Under the cover of coronavirus, Dave King resigned as chairman of Newco.  Four months ago he said the club needed £10m before the end of the season.  In his farewell statement, released  last night, he noted a hoped-for round of funding “has been put on hold”.  With the postponement of fixtures since last month, the funding requirement could now be as much as £20m.

The statement was unnecessarily wordy, had he got to the point, he would have said ‘The proposed funder has bailed out and so have I.  You’re on your own.’

Claiming he hoped to extend his tenure as chairman until after the coronavirus crisis, but was unable to as South Africa authorities insisted he self-isolate for 14 days, insults the intelligence of even his advocates.  The world is self-isolating at the moment and the rest of us have figured out how to communicate by phone or videoconference.

This football club needs tens of millions to pay the liabilities incurred to get this close to Celtic.  Hopes of selling its player assets for inflated figures have disappeared from their fantasies.  Ex-pats prepared to sink millions into covering previous losses do not exist.

Without Dave King menacing to get his hands on the club within days of Charles Green buying Oldco’s assets, Newco would now be solvent and competitive.  Instead, Green was forced to cut ticket prices and pay Ally McCoist and his squad over the odds in order to keep the fans onside, blowing his business plan apart from the off.

The architect of this clusterstaunch has left the scene, unwilling to be held accountable for what happens next.  Dave, you will be welcome to make the Paradise Windfall draw any time the South African authorities permit you to travel – but I realise you are unlikely to visit Glasgow again.  When the history of our 20-in-a-row, or whatever the sequence becomes, is written, there will be a chapter dedicated to fools like you who made it possible.

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  1. Stories in the English press saying the EPL could be in for a £1.2bn hit – £760m for BT and Sky and the rest in sponsorship if the season is abandoned. It has questioned whether clubs are properly insured for such an event.


    Also pay cuts for premiership stars being mentioned.

  2. First: Celtic Park


    Last: Celtic Park


    Best: Celtic Park


    Worst: Cliftonhill




  3. while we have distractions like



    1. Big Peter donating thousands to charity



    2 ,Jobos POTY



    3. CRC Last man standing



    Rangers have secured the successor to Al(frodo) morelos , they’re pinning their hopes on this guy , if, if they can raise the funds.





  4. First- Celtic Park – sometime in the early 60’s – don’t know the date- My brother and I were taken by my dad when we were too young to sustain attention for 90 minutes, We agreed it was a game vs Killie but we both thought it was a 0:0 match and Frank Beattie played for Killie. Unfortunately- there is no such 0:0 game in the records. I remember seeing Dunky McKay, Frank Brogan, Jim Kennedy and Billy Price play but I don’t think that was that first match. My dad died in 1993 so, by the time I found out it was not a scoreless draw, it was too late to ask him. So much for being bewitched by your first experience. I played tig for most of the 90 minutes.



    Last- CP 7th March vs St. Mirren- stayed to see Callum’s penalty



    Best- CP- I don’t go to stadiums in awe of the building or to look down at the lack of facilities. I am glad we have improved a good deal from the old jungle days but I don’t want a heated seat and food service delivered. The passion of sport is from your emotional investment in the team and the atmosphere it generates. CP can still raise itself up on big occasions, even though we are a less forgiving crowd than we used to be at home. I do enjoy the atmosphere and tension at Tynecastle but not the opposing fans.



    Worst- Ibrox and Hampden- for exactly those reasons- Ibrox-I hate the abuse we get when we go there and I distrust the people we can become when we are there. The new Hampden is soulless and their sound system often drowns out the crowd. In contrast to some of the other nominees, I have enjoyed trips to Cappielow and Cliftonhill in the past decade because it reminds me of early days at CP.




  5. Let’s face it anyone who was a travelling supporter in the early 60s could pick any of the grounds in the old First division. Covered terracing and concrete terracing were a rarity if there at all.

  6. morning from sunny spain at last 1st celtic park last celtic park best barcelona worst broomfield airdrie hail hail

  7. First – Celtic Park, 1958ish, league cup v Airdrie, Bertie scored twice I think



    Last – Brunton Park, Carlisle. January 2018, FA cup v Sheffield Wednesday



    Best – The ‘new’ Celtic Park



    Worst – Boghead Dumbarton

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Customers being issued with gloves and masks entering supermarkets in Kuwait

  9. First-Douglas park -accies


    Last-Parkhead-st mirren game


    Best-Parkhead -European nights under the lights


    Worst-brockville -Falkirk

  10. SFTB



    Celtic park



    Celtic park



    Celtic park







    Same as sftb…..he puts it down on paper better than me :O) hh

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    First Celtic Park


    Best Seville


    Worst East End Park ( on a cold January)

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I nearly ended up with a humph standing in that uncovered terracing with wind and rain bartering into me ..


    was at back of terracing so nowhere to shelter

  13. I see Neil was reminiscing about the 2011 game against Killie (3:3) when he came close to being sacked. He said the turn around was triggered by reading the riot act at half time and making two subs (he brought on Wanyama and Bangura- both of whom did nothing special). El-Kaddouri was the 3rd sub used and he did nothing either.



    I was at that match- there was no 2nd half reaction. We struggled for a further 28 minutes and did not score our first goal until the 73rd minute. The opening goal was a well struck freekick by Stokes but Killie’s keeper, Jaakola, now at Bristol Rovers, should have saved it. He certainly should have saved Stokes 2nd strike where he impatiently swung at the ball from around 30 yards. Our equalising goal, the 3rd in a 7 minute spell, was fittingly, scored by Charlie Mulgrew who had gifted them their third goal in the first half.



    Even then, we were lucky not to lose 4:3 as Heffernan missed a great chance for them in the final minute, one of 2 chances Killie created after we scored the equaliser.



    Antony Stokes, who sparked the revival, had earlier in the 2nd half missed a total sitter, after he was set up by James Forrest. Incidentally only Stokes, Forrest and maybe, Charlie Mulgrew , would get pass marks for that game.



    We were very lucky that day even though Killie’s 2nd goal was blatantly offside and missed by ref Mike Conroy’s linesman. We were even luckier when St. Mirren got a draw at Ibrox later that day to ensure no further damage was done to that league, which we won by an amazing margin of 20 points.



    Neil did his best work for us after that reprieve. Thank god for Tony Stokes’ petulance that night- he should never have tried that shot for the 2nd goal- thankfully he did.

  14. First: Parkheid


    Last: Parkheid


    Best: Alianz Arena Münich


    Worst: Tynecastle



  15. fourstonecoppi on

    First …Fir Park first of the 9 in a row


    Best….Hamdump Leeds game


    Last Paradise


    Worst…Ankle deep in pish (wearing flares btw ) old jungle toilets.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SFTB- I remember Kayal was on a booking, and went right through a Killie player right on HT for a 2nd card,how he never got sent off is beyond me,he wanted off the park,and I never trusted him after that game.

  17. fourstonecoppi on




    I met Lenny just after that season in Tennants bar and thanked him for it, he asked me what part did i like about it and i said James Forrest Rugby Park 3-3……we had a good laff about it and he said something along the lines of ‘to right, thank fek for that”

  18. Afternoon all – bit late today, traffic jam between the bedroom and the hall!



    First – Celtic Park, March 23rd 1962



    Last – Celtic Park at the beginning of this season – we beat Hearts but somehow Hearts claimed to have scored all the goals!



    Best – always Celtic Park



    Worst – Brockville, April 27th 1974 – dump of a location, almost crushed to death getting in, crap stadium and horrible playing surface, I know this cos I slid on my arse when I joined the invasion which welcomed nine in a row😀

  19. Seeing the comments re best elevens, reminded me of a wee song we used to sing back in the day.


    Aye, Aye Aye Aye, Simpson is better than Yashin


    Big Yogi is better than Eusebio


    And Johnstone is better than any one



    Those were the days




  20. BBC Scotland Tonight at 7.15pm.


    Channel 9 on freeview…


    Motherwell V Dundee Utd…Scottish Cup Final 1991.


    Full match..I believe ?




  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The hun hordes have just found out, Douglas Park’s middle name is Ireland…….they’re pure ragin……the gift that keeps on giving, seems HSBC have adjusted a lot of the Ts & Cs for Parks of Hamilton, I’m sure it’s standard practice….

  22. First Celtic Park v China, 1979


    Last Celtic Park


    Best Celtic Park, obviously


    Worst Hampden against Clydebank, scsf, 1990ish. No cover yet, blowing a hooly, rain driving into my face, I wear glasses so couldn’t see, went to hide in the toilets but they were packed with people doing the same. So I left after about an hour soaking wet and went to find my bus – I had missed it earlier in the day and went through on a different bus. Crap day! Pretty sure Pat Bonner took a goal kick which swerved behind him and out for a corner!

  23. Fairhill bhoy that list is pretty much identical to what i had



    Hated getting into Brockville always an accident waiting to happen





    FAIRHILL BHOY on 29TH MARCH 2020 12:54 PM


    First-Douglas park -accies



    Last-Parkhead-st mirren game



    Best-Parkhead -European nights under the lights



    Worst-brockville -Falkirk

  24. First: Tynecastle (Hearts v Hibs with my cousin who was a Hibbie)



    Last: Celtic Park (against Dundee Utd, taken to my first game with Glasgowbhoy – ah the romance!)



    Best: Celtic Park (obvs)



    Worst: Ibrox (in general plus the awful experience of cup semi final Celtic v Falkirk in 1997. The filthy gits deliberately didn’t clear up after their game the day before and we were knee deep in trash and no toilet roll)

  25. When you think about worst grounds some of the death traps we had to endure



    Swinecastle warren to get or a pi$h was another



    but Love st cup replay the most frightened i can remember as about 14 year old



    skinny boy who couldnt get my feet on the ground

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Could have put City Ground Nottingham,as the worst, the night we played them,could have been horrific. Seemed about 5,000 trying to get through 2 turnstiles. I’m 6’2 was really fit at the time, about 10 yards from gate,was lifted off my feet,arms bound at my side, facing away from the turnstile. When I got fired through the gate,a cop went through in front of me and collapsed, I went to help him,he was losing consciousness, and was touching his chest, around his heart. I loosened his tunic,took his tie off,and was then bundled over by another cop who thought I was attacking him.I went mental at him,meanwhile the poor guy is still gesturing to his chest.I felt a bump on his tunic,it was his inhaler, he was asthmatic, got him sorted in about 10 minutes, but a terrifying experience.

  27. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Love st was Ash Wednesday


    Told my mum( god rest her) about the crush and what a great game it was


    Clip around the ear because I ate a burger

  28. !!BADA BING!!



    Notts Forrest was frightening ,managed to get over fence into seated stand ripping my troosers on the way. Stood at front of the seated punters, cops and stewards didn’t bother us (Pat S and I )

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