Under the cover of coronavirus, Dave King resigned as chairman of Newco.  Four months ago he said the club needed £10m before the end of the season.  In his farewell statement, released  last night, he noted a hoped-for round of funding “has been put on hold”.  With the postponement of fixtures since last month, the funding requirement could now be as much as £20m.

The statement was unnecessarily wordy, had he got to the point, he would have said ‘The proposed funder has bailed out and so have I.  You’re on your own.’

Claiming he hoped to extend his tenure as chairman until after the coronavirus crisis, but was unable to as South Africa authorities insisted he self-isolate for 14 days, insults the intelligence of even his advocates.  The world is self-isolating at the moment and the rest of us have figured out how to communicate by phone or videoconference.

This football club needs tens of millions to pay the liabilities incurred to get this close to Celtic.  Hopes of selling its player assets for inflated figures have disappeared from their fantasies.  Ex-pats prepared to sink millions into covering previous losses do not exist.

Without Dave King menacing to get his hands on the club within days of Charles Green buying Oldco’s assets, Newco would now be solvent and competitive.  Instead, Green was forced to cut ticket prices and pay Ally McCoist and his squad over the odds in order to keep the fans onside, blowing his business plan apart from the off.

The architect of this clusterstaunch has left the scene, unwilling to be held accountable for what happens next.  Dave, you will be welcome to make the Paradise Windfall draw any time the South African authorities permit you to travel – but I realise you are unlikely to visit Glasgow again.  When the history of our 20-in-a-row, or whatever the sequence becomes, is written, there will be a chapter dedicated to fools like you who made it possible.

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  1. David66


    I, too, was in the Merchant navy and brought a parrot back from Brazil.The first thing it did in our house was bite my mother and say ` ” F— off ! It was quickly given to my brother`s more animal tolerant Mother-in-Law and lived with her for many, many years :-)

  2. Morning Bhoys it’s a beautiful morning down here Ailsa Craig looks great in the sun 😎

  3. Might have posted this before. Got told this as an apprentice yonks ago…



    One day a man walks into a bar and to his amazement, he finds a tiny person playing a tiny


    piano, belting out classics from Elton John, John Lennon and their ilk. Stunned by this scene the man asked the bartender who the wee guy was. The bartender replied that inside the closet there is a genie that will grant him a single wish.



    The man breenges into the the closet and as the bartender said, there was a genie inside.



    Without hesitation the man wished for a million bucks, but instead 1 million ducks appeared flapping their wings and shiting all over the place. Totally raging the guy stormed to the bartender and screamed



    “I think your genie is a bit deaf, I asked for a million bucks but instead I got a million ducks!”




    The bartender shook his head and replied, “You’re telling me pal… Do you really think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?”




  4. One of my vary favourite artists Singer-songwriter John Prine, who received a Grammy lifetime achievement award this year, is in critical condition with symptoms of coronavirus, his family relayed via his Twitter account on March 29. “After a sudden onset of Covid-19 symptoms, John was hospitalized on Thursday (3/26),” the statement from the Prine family said. “He was intubated Saturday evening, and continues to receive care, but his situation is critical.” Prine’s wife and manager, Fiona Whelan Prine, had previously been reported to be diagnosed with coronavirus. At the time her having contracted the disease was made public, via her Instagram posting March 19, she said her husband had been tested but results were “indeterminate.” The couple was said to be quarantined apart from one another at home at that point. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson



    John wrote the most haunting song about loneliness I have ever heard and now of all times it is most relevant. So, say Hello in There to John and any isolated person that that you can reach.




  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Morning all.



    Genuine question ….



    Do changes to SPFL regulations regarding Administration need a minimum 11 of 12 majority?



    If so, St Johnstone, Hibs and Celtic should vote against as a starter for ten.



    In practical terms, if almost everyone (9 of 12) need to enter admin, the playing field remains largely level regardless of them being deducted 5, 10, 15 or 100 points.



    It is only a 0 points deduction for badly run clubs that punishes well run clubs.

  6. Jim McColl saying he considered buying Rangers with FSG of Liverpool.



    If my aunty had baws…

  7. Morning All….Further to Big Jimmy’s tale of the late, great, Joe McBride, I can verify what a fantastic ghuy the man was. In 1970, 4 daft boys left Rothesay for a European tour in an old Triumph Herald – two Tims, a bluenose (never a hun) and a sheepie. Our starting off point was Hull to Gothenburg and the eventual destiny was Munchen for Oktoberfest. Our first “engagement” was a Malmo v Hibs game in Malmo. The Hibees had won the first game about 6-0, but we were still keen to go to the game. On the afternoon of the game we happened to walk past the Hibs Hotel and me and my best friend were wearing our Celtic scarfs – well what else would you wear to a Hibs match. One of their players noticed us and thinking we werre Hibs fans started to shout encouragements at us. Then one noticed it was Celtic scarfs we were wearing and a few boos ensued. This brought Joe McBride to the window who waved to us and yelled “Stay there, Bhoys”. He came out, shared some time with us and gave us tickets for the game. Also took a bit of the piss out of the bluenose and wished us well.


    We left and went searching for a carry-oot for the game. Sweden, in those days, was virtually dry and the only stuff we could get was some root beer. Our tickets Joe gave us were for the main stand and we settled in to watch the game. In the opposite terracing there were a group of Hibs fans, maybe a dozen, maybe twenty. We started chanting across to each other – a sort of early version of COYBIG – as the game itself was pretty rubbish. At half time there was an announcement over the tannoy and there was a lot of pointing at us and laughing at us from the local support around us. When we asked what it was all about, an elderly gentleman, with impeccable english, told us we were making too much noise and would we stop drinking. The stop drinking bit was easy – has anyone drank root beer…voluntarily? But any time Joe touched the ball he got a huge roar from us – even the bluenose joined in.


    Fifty years later, I still have that image of Joe spotting us from the hotel window and greetin us. Thanks for the memory, Joe.

  8. good mornig from snny spain liked the talk about hamilton pubs stayed there for 7 years drank in the auld hoose big tim that owned it davie riley meet him and his son in jock stein lounge at evey home game sometimes went to carrigans did not like him thought him as a big time charlie but was a great bar liked peter mccabe in charge of the bar good guy hail hail

  9. SCANIEL on 30TH MARCH 2020 11:23 AM




    lovely story about Joe.



    We will never know how 1967 and beyond would have panned out IF Joe hadnt got injured at the end of 1966….maybe we would have beaten Inter Milan 7-1 , if Joe had been fit etc ?





    It obviously turned out fine for Celtic FC and the support etc, and those who took part in that European Run and success will never be forgotten.


    I regard Joe McBride as a Lisbon Lion, along with Wullie ONeill, Charlie Gallagher, John Yogi Hughes, John Fallon and any one else that I have failed to mention from those times, who were part of the 1st team squad.



  10. Its now my 13th day of self isolation and I am wondering if my mind is playing tricks already as…..



    I am sure that I saw a STV News report last night on tv about a…MORTONs Roll Van being held up at gun point outside Glasgow some time yesterday ???



    Did I imagine this…or did anyone else see that report ?



    going bananas CFC.



  11. Chanty-it’s Paul Riley,big Forsyth was probably the head barman back then.


    I think Peter is still up in carrigans

  12. CHANTY


    Davie Riley owns the Log Cabin in Baillieston now. Still goes to the Jock Stein lounge. One of my brothers knows him

  13. You don’t need to have any French to understand the table at the end of this article.







    Football Observatory is a pretty reliable site – a sort of City news sheet for football agents. Their table is confined to the Big Five leagues, but there’s no reason to think Scotland is following any different trajectory.



    Bad for selling clubs, good for buyers with cash and reliable income. Wages not so easy to estimate accurately, of course

  14. JC2-cheers for the reply yesterday.I could have picked prenton park(Tranmere rovers)


    Castle park (Blantyre vics) as my worst away ground but the fact judas played for Falkirk swayed me😉


    GORDYBHOY 64-I watched that Utd game yesterday along with a few others.God bless YouTube eh😉

  15. Alex Rae of Clyde other night.



    Got asked, how you coping with all the family being home.



    He said, its good actually , the home schooling is a challenge but I have to say the kids are teaching me english wells

  16. There’s a programme on BBC sounds at the moment hosted by Colin Murray, it contains archive commentary from the European Cup Final, Colin seems to think the final was played on the 27th May, below is the synopsis from the article…



    “Celtic beat Inter Milan to become the first British team to win the European Cup in 1967. The Scottish champions were 0-1 down at half-time, but late goals from Archie Gemmell and Stevie Chalmers brought European club football’s most prestigious prize to British shores for the first time”…



    Unbelievable, talk about lazy journalism.

  17. Tobago Street & Hrvatski Jim



    Sad news about John Prine- one of the many singer songwriters in the 70’s like Springsteen, Loudon Wainwright and Steve Faubert to be lazily tagged as the next Dylan.



    I have been listening to John’s work since I heard Sam Stone on a Sampler Album (Atlantic label I think). I agree Bruised Orange and Hello in there are great works but there are so many to choose from



    Here are mine:- some fine wee bits of metaphysical poetry



    Lake Marie



    Unwed Fathers



    Blue Umbrella

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