Clyde FC point SFA and SPL to contractual and judicial facts


I received updates direct from last week’s Scottish Football League meeting shortly after it concluded.  My information was that Neil Doncaster in particular was given a torrid time and that the mood among clubs was firmly against agreeing to place Sevco into the First Division.

Within a couple of hours it was clear that many in the media had been given a different impression and that if the vote was taken then, a ‘healthy majority would vote in favour’.  To a degree I think we are all susceptible to messages we want to hear but it has been a feature of this debacle that executives from the national bodies have given clear guidance to the media that ‘Newco’ would be voted into the SPL, as it was, or now into the First Division.

On more than one occasion I’ve heard “You might have heard different, but Neil Doncaster told me….”

There is no shortcut for legwork and attention to detail.  On this subject, credit to STV, who present informed information on how Friday’s vote is likely to pan out, with references.  Of the 30 clubs in the SFL, the report 14 have declared an intention to vote against plans to plant Sevco into the First Division, one will abstain and one has (incorrectly) been told they are ineligible to vote.  Another 14 are yet to declare.

It seems likely that the SFL vote will go the way of the SPL vote.  There is a desire to retain the sporting element to our game among clubs, if not among administrators.

In a statement yesterday Clyde FC nailed several of the myths behind threats made to SFL clubs:

“We have obtained a copy of the Settlement Agreement signed up to by the SPL and the SFL in April 1998 – it is clear that the agreement is not ambiguous in this regard and there is no scope for the SPL to fail to meet the obligations to the SFL except by deliberately breaching the agreement… We have concluded that it defies credibility that the SPL clubs would instruct the SPL to deliberately breach a legal agreement.

“The matter is made worse because of the extent of uncertainty which hangs over Sevco. There is no need to prepare an exhaustive list of the issues as they are well publicised, however the extent of outstanding sanctions that may or may not be levied against a club which has yet to obtain SFA membership, together with the increasing number of possible commercial and legal challenges to the transactions to date simply presents a significant risk to the ability of the club to fulfil its fixtures in any league. Given that some of these matters are in the hands of the governing bodies it seems inexplicable that they are left hanging.”

In short, the Scottish Football League has a binding contract with the SLP which they are entitled to enforce.  Clyde also refer on the matter we have discussed here for many weeks, Sevco are trying to buy a SFA membership which has significant outstanding disciplinary issues against it which could see the membership suspended.  Instead of providing clarity, the SPL and SFA have refused to set deadlines of proceed with hearings.

We can speculate if SFA chief exec, Stewart Regan, will inform SFL clubs in person on Friday of plans to disband judicial oversight from our game instead of asking Lord Carloway’s panel to reconvene.

Despite the valiant efforts of many football fans and clubs, our game has been ruined by years of destructive, self-serving, leadership.

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  1. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Aside from the internet bampots, the only people to have come out of this (so far) with their reputations enhanced have been the officials of Clyde FC and Raith Rovers. Who’d’a thunk it?

  2. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Have Regan & Doncaster made promises to Sevco which they cannot keep? Have they promised a transfer of share which really should not happen, or easing into 1st Div, or overlooking lack of accounts? We know they have waived the likely ban from the appeal hearing.



    The D&P report mentions ‘confidential’ discussions between Sevco and SPL re share transfer.



    Is their undignified desperation now due to the fact that they themselves will be held liable in some way if they cannot keep their promises? What hold do CG and Sevco have over Regan & Doncaster?

  3. The proposed badge collection gets longer………….











  4. Son of Gabriel on

    Good article again, now I’ve read it.



    If only our game had a leader who the second evidence gets put infront of him is suddenly dyslexic and cataract ridden.




  5. Hector Avocado. Don't prop up corruption. Tacit consent is consent. on

    Top 20.



    Silence is tacit consent.

  6. are they trying to just get us so annoyed that we just give up?



    I, for one am so disillisioned with the whole thing that I no longer want to discuss it…

  7. that more like it paul67



    keep the pressure on the cheats charter


    scottish football cannot move on till this stich up has put the newco in division 3 ….and even then that is doing them a great favor



    as for the leadership ?


    they should have followed the rules from the start




  8. -:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on 11 July, 2012 at 11:55 said:


    What hold do CG and Sevco have over Regan & Doncaster?




    Could CG/Sevco/D&P know that Regan & Doncaster saw copies of compromising letters relating to EBT a very long while a go but did not act on them ?


    Is this the Sevco defence in the dual contract case explaining also why this has been delayed?




  9. If you want to buy their licence packaged with their history then Siamesed is their debts, their shames, their disgrace, their grave.



    There’s only one HMRC… one HMRC… one HMRCEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… There’s only one HMRCee…

  10. South Of Tunis on

    Screwface .



    ” Screwface know a who fi frighten ”



    Wailers CSC- way down south.—— now 45 —- rather hot !

  11. Charles Green’s £5.5m agreement to


    buy the assets of Rangers included a


    £2.75m payment to purchase the


    contracts and registrations of the


    club’s players.



    So ibrox and Murray park were sold for the same amount! Duff&Phelps should be jailed.

  12. Hector Avocado. Don't prop up corruption. Tacit consent is consent. on




    Reviewing your posts over the past few months I note that you have both praised and pilloried Regan and Doncaster.



    Take no offence at this observation. It is a symptom we all have suffered from brought on my an acute case of listening to lies and layers of spin.



    I think it is hight time we all take a solid and unbreachable position of, no matter what comes next the die has been cast.



    They are lying, manipulative fraudsters.

  13. FAO henr1k:



    alex thomson ‏@alextomo



    Scottish Parliament denies any truth in the Great Alex Salmond £10m SPL Bail-Out Rumour

  14. Funny enough, our friends are so clever, trying everything to join the SPL. If they had any guts, they would head down south and start in England, but hold on, they don´t wanna have them either!



    Even better they end up with no league at all at the start of the season :D

  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Any word abt wee Oscar today?. Dad said he wasnt to well last night.

  16. Paul



    Any word on who is pulling the strings in the intimidation of the SFL clubs?

  17. Paul67 et al



    Everybody knows this is nowhere. (Thought I would give a Neil Young album a mention). That both the SPL and the SFA have been complicit in attempting to enable Rangers FC, as was, to continue in the top league without sanction, without paying those owed, and without penalty is there for all to see. With fear and favour in other words. Neither of these two organisations are fit for purpose, and only the influence, (if I can use that word), of Scottish football supporters prevented the success of their grand master plan. The role of the SFA now exposed, there is no future for that organisation. No future! As Clyde, Raith Rovers and others have shown, there is integrity aplenty in Scotland, but you will not find it in the Salmonds, McLeishes, Regans and Doncasters of this world. Like the former club they have tried so hard to resurrect they are bankrupt and bereft!

  18. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on

    Neil Lennon is (and always will be) a Celtforlife (*O*) on 11 July, 2012 at 12:11 said:



    Is Ki definitely away???



    And if so do you think Zheng Zhi will now




    Zheng is still recovering from his recent expoits against Serena Williams at Wimbledon.




  19. From Garngad to Croy I am Neil Lennon. on




    Could the SFA be delaying the Judicial hearings in case Fridays vote goes against them ? They then instruct the Judicial panel to punish Rangers by relegating them retrospectively ( i don’t see rangers appealing that)

  20. Croppybhoy reporting from sun drenched Northumbria


    If/when the vote on Friday goes against the New Club as we all hope it does – then that should be the time when CFC come forward with a vision for Scottish football that the many decent sporting people in it deserve



    The old ways and the people who have brought our game to its knees need to be cast off and left behind



    The future might be more uncertain – the finances less secure – but the game – if founded on truth, honesty and transparancy will flourish



    Many in the SPL stepped up to the mark when the crunch came



    Many in the SFL look like doing the same



    The apparatchiks like D and R and the disgusting CO need to purged



    CFC need to show that they have the best interests of the whole game at heart



    Even if we were in a position to leave Scottish football right away – it would still be our duty to leave the game in a proper manner and not just slunk off


    Since it is highly unlikely that we could leave then it makes even more sense to get the game in order



    We might be the biggest business in the league but we need others to play against



    History teaches us that eventually a rival will emerge – it is not our job to create one thats for others to do.



    However we have the chance to ensure that when it does emerge it will be a worthy opponent which has won the right to challenge us and not some foul conspiracy based on hatred like the arch bigot Struth’s dead huns






    PS – its not quite sun drenched now down here in Northumbria

  21. Just read about the betting scandal in the Premiership. Perfect storm brewing for a British Cup/League.

  22. jock steins celtic on

    surely BDO won’t allow the sale of Ibrox, Murray Park and the car park for £1.5m ?

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