Cognitive challenge when supporting anyone but Celtic


In a world where Oh Hyeon-gyu is worth £3.5m, Adam Idah is worth significantly more.  The players were born 61 days apart and have made vastly different impacts at Celtic.  Oh travelled to Europe as a 21-year-old and clearly took time to settle, but you could make youthful excuses for Adam, if his stay in Glasgow had not been so spectacularly successful.

Caveat: notices of interest in a player is not always carried through, but if Genk are keen, £3.5m is right in their sweet spot.

I enjoy international tournaments.  The Olympics are great, the Euros are better and the World Cup is best.  But is it not easier when you don’t have to worry about scores?  You and I look at football through the lens of people who expect to win almost all the time.  This presents a cognitive challenge when supporting anyone with a lower win profile.

So officially, “I’m not bothered” about results.

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  1. I went to some Scotland games in the 70s but stopped after I heard Kenny Dalglish being booed. I hope Scotland do well but they don’t come close to Celtic.

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    Happy transfer window, if the last one was good, hope we don’t have a bad window this summer.



    Making vast profit on undeveloped Oh Hyeon-gyu would be a great way to see the fabled transfer window slam open, more cash for the Chairman’s ’buffer’ against whatever. Great transfer strategy becomes great when measured against, no transfer strategy.



    Fascinating Celtic summer to see if ‘the board’ channel, not hoard, new found expanding wealth, will some of the money be spent outwith the new soft seats in the main stand, or or will the exit door be busier? Are we really to believe that the football data base doesn’t contain ‘oven readies’ that will overtake the scattering ‘poor projects ‘ on the road to Parkhead? Just to rub it in, turns out it could have been worser, we might have gotten Fabio Silva.



    How to strengthen a squad that sprinted to the line and did a double, in ‘a tight race’ with a pantomime horse.



    As ever CSC

  3. As a Scot with a German mum, I usually say I support Scotland for the qualifiers and Germany to the final. Tonight I am in a win/win situation – or lose/lose I guess. I’d love a Scottish win of course, for the bantz (living in London) but win, lose or draw I hope Scotland and it’s fans put on a show…

  4. This transfer window is more important, as we have to qualify for the CL next year. Recruit well now and it makes that easier.

  5. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 14TH JUNE 2024 12:21 PM



    Celtic lost only once after 16th December.



    They never lost to something called “the rangers” in the whole season, in fact beating them 4 times.



    It resulted in a double trophy win



    Proof positive we did not need to spend any more of the money.



    Me, personally, I would be happy with the same transfer business, if it results in the same outcome.



    Europe progression , might happen, might not, we could buy Mbappe, and Virigil and still not progress.



    still another 77 days to complain.



    wait till the financials are out, £100m in the bank, dearie me, that is shameful/

  6. Surely it cannot be true that Callum McGregor has more medals that all “the Rangers” squad added together.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Yes, me too. I’ll watch the games and hope the Celtic players do well and avoid injury, but my mood will be unaffected win, loose or draw.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    On previous thread someone enquired How much for Adam Idah?



    I can’t put a figure on that … but I could live with total cost neutral (outgoing fee and wages) against Oh and Mikey departures (incoming fees plus savings on remaining wages on contracts).

  9. this time last season we didnt even have a manager.



    a double later and a win in european champions league and record transfers in i personally think the “never go back” wailers look a tad silly.






    Return to Celtic


    On 19 June 2023, Rodgers returned to Celtic, agreeing a three-year contract to replace outgoing manager Ange Postecoglou.[123][124][125] He stated that “from a professional perspective and from a personal perspective, there was a real happiness for us to come back”,[126] and he “guaranteed” that he would stay for the entirety of this three-year contract.[127]

  10. incoming fees plus savings on remaining wages on contracts).



    I think, technically in an accountancy world, money not spent, is a cost avoidance, rather than a cost saving.





    I was thinking exactly the same. I hate the fact that our players get criticised, rightly or not, by a different support. Must admit, I find a lot of the Scotland support to be very annoying. Then again, some of our own support are annoying 😁. Then again, again, neither compare to the England support 😉

  12. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Brazen Head. An overcast day in old Glasgow Town. Not that I care, I’m an elderly Tim celebrating even more trophies. Cheers! 😁🍻

  13. glendalystonsils on




    Not being bothered about results is also handy when Celtic play in Europe . Expectations may even be lower than they are for Scotland in Germany .

  14. CELTIC MAC @ 9:42 AM



    “Looks like Celtic FC Women are getting their signings in early doors.



    Judging from his recent leaders Paul67 will be having panic attacks



    Over sustainability and such like.








    Not sure how valid that comparison is.



    First of all, there is no transfer window comparison for the women’s squad.



    Secondly, they have lost 2 star players in Tash Flint & Shen Mengyu, plus 2 reliable squad contributors Shen Menglu & Paula Partido (on loan from Real Madrid).



    Celtic men’s team haven’t officially lost anyone yet apart from Joe retiring. Matt is almost certain to go and a few scarce contributors will be encouraged to go, but we are negotiating strongly for Paolo and Adam, and I think we’ll get at least one of them and we have goalie options in mind, most of whom will choose to go elsewhere and wait to evaluate who is coming in for them and what they offer.



    So the dilemma is no different from previous years.



    You can sign players quickly in the window if they are of no interest to bigger clubs (e.g. Motherwell’s Liam Kelly), or you find a gem who has been overlooked and discounted by the big clubs (e.g. Matt O’Riley- this is getting harder because most clubs are scouting the lower leagues now and don’t overlook) or you can wait till later in the window and see which of your A list keepers are still available and you choose the best or best 2 from them.



    With the Euros on and the the unselected all on holiday- there is no advantage to having a player here in mid June, signed and sealed, as he cannot train or build bonds with the squad and management.



    I say, it’s the best strategy to wait till later in the window and grab the best of what’s left’s you are more likely to recruit better players that way but we will also sign some early or in the middle of the window, because we have 2 advantages to offer them- A Champions League shop window for the next step in their career ( I know fans hate to hear that but talk to any player and you will soon find out that most have career ambitions beyond Celtic) and a winning solvent club that offers them some security at this stage in their career.



    The impatient “just get them signed- anybody at any price” are really not thinking too hard about consequences.

  15. tom mclaughlin (from earlier)



    Danish Twins? (better no tell Paul that)


    Could confuse they Scottish referees when they are both wearing the Hoops


    ‘Ah better just book the both o ye, just to be oan the safe side’

  16. How many of last summer’s signings will be moved on? Sold or sent out on lone.


    More than half?

  17. Last push for this before 8 pm deadline tonight



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    The other 50% will be paid to the Top 3 in the competition after the final is played to do with as they please. I will announce the actual prize money once we see what we’ve raised.


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  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    In football parlance “not bothered” means — Don’t diss me if my team loses cos I’m not bothered.



    Jambos are famous for it.

  19. WESTCRAIGS on 14TH JUNE 2024 1:33 PM


    How many of last summer’s signings will be moved on? Sold or sent out on lone.





    More than half?







    they will all be sold or moved on, when it is either profitable for celtic plc, or they have reached their maximum contribution level and that is seen as not good enough to remain in the celtic set up.



    If you are hung up on lasy summers intake, then you are missing the point of the 5 year business plan.

  20. We have a booth booked for seven, near the big screen at James Joyce Pub in Madrid for 8pm CET dinner, drinks and fitba. No expectations for the score tonight.



    Didn’t wake until 2pm today – you gotta love Airbnbs and jet lag.

  21. quantum



    Re your nom de plume, had ye down as a James Bond man….


    Solace? (an emotion Scots fans experience at major football tournaments)



    Good luck with your Physics studies, and in particular with Maxwell’s Equations


    Or as Hertz referred to him, “Maestro Maxwell”




    I attended a Scotland game where Kenny Dalglish was booed.



    I was also at the game when Ormond, following instructions from the SFA, dropped Dalglish so he didn’t beat some hun’s record for the most consecutive games(34).



    My last Scotland game was when the wonderful Tartan Army racially abused Viv Anderson and John Barnes for 90 minutes.



    I’ve never been back and I never will.



    My bet for any International Tournament is a double: Scotland 0 goals and 0 points.



    Don’t see any reason to change that.

  23. So, what do Celtic PLC actually tell us in their annual reports regarding their mission statements and the operating model?









    The Group’s objective is to be a world-class football club through our strategy and business model for growth focusing on three key areas:



    (i) Core Business – football operations with a self-sustaining financial model,



    relying upon:



    youth academy; player, development; player recruitment; management of the player


    pool; sports science and performance analysis; and football success.






    I see no reference what so ever to hiring only first team ready players to win trophies, and progress in europe no matter the cost to the business.

  24. Stivs – I’ll be supporting Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



    It’s not an easy shift but it’s my country.



    I understand other’s perspective but I’ve moved on.

  25. quantum i thought you were a time traveller like much missed JJ TITOR,



    if you are, can you come back from the future and tell us when celtic will next lose the league ?

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