Co-op awards Celtic the League Cup Final


Really pleased the Scottish Professional Football League have awarded the League Cup Final to Scotland’s largest football stadium, Celtic Park.  We are now hosting the League and Scottish Cup finals, as well as the head of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

So with the Commonwealth and Scottish Cup gigs going to Celtic, why didn’t Newco Rangers get the other final at their 50,000 capacity facility?

Back in the days such certification existed, Ibrox was a Uefa five star venue, whereas Celtic Park was four star, but maintaining those standards takes, well, maintenance, which has not been a priority in some parts.  Celtic Park remains highly functional, and safe.

There is also the hazard of planning an event, even six weeks out, at a venue owned (cough) by a company which does not have bank credit facilities and who are broadcasting financial distress signals like some kind of insolvency Batman call.

These perfectly valid reasons are, of course, a mere distraction from the real reason, the Co-op Bank, which controls Glasgow City Council, is also able to manipulate league football in Scotland and decided to award the final to their partner organisation, while cutting their borrowing rate, by way of compensation.

Issue 19 of CQN Magazine is fresh off the press, 104 pages of great stuff from the CQN community.  10 men won the league, Dam Justice, the Celtic Foundation, and Brogan Rogan outs the difficult questions to Pat Nevin about his Cup Final comments.

The graphic below is just a taster, GO HERE to read properly, and for FREE!!
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  1. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream



    Why have we not been considered for the boat race? Ahm pure beelin!




  2. bankiebhoy1



    15:30 on 5 February, 2014



    Might see some falling freemasonry then,



  3. tonyd….



    You’re right re dif strokes…



    I didn’t say anything about being offended just thought it was not necessary and a bit cheap…not your usual challenging style IMO.



    Anyway you don’t agree so there we go.

  4. fritzsong 15:04 on 5 February, 2014




    The current leadership of the SON will, in the event of a Yes vote, continue to control Scotland for at least a decade. Nothing we have seen so far suggests that it will be anything other than business as usual as far as sectarianism is concerned… ‘Ulster Unionists … Blood of our Blood, Bone of our Bone.’, ‘RFC woven into the fabric of our nation.’, criminal legislation which metes out sectarian justice exclusively to the Celtic support, a justice Secretary who thinks anthems of anti-Catholic hatred contribute to a ‘wonderful atmosphere’.


    RC schools? I’d give them ten years max.



    This is exactly the sort of opinion I’m talking about. It’s perfectly valid but the question is about Independence. What powers does independence bring that enables any more of this or what does Westminster do currently to prevent it?

  5. Celtic Mac-Not wanting to butt in to your chat mate,Salmond coined the phrase about 3-4 years ago when some Norn Iron Minister was over for tea and scones(Martin McGuinness might have been there too ).A few guys picked up on it at the time,and has been brought up on here a few times.HH

  6. More good news for Paradise………………


    ……………………………… as a wee birdie tells me that, Big Peter just took a call from the organisers at Sochi who now want to stage the mens downhill luge………….


    …………….from the top of the Jock Stein upper………


    …………………. down in a circuitous route around the fabulous huge stadium finishing up just shy of the centre circle………….



    You heard it here first!



    TinTrayTims CSC

  7. Quincy Adams Wagstaff on

    Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream :



    Yes I heard that too ;)

  8. X Factor final could be at Celtic Park,with Subo and wee Pebbles the cat,on the other hand Splash! could be at Poundland,with all those leaking roofs,Naismith could come back and be a judge :}

  9. That Salmond quote:



    “There is no country on earth that we have more family connections with than Northern Ireland,” said Salmond. “They are the blood of our blood, bone of our bone.”



    Please note, not “Ireland” or “the north of Ireland” or even “Ulster”. He referred to Northern Ireland as a country. He may not have used the words “unionist” or “protestant”, but the language he used meant that the meaning was implicit.

  10. justafan



    15:39 on 5 February, 2014





    You’re right re dif strokes…



    I didn’t say anything about being offended just thought it was not necessary and a bit cheap…not your usual challenging style IMO.



    Anyway you don’t agree so there we go.





    Funny that the post with my name on it you didn’t find cheep, but on my post to him you found cheep.


    Aye your right, we don’t agree, think about it.

  11. livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    15:38 on 5 February, 2014


    Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream



    Why have we not been considered for the boat race? Ahm pure beelin!






    No wonder , just get GCC to change of the name of the Clyde to the Celtic. SPOTY is going to the Lawwell Arena( formerly the Hydro)

  12. Re: the Pat Nevin Interview.



    He does appear to come across as being perplexed by the aftermath – however I am not entirely convinced by his ’naivety’ on the day in question.



    For me: MacLean appeared primed (some kind of briefing?) when he walked a so-called ‘Intellectual’ into such an open-ended statement and Nevin jumped in feet first. Nor, do I believe that one individual at the BBC took it upon himself to feed the accusation live-on-air – it had all the hallmarks of being stage-managed and the subsequent BBC Complaints Statement still has cover-up written all over it.



    Nevin covers his stance on racism in some detail but given the opportunity to do so on sectarianism – there is little of substance in the interview. Why?



    I am not privy to the personal ‘trials and tribulations’ that he has been associated with since that day. However – given what he says is his strong stance on sectarianism – I would have thought he would have been a bit more forthcoming on the subject.



    Interesting interview – but for me – the Jury’s still out!



    H! H!

  13. BRTH & winning captains,



    I thought that was a good and informative interview with Nevin.



    Many remain unimpressed with him and I can understand that. I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, although admittedly that is probably mainly on account of him having reasonably good taste in music.

  14. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    Kept out of Independence debate as I’m not Scottish and wouldn’t want to be accused of sticking my nose in. As an Irishman I would love to see an Independent Scotland but I don’t think there is a chance in hell of the “Yes” side winning. As it comes closer to the Polls all kind of scare mongering will emerge and when that happens people always opt for “The Devil they know.” Would love to see The Yessers prevail but it won’t happen.

  15. Mike in Toronto supports Oscar Knox on

    Good morning lads



    I have been looking forward to, and at the same time, dreading the PN interview.



    As someone who grew up at the same time as PN, read the NME, etc., he was one of my favourite players growing up. I like how he played the game, most of the music he liked, and (at what I thought were )his politics.



    For these reasons, I took his slight on Celtic (both the club and its fans) personally, probably too personally. Partly, because it was the same old lie about Celtic, and because, this time, it came from someone (i) I had until then admired, and (ii) I thought should have known better.



    PN always seemed a bit brighter than your typical footballer (no offence intended to those footballers who are reading) … and it was for this reason that I expected him to be more clever about things.



    Given his size, I didn’t think his career would be as long as it was, but I always thought/hoped that he might be involved in the game somehow, and would be able to make a difference (a lot to expect from one person, I know!)



    Given the history, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t have known the history/issue regarding the difference in the respective song books (political vs. sectarian).


    As such, I find it odd that, given the history, he would have accepted unquestioningly that Celtic fans were singing sectarian songs. I cant help but feel like he was prepared to take the king’s shilling, and was smart enough to know that that was not likely to happen if he singled out sevco’s problems.



    I did find the Editor’s comments very helpful. I have to assume that much, if not all, of that would have been known to PN soon after the events in question. Had he, at that time (or even in the current interview), said that he had been stitched up, I would have had a bit more respect for him.



    The truth of the matter is there have always been problems on both sides. However, to equate the two (or to suggest they are at the same level, or even the same in nature) is both absurd, and the Great Lie which is being peddled at the moment. From what I have seen/read, PN (like so many others in broadcasting) doesn’t seem to want to address this fundamental distinction.



    Even in this most recent article, he seems to avoid almost entirely the underlying issues (sectarianism – even latent in Scottish football and society), and his concern seems almost entirely about how this has impacted HIM personally. That is to a degree, understandable, but ultimately, disappointing.



    Given that I took his comments personally, it is understandable that he would take the many criticisms of him personally, too. He is only human, and is going to take criticism personally. Of course, if he is going to (wrongly, in my opinion) criticize a great many people, then he has to expect that they, too, will take it personally, and respond.



    In summary, the article has made it less difficult for me to continue to feel disappointment in PN. However, it has made him seem perhaps more irrelevant, which is sad, because he is someone in whom I had once reposed my trust and confidence, and hoped that he was someone who might one day do some good for Scottish football.



    Anyways, just my thoughts.



    But thanks to WC and BRTH for a thought provoking article.



    PS… what is also shows is how difficult it is to be a tim, and get a job in the scottish media. But, that is a slightly different rant for a different day.

  16. Thanks Whitedoghunch



    We make around 100 litres per year (depending on circumstances). Even Mrs Apricale (who is Italian) can’t use that amount. However, it is amazingly expensive to produce as a small producer. The going rate in this area is around 15 Euros per litre, but that is a nominal amount – you do it for the fun, it’s extremely rewarding. Some days I miss the second half of Celtic TV, as the Bhoys pass the ball from side to side, so that I can go out and work on the trees.

  17. macanbheatha Oscar Abú on

    Got a letter telling me that I’ve been selected for jury service .I’ve had to write back to inform the court that due to the fact that I was convicted in a non-jury trial I am, in accordance with their own rules disqualified from taking part



    This is actually the second time I’ve been selected. Don’t these people keep records?



    (Jeez,maybe they don’t;what have I done?)

  18. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Regarding the League Cup final and the Scottish cup final being at Paradise this season. I would wager that the majority of supporters attending from other clubs would wlecome all finals to be held at our wonderful ground.


    The views of the playing surface will be far superior to Hampden. The facilities are better for both the corporate attendee and the normal punter and the transport links by road and rail are far better than Hampden. It’s also easier to get a pint/meal etc.


    You will always get the punter who can;t bear to admit it but even the Jambo’s who won the cup there in 1998 admitted that it was much better than Hampden and they don’t like anything green or Celtic.


    Hampden is a relic and should be demolished. The only people who love Hampden are ex pros and the tartan army. To everyone else it is a nightmare to get to and provides some of the worst views in football.




  19. tonyd…



    Er…the original message to you may have or may not have been cheap but thought the use by the poster of a title which I think you had created was mildly amusing.



    Anyway no agenda on my part




  20. This years Glastonbury Festival has just been relocated to Celtic Park in Glasgow. For any regular festival goers wanting to experience the normal terrain, buses have been laid on to take you to Fir Park, Motherwell. McGills had that contract, but at the very last minute Peter Lawwells Glasgow City Council gave the gig to Docherty`s Coaches in the South-Side.

  21. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5


    15:47 on


    5 February, 2014



    The whole ‘No’ campaign has been based around scaremongering and time and time again their claims are being debunked. It’s mostly because of this fear based campaign and lack of anything positive to say about the Union, that people I know have switched.



    There’s ten folk at my desks and now I’d say more than half are yes voters. Used to be two.

  22. The Murrayfield worm infested pitch means that Saturday’s 6N game against England and all subsequent fixtures will be moved to CP.

  23. Bada Bing/Weeminger



    I am pretty sure the context was a water shortage in ‘Northern Ireland’, hard to imagine now, with Scotland shipping supplies over.






    I question the accuracy of the quote, no mention of Ulster Unionists.


    By the way is Northern Ireland part of Ireland?


    And are the Scots of South West Scotland not closely related to the Irish across the North channel? The history of the two Nations suggests they are. Or does history begin in 1554 or post 1603?

  24. first time poster guys and gals



    question……..ibrox falling to pieces, sevco skint, craig whyte lurking in the shadows, lenny asaulted at the weekend, etc etc



    who is governing this shambles? why is doncaster not called out to explain this? why is he getting a free ride?

  25. Pujol


    15:43 on


    5 February, 2014



    And the context of the quote was our sending water to Northern Ireland, in a time of need.



    And because he called it “Northern Ireland” we are to imply that the aid was sent only to the Protestants of the area.



    I call it Northern Ireland. Should I not be? It’s just not something I think about.

  26. Jist took in the Celtic Yoofs n Partick Yoofs… Game.



    Well.. frum whit Ah saw o’ Lee..



    Ah.. Likey.. Aloater.



    This Kid wiz Buzz, Buzz, Buzzing like a Bee..


    He wiz, here, there.. Everywhere..



    Full of Vim n Vinegar.



    A Real Pest tae the opposition.



    Ah like That..



    Fur Sammi,soitenly Diznae Buzz..Neither diz.. Stokes or.. Amido..Nor the big Fridge.



    Fur years .. We hiv needed a WEE..NIPSTER, A LIve Wire.. A Go-Go-Guy..



    Well , we hiv goat Wan Noo..



    Look out.. Scotland ..



    Here comes Lee!



    N Celtics’ goat hIm… you Wull See…



    Eyes of Blue.. Sma’… But.. Wiry…



    “He’ll Be a Brammer..”



    Ah wrote in Ma Diary!





    Still Laughin’



    N..Pleased as Punch.





    This Little Guy wull

  27. minx1888 praying for Wee Oscar on

    Cheap, snidey, pathetic 3 words I never thought I would use to descibe a fellow CQN’r, but there you go! I could say more but being the lady I am I won’t!



    Speaking to a Hearts fan today, they fully expect to be relegated next season as well as this, but would rather do that than go the way of their dead cousins. His friend piped up i see the “tattie hawkers” are getting the final that mob are getting ****** everything!



    Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream.. I didn’t have the heart to tell him about your Auntie’s 70 th :-)

  28. Steinreignedsupreme on

    voguepunter 14:40 on 5 February, 2014



    “The classic Emerald green troose with yellow/gold pockets ..deffo not orank.hh”



    I had a pair close to that. Bottle green with yella castle pockets. Used to wear a white jumper an aw wi two shades ah green trimmings and three big green stars on the front.



    Thankfully, no photos exist from this period of my life. Amazingly, I was never attacked in the street.

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