Cluj, give Jullien a run, Ian Holloway


They may have ejected Celtic from the Champions League, but Cluj did not have the look of genuine contenders for the group stage.  They lost 0-1 at home to Slavia Prague last night, with Masopust (no relation) getting the goal.  The Romanians will almost certainly drop to the Europa League.

AIK arrive in Glasgow today smarting from their home defeat on Sunday.  Scouts from both Celtic and AIK will have taken in each other’s games at the weekend, but it is unlikely much of consequence was learned, or at least, I hope AIK learned little about Celtic.

Whatever reasons lay behind Neil Lennon’s team selections at home to Cluj, Boli Bolingoli and Christopher Jullien both have an additional 90 minutes under their belts, so are more likely to make the line-up, especially if concerns remain about Kristofer Ajer’s shoulder injury.  I know this is not a universal feeling, but I want Jullien to be given a run in the team.  We have scouted this player, there is more to come than we have seen.

Ian Holloway’s comments, where he blamed the EU for football’s new handball rule is a perfect metaphor for our time and the entire Brexit debate.  The world is full of clowns who believe simple answers exist to complex problems.  No weight of logic will shift them, and they are not limited to the Brexit loons, football problems are easy to solve, just ask anyone with no experience.

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  2. One of Cluj and Slavia plus one of Rosenborg or Zagreb will be in the group stages and we’ve accepted that the Europa League is now our level. Let that sink in.

  3. GEEBEE1978 on21ST AUGUST 2019 8:53 PM



    One of Cluj and Slavia plus one of Rosenborg or Zagreb will be in the group stages and we’ve accepted that the Europa League is now our level. Let that sink in.



    The point is pal whichever of these teams make it into the group stages there is a humbling experience awaiting and a realisation that the Europa league is in fact their level.

  4. Gene….



    The majority of the sides you mentioned missed out due to league positions due to being in a tougher league – we get a free hit every year.



    Also, I’d be very surprised if there are many Manchester United or Porto fans who “accept” that the EL is where their level should be as clubs.

  5. the board are selling the fans the ‘sizzle’ not the steak… to paraphrase a fine man.


    we are the fools for accepting the sizzle and not demanding the steak.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Bada Bing



    I’m heading down to the Crown Bar to watch the game with John Beaton…

  7. Belfastcelt…



    That may be true but Red Star were competitive and look well placed to be there again this year. Would love to see their budget against ours.



    Do you think they’re waiting to see how they get on against Young Boys before deciding whether or not to prepare a team to face a Young Boys?

  8. Geebee


    Not sure what your point 8s – it’s like us saying we don’t accept being in the spfhell



    Uefa are doing with the CL what England do with the EPL – give it most of the money.


    Overall the Europa League has many top teams in it – the lack of money gives it a very 2nd class tournament

  9. Gene



    I thought my point was quite simple. There are clubs with far less resources who are outperforming us. While people talk about splashing more cash, we are far from getting “bang for buck” for what we have spent.

  10. Must be something in the name that wants to spend beyond the means



    The annual Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) showed total public spending in Scotland was £75.3 billion in 2018/19 but the country only raised £62.7 billion in revenues.



    The 2018/19 report showed the £12.6 billion deficit was the equivalent of more than half the £23.5 billion recorded for the entire UK, despite Scotland having only 8.3 per cent of the population.



    This of course is despite the advantageous Barnet formula which Scotland receive

  11. Darnell Fisher strolling it for Preston as Tommy Smith can’t get a game for a simply awful Stoke. I’m done.

  12. Geebee


    That’s not just a Celtic issue – Stoke has far greater resources than Preston and are getting pumped.


    If it’s just all about who’s got the most money then no need to play the matches or watch the games

  13. Fantastic visit this morning to FRED (Farmersfield Rest Home for Elderly Donkeys) – near Dumfries – run by our very own Scaniel, his family and friends and volunteers. There may be places available for Board and Lodging , with Hay included if anyone can think of eligible candidates in the East End of Glasgow. ..!



    Seriously, though, a brilliant day oot for families especially small(ish) children, to see the donkeys, Shetland Ponies, horse, chickens, ducks, tortoises etc and the inspirational care lavished on the animals who have suffered abuse and neglect to various degrees.



    Please support if you can.



    HH, and thanks M

  14. Last time I was at Stoke I couldn’t believe the stick James McLean got from his own fans – the root being his refusal to wear a poppy. I put a few right on the issue and suggested they did some reading up on the issue. Perhaps they’ve forgotten me as it will be the same seat.

  15. Gene



    Not sure if you’re being deliberately obtuse but know it’s not only a Celtic issue. But my concern is Celtic – I couldn’t care less about Stoke.



    You’re last sentence is basically the point I’m making. We outspend every club playing in the CL tonight with the exception of possibly Olympiakos but with poor results yet many on here think the solution is throwing even more money at it.



    How much more than Cluj do we need to spend to actually beat Cluj?



    Our problems run far deeper.

  16. Gene….



    Sorry, could you point me to my comment when I actually said that?



    I’m sure I was saying something very different.

  17. James McClean is a good player, pity he never played for us.



    And of course he knew exactly what Brexit would to to Ireland and was one of the nationalists who signed a letter outlining the damage Brexit would do to the nationalist community in the north.

  18. Gene….



    But if you’re going down that route, then yes there is a general pattern of spending = achievement although obviously there are always exceptions.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hope Rosenberg get pumped – then we can enjoy seeing Meling getting snapped up by Celtic (!) – he looks decent – good in the tackle and nippy. Keeps to his position fairly well.



    He’ll be joining our other three first-team-ready, experienced new recruits at RB, centre midfield and spearheading the attack.



    Can’t wait to see all four high-quality recruits in the next week or so.








  20. Geebee


    I didn’t say you said it – just my interpretation of your point – which may be wrong


    Anyway you win – I’ve got an early start tomorrow


    Nice talking




    Not even sure how good Meling is but if it was thought that he’d improve our team, I don’t know why he wasn’t bought before Boli…

  22. GENE…



    I don’t want to “win” anything. I’m sure we all want the same thing but have different ideas of how we should get there.



    Enjoy your evening.



    And yes, your interpretation was wrong :)