door by Whyte.



    Anyone heard the name of Simon Church being linked with Celtic?



    Welsh striker currently with Reading and valued around the £2 Million mark.

  5. ‘Incredibly, seven of Rangers 15 goals in these games have been either own goals or penalties. ‘



    It ‘s incredible it hasn’t been more.



    Anyways, belated HNY to one and all.



    As the days,weeks and months of 2012 stretch before us who knos what the ole future will bring, but I expect it will be laced with lashings and lashings of Hunguffery.

  6. Paul67 – their period of good fortune coincided with their period of greatest need, a recurrent theme in the Scottish game.



    Especially when they play Motherwell.



    Let’s hope Motherwell fails to make the top six. (thumbsup)

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good afternoon to the Celtic Family from a very wet Central Scotland.Plenty of rumours doing the rounds this morning I would be happy if the Johnny Haynes one is accurate as we would be signing another promising youngster.Robbie Keane on the other hand for 2 months is not for me I would much prefer a permanent striker deal the talk on Fraser Foster interesting Spurs may explain our interest in Kello the Hearts keeper.Ki I am in two minds on he is a great footballer but doesnt turn it on often enough for me so if the money is right might be best if he moves on Commons is wanted by Southampton and may also be on his way out of the club so an interesting month ahead.H.H.

  8. Paul,



    I see you are up to your old “New Article” tricks, whenever I post.



    You won’t stop me, you know. So here goes with a repost from previous article!!





    I can’t believe that so many of us are prepared to sell our ONE creative midfielder.



    Perhaps in two or three years time, but not now.



    On to more important matters.



    An encouraging turnout of members at last night’s bi-AGM (Winter)CQN Donegal Branch.



    Yes, Paul67, some outfits DO hold AGMs!



    Many important issues were discussed and a number of motions passed. Noel90 was responsible for most of these motions.



    Due to flight cancellations, a result of the stormy weather. a number of apologies were received.



    Amongst those who could’t attend were, SFTB, Neil Lennon, Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell.



    However, the latter mailed a list of those players who will be joining the club and those who will be leaving.



    Special mention to SFTB, who had his FF motion passed, by a small majority.



    I also wish to thank him for the half pint of lager Noel bought me, on his behalf.



    A full report of the meeting can be found on:-

  9. Paul67,would you take from them stats,that an out and out goalscorer is top of the list in this window..also think we need another James Forrest type player,he’s one of our main supply routes to the forwards,injury or a change of form to him would be a big loss..

  10. RogueLeader,



    Spot on – the players will know that their club is desperate to sell and will want a cut, as will their agents. It’s not easy trying to get big money when the player knows of the desperation for cash, as do potential buyers.

  11. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    It would be interesting to find out how many own goals were scored and penalties conceded by rangers supporters.


    Is there any team we can trust to play rangers apart from Celtic?


    I predict Aluko, Fleckadinho and Healy will have statistics akin to world beaters in the second half of the season.

  12. asonofdan



    seen him a couple of times down here. from memory, he’s a big lad who puts himself about a bit, not a great goalscoring record – £2m seems overpriced although Reading do have a good track record of bringing strikers through.

  13. Gordon_J – Spot on – the players will know that their club is desperate to sell and will want a cut, as will their agents. It’s not easy trying to get big money when the player knows of the desperation for cash, as do potential buyers.



    Rangers are discovering that it’s crap being poor.



    Remembering how they plagued other Scottish clubs like a swarm of locusts at harvesttime – they had a particular penchant at one time for pinching Dundee’s best players for tuppence – I hope they have to beg and cry for every penny. (thumbsup)

  14. thomthethim said at 12:47 : ‘I see you are up to your old “New Article” tricks, whenever I post.’



    So it’s your posts the podium chasers watch out for?



    Makes sense, I suppose; saves a lot of F5-ing.




  15. We need a decent centre half.



    A gruntcrushing centre half would be ideal but a good,hard centre half who is easy on the ole palpitations is the #1 target this fenetre du Janvier, just as he was last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.

  16. Árd Macha says:


    4 January, 2012 at 12:48






    No pint-buying problems with the Irish fraternity.



    I told you about theose Scotchies-:)



    Árd Macha






    I know. I should have listened. Thre’s no fool like, etc.

  17. coorslad says:


    4 January, 2012 at 12:48


    we should go ask the bhoy McClean from Sunderland, he looks a cracker,



    you got anyway of persuading him to ask for the move.




  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger – ‘he’s a big lad who puts himself about a bit’ -so he’s a broad Church, then.



    What did the priest say to the salad?



    Lettuce pray. (thumbsup)

  19. Paul67


    Wee idea for the CQN magazine



    I recently got the TopGear magazine (the awards issue with calendar) and it had something very interesting in it that would be great in CQN magazine.



    Will email you if required with full details, but basically you use an app called Arusasma Lite (which is free) and when you focus it on a page with a preprogrammed aura it changes the photograph there into a video of the person / page / discussion etc



    Fot those without a smart phone it functions exactly the same as a normal printed magazine but for those with it adds an extra dimension on a small amount of pages and you can set these up yourself.



    Worth buying a topgear magazine to see for yourself. Works better and much more wow factor than the QR codes.

  20. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    “There are few better finishers in British football than David Healy and there is certainly nobody better in Scotland.” Lawrie Sanchez’






    Numbnut Scottish media bumping up the rep of wee bigot Healy to smokescreen the Orcs for Jellyfish’s departure.



    Scored a good goal against Murderwell in a game he shouldn’t even have been playing in had Gollum grown a pair of balls.



    Last resort for the Hun spin doctors – playing to the bigots with a bigot; a fitting end to their shameful existence. Here’s hoping Healy is the one to score their last-ever goal – a soft penalty, no doubt – circa end of January/early Feb, dependent on Her Majesty’s Roman Catholics inquisition schedule.

  21. philvis



    The new translation for the vegetarian Roman Missal also has ‘Peas be with you’ …




  22. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    paulsatim is neil lennon 4 January, 2012 at 12:57



    “Re Seany, poster on RTC referred to him as Sone Acousteau. Wish I had thought of that! ”




  23. cardiffbhoy



    Just checked on him and until last season his career consisted of one loan after another. He seems to have improved dramatically in past year.



    It was just a name mentioned to me, to be honest no-one knows who we are looking at in this window.

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