Cluj slip as Lazio, Rennes win. Resource management


Lazio responded to their defeat at Celtic Park with a 1-2 win away at Fiorentina on Sunday.  They are just two points off a Champions League spot and a point behind neighbours, Roma.  Europa League progress will be important to them, but after missing out on the Champions League on a head-to-head with Inter last season, qualification for the Big Cup will be their priority.

Rennes scored an added-time winner at home to Toulouse.  They are one of 10 teams within three points of a Champions League space in a cramped Ligue 1 table.  PSG are 8 points clear at the top of the French table, but there is little to choose between the others. After losing at home to Cluj, I expect Rennes appetite for the return game next midweek to wane.

Interestingly, Moussa Dembele’s Lyon are adrift in 13th place.  Despite Lyon’s toil, Moussa is second top scorer in Ligue 1, ahead of the more celebrated Mbappe and Neymar.

Cluj succumbed to their third league defeat of the season last night, after taking an early lead against mid-table Politehnica Iasi.  That result cuts their lead at the top of the Romanian table to two points.  Not much, but it is as comfortable a domestic position as anyone in Celtic’s Europa League group.

We are entering the part of the season when injuries, suspensions and the latter stages of cup competitions begin to have an effect.  November and December is all about resource management.

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  1. So it looks like the Celtic AGM will be held on 27 November 2019


    That’s over four weeks away.


    Time enough to Man Les Barricades,


    And wave those share certificates in the air


    In a furious manner


    Allons Y

  2. Wanted NL as our manager and have been delighted with the work he has done on the BR team which for all its success was becoming a bit stale.


    This season the style of the team and lennons signings have been incredibly positive [so far]


    However there are a few things that baffle me.


    The continued use of Johnny Hayes off the bench for no obvious reason.


    Johnny Hayes has no future at celtic ..he is not good enough.


    He got unlucky with the bad injury when he showed signs of forcing his way in.


    The young lad ‘taylor’ could use this game time and of course we all can see that Scott Sinclair has been sent to coventry for no obvious reason.


    Further to that the young Dembele and oko flex for me could do with some minutes on the pitch when subs are getting made in games already won.

  3. RON67 on 29TH OCTOBER 2019 4:12 PM


    if its only a knock , man up man and get on with it.






    Don’t really know what it is. He’s off to get a scan. He might make the Hibs game at the weekend.



    I’m sure he’s missing the St Mirren game as a precaution.

  4. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, It is beneath Paul Brennan’s dignity to engage with posters. Remember those happy days when he used to give us a couple of replies? And then bugger off for 24 hours?



    Now, nothing.



    Topical issues? Res 12?



    Don’t wait on it.




    Paul, your site is following the Sun & Record.




    Wake up. Stop being best pals with the scum masons on the Celtic Board.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    RON67 on 29TH OCTOBER 2019 4:23 PM


    our semi final officials:



    Referee:Bobby Madden


    AR1 Graeme Stewart


    AR2 Douglas Ross


    Fourth Official Steven McLean.




    That reads like a Ludge roll of honour! -))

  6. Re another striker, go get Jonny Russell, cost about 500k,knows the league, very fit still got pace,a bonus of being a Tim as well.

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 29TH OCTOBER 2019 7:07 PM


    Re another striker, go get Jonny Russell, cost about 500k,knows the league, very fit still got pace,a bonus of being a Tim as well.






    Or better still, go to France and get the next version of Eddie on the assembly line. He won’t be here for the 10 and we need to plan for that.

  8. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Pretty sure that Neil has a soft spot for Jonny Hayes, probably something behind it but don’t know what it is, Jonny seems very popular amongst all the other guys as well, plus more importantly don’t think when he has come on he has ever let anyone down, mind you I hope that young Taylor gets his chance soon.

  9. bejesus…..some real keyboard hero,s that want to rage their wee troubles….



    P67 has better things to do….I wid be annoyed if he dinae….



    smiley there are folk that are Celtic and then the others that wid like to be thing




  10. ROCK TREE BHOY on 29TH OCTOBER 2019 7:37 PM



    I agree with your view of the Johnny Hayes -Neil Lennon relationship.


    And of course I understand Lennon’s feelings.


    Perhaps he is trying to show other players not in the team that Johnny Hayes is the example he is looking for with regards squad players atitude to training and remaining focused and being a good team-mate [as Gordan Strachan would say! hehe].


    I still don’t get it however as I see no future for Johnny Hayes beyond seeing out his current deal.Simply not good enough.

  11. RTB- Agree,we need to start planning a replacement for Eddy, but I think JR would be a really handy option for a couple of seasons. HH

  12. Johnny Russel I have serious doubts about being what we need.


    If we are looking at a striker we need to get a really top striker.


    Way too many squad players as it is.


    Even if french Eddy got injured and Bayo was either not good enough or injured too …we could play Scott Sinclair up front and he would be a better option.


    All this assuming the Grifiths situation remains uncertain.

  13. We need Rennes to take something in Romania. Otherwise, I suspect we’ll be going to Romania needing something to qualify on the last day.




    I remember your post a few weeks ago where you insulted PAUL67 and those who post here.



    Maybe you should discuss with PAUL67 what he should post about on his Blog.



    I’ve met you and don’t believe you are posting this aggressive stuff off your own bat.



    You’ve been put up to it and that makes you a scum bag in my book.



    Now, really, at your age, you should know better.



    So you’ve got a response to your pish post now run back to your friends and tell them how much of a hero you are.




  15. David Francie, BBC’s radio commentator at the 4-0 1969 Final reported Celtic’s third goal in anguished tone, ‘Oh no! It’s another blunder. Celtic have scored.’



    Similarly, when David Moyes scored his one and only OF goal in the 1980s, the shocked and clearly upset SSB commentator told his listeners, ‘They’ve scored.’



    Now, I’ve always known thoroughly decent people who love Sevco. But the Scottish media never changes. With a couple of notable exceptions, they perceive Celtic as something foreign and an affront to the natural order.

  16. johnny hayes has only been in a losing celtic team twice, once at hearts , once at the hun place.



    all heart, bravery, the bhoy broke his leg playing for us, and came back even braver, dont that euro tackle, was it rennes ? another one at ibrox, one in the cup final.



    leave the bhoy alone, fine squad player.

  17. correction, johnny was also in the livinstone defeat,






    he is included in the big book of hun skelpers for his goal at ibrox early this season, and for that alone he joins the ranks of the unforgettable.

  18. and he watched over that we lad that wis being bullied …



    “i am just up the road ” ….top loon ..



    smiley and faster than Frimpong(to be announced shortly) thing




  19. I,m still waiting for ma last wan….signed by the 4 riders…



    smiley persistence should count for something thing



    hahahaha Cantheman beware




  20. I Read a while back that Lenny was thinking of playing James Forrest as a striker,try it on Wednesday if Bayo isn’t fit,and I think it’s wrong for to judge Bayo,give him more time,and we will see if he is any good,as for Forrest if Lenny trys him up front ,then he should give Savhed is that his surname,a run out on the wing,

  21. Some stupid comments on here today. it appears after all we know that big bad PL drove Rodgers out the club.



    We know what the RAT wanted and it all about him

  22. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I think Hayes does a very good job for us any time he plays – always tries his upmost for the team / has good skill and pace. Someone you want in the squad absolutely.



    Gave us a real energy boost when he came on vs The Rainjurz – great energy and pace for goal. Also a truly great tackle vs Rennes away seemed to take the wind out of the French team at the tail end of the game.




    Auldheid – I have the very T-Shirt (although it must have shrunk recently 😁)






  23. St Mirren away form is less than stellar


    Won. 0


    Drawn. 0


    Lost 5


    GF. W. GA. 8


    We can afford to rest a couple of players before Saturday evening.


    Gordon in for Forster in preparation for Hibs.


    Bauer to give him a wee run to hone match fitness.


    Bitton for Julienne in case he’s carrying a knock.


    Ntcham for Brown to keep the captain’s tank full.


    Sinclair for Forrest to rest James and make him think there’s a challenge for his slot.


    Too many changes? Possibly. But we will still be too strong for them.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Disagree,how many times have we been sucker punched by teams with this attitude, change too many players and it becomes a training exercise where player go to it thinking they just need to throw the jumper son the park to win.


    We are going for a world record quadruple treble here, treat it like a European tie.


    If we four up like at pitodrie then we can relax and bring on some peripheral players.

  25. Canamalar


    You may be right, but against the likes of St Mirren we should be able to play a couple of backups to encourage them and to prepare the pool for the testing times ahead in November and December.

  26. Good morning CQN from a dark, dry but not as cold as late Garngad



    Bring on the Buddy’s.



    I’m with GG here, I think we could rest a couple of first team players, without shooting ourselves in the foot.






    D. :)

  27. Jonny Hayes…



    Not the most skilful, talented player in our squad but a very capable player. Always committed and gives his all on the park.



    The kinda player I love to see at our club.



    A rich mans Anton Rogan…:)






    Mo changes, mo problems me thinks. Great momentum to our play ATM, keep changes to minimum.


    Hardest part of Lenny’s job will be keeping everyone happy regards playing time, it’s a good problem to have.



    Hardest part of this was hitting the post comment tab as the post jumps all over my iPhone screen, if you’re reading this it’s worked…:)




  28. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Morning CQN, foggy, cauld, Highlands. Gonna be nippy in Dingwall the night. Lurkin’ Huns… enjoy



  29. Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday from a clear skied, cold but not frosty East Kilbride. I don’t expect too many changes tonight. We actually only have 3 more league games between now and 30 November (the cup semi and an international weekend also feature along with 2 Europa ties). All 3 league games are at home – St Mirren, Motherwell and Livingston) so a very realistic chance of securing 9 points and significantly increasing our goal difference. Our noisy neighbours have the opposite – 3 away trips to Ross County, Livingston and Hamilton none of which are easy.

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