Cluj, give Jullien a run, Ian Holloway


They may have ejected Celtic from the Champions League, but Cluj did not have the look of genuine contenders for the group stage.  They lost 0-1 at home to Slavia Prague last night, with Masopust (no relation) getting the goal.  The Romanians will almost certainly drop to the Europa League.

AIK arrive in Glasgow today smarting from their home defeat on Sunday.  Scouts from both Celtic and AIK will have taken in each other’s games at the weekend, but it is unlikely much of consequence was learned, or at least, I hope AIK learned little about Celtic.

Whatever reasons lay behind Neil Lennon’s team selections at home to Cluj, Boli Bolingoli and Christopher Jullien both have an additional 90 minutes under their belts, so are more likely to make the line-up, especially if concerns remain about Kristofer Ajer’s shoulder injury.  I know this is not a universal feeling, but I want Jullien to be given a run in the team.  We have scouted this player, there is more to come than we have seen.

Ian Holloway’s comments, where he blamed the EU for football’s new handball rule is a perfect metaphor for our time and the entire Brexit debate.  The world is full of clowns who believe simple answers exist to complex problems.  No weight of logic will shift them, and they are not limited to the Brexit loons, football problems are easy to solve, just ask anyone with no experience.

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  1. ROCK TREE BHOY on 21ST AUGUST 2019 3:59 PM



    there we go who is the Celtic Scouting Network you are referring to.



    that’s my point you don’t know and i don’t know if we have a scouting network or is it a load of tosh.

  2. Why would the players listen to a tactically incompetent coach like Lennon on Thursday.



    Defeat on Thursday should see him do honourable thing. However he will try and hang on as long as possible enjoying the green pound.

  3. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    On the back of TR3, one bad result and then ‘greatest supporters in world football’ come up with this….



    Honestly the club are wearing a mask. They are sponging money.



    our board are disconnected from us peasants, the fan base.



    we really are a joke. Is the Club deliberately being run into the ground? Leaving aside Europe, is the current squad strong enough to win the League?




    Wake up ffs, simple fact is we should be light years ahead of Rangers & we’re not & it’s an absolute disgrace that this has been allowed to happen!



    The lack of planning and all-round amateurism should not be accepted by the support. There needs to be real-life consequences to the boards inaction.



    We have no scouting network and rely on recommendations from ex players and agents for players.We have no recruitment strategy.We do not forward plan.



    Celtic’s transfer window has once again been a fu***ng disgrace.




    Our supporters are fed up being treated like second class citizens by a board who values cash in the bank more than success on the field.



    He probably got injured when he shat it in a tackle against the Dunfermline player.



    I know we have 2 games before it but does anyone have any confidence we will win the Glasgow Derby on 1st Sept?



    We are being mismanaged to the stage where 2018/19 made the brand new sevvies relevant, 2019/20 looks like the season lawwell made them title contender



    He is losing the plot, and those above him at the club are fiddling whilst Rome burns.



    We, at the minute, are a shambles, we are throwing away 9.



    Money in bank burning a hole whilst very short at the back.



    celtic 2 bob club in a 2 bob league under lawell and desmond



    ….and this is just from today! Very hard to stomach when u know Sevconia is watching and cheering every kick going in. Time to take a break …..

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    The very fact that every Sevco supporter I know was delighted when Lennon was appointed spoke volumes for me. Our parochial approach to him getting the job and the embarrassing comment “he knows the city” says it all.

  5. Rock Tree Bhoy


    You deserve a break but I hope you don`t take one.


    The Negatrons annoy me more than the Huns do.




  6. Philbhoy: It’s the lack of transfers in that ‘s pissing most of us off!



    Does that mean a few transfers would result in happiness? Are those people happier because of Jullien and Boli? They are both transfers.


    Cheerio for now.






    Not necessarily!



    But it would indicate that the board and management are aware that we need to strengthen.



    And now.

  8. we can bring all the transfer’s you want but if the quality and attitude is lacking then we are in trouble.

  9. I think it’s the loss of confidence in Neil that’s the main issue but far from the only one




  10. traditionalist88 on

    CORKCELT on 21ST AUGUST 2019 4:39 PM






    I’d play Ajer at RB if Elhamed is out.




  11. Gene , The delays in bringing in much needed players and Lenny’s complete mess up of selection etc against Cluj has many people rattled. That & the fact the Huns are signing guys for fun


    I am far from happy myself but I feel the doom & gloom is a bit overdone. I thin we will bring in 3 or 4 and if we don’t lose anyone we will have a squad well capable of winning the SPFL.


    Lenny will need to cop himself on a bit but I think he will/


    I’m a big believer in following the money, we are still 11 to 4 on to win the League the Huns are 2 to 1.


    Odds a lot closer than last year OK but we are still strong favourites in a 2 horse race.

  12. I see the lesser spotted Tom Rogic is back training at Lennoxtown today



    There’s your new left back right there




  13. An Tearmann , I know he took a bang on his thigh last game I presume it’s related to that but Lenny did say he was a doubt for the game.

  14. LUCKY CODY on 21ST AUGUST 2019 4:12 PM


    Why would the players listen to a tactically incompetent coach like Lennon on Thursday.



    Why would the players not be professional?


    Is your ire to DD,PL his ,CEO,or Neil Lennon


    Or Celtic.hard to make out.



    Defeat on Thursday should see him do honourable thing. However he will try and hang on as long as possible enjoying the green pound.



    Same as above,who is your aim?



    David Moyes no thanks.



    Put a thimble on that thumb.lol







  15. Corkcelt 4.51



    I had not heard that, disappointing if so,hopefully be ok by Thursday.i have been impressed by him so far,early days tho.:-))



  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BHOYLO83 on 21ST AUGUST 2019 4:50 PM


    I see the lesser spotted Tom Rogic is back training at Lennoxtown today




    There’s your new left back right there






    Good one 👍

  17. With all the money in the bank we could buy Bury FC and their debts.



    I sincerely hope we have a cunning plan up our sleeves.

  18. The danger from Sevco is that they can smell blood. They have a coach who, although a rookie, is a massive name in the game. Much more so than Lenny. I laughed at his appointment, it now looks inspired. He and GM have them up for the challenge. They have put together a decent team and they have added some quality without losing any of their better players.


    Many keep saying that we have the best squad by far and that is true on paper for sure. But out on the pitch, the difference is visibly diminishing.



    Meanwhile, we have the usual bloggers bumping their gums that the huns are on the verge of collapse, that they can’t keep spending money, that they will need to sell Tavernier/Morelos etc. to make pay day.


    It ain’t happening. They are ready for us this season and we are teetering on the brink of self-inflicted implosion.



    Our board are just not taking them seriously enough. And they are certainly not taking the views of the fans whatsoever.


    The convicted criminal that leads Sevco once said we would fall like a pack of cards without CL qualification.This is the season where that might come dangerously close to the truth.

  19. Until DD starts to take a bit of an interest in us ( no laughing ) PL will carry on Running us as a football club funding a business . Me thinks it is gonna take a similar getting together of the fans ala the 90s rebels to change things . Thankfully we are in a better position than back then . Any fans I know and any fans around me at any game are seriously pissed off that we have let things slide so badly AND that we are repeatedly making the same mistakes over and over . Apart from some fans on here who are still in denial I sense that a huge majority of fans feel the same way. Lets hope through social media and all the blogs ( possibly not CQN sadly ) we can make a difference and that changes are made before the fed up celtic fans force it upon them

  20. Would Lenny be the mate you are asking for Franny, If so tell him Jonathon Hayes is a lot better left back than CalMac.

  21. deniabhoy



    i also think there dof allen i think his name is, is doing the job for them.



    the next four games are huge for us to see where we are going.

  22. James Forrest



    I think some of Neil’s comments and all of Gary Caldwell’s are justified.


    There is an over-reaction; it is far from measured and sensible.


    This club has provided 8 titles in a row- the Huns tell su anybody could have done that because they were not in it, or hampered by their major issues (I assume dying counts as a big issue)- Our fans now echo that narrative.



    We won both our league games so far by convincing margins and negotiated 5 out of 6 CL qualifying ties with reasonable aplomb. But one game has saw us lose all confidence in our record.



    We ridiculed the Hun Pre-season Cup propaganda- now we are buying into it with forecasts of “we’ll never do 9 now” and “well never win at Ibrox”. Maybe we won’t- it’s always been hard to win at Ibrox and to win a league but “NEVER”, “NO WAY”- these are terms dripping with dogmatic pessimism. Even the Huns lack the confidence that some of ours espouse about the destination of the league. And the neutral bookies are far from being as dismissive as some of our fans. It has been far too easy to reduce some of our support to cowed, frightened , resentful and judgemental. These players who have achieved the magnificent 8iar and Treble Trebles do deserve better. Cluj was very bad but it is far from the end of our season.



    And before everyone crosses the road to include themselves in the offended group, I have no problem with people who have well founded criticisms of our Board, our signing policy or our selections- all are worthy of valid criticism, especially in the Cluj home game.



    But, we have lost just one game despite having a manager who is being really traduced online (a drop from Obama to Trump was today’s example- well BR is no Obama and NFL certainly ain’t no Trump). I have confidence that Neil has mental strength in abundance but he is going to need it if our fans continue to over-react.



    And , as for your own intemperate and rude comments about the blog article, I used to lurk and post on your old blog, James. You had a few difficult posters who used to get under your skin and you deleted or banned a few (no complaints from me on that course of action) but Paul lets all comments flow, even yours today, and I am afraid it reflects more badly on yourself than him. Play the comment and not the man.



    Off Oot to night class for me

  23. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Bhoyolo 4.50 hahahaha. V funny.






    Cg p resseroony!



    Maybe , it’s all luck, maybe we’re just in a bad run at craps! Vvd Vic RC getting his chance,CG being oot a contract , SA. helluva run of luck that though – difficult to believe they just came to us!



    Maybe …. Who knows.