Co-op awards Celtic the League Cup Final


Really pleased the Scottish Professional Football League have awarded the League Cup Final to Scotland’s largest football stadium, Celtic Park.  We are now hosting the League and Scottish Cup finals, as well as the head of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

So with the Commonwealth and Scottish Cup gigs going to Celtic, why didn’t Newco Rangers get the other final at their 50,000 capacity facility?

Back in the days such certification existed, Ibrox was a Uefa five star venue, whereas Celtic Park was four star, but maintaining those standards takes, well, maintenance, which has not been a priority in some parts.  Celtic Park remains highly functional, and safe.

There is also the hazard of planning an event, even six weeks out, at a venue owned (cough) by a company which does not have bank credit facilities and who are broadcasting financial distress signals like some kind of insolvency Batman call.

These perfectly valid reasons are, of course, a mere distraction from the real reason, the Co-op Bank, which controls Glasgow City Council, is also able to manipulate league football in Scotland and decided to award the final to their partner organisation, while cutting their borrowing rate, by way of compensation.

Issue 19 of CQN Magazine is fresh off the press, 104 pages of great stuff from the CQN community.  10 men won the league, Dam Justice, the Celtic Foundation, and Brogan Rogan outs the difficult questions to Pat Nevin about his Cup Final comments.

The graphic below is just a taster, GO HERE to read properly, and for FREE!!
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  1. Apricale



    that sounds like a real joy. I can seriously take as many litres from you that you do not use


    Here is an English company who make some very good products from thier oil- the mayo is superbe-http://www.farrington-oils.co.uk/products/mayonnaise/



    off to make lunch


    A più tardi

  2. macanbheatha Oscar Abú on

    Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream



    The All Ireland GAA Final?

  3. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    A Celtic supporter has been remanded in custody under the OBAF act.



    Remanded for singing a song???!!!

  4. How does the front of the main stand get a 5 star rating, have any one of you seen the toilets, and catering you have to put up with. the whole of it is badly needing a good overhaul.

  5. Weeminger



    If you are going come and preach politics to Celtic supporters on what is one of the more intelligent portals, I would recommend that you do think about it.



    Celtic mac



    Try as you might to obfuscate, the language he used was heavily loaded. Only a fool or a Salmond acolyte could deny that.

  6. To Bobby Russell and Big Nan thanks for the replies re who put on Albert Kidd at Dens



    Thanks a lot



    Hail hail

  7. At the risk of being shouted down, but in the interest of fairness, I think it should be pointed out that Ibrox will host its fair share of major events including open air concerts and plays such as “Jack Glass the Utter Pastor – A tribute” and “Paisley Senior, Paisley Junior – A pattern”

  8. Pujol





    Well, maybe it is obscure, unclear, or unintelligible…



    To you!

  9. Just a bit of further info on the Yes/No debate, Royal Assent will still needed for Scotland’s Laws.What happens if like Westminster HMQ or Charlie object to somethings in a Bill or will they be consulted before the Bill is drawn up and their opinion sought?


    With regards to the Fleg debate, given that we will still have a head of State, the Union Flag will still take pride of place.


    I foresee a day when Unionists in Norn Ireland lose political control and the HardLine Loyalists make their way back “Home”


    With regard to Religious descrimination from “Succession” rules, “we’ll work with the Commonwealth to remove it” Why am i underwhelmed?



    The Fabric of our Nation is rotten to the core, starting with the Fourth Estate. As reasonable people ascend to the “Levers of Power” in Scotland then maybe one day we’ll


    be ready forREAL independence.



    “On independence Scotland will be a constitutional monarchy, continuing the Union of the Crowns that dates back to 1603, pre-dating the Union of the Parliaments by over one hundred years. On independence in 2016, Her Majesty The Queen will be head of state.



    Earlier in 2013, the rules on succession to the Crown (as they affect Scotland and elsewhere) were amended to remove outdated gender discrimination. This Government intends to support, and promote amongst the other Commonwealth States with the Queen as head of state, a similar measure to remove religious discrimination from the succession rules”.



    Will we keep The Queen?



    “Yes. The Queen will remain head of state in Scotland. An independent Scotland will have a written constitution which sets out how we are to be governed. There are more details about government and parliament in an independent Scotland in Chapter 10”.



    The Scottish Parliament follows a different approach: although its acts require Royal Assent, the concept of Queen-in-Parliament has not been incorporated.[citation needed] Instead of the enacting clause seen in UK acts, acts of the Scottish parliament bear the following text above the long title: “The Bill for this Act of the Scottish Parliament was passed by the Parliament on DATE and received Royal Assent on DATE.”

  10. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    For anyone interested the follow up to the Celtic Trust open meeting will be held tonight in the Celtic Social Club on London Rd beginning at 7pm.

  11. Paul67


    You’re worse than a cat wi a moose.


    That Co-op bank are acting very irresponsibly towards a potential customer base of an additional 500 million.



  12. traditionalist88 on

    winning captains



    p32 – kite flying or informed comment, generally?! :)




  13. Re Nevin, I don’t know how anyone can be taken in by him. I haven’t seen his interview and don’t need to.



    No journalist worth their salt would react to second hand unsubstantiated rumour as if it were fact. The BBC guidelines expressly forbid it when it concerns criminality and this accusation did.



    He was at the CIS League Cup Final for BBC and never said a word when the bile being belted out was unbelievable. He is a rat.



    Now here is a decent journalist. An American with the second part of the Findlay interview from the chapter entitled “Pornography of Sects”



    And eddie, watch what you say about blackpudding!



    Findlay had become the touchstone for a nation-wide debate. Delivering the keynote at the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland’s great composer James MacMillan declared, “Donald Findlay is not a one-off. To believe that is self-delusion because our [society is] jam-packed with people like Donald Findlay.’ He argued that Scotland suffered from a case of “sleepwalking bigotry.”



    Newspaper columnists pronounced Findlay a national stain. But be had his defenders, too. Even some of the management at Celtic testified to Findlay’s good heart. In effect, the Donald Findlay debate cut to an essential question of the Old Firm: When they talked about murder and terrorism was it just good fun or an expression of rotten consciences?



    Nearly three years after the videotape, Findlay remains one of the five wealthiest barristers in Scotland. He has rehabilitated himself just enough to become a fairly regular newspaper and television pundit. The Tory party in Scotland doesn’t really have a more prominent spokesman. Yet, he can’t put the episode behind him. It haunts and obsesses him. When Findlay agreed to meet me, I devised clever plans to coax him onto the subject of the tape. He immediately renders them superfluous. “About the tapes: I should have put up a fight. I would try to challenge them to provide one human being who’d been adversely affected by me because of religion, color or anything else.” Fighting the politically correct elites, he would have proven that the songs are essentially harm¬less traditions: “If s about getting into the opposition’s head; it’s a game; it’s in the context of football. Do you want to be up to your knees in Fenian blood? Don’t be ridiculous.”



    Like many of the staunchest supporters of Rangers, he didn’t grow up in Glasgow. He came from me east of Scotland, a small town called Cowdenbeath, born into a staunchly Tory working-class family. And like most Rangers supporters, he doesn’t believe in the Protestantism that his team represents. I’ve got no religious beliefs, Believe me, I’ve tried hard but you can t teach that. What he did inherit was a belief in the monarchy and the British union that disparaged the Scottish-Catholic affection for the Irish motherland. He jokingly, I think, announces his preferred test for British citizenship: If a troop carrying Queen’s colors, “doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, then fuck off!”



    It’s easy to link support for a soccer dub with religiosity. But in an important way, Rangers has actually replaced the Church of Scotland. It allows men like Findlay to join the tradition and institutions of their forefathers, to allay fears about abandoning history without having to abandon their forefather’s eschatology.



    Findlay splays across our booth, his pants pulling up past his ankle. He enjoys his cigarillos. From the moment we meet, he advertises himself as a provocateur. By the middle of our conversation, he provokes. “The one absolute barrier is that you must never prejudice a man for his religion. If I wanted to hire a black, lesbian, Catholic, great. But are you not entitled to say that you have no time for the Catholic religion, that it involves the worships of idols?” The statement is structured rhetorically, like a law school professor’s hypothetical. With his academic tone, I expect the defamations of the Catholic faith to stop after he has made his point. They don’t. “Why can’t you be forgiven for thinking that confessing to a priest who is confessing to God is ridiculous and offensive? Or that the pope is a man of perdition? A bit later he suggests that Scots should have the right to say “that priests immerse themselves in jewels and wealth while they live amid poverty.”



    Scottish society is a paradox. It has more or less eradicated discrimination in the public sphere. Catholics have their fare share of representation in the universities and workforce. Nevertheless, bigotry against them persists. There was no civil rights movement to sweep away anti-Catholicism – discrimination only faded thanks to globalization. Glasgow’s shipyards and steel mills, which had practiced blatantly anti-Catholic hiring, folded in the wake of the ’73 oil shocks. Much of the industry that survived came under the ownership of Americans and Japanese, a new economic order that came from “places where they are not nearly so obsessed with defending Derry’s walls against the Whore of Babylon.” as the critic Patrick Reilly has put it. Catholics gained their social equality without forcing Scotland into a reckoning with its deeply held beliefs. That’s why Scottish society continues to harbor, and even reward, Donald Findlay, Rangers fans, and their ideology.

  14. Salmond said some stupid stuff, the offensive behaviour bill, attacks on Neil Lennon, etc. There’s a pattern and no one is denying sectarianism exists but people are saying it’s a reason to vote no as things will get worse in an independent Scotland. What I want to know is what specific powers will independence bring that will make it worse or what is Westminster currently doing to hold them back from doing?

  15. charles kickham



    16:41 on 5 February, 2014



    “android not letting me look at the magazine – any of you smart folk know why”



    computer says “no”?

  16. Computer…….take away 2 wrong answers and……..



    SOB……will we EVER hear Chris utter those immortal words EVER again?…….sob…

  17. Phil MacGiollaBhain ‏@Pmacgiollabhain 23m



    I am hearing that a journalist asked a Sevco media chap about the possibility that VAT might be late. “No comment” was the reply.

  18. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    hamiltontim is praying for oscar



    14:39 on 5 February, 2014


    I’d rather read gay/homophobic/unionist/republican/YES/NO/maybe posts than Nevin’s attempts to convince us that he was misunderstood.




    I second that emotion. No one forced him to condemn Celtic supporters or to change the team he supported whilst publicising to the nation why he did so. He is a wee nyaff and a pseudo-intellectual attention seeker. Others may subscribe to his efforts to reinvent himself but include me out.















    Are the stars out tonight



    I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright

  20. Charles,



    Something has just occurred to me when you mentioned android….



    JELLY bean…..ICE CREAM sandwich…..



    Oh b’jebus. The unseen fenian hand at it again!!!

  21. Orange replaced by EE!!!




    Ee!!??? One on from DD!!!




    Mr majority shareholders.

  22. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    England to travel to Dublin to play Ireland in a football friendly.


    Probably November or March 2015.




  23. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    It’s only my opinion but Nevin lied about the Celtic support, CQN provided him with a platform to make excuses for those lies.

  24. Anyone know why Philvis no longer contributes? I didn’t agree with his politics but enjoyed his wit.

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