Under the cover of coronavirus, Dave King resigned as chairman of Newco.  Four months ago he said the club needed £10m before the end of the season.  In his farewell statement, released  last night, he noted a hoped-for round of funding “has been put on hold”.  With the postponement of fixtures since last month, the funding requirement could now be as much as £20m.

The statement was unnecessarily wordy, had he got to the point, he would have said ‘The proposed funder has bailed out and so have I.  You’re on your own.’

Claiming he hoped to extend his tenure as chairman until after the coronavirus crisis, but was unable to as South Africa authorities insisted he self-isolate for 14 days, insults the intelligence of even his advocates.  The world is self-isolating at the moment and the rest of us have figured out how to communicate by phone or videoconference.

This football club needs tens of millions to pay the liabilities incurred to get this close to Celtic.  Hopes of selling its player assets for inflated figures have disappeared from their fantasies.  Ex-pats prepared to sink millions into covering previous losses do not exist.

Without Dave King menacing to get his hands on the club within days of Charles Green buying Oldco’s assets, Newco would now be solvent and competitive.  Instead, Green was forced to cut ticket prices and pay Ally McCoist and his squad over the odds in order to keep the fans onside, blowing his business plan apart from the off.

The architect of this clusterstaunch has left the scene, unwilling to be held accountable for what happens next.  Dave, you will be welcome to make the Paradise Windfall draw any time the South African authorities permit you to travel – but I realise you are unlikely to visit Glasgow again.  When the history of our 20-in-a-row, or whatever the sequence becomes, is written, there will be a chapter dedicated to fools like you who made it possible.

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  1. Saw this online,



    First stadium:


    Last stadium:


    Best stadium:


    Worst stadium:



    Kilbowie park


    Celtic park


    Camp Nou



  2. Melbourne Mick on




    Spoke to PADDYMAC and he knows Steve well and the various


    teams he played for when he came to Melbourne.


    He will post a bit later with some memories.


    H.H . Mick

  3. Da id17


    Celtic Park




    Celtic Park


    Perthshire Juniors – Black Ash Days 😀

  4. Melbourne Mick on




    Sorry for the late reply.


    I remember when you came over and PADDYMAOZ had a


    drink with you.


    You’re the only visitor i’ve missed to the rebel peninsula.


    I had to go with our young bhoys to play finals the other


    side of the bay, a 2-3 hour drive that day.


    Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet up another time so


    stay safe until then.


    H.H . Mick

  5. Wishaw Tim


    GOWKTHRAPPLE came up in a chat with an old Carluke friend.


    Last time I heard it must have been in the 60s.

  6. thanks melbourne mick im from melbourne myself lived most of my life on peninsula good old frankston spent many a jolly night in mornington

  7. Reminding Robert Hoods awesome track…. ffs let someone else take up the slack.



    Incredible when ye pick up that baton, Jesus, yer name isnae said in vane.



    The New Testament wow hardened hearts gonnae struggle to get it.



    Need Prayer from so many to soften hardened hearts.




  8. Blojo thinks it’s a good idea to send a letter to 30 million homes re Covid 19,could the money not be used for something useful? Everyone knows what is going on…

  9. Been lurking


    Nothing else to do


    This place is


    So special


    Like ages ago


    Everyone be safe


    My family

  10. Personally I don’t care to much for any politician, left or right, but people taken some sort of comfort over a guy getting coronavirus when he’s got a new born on the way is just sad

  11. CordovaBayTim on

    Taking a bit of poetic license with “stadium”



    First: Station Park, Baillieston


    Last: Celtic Park (4-3 loss to Cluj)


    Best: Allianz Munich


    Worst: Maxwell Park, Baillieston (I still have some of the ash in my knees)

  12. GG! Cheers for the reply! Originally from Blantyre but have been in Wishaw from about 1986, mummy bear still in. High Blantyre! Same for everyone who has elderly parents! Absolutely crap!look but can’t touch !



    First: Shawfield (Clyde/Dogs)


    Last: Celtic Park


    Best (Ford Field; home of Detroit Lions, Michigan. Imagine Celtic Park with a roof, great food outlets, and good toilets! 😊)


    Worst: Shyberry.

  14. Travellerbhoy on

    There was a big encampment of travellers staying at the berries


    Saturday night no picking on sunday


    Drink was taken


    Songs sung




    And fighting


    Almost murder


    Polis came


    Statements took




    God an lo’s jeemy


    Over and over (we will follow u)


    I digress


    God an lo’s jeemy


    Find jeemy


    He’s to blsme


    Said the sergeant


    They say


    He’s in dunkeld


    Said the constable


    Well let’s go




    True story


    He was in dunkeld


    In the cemetery


    Travellers swear an oath


    On dead forebears


    As in


    God an lo’s, jeemy


    As in God I will be as low (as in the grave) as my grandfather




    If I’m not telling the truth



  15. Travellerbhoy on




    Some people saying


    They heard a bang


    Louder than thunder




    All around the world


    And it was one


    Of the 7 seals




    God bless

  16. Travellerbhoy on



    U r very important


    To a lot of us


    Keep on keeping on


    Hail Hail

  17. Tobago Street on

    TRAVELLERBHOY on 29TH MARCH 2020 12:48 AM



    Watched the video, found the movie online, watched it, cried like a rainstorm and yearned for Glasgow. Ain’t no place like home.



    Powerful indeed!




  18. Difficult day for wife and myself yesterday.


    Saw our two youngest grand kids and unable to hold them.


    Three year old who usually gives his gran hugs which she loves, couldn’t understand why he couldn’t approach us.


    It’s a common situation for millions of older folk.


    Oh how we will cherish those hugs when this has passed.

  19. First Stadium. Celtic Park 1954.


    Last. Celtic Park


    Best. Minute Maid, Home of Astros.


    Worst. Hampden Park V Leeds where I was genuinely scared for my life.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Bojo’s Herd immunity strategy is directly responsible for the thousands including his own families deaths if it comes to that so I’ve no hesitation in hoping he and his fellow strategists suffer the worst of this.


    Their decimated the NHS.


    You can go buy a test privately for £260, private companies are receiving grants to fund private testing but the NHS front line is being subjected to the highest risk potentially and most likely becoming the source of many cases, so underfund, over work, subject to highest risk then when they prove a lot of cases where sourced in overworked hospitals use it to promote the NHS is not working and the Americans should be allowed to take over. And you bleat about a mass murderers unborn child as if we should be sympathetic to bojo s plight, useful idiots are us eh.

  21. South Of Tunis on

    First – Firhill


    Last-Stadio Olimpico Roma


    Best -A jam packed San Paolo Napoli


    Worst -Sincil Bank Lincoln.

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    First – Celtic Park


    Last – Celtic Park


    Best – Celtic Park


    Worst – Celtic Park

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