Co-op awards Celtic the League Cup Final


Really pleased the Scottish Professional Football League have awarded the League Cup Final to Scotland’s largest football stadium, Celtic Park.  We are now hosting the League and Scottish Cup finals, as well as the head of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

So with the Commonwealth and Scottish Cup gigs going to Celtic, why didn’t Newco Rangers get the other final at their 50,000 capacity facility?

Back in the days such certification existed, Ibrox was a Uefa five star venue, whereas Celtic Park was four star, but maintaining those standards takes, well, maintenance, which has not been a priority in some parts.  Celtic Park remains highly functional, and safe.

There is also the hazard of planning an event, even six weeks out, at a venue owned (cough) by a company which does not have bank credit facilities and who are broadcasting financial distress signals like some kind of insolvency Batman call.

These perfectly valid reasons are, of course, a mere distraction from the real reason, the Co-op Bank, which controls Glasgow City Council, is also able to manipulate league football in Scotland and decided to award the final to their partner organisation, while cutting their borrowing rate, by way of compensation.

Issue 19 of CQN Magazine is fresh off the press, 104 pages of great stuff from the CQN community.  10 men won the league, Dam Justice, the Celtic Foundation, and Brogan Rogan outs the difficult questions to Pat Nevin about his Cup Final comments.

The graphic below is just a taster, GO HERE to read properly, and for FREE!!
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  1. bournesouprecipe



    18:30 on 5 February, 2014



    That’s the future of Celtic park I’m afraid HH

  2. did I mention it is a braw day ….and that the Huntertainment has also been braw…aye braw

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    Just a point of order, but derogatory reference to the Orange Order or a person’s presumed membership of it is unlawful on the grounds that the organisation is a self-professed Protestant fraternity.



    The applicable law is found at our old friend, Section 74 of the CJ(S) Act 2003 per:



    For the purposes of this section, an offence is aggravated by religious prejudice if—



    (a) at the time of committing the offence or immediately before or after doing so, the offender evinces towards the victim (if any) of the offence malice and ill-will based on the victim’s membership (or presumed membership) of a religious group, or of a social or cultural group with a perceived religious affiliation; or



    (b) the offence is motivated (wholly or partly) by malice and ill-will towards members of a religious group, or of a social or cultural group with a perceived religious affiliation, based on their membership of that group.



    The courts have been overwhelmingly clear in considering the Orange Order to meet the criteria described.



    Ergo, offences which include or are characterised by derogatory references to the Orange Order are considered at law to be aggravated by religious prejudice, and sanctioned accordingly.



    Around 200 people in Scotland each year are thus convicted.

  4. bournesouprecipe



    18:36 on 5 February, 2014



    Hopefully mate it’s dire at the minute HH

  5. the battered bunnet



    18:46 on 5 February, 2014



    That’s new information …


    I’ll stop doing it from now on……………














  6. Bourne –



    yes, last couple of games we’ve arrived with about 5 minutes to spare but will try to do better this weekend, if only to try out my brand new camera phone ;-). We can discuss outfits nearer the time.



    Sitting right behind the Celtic dug out on Saturday – back row of front stand, 2m in front of Sir Peter. Can’t wait.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    Reference the thread above, toes were curled in their thousands at Celtic Park when Frank de Boer was ‘welcomed’ in song to this effect in the Champions League by a small but enthusiastic number of retrogrades.

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Jungle Jim.



    Pat Nevin.



    Apart from stating that he means nothing to me ,I have no opinion re Pat Nevin.

  9. jobo baldie



    18:48 on 5 February, 2014



    Take care big Pedro will be watching with banning orders at the ready :-) HH

  10. bournesouprecipe



    18:49 on 5 February, 2014



    It’s up to us mate, the support need to get there finger out and sing.


    I’ve said it a hundred times when the seats came so did a different type of supporter a lot of people who never went before suddenly thought its cool to have a ST. HH

  11. hun skelper –



    Purere than the driven snow me. My usual repertoire at matches include –



    “Oh, for goodness sake ref, that’s ridiculous!”


    “See you ya hopeless bad rascal…”


    “For flips sake”



    And, even in song, I remember proudly singing “…we went for Shearer, but we were wiser…”



    Which is a long way of saying that I really do cringe when the latest “AMIDO…AMIDO…” chant starts up – even though he is related to me ;-)

  12. The Coop and Celtic – the link has been there for years. Who remembers GREENshield stamps??




  13. Can I Have



    Multi tasking *see reply to Bada*



    BTW he’s still a supporter, and should have been told that despite the fact your’e clearly a Sevconian sympathiser, Ibrokes might be closed for H&S reasons by the time of the final.

  14. Who is going to sign off the Safety Cert for the SC Semi finals at Poundland ?



  15. jobo baldie



    18:58 on 5 February, 2014



    You’ll be on here Saturday night balling your eyes out about being banned for nothing, it wisnae me it was the guy next to me, sorry Pedro it was a slip of the tongue gollum isnae a o—– b*<€#%d hehe :-) HH

  16. Hun skelper



    “I’ve said it a hundred times when the seats came so did a different type of supporter a lot of people who never went before suddenly thought its cool to have a ST.”



    So did these nouveau fans give their tickets to the rowdy chaps for the European games and games versus deedco?!

  17. Bada @ 1908



    Oh that one snuck out of nowhere.



    (is it no aboot time she went for a bath?)

  18. Hun skelper



    Thought so.



    Seats have been in for years now and there’s been umpteen amazing atmospheres since.

  19. geordie munro



    19:17 on 5 February, 2014



    Aye 3-5 games a season, what about the rest ?

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