Cluj rest entire team ahead of Glasgow game, our new defenders


At Saturday’s, league game at home to strugglers, Hermanstadt, Cluj manager Dan Petrescu rested every single player who started against Celtic last week.  Whatever modest noises he makes in the media before tomorrow’s game, Cluj are prepared to throw everything into beating Celtic.

They will arrive in Glasgow today planning to hit Celtic on the break, as they did in Romania on Wednesday.  By contrast, Celtic have three days to recover from their comfortable win at Fir Park.

Neil Lennon called it right being critical of how Celtic opened against Motherwell on Saturday.  At times, our passing and long-ball game were reminder of the early 90s.  Fortunately, there was an ocean of talent to put things right.

Defensively there remains a lot of work to do.  Straight from kick off, Motherwell sent a high ball towards Boli Bolingoli, almost certainly trying to put the new full back under pressure.  Boli is no Kieran Tierney, but you and I have been here through discouraging early performances from Moussa Dembele and Virgil van Dijk, so we know to give the lad time, right?

The same goes for Christian Jullien.  Since leaving Toulouse in May, the big centre half had played 106 minutes football before Motherwell.  He was caught underneath the corner Motherwell scored their 91st minute consolation from – not a good look for a towering defender.

By that stage, fatigue would have been his biggest opponent.  Earlier in the game, he looked composed, including when he made a decision to pass across the face of goal to Scott Bain.  Both players will improve as they get up to speed.


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  1. Ah wanna, ah wanna, ah wanna….. ah wanna be Edouard



    Ah wanna, ah wanna, ah wanna….. ah wanna be Edouard



    Do do do do do do doooo

  2. Would I be right in thinking that some people would rather we spent more on a foreign player they’d never heard of than less on a local one?



    If Lennon and his staff consider a potential signing as someone who’d improve our side then I’d be inclined to trust him…

  3. Geebee1978



    We’re a bunch of fellas chewin the cud…..we do know that there are rough diamonds in the country and we should always be after those but in the main the talent pool outside us in scotland are journeymen and cluggers with the odd decent athlete. We’ve seen enough of Mckenna to form an opinion (mine’s is he’s shite and Taylor average) and I think vfm exists elsewhere for talent if we do a proper bit of due diligence which I worry we don’t with no real recruitment team operating.



    We have the dough and at a time when we should be really scouring the globe we have a non-existent recruitment team. Typical Celtic…

  4. Ivehad- i say to huns who are delusional and think he’s worth the same money as Dembele, LG is by far a better striker, ask a hun what’s the biggest team El Dufalo has scored against? Aberdeen probably…

  5. FAIRHILL BHOY on 12TH AUGUST 2019 9:29 PM


    Anyone else hear about Bolasie at lennoxtown today 🤔





    Hi pal – where did that come from – any photies ?

  6. Bhoys got those links earlier and I’m still in stitches at them.



    Feckin hilarious😂😂😂👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺



    D. :)

  7. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    We’ve saved a fortune brining him back , I reckon BD. I’m sure that was as much on the club’s mind as anything but fair play to them.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    Glad you asked.


    Ordinary V Premium Celtic TV.



    I feel that the basic principle of having the quality of your reception determined by a two tier system of payment to be totally unacceptable.


    Simply a price gouge. Not punter friendly.



    Twenty minutes in to the Motherwell game , the reception was so poor that my son fixed an ” illegal stream “.



    Worked perfectly. Crowd sounds , but no commentary. Not much of a loss.



    Just provide the best possible service at a given cost.


    Or don`t.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Just watched the Sevco v Hibs goals from Sunday and it certainly helps put the scoreline into perspective . Hibs put up one of the poorest defensive displays I’ve seen in a long time . Embarrassing.

  10. Flying visit, rumours about Taylor have credence from what I hear. Killie looking for £2 million. If a deal is done, it will be nearer £1.5 million. As ever don’t shout the messenger.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  11. GlenD- notice from last week, St Johnstone were shite,but yesterday Sevco were fantastic…

  12. glendalystonsils on




    ST Johnstone were poor but our goals were well worked . Hibs were utter shite and Sevco didn’t have to work for their goals. That’s how I saw it.



    I don’t think i’ll ever get a job on sportscene or Sky!

  13. JamesForrest…whilst much of your last article resonates…I feel I need to take you to task over this line



    “Lawwell played his latest poker hand, with Arsenal, to the final day and our club took every penny of the £25 million we wanted”



    Arsenal played PL, to the last day of the transfer window, and stole the best LB in the country IMHO for a derisory £25M




  14. Lennybhoy…mmmm…if NFL thinks Taylor can do a job for us…I remain to be convinced…as always when I’m negative…I hope am wrong







  15. Willie Wallace,Joe Mc Bride,Dixie Deans,Brian Mc Clare,Pat Stanton,Stevie Murray,from a wee while ago,


    Broony,John Collins,Davy Provan,Tosh Mc Kinley,Andy Lynch.A lot of trophies would have gone AWOL without these guys,even ,maybe the Big Cup.


    Smallish full backs,Davy Hay,Danny Mc Grain,Izzy,Tosh,,not a bad WEE bunch there.


    Just saying.I keep going back to Stevie Clarke.Thinks a great deal of the boy Taylor,100 odd games for Killie,gave him his first cap in his first managerial role for Scotland,and the boy played very well against Belgium.Now,some would be saying the same about a certain Liverpool LB.


    Not saying we SHOULD sign him,just cant understand the snobbery.

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH AUGUST 2019 10:50 PM



    Quite agree mate…..



    In other news I quite enjoy the Si Ferry william hill youtube podcast interviews he does with players.


    This week it is ‘Willo Flood’


    A good no holds barred interview as most are.




    There is hardly been one interview when the players have not gone into great detail about various ‘drinking’ nights out and exploits.


    It seems to me that alcohol and getting wasted on group nights out are almost totally accross the board in football.


    Such a shame that these young highly paid athletes think so little of their careers.


    I heard somewhere that our beloved now departed KT was a complete non drinker.


    I would like to think that is true and if so then kudos to him.


    In most top level athletic sports competitors would almost NEVER even touch alcohol whilst still playing .


    Football still has a bit to go.

  17. In fairness to Hibs,I listened to their manager,and he was taking a chance with his line up.No idea what his best team is,too many coming in.He said”We will see how they play today,I have back up for a number of positions.Again,new players.Remember it was 2-1 with Hibs coming back well.Then down to 10 men.Watched Chelsea v Man U.Chelsea with a wee bit of luck,and better finishing could have been 4 up .Man U win 4-0.Sometimes it does not take much.

  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Wishing our Colts well against Falkirk tomorrow in the Challenge Cup 2nd rd. Body armour will be required.



    It doesn’t sit right with me that the club plays two games simultaneously and ground support for our Bhoys would be welcome from any Falkirk Tims not at Celtic Park. Beers and complementary Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers are on hand for those quick enough through the gates.



    Won’t include me though, Cluj it is. The usual ritual.



    Just a Celt, standing in front of a girl standing in front of a boy standing in front of the Green Brigade, wondering “will there be any pies left when I reach this counter?”



    C’mon the hoops!

  19. ffs no another winger & an Everton regect & according to the Liverpool Echo


    said Bolasie is the worst player they have ever signed

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