Clyde flows west but tide of football history flows east to Parkhead


Dalglish, we are told, ran to his bedroom to rip posters off the wall, in case Sean Fallon would see them and reconsider, but Celtic have always been open to all. Kenny will tell you, he was assured Rangers were preparing to sign him, but this was Celtic. In 1967. He knew which way the tide of history was flowing.

Sean’s boss, The Boss, once spent his free Saturdays following Rangers. Stein didn’t just become a lapsed Rangers fan, according to his friend and biographer, Archie Macpherson. As Celtic manager, he made it his business to wholly and completely end the dominance they had over the then humble team from Parkhead. I’ll spare the detail of how that sentiment translated down to the vernacular.

Scott Allan made no secret of his boyhood allegiances. He would have gone to Ibrox in a flash, as would so many of our historic greats, but this decision came down to a simple truth. The basic salary on offer at Celtic is around three times what the jungle drums were offering across the city. This disparity means it’s not just about the money, it’s about that tide of history, which Kenny Dalglish knew so well.

Today is witness to one more veil being peeled off, exposing more of the consequences of what happened when Rangers decided not to make provisions for the inevitable challenge to their aggressive tax avoidance schemes. Their Discounted Options Scheme was found to be illegal, as were several of their Employee Benefit Trusts, with the remainder subject to appeal, but the club went to the wall because that inevitable challenge made it impossible for them to borrow other people’s money.

Liquidation followed and hundreds of creditors were left unpaid, but while a newco from such ashes could change their name to Rangers and wear the same jerseys, it was always going to look like an off-key tribute act. This was never going to be about three years in the lower leagues.

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  1. Oh and for the second time in history big MickTT, 5’11” big enough, sneaks in and post’s the first of the thread. I probably deserve it more than anyone



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  2. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    TIMALOY29 on 14TH AUGUST 2015 11:47 AM












    We should be giving them O’Connell, Henderson & McGreggor! It would piss the hun media right off.










    ABSOLUTELY ……. these players need game time and, with Hibs paying part of their wages for a season, we recoup the transfer fee ……no-brainer ……. good business……..it certainly would piss the Hun meeja right off, and I don’t think ming would be too pleased at being clearly ‘exposed’ either (not to mention the hunrage) …… so many pluses, assuming it goes ahead

  3. paul67 rubbing salt into the zombie wounds. This was never going to be about three years in the lower leagues is so true. They will never, can never, be the same pre sevco rangers. Grubbed no matter what. The Scott Allen signing will only make a few of the delusioned get the picture but will result in the rest of the gullibles doing the zombie walk. C’mon the hibs .

  4. Captain Beefheart on

    Dumb and dumber and Derek Johnstoner.



    I like this signing. Allan has delivered another kick in the plums to bigots.

  5. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    They’ve been kicked in the plums so many times they must look like aubergines noo.

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Guy on Clyde last night was 120 to 150% certain he wont be goin to Celtic grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. It’s interesting just how badly Sevco have played this one. Their “strategy” has effectively delivered the player straight to Celtic and strengthened Hibs in the process.



    Firstly, they didn’t seem to realise how difficult it would be for Petrie to sell a player direct to them. They made no attempt to help him out, to sweeten the deal. Instead they went in with derisory low-ball bids then cranked up the Level 5 machine which spurted out one of the most brazen and odious campaigns of recent years.



    The belief seemed to be that Hibs, wilting under the pressure of the likes of Chris Jack and his Herald Group comrades, would simply raise the white flag and let Allan go to the Huns for next to nothing.



    Of course, even a cursory reading of the situation would have led to the conclusion that such an aggressive strategy would be counter productive. Faced with an unsettled player, Hibs did indeed decide they had no choice but to sell. But now they would cast around for other clubs to sell to – (the existence of these clubs appears not to have crossed the Huns’ radar).



    Rotherham (managed by a former Hibbee), and then Celtic – the only club in Scotland with cash to splash.



    Sevco could have tried to lure the player in January (and kept schtum out their interest publicly, if not privately, for now). Of course, they may still have lost him. But by conducting an arrogant, entitled, tone-deaf, and fundamentally stupid campaign against Hibs they have – once again- blasted themselves in the foot.



    Hibs now have two very good midfielders instead of one plus some cash. Celtic have a promising young internationalist who could become a real star with the right coaching.



    Like Margaret Thatcher, Peter Lawwell is incredibly fortunate in the calibre of his enemies…

  8. Captain Beefheart on

    We have too many midfielders but there must be a long term plan. Perhaps we will try to replace Kc with him?

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Scott Allan has been a ‘prospect’ for 5 years, but in the intervening period has been unable to convert potential into performance. At 23, he’s young enough to do so – the development curve is not linear after all – but he’s got his work cut out to blossom into a Celtic midfielder.



    A couple of hundred grand plus McGeouch seems fair value for the punt though, and good luck Scott in your challenge ahead, but I’m not seeing this as much more than the punt it represents, and the player adds no value to our imminent test v Malmo and beyond.



    The bigger story is the reaction to the transfer in and around the Game in Scotland. Celtic is a welcoming family for all who embrace us, but the external environment sustains a poison that’s proven hard to eradicate.



    Those with a mainstream platform might do well to reflect on how their influence might be better applied.


    Delighted at the gold medal for ma guid pal MICKTT,which he can flaunt in front of the blonde later.



    Oooooops,that’s two gold medals for the lucky sod!!!!!



    Took me nearly twenty minutes to get my iPhone to direct me to the correct article.



    Then I had to log in again.



    I’m off to complain to 242 Media.

  11. Fleagle1888



    Not sure when and who with he punted but I told him to hang fire because Hibs have a rake of players out.



    He is on holiday so will ask when he is back.




  12. Hi Paul67,



    A cracking headline and marvelous sentiments.



    This is historic, this is a signing I believe we would not have made if Rangers had been around.



    Welcome Scott Allan, you follow in some very illustrious footsteps, who played Football the Glasgow Celtic Way.






    Hail Hail

  13. Go tell the Spartim on




    your last two paragraphs are spot on, sadly they have neither your education nor your expectations

  14. It’s good to see that our open to all signing policy once again includes supporters of old Rangers and now even New Rangers signing targets, they just couldn’t afford.



    What is paramount is that Scott Allan has chosen Celtic even though, he may have wanted to play for the team of his boyhood, but was just too late, and would even have settled for Sevco, we’re told.



    It’s a pity at times like this, when Celtic move in the same way, we have always signed players, that we might harbour bigots in our own support, maybe they’ll burn scarves and hand back their season tickets, then again maybe not, it’s only the internet, and they’ll get a grip on reality and embrace the foundation of the football club, we are.



    I remember Alfie Conn’s debut, what a great night in the ole Jungle where the roof was raised, for a man wearing the Hoops.



    Welcome to the biggest club in the world – Scott Allan

  15. Eyes Wide Open on

    I couldnt give a hoot about the guys born allegiances.



    My sole interest is Celtic.



    At £250k its the kind of gamble worth taking because if it doesnt work it hasnt cost us much.



    I am content with what we have done – on one proviso.


    This means Liam Henderson is sent out on loan for a full season and plays 90 minutes once or twice a week.



    People are saying central midfield is already crowded but after Henderson went to Rosenberg at the tail end of last season we were very short on options.



    Mulgrew is not a central midfielder meaning if one of the two are missing we have to move Johanson from another position and put someone else in to his disrupting the team harmony and shape more because of the lack of like for like replacements.



    In my opinion it was a gap in the squad we needed to fill and at that money it was the right decision.



    It would be unwise to have spent bigger money on a squad back up player when we need a 1st choice left back, striker and winger.



    I hope the real money is being saved after Malmo has determined which European Football route we go down this season.



    If its Champions League – we sign player A for a higher fee / wages.


    If its Europa we sign player B, less than A but a lot more than Scott Allan

  16. Captain Beefheart on

    Didn’t realise he was 23. Not young then. I trust the CQNrs who have seen him play though. We can take a punt on a midfielder but we need a class striker soon.



    Someone mentioned Christie from Inverness. He will sign a new deal with them and then be sold for a million. He would join us in a heartbeat. So I was told.




    Delighted at the gold medal for ma guid pal MICKTT,which he can flaunt in front of the blonde later.









    Oooooops,that’s two gold medals for the lucky sod!!!!!









    Took me nearly twenty minutes to get my iPhone to direct me to the correct article.









    Then I had to log in again.









    I’m off to complain to 242




    I bow to your greater hingin aboot skills in taking Gold.



    She is worthy of me




  18. The Battered Bunnet on




    Dunno about expectations, but it’s true that the world needs considerably more Old Rosshallians :¬)



    Used to bone out lamb shoulders, now they replace lame hips.

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