Clyde v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14:00.

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  1. Call_of_Juarez on

    One Night



    Sorry but my favourite type of goal is when the striker takes the ball past the goalie and rolls it into an empty net.



    That’s what the laddie should have done today:)


    Hopefully next time.

  2. Johnthefishfarmer on

    Evening all.



    I’ve a Turkish friend and a Galician friend visiting and the only home game that suits is the St Mirren game. They’ve never been at Parkhead and as Celta Vigo and Galatasaray fans I want to give them a good seat. Only three seats together are area 445 row FF, restricted. Any idea how bad it is?!? Don’t want them sitting behind a pillar for their first visit!



    In the past I’ve got to see a seat view on the website? But not now it seems? Maybe only for European nights. Any help most appreciated!!

  3. Setting free the bears – good post. Not sure many football fans I know, when watching a game, have your ability to be so logical and reasonable, so careful with their thinking, their choice of words. Kudos to you.


    I am a huge Lenny fan. Welcomed him back. But football stirs the soul, it excites the senses, it causes us to shout nonsense sometimes – because in the heat of the moment we get carried away. I think Lenny’s use of subs is pretty damn good most of the time. Every now and again, I can’t fathom them out. Just an opinion though. My gut reaction was, why bring Hayes on – we know what he is capable of, we’re in cruise control so give Shved a chance to play for long enough to merit a hot shower afterwards.



    Anyway, towards the quadruple we go. I have Griff down fir a hat trick on Wed so he better pick him! 🤪




    I used to sit in that section row EE.



    I can’t remember the exact seat number but only the centre spot was obstructed from my view which was not a big problem. I can’t say that for every other seat.



    Despite no seats showing as available for the St Mirren game it is likely that there will be unoccupied seats in the area.

  5. DeniaBhoy



    I am not always reasonable during a match but I can collect my emotions after the excitement or disappointment.



    Yes we know what Hayes can do but we were not home and hosed at that point so, just maybe, Neil thought we could risk giving Jamesie a rest but we did not want to play another untried player so Hayes was a lesser risk, both for the player himself and the team, than Shved was. They were the only 2 choices to spell Jamesie for a bit.

  6. Elyounoussi looks ready to be a massive player for us in the last few months of the season.



    I’m not sure Lennon will alter the shape to accommodate him if he can’t play in a 3-5-2.



    Lenny imo is playing a system with an eye on two Glasgow derby games to come, he will not allow his team to get outnumbered again in midfield and will want them bedded into a new system prior to March.



    If Elyounoussi can’t play 3-5-2, he may have to settle for substitute appearances.



    It’s a nice problem to have.

  7. Even with my extensive experience, 70 plus years talking trash, I would never bring myself to criticize a Celtic manager for his team selection, substitution, signings or even his haircut.


    Neil Lennon’s record on and off the pitch speaks for itself.


    I can only look on in awe and admiration, thanking God he’s our manager.

  8. From sports writer Alan Patullo on Twitter :



    After speed reading Craig Whyte’s memoirs, what sticks in the mind is revelation Gordon Smith volunteered to rewrite parts of the Billy Boys to make it more Uefa-friendly – and went for “up to our knees in…media lies”.

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    A comprehensive win today and I enjoyed both full-backs efforts, forward and back.



    Football stats are where it’s at these days. The rankings for current run of undefeated domestic cup-ties (Scotland section) have been updated:


    Celtic 33


    Neil Lennon 9


    Hibernian 3


    Aberdeen, Killie, Motherwell, St Mirren, Hearts, ICT, Saints and even Sevco 2.

  10. NATKNOW on 9TH FEBRUARY 2020 7:49 PM



    BATEEN BHOY on 9TH FEBRUARY 2020 7:39 PM



    The 5 games Brendan Rodgers lost during the invincible season, were – presumably – Euro games ? (including Lincoln Red Imps ) and the opposition would have been higher quality than those faced by Neil Lennon, so the comparison isn’t totally objective.



    Not a smidgeon of criticism of Lenny at all, just pointing out that it’s like comparing apples and oranges ( not the ‘loyal’ kind 😉 ). I think Lenny has done a great job so far. 👍






    It’s data. As objective as you can get!



    Apples and oranges suggests a comparison of 2 completely different things. Take the point that the 2 managers have played different teams in Europe but I think it’s a reasonable comparison overall given that most games will be SPFL/Cups.



    It’s an interesting comparison no doubt. What it tell’s me is that Celtic have been incredibly consistent this season, we’ve needed to be and we have been, it has been colossal. Another good result today.



    Apart from that, you have to make several points…



    Lenny took over a very good side with an incredible habit of winning and a great backroom structure and carried on from a position of strength.



    BR had a basketcase of a dressing room and had to reset Celtic football club at each and every level.



    BR never lost to Rangers, his old firm stats compared to Lenny’s during the periods in question are striking.



    BR never lost to a British opponent, even though he played the EPL’s top team twice.



    BR qualified for the UCL, even though he had an unfortunate blip against Red Imps.



    Only the most green tinted of minds would suggest that Lenny is as good a manager as BR.



    The fact is BR is one of the World’s top managers and is proving it again.



    The fact is Lenny is one of Scotland’s top managers and is proving it again.



    I’m loving the football we are playing at the moment. The tactics, formation and game plans concern me, medium and long term but right here, right now!! We are going great – Edouard is phenomenal!!



    Hail Hail



    Hail Hail

  11. Ole snake eyes is undoubtedly a very good manager but he is not one of the World’s top managers. When he wins a European trophy or several English trophies then perhaps he can be given that accolade. What is for sure is that when he goes to a Club with superior resources (money) he gets better than average results.


    Friesdorfer I think CB is talking about the period that is being compared and not his whole tenure.


    Ps I hope you are well.

  12. Really nice tweet from Johan mjallby.



    It’s my birthday. Happy to share it. With can legends.



    Happy birthday




  13. Well Done the Celts Yesterday.



    Deelighted Ollie is getting less Moody.



    He is a phenomenal player if his head is in the Game.



    Neil, IMO, a World Class man manager, hugged him Big Time so very well, when subbing him against the Well.



    Neil knows so much and is just the Genius to unlock so much.



    Ryan is an Ultimate Team Player and All the Scots @ Celtic are, IMO.



    Edouard is the Mega Chilled Team Player.



    If Hearts have a go, it might be a few weeks too late, I reckon we could boost the goals column. We are in control of things again, so the less forgiving in the home Support shouldnae be such a burden on the players. 🇮🇪👍🇮🇪

  14. ‘GG,



    President Trump was Pro Life in his State of the Union address. Magical.



    Pelosi, despicable.



    Judge Not lest ye be Judged.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





  16. . Perhaps emboldened by a Top of the Tops appearance while a player at Brighton, he volunteered to re-write some of the more contentious lines in The Billy Boys song to make it palatable to Uefa ears. Smith, Whyte reports, drafted some different lyrics, but “it was never going to work”. Instead of “up to our knees in fenian blood”, Smith substituted “up to our knees in media lies”. Catchy.



    Anyone in Scottish media want to define “media lies”?





  17. Good morning all, very windy in the chilterns this morning…



    FRIESDORFER @11:31 PM,



    Yes, he did, in very controversial circumstances, while not been backed by the Board on the summer transfer window – the opposite in fact.



    But I was referring to the post below, so that is Lenny’s record since his return and BR’s first season 2016/17…



    NATKNOW 7:08 PM,



    …Neil Lennon has been back at Celtic for 59 games, the exact number of games Brendan Rodgers had during the Invincible season…






    P59 W48 D6 L5 GF144 GA39 +105



    Won: 81.4%



    Draw: 10.2%



    Loss: 8.5%






    P59 W46 D8 L5 GF150 GA46 +104



    Won: 77.9%



    Draw: 13.6%



    Loss: 8.5%



    The fact is Lenny has had a great innings since his return, long may it continue.



    However, it hardly compares to the record breaking, invincible season of 2016/17, that set new standards, or more accurately re-established old standards for Celtic football club.



    Hail Hail

  18. Petec



    I have a bridge I can sell you on the cheap – it’s been built be people who promise they are pro life so you know they can be trusted.



    Can you send me your account details?

  19. Good morning CQN from a not so windswept but still rain soaked Garngad



    Good to see Moi get game time yesterday, I think he will play a big part in the next few months.



    Hopefully El Hamed and young Frimpong are not far away either.






    D. :)

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