Cluj on the break, Forrest, players come and go


The margin between great success and disastrous failure at this level can be paper thin.  Celtic failed to make the most of a 28th minute corner kick and within 30 seconds, Cluj opened the scoring.  Lewis Morgan missed a challenge in the 70 yards from goal and the inch-perfect through ball got beyond Boli Bolingoli for Mario Rondon to score.

We have seen many Celtic teams wilt after losing a goal away in Europe, but James Forrest made sure the same would not happen on this occasion.

Within nine minutes of the opener, Forrest played a give-and-go with the impressive Hatem Abd Elhamed, collected the return pass and shot, the ball clipping the inside of the post on its way into the net.  This passage of play turned the tie in Celtic’s direction.

While there is a high expectation Celtic will progress to the playoff round, our chances are no more than they were when we secured the same result away to Maribor in 2014.  There is work to do on Tuesday.  In particular, the nature of the Cluj goal is of concern.

Apart from one dreadfully defended corner, Celtic restricted Cluj to few genuine chances, but they were able to punish us on the break.  This will be the basis of their game plan next week.  Soak up as much pressure as possible and overload on our flanks when we are forward.  It does teams no harm to have a simple game plan.  We will need to be at our best.

More on Kieran Tierney later.  There will be chat like: “This is how football works and has done so for decades.  It’s why many players come to Celtic.  They come and go, our job is to understand how the sport works and to be good at it….”


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  1. Go tell the Spartim on




    i wasnt to fussed with Mulombo signing last year, he was decent against us and thought he could do a job, he never got the chance, so im not against players from Kilmarnock or other scottish teams, i just dont think either of their full backs are any good, doesnt seem to be any interest in them apart from us, which is worrying in itself.



    If they sign, then id shut up about them and let them get on with it, but rather we didnt.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The point is one has been put up for sale, and one hasn’t, what’s difficult to understand?

  3. AuroraBorealis79 on

    The only clubs that would negotiate upon an enquiry for a first team or key player are those that are struggling financially.

  4. SID,



    I have said Boli had a poor game.Sutton was on his back the whole game.What was that all about.I watch the EPL,I have seen guys have stinkers,withva value 10 times that of Boli,but never heard a commentator slaughter them like that.I know Sutton is a darling to many Celtic fans,for his Hun jibes,but he regularly talks a load of bollox.If you want to join in a witch hunt for a guy who has played 4 games,go ahead.There are many like you.


    I am sure the ones who like to pick escape goats,will join in.That will really help the guy to settle.


    The internet has really a lot to answer for.

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 8TH AUGUST 2019 4:00 PM


    Timaloy- Lennybhoy, who is noted for Celtic info, said both Leicester and Milan enquired about Ajer.,and were told where to go.






    Lennybhoy also said we were signing Rekeem Harper. Neil Lennon would probably tell us if a bid was received considering how open he was over Tierney, Ntcham etc.




    There is foreign interest in the Killie LB.Do you think Stevie Clarke does not have an eye for a player.


    Ach,I give up.No offence to you.Just fed up with the negativity on here.

  7. Celtic and KT knew this day would come.


    KT is potentially a world-class player and wants to play at a much higher level, like every young and ambitious professional playing in a second or third-tier league. Playing for us in the SPFL was not going to improve him any further, instead it would probably have ended his career prematurely. The dangerous tackles he was being subjected to week in, week out could have put him out of the game permanently. Aged 22, on the scrapheap.


    He will now be protected by referees that actually apply the rules of the game.



    I imagine his 6-year contract was agreed by both him and the board to ensure we got top dollar for him. It suited both parties, something that a few people seem to have a hard time getting their heads around.


    Comparisons with stars of yesteryear are null and void. Back in the 70s and 80s Scottish teams still reached Euro semis and finals and world class players were transferred for around 1-2 million pounds. The size of a club depended mostly on the size of its support, TV money has made that almost irrelevant.


    If KT lives up to his potential, he will move in 3-4 years for 100 million, if he doesn’t, he at least will have tried to maximise his potential and value in a short-live career.


    Good luck to him.

  8. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Arsenal have been sniffing around Tierney for the past 12 months, eventually they had to hit a market where the club has to go to the table, or maybe an agent gets on the phone & says “I f a serious offer comes in then I would like for my client to be given the opportunity to speak with club”.



    If a player is contracted for 4 years then he will have the final say. If the club accepted a 25 M bid from Aston Villa, do you think KT would be down there signing kn the dotted line?

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TURKEYBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2019 4:09 PM









    There is foreign interest in the Killie LB.Do you think Stevie Clarke does not have an eye for a player.





    Ach,I give up.No offence to you.Just fed up with the negativity on here.



    So if there’s foreign interest, that makes him a better player? KT apart,who is buying Scottish players, scouting by Sportscene stuff.

  10. AuroraBorealis79 on

    I was going to use David Turnbull to Norwich as a comparision but that could be short sighted as I have feeling he may have been rejected by them for the same reason we put his transfer on the back burner

  11. Go tell the Spartim on




    No offence taken at all, for your ying there’s always a yang and its all about opinions and we all want the same thing in the end. Itll be what itll be and we’ll go with that.



    Its only on here i have a good ole moan as im ever the optimist at the games

  12. In last 15 months we have shed :



    Erik Svievchenko, Stuart Armstrong, Dembele, P.Roberts, Lustig, Boyata, Tierney



    Loanees : Benckovic, Mousonda, Burke, Weah, Toljan



    12 players… all with a degree of quality. All probably on good money



    Then to lesser extent : De Vries, Gamboa, Izzy, Scott Allan, Mulumbu, Compper,


    Guys that we will barely miss.



    But 18 exits in Total, in last 15 months.



    A lot of talent in amongst it. However also, a lot of expenditure saved.



    Certainly scope for some further reinforcements

  13. If KT didn’t initiate the move he would be entitled to a cut of transfer fee normally around 10%. The salary is generally being guesstimated at 70k per week reputed to be a 5 year deal. That translates into two and a half million up front lump sum plus seventeen and a half million guaranteed income over next 5 years plus a huge increase in his commercial/sponsorship value.


    If he was your son what advice would you give him & stay and be kicked with impunity in every half baked midden all over Scotland or take the deal.

  14. It is ridiculous that so many have judged Boli after four games. Many only needed one.




    PS FWIW , I belong to those who believe that, WITH SUPPORT, we could have a good player in Boli. He is certainly dynamic !!

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ruggyman- the squad, successful as it’s been, needed a revamp, as you highlighted too many getting paid fortunes, with nothing in return.

  16. HeknowsWHOknows on




    Brenda bought some panty hoe players after looking at that list.



    Mibrez our backing OF Brenda has curtailed our small budget.




  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Succession back on Sky on Monday, well worth a watch,.





    I wonder if PL tunes in….



  18. Just had an email from CFC trying to sell tickets for Tuesday’s game:


    “All remaining tickets are now on general sale priced from £31 for adults, from £18 for concessions, and from £11 for under-13s.*”


    So “from £31” is hardly a kick in the arse from the £36 that Cluj we’re charging. It must be great to be holier than thou. How dare Cluj try to empty the pockets of Celtic fans – that’s the Boards job.


    I don’t want to get into the KT debate but I believe that PL has short changed the Club and the support when you consider the going rate for numpties in England.


    As regards last night’s game we thoroughly enjoyed it but will say that our weakness was our left wing and this was exploited by Cluj. Could not understand why NL persisted with 2 players on yellow cards on that side of the park with the likelihood of a red for one of them, fortunately that did not come to fruition.


    I feel that we could have easily won the game but for our problem on our left wing.




  19. Bjarnason of Villa just had his contract terminated



    Good player but not sure we need a new CM

  20. Greg Taylor has been the 2nd best left back in the league for the past couple of seasons. He’s 21 years old and has been a regular for the last 3 seasons. He’s now an international. It makes complete sense for us to sign him and hopefully develop him to be even better.


    Anyone watch the Killie v Zombies game at the weekend, how much did their new wonder loan (Ojo) do?

  21. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Rangers legend Ally McCoist injured after falling off boat in Portugal’



    Comments please.

  22. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    8 minutes to hang on to SS. The left hand side is going to need everything we have now.

  23. glendalystonsils on



    ‘Rangers legend Ally McCoist injured after falling off boat in Portugal’



    Comments please.




    Portuguese coastline threatened by ensuing Tsunami.

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