Cluj on the break, Forrest, players come and go


The margin between great success and disastrous failure at this level can be paper thin.  Celtic failed to make the most of a 28th minute corner kick and within 30 seconds, Cluj opened the scoring.  Lewis Morgan missed a challenge in the 70 yards from goal and the inch-perfect through ball got beyond Boli Bolingoli for Mario Rondon to score.

We have seen many Celtic teams wilt after losing a goal away in Europe, but James Forrest made sure the same would not happen on this occasion.

Within nine minutes of the opener, Forrest played a give-and-go with the impressive Hatem Abd Elhamed, collected the return pass and shot, the ball clipping the inside of the post on its way into the net.  This passage of play turned the tie in Celtic’s direction.

While there is a high expectation Celtic will progress to the playoff round, our chances are no more than they were when we secured the same result away to Maribor in 2014.  There is work to do on Tuesday.  In particular, the nature of the Cluj goal is of concern.

Apart from one dreadfully defended corner, Celtic restricted Cluj to few genuine chances, but they were able to punish us on the break.  This will be the basis of their game plan next week.  Soak up as much pressure as possible and overload on our flanks when we are forward.  It does teams no harm to have a simple game plan.  We will need to be at our best.

More on Kieran Tierney later.  There will be chat like: “This is how football works and has done so for decades.  It’s why many players come to Celtic.  They come and go, our job is to understand how the sport works and to be good at it….”


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  1. CELTIC Football Club today confirmed that Kieran Tierney has signed for Arsenal FC, after completing a medical earlier in London.



    We did all we could to keep Kieran at Celtic. While the club did not need or wish to sell Kieran, this was an opportunity which Kieran very much wished to pursue and with the club having received a significant offer, we have agreed to the transfer.



    Kieran has been a big part of the club for a number of years, coming through our Academy structure and becoming a key first team player of real quality.



    He has made a significant contribution to Celtic and we thank him very much for all he has given to the club and, of course, we wish him very well for the future in his career.



    Celtic Manager Neil Lennon said: “This is an opportunity Kieran wanted to take and while we will be sad to see him leave the club, we wish Kieran all the very best for the future.



    “Although he is still a young guy, Kieran has given the club so much. He’s a great lad and I’ve really enjoyed working with him. I’m sure he will continue to progress and develop and make a big impact in the English Premiership.



    “It has obviously been a long process, but now it has been finalised we can now look ahead and concentrate on continuing to build our own squad and meet the many challenges ahead, domestically and in Europe.



    “We had a really good performance and result last night at a difficult venue and I would like to thank our fans for travelling to Romania and supporting us so well. Yet again, the team had such great support in Europe and we are hugely grateful for that.



    “We look ahead to next week with confidence but of course realise we still have a lot of work to do against a very good team.”



    ‘Rangers legend Ally McCoist injured after falling off boat in Portugal’







    Comments please.



    Russian whaling fleet redirected to Portuguese waters ?

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    Centenarybhoy-well said 👍


    Now don’t forget I told you all along time ago we would need a new left back 🏌️


    For anyone to criticise this bhoy because he wants to better not only himself but his family,well shame on you all👎


    Especially the ones that have all feckd of abroad to better themselves 🤔


    Irony is lost on you hypocrites

  4. HeknowsWHOknows on

    How long did Lennon work with KT? Pre-recorded pants.



    CELTIC – Finger oot

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CELTIC Football Club today confirmed that Kieran Tierney has signed for Arsenal FC, after completing a medical earlier in London.



    We did all we could to keep Kieran at Celtic. While the club did not need or wish to sell Kieran, this was an opportunity which Kieran very much wished to pursue and with the club having received a significant offer, we have agreed to the transfer.



    Club website

  6. Mike in Toronto on




    ‘Rangers legend Ally McCoist injured after falling off boat in Portugal’





    Was his assistant on the boat with him when he ‘fell’ off?



    They do like their traditions, you know….

  7. Like no other on

    Cringe of a video from Arsenal.


    And they honestly think they need subtitles??!!!!



    You’re welcome to them, KT.



    Onwards and upwards to the Ten







    The season HAS started. And before today we’d spent £12 million on four players. It would have been £15 million except the Turnbull medical was a failure.



    We’re top of the table, following a 7-0 win.



    We’ve got one foot in the final Champions League qualifiers. If we make it through this tie Sparta Prague are all that stand in our way of the Groups, but European football will be guaranteed one way or another, far into the winter time.



    Our club just netted £25 million for a youth academy player who wanted to leave.



    I’m feeling happy enough, yes.



    But for the record, here’s my “inside view.” Kieran Tierney wanted to leave this time last year. The club barely convinced him to stay, and the interested party wasn’t Arsenal but non-Europe participants Everton. His head was turned by the money.



    That’s not a crime. He’s a working class kid and it happens.



    I don’t feel put out by it or piqued by it in any way, just so long as we don’t have to listen to any nonsense about his pledging allegiance until he dies or any other crap … he’s made a financially based decision for the good of him and his family and I will not hold that against him.



    I won’t hold it against the club for holding out and getting their fee.



    Celtic will either give Lennon the funds he wants or they won’t … so some of us are right and some of us are wrong, and I’m happy to wait to see which is which before ranting at them over it.



    You all know I’ll be the most vocal in offering criticism if they screw us. But at this moment in time there is nothing to get antsy about, nothing at all.

  9. Fat Sally overboard , there won’t be a lifebelt big enough for him ! SHTEAKBAKECSC

  10. Scott Sinclair stays then….



    Does Lennon, now play him more often? Because I got impression he was being saved, to make way for a Sale.



    He’s certainly a better option than Morgan , wide left.

  11. Celtic please listen on

    Kieran i love Celtic Tierney? I may be like Billy McNeill & stay my whole career ?


    Kieran i took the money & ran.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Strange how the heart works.



    Posted last night about KT leaving and was OK with it.



    Saw him in an Arsenal jersey today. Gutted.



    Still happy for him though. Good luck kid.



    Hail hail

  13. HeknowsWHOknows on




    So basically. It’s all about the money?



    Whilst KT has provided the club with part of his medical expenses and development costs . I believe your namesake should be knighted.



    KT – Good Luck as Emery will by gone be end of season.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    When someone spins you a line, it’s hard to feel happy when that line turns out to be just garbage.




    I think it’s almost completely about the money, yep.



    And I agree on my namesake. He will earn the status as a club legend that Kieran should have had.



    Forrest wants to be a one club player … they are the rarest thing in football. On a night like last night you can see the value in giving him the deal that will see him end his career here. Yes he blows hot and cold, and can look ineffectual at times … but in a single moment he can change a game.



    I am equally happy Sinclair is still with us. I like Mikey “Magic” Johnson, and think he’s the future … but I would have been loathe to let go a footballer who has given us so much in his three years here. I don’t think Lennon fancies him as a first team regular … it’s Scott’s job to change that perception.



    We are better off for having him here though.

  16. Good luck to KT and thanks for the service that you were paid handsomley for.



    I wish him all the best, but will not look out for Arsenals result.



    That’s it. No more no less. Celtic Football Club move on.






    D. :)

  17. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Has anyone seen the video on TWITTER? I SUPPOSE TOMORROW. WILL BE THE LOVE LETTERS DO THe Gullibles known as the support.



    Every summer they feck it up. Every summer.

  18. HeknowsWHOknows on




    Thanks for the post. Articulate as always.



    I’m just gutted I posted the same last night. In actual fact it’s Henrik syndrome all over (please don’t go to a GP with these symptoms)



    Absutely nothing personal just gutted we’ve lost a legend in the making and it won’t be the last.



    Peter and his puppets better get their finger out.



    Hail Hail

  19. He wanted to leave.



    He left.



    He’s outta ma life.



    C’MON THE CELTS(WHOWANTTO PLAYFORUS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Thanks KT. Hope you are a massive success. If not,and it can happen to good players, we’ll have you back anytime.


    I think you should have stayed another year but what do I know

  21. Do you think watching Robertson lift the big cup influenced KT to look for a move.



    “When I was younger, it was always Celtic. The ambition was Celtic and that was my dream when I was younger. ‘But when you get older… I’ve done that, I’ve made my dream, I’ve lived my dream and I’ve loved every single minute of it. ‘Now I just feel was the right time to take a step on. I feel this is a great opportunity for me.’ KT



    Wrong club then unless he is thinking about another move in a couple seasons.

  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    I loved KT from the moment he played till the moment he became


    Kieran Tierney of Arsenal



    Wish him well as I do all those who’ve left Celtic

  23. fairhill bhoy on

    Very childish comments being made regarding KT🤔


    Get a life please before it’s to late 😉

  24. You do not force a transfer if you are truly a ” one man club”.



    Whoever gave him the advice, be it Agent/Father do not need to live with the fact he will be remembered for legging it at first opportunity despite his badge kissing excesses.



    I trust this site will not be reproducing any of the guff which will be produced as a face saving exercise.

  25. What is the Stars on

    Football is a business


    Get over yourselves.


    Good luck Kieran and thanks for the memories.

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