Cognitive challenge when supporting anyone but Celtic


In a world where Oh Hyeon-gyu is worth £3.5m, Adam Idah is worth significantly more.  The players were born 61 days apart and have made vastly different impacts at Celtic.  Oh travelled to Europe as a 21-year-old and clearly took time to settle, but you could make youthful excuses for Adam, if his stay in Glasgow had not been so spectacularly successful.

Caveat: notices of interest in a player is not always carried through, but if Genk are keen, £3.5m is right in their sweet spot.

I enjoy international tournaments.  The Olympics are great, the Euros are better and the World Cup is best.  But is it not easier when you don’t have to worry about scores?  You and I look at football through the lens of people who expect to win almost all the time.  This presents a cognitive challenge when supporting anyone with a lower win profile.

So officially, “I’m not bothered” about results.

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    According to shearer, kane did well to hold off the defender – he was all over his back for pity sake

  2. Rory had a two shot lead going into the 15th, not any more, hit a 4 on the par 3


    Joint leaders on -7, but Bryson playing a shot behind which might give him a slight advantage down the straight

  3. Did someone mention Clatty Pats or Cleopatras to give it its Sunday name.


    What a place, what a night i think. Stuck to the floor with revolving walls and ceiling.. definitely.


    Was anybody ever sober in there? That was the only pre-requisite.



    Was in the new place a few months back for a bit of reminiscing. Trying to reaquaint with the big mad stuffed camel and remember not to stand on its toe.



    I took the hump when it was nowhere to be seen, It had desserted its post.



    Memories, walk like a Glasgowegian.

  4. Rory misses from 3 feet for par at the 16th, two bogies in a row. Now -6


    Still even with Bryson, but pressure telling for all the players, including Cantley who dropped back to -4

  5. What an up and down from the bunker from De Chambeau on the 18th to win the US Open


    Fantastic finish. Rory could not handle the pressure, went from -8 to -5 in the closing holes,


    all missed short puts. Bryson is one of the great modern golfers, look forward to see him at Troon/

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Well done Bryson , aided and abetted by Rory bottling it in what will probably be his last chance to add another major . Amazing what pressure will do to the mind .

  7. Like PCS I turned the game over after about 10 minutes but no aff as I watched the US Open but kept goin back and forth to see how many it would be, at that point I felt it was men against bhoys so can you imagine my anguish at wakenin up to the headlines of the beast bein give a cbe, but NOT only that, the alleged socialist and son of the manse becoming a cumpanion of honour for public and charitable services.



    This is the same bengal lancer who gave knighthood to the charlatan who systematically destroyed Scottish fitba along with marlborough, holmes, the beast, and nae surname. in fact, he also awarded at the same time a knighthood to the ballymena demagogue.



    Anyway, back tae the huns, when john lawrence, died in 1977 control of his company jumped a generation to his grandson lawrence marlborough, who had joined the hun board in 1973, he was unanimously elected vice-chairman at the age of 36 in 1979 succeeding waddell who resigned, and a surprise #1m shares deal made him the undisputed power behind the club six years later.



    In 1985 when they had finished 5th in the league winning 13, drawing 9 and losing 14 with a GD of + 8 while the champions 15 points ahead of them had a GD of + 29, and the following 3 had +26, +28 and +31, he decided to revolutionise the failing club, that is prior to an eventual sale, by appointing his director from lawrence homes as a director with the huns with a mandate to make them more sellable before he offloaded them



    It was holmes who hired the beast who in turn brought in as his assistant, naesurname, a director up at Tannadice at the time, and then when holmes had practically run them intae the ground, the beast then suggested a friend as the new owner and the rest is as they say history.



    So, when lookin back to Friday just remember who were the architects of the demise of the beautiful game that we invented.

  8. tontine tim



    Not to mention a Million Dollar bribe in a New York Hotel, and a purchase which was 100% financed by the Bank of Scotland, the same Bank that was prepared to pull the plug on Celtic FC in 1993-4 and would have done had it not been for John Keane (RIP) Fergus and later Dermot.


    The original Pa Broon was more deserved of the Companion of Honour than the later version, who saddled schools and hospitals with PFI deals which to this day weigh them down with debt.


    And as you say the son of the Manse who recommended a Knighthood to the Charlatan of Charlotte Square.


    And the same man who really did bring GB to the edge of oblivion.

  9. This is way out of touch with the just how important John Keane’s investment into Celtic really was.




    John didn’t save Celtic so that the smarmy slack arsed Lawwell’s could throw tens of millions of £`s under the bus each season with what looks like coked up casino recruitment from the Lawwell project bus each season….totally out of touch with John Keane and Brian Dempsey’s intentions to give Celtic FC to the fans which wee sneaky McCann reneged on and then twisted the story over to lie about Dempsey refusing to go along with McCann’s glib cheating of Celtic fans.



    Dempsey and Keane had a joint account with Bank of Ireland of £7 million sitting ready to be invested and then wee sneaky McCann moved the goalposts in a “fluk the fans” style of sleekit wee man syndrome sleekitry which he was a master at.



    Dempsey and others also agreed the manager Lou Macari should be properly funded as opposed to being reduced to Wayne Biggins level of recruitment, so when Macari was sacked, and replaced by the vastly inexperienced, Tommy Burns, Dempsey and co were proved to be correct and McCann woefully out of touch as the 6 in a row Huns continued to hoover up the trophies and equalling the Legendary Jock Stein’s 9 in a row.



    The Huns wouldn’t have won 9 in a row vs a tooled up, street wise Macari, and Dempsey and co could see this as well.



    When Fergus McCann was reduced to firing volleys to Brian Dempsey and Gerry McNee, from the centre pages of the Celtic View, after twice snubbing offers from Dempsey, to go head to head on Scotsport chaired by Jim Delahunt equipped with the joint account worth £7 million, John Keane’s £1 million + Brian Dempsey’s £6 million all ready to invest into Celtic, Before, McCann changed the share price agreement to sell the club back to the fans. 👀️



    When you twice refuse to go on live tv vs Brian Dempsey and his £7 million Bank of Ireland account, then McCann must have had a lot to hide, and who better to prosecute the the case on behalf of betrayed Celtic fans, than Brian Dempsey. 🙏️🍀️



    PS, When Tommy Burns got the Celtic managers job, the first thing Tommy says was that the job had come far too early for him, but when Celtic call you have to answer…because they might never call you again. 👀️



    Three careers ruined by Fergus McCann.



    1. Tommy Burns managerial career…as he didn’t get to learn the ropes first…before Celtic came calling.



    2. Neil McCann’s Celtic dream move…a dyed in the wool Tim…so Tommy made a big and long spun out play for NM…not TB’s fault but the arse dragging FM era recruitment processes…which ended up with TB having to embarrassingly let NM’s dream move to Celtic down…as TB is told to develop Brian McGlauchlin instead 👀️..can you imagine how bitter toward Celtic NM became after that FM debacle? 👀️



    3. James Traynor journalist….yes him an absolutely outstanding Herald journo back in the day…along with Timmy journos like, Gerry McNee, Hugh Keevins, Kevin McCarra, Paul Cooney, Jim Delahunt, and Davie Provan, all of these names bent over backwards to facilitate the extra air time that was needed to help the “Rebel Consortium” drag Celtic F.C. out of the fire….imagine that!



    James Traynor opined after FM twice failed to agree to a head to head vs Brian Dempsey on Scotsport, especially after FM’s continued smear campaign vs Brian Dempsey from the centre pages of the Celtic View, the good version of James Traynor said.…



    “Fergus McCann has been given a lot of media help to get his message across to enable his takeover of Celtic, but his duplicity afterwards, against good Celtic men like, Brian Dempsey, and others, will cause a lot of divisions behind the scenes, and especially not keeping his word with the fans on the agreed sell on share price to them, is not what was promised on takeover day, this man has let down an awful lot of people who initially trusted FM’s promises. This is not what thousands of fans bought into.” 👀️



    And then Traynor also became bitter after previously being an excellent journalist. 👀️



    John Keane 🍀️ RIP.



    Tommy Burns 🍀️ RIP.



    Kevin McCarra 🍀️ RIP.







  10. Had a football over indulgence day.


    Have to say the games have been pretty good.



    Wee in nations really trying with attacking football



    Only Scotland have been rubbish so far.

  11. Dempsey never had any money in any accounts to save the Celtic.



    Listen to his and low interview on the Celtic exchange. .



    Low states only two men in 94 did exactly what they said they would. Fergus and John .

  12. Next.



    Tommy never ever told Neil Doherty McCann that he was taking him to Celtic.



    It never happened.

  13. Next.



    There was great daily mail journalist article last week telling that Lou macari deserved a knighthood for his continued work with stoke homeless people against his own family tragedy.



    A great article I will try find it tomorrow.

  14. Brian Dempsey held up to the screen on Scotsport a Bank of Ireland Account Statement from the joint account of Brian Dempsey and John Keane dated 4th March 1994.



    Dempsey held this Bank statement up to the camera so that it could be clearly read on screen that an account containing £7 million pound to be immediately invested into Celtic F.C.



    PS, Gerald Wisefeld [sp] offered similar. 👀️



    If Fergus McCann thought that this Dempsey Bank statement was a lie, then why didn`t he take up Dempsey`s challenge and prove to the Celtic support that Brian Dempsey was a bluffer and that the account identified in the Bank of Ireland statement was a bluff?



    That McCann dodged the 2 Dempsey challenges suggests that it was McCann who was the bluffer, and Brian Dempsey proved that to be the case 2 weeks in a row on Scotsport. 👀️ 👀️



    Maybe that Brian Dempsey`s father was a former Labour MP of the good long before Tony Blair Labour days, does not sit too well with separatist Tims on here?



    PPS, There are supposedly 200,000 Scotland fans in Germany this week, and yet, some kilted blow hard arranged a Independence march 2 days ago…guess how many Scots turned up to the march?



    29 turned up. 👀️



    lawl 😶️










  15. SAINT STIVS on 17TH JUNE 2024 12:55 AM




    Tommy never ever told Neil Doherty McCann that he was taking him to Celtic.


    It never happened.





    During the Hampden season 94/95 TB tried to sign Neil McCann and Alan McLaren from Hearts…Fergus made sure that TB got neither! 👀

  16. SAINT STIVS on 17TH JUNE 2024 1:00 AM





    There was great daily mail journalist article last week telling that Lou macari deserved a knighthood for his continued work with stoke homeless people against his own family tragedy.



    A great article I will try find it tomorrow.





    Good man Hail Hail.







  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. It’s another week of fun and frolics!👍😁

  18. Dzien Dobry z Krakowa


    Engerland were lucky. Couldn’t understand the Serbs reluctance to shoot. SAINT STIVS is right. Only Scotland have been rubbish so far. What a surprise.

  19. Majestic Hartson on

    John Keane, thank you. Rest in Peace.



    Thoughts with his family and friends. X

  20. Majestic Hartson on




    I’m with St Stivs here. There are 3 sides to every story. Listen to the podcasts on the Celtic Exchange on the takeover. They’re very interesting. Brian Dempsey doesn’t mention anything about having £7m in the bank – to my memory.



    Also, everyone mentions how much Fergus McCann did not like the limelight. He was very savvy so was maybe aware that being interviewed alongside such a great orator as Brian Dempsey he was never going to come out having won everyone over.



    I mean here we’re here, still the same club, being as successful as we have been, in the stadium Fergus had built, 30 years on and he’s still not won you over. 😅

  21. Majestic Hartson on

    Regarding Scotland being rubbish on Friday. I think everyone is being a bit harsh… on “rubbish.”

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    Meeting my old pal Leggy at the Crystal Palace, Jamaica Street on Thursday at 12pm. If you would like to have an uplifting, stimulating, intellectual chat avoid us like the plague. Send money anyway

  23. Watched the English last night and like a few other posters , Guy Mowbray and Alan Shearer are so much worse than McCoist. Had to mute after 15 minutes but turned the sound on part way through second half as Serbia pressed. Serbs unlucky not to get a draw.



    England still look like a bunch of individuals sprinkled with some good players mixed in with over hyped epl hackers.



    Last night confirmed for me can’t stand Pickford , Walker ( keep it in your trousers son) and Harriet Kane , against a more street wise defence , Kanes diving will go unrewarded.



    Difficult game to ref , thought the Serbs could have kicked the English a bit more but the ref was buying most of the English dives. Germans , Spain and Italy well ahead of the English in general team play so can relax watching the rest of the tournament.



    As far as Scotland concerned, our style of football is from a bygone era and unfortunately we’ll leave with nothing …. or maybe Oor Billy will be the missing spark , honestly!




  24. Team selection + formation+ tactics + occasion + top class opposition + red card = humiliating defeat.

  25. Mowbary and Shearer commentating as supporters not on the game. I expect a biased content but not at the expense of what is actually happening before their eyes.

  26. Worth noting Souness played at 3 WC / Euro finals for Scotland.



    Scotland never qualified from any of the groups.



    Scotland managed 2 wins from 9 games at these. He played in 1 of the wins.



    This qualifies him to slaughter the performance of the current team who are still in the competition.



    McCoist arguably is worse. Although he did score the winning goal in 96 in ultimately another losing cause.



    Yet they both deserve gongs for service to football ?

  27. To Tontine Tim and all former Tradamus Lampada bhoys.



    John Rodgers, secretary of St. Patrick’s F.P., has been awarded an O.B.E..

  28. McCoist actually was a member of 5 Scotland finals squads from 86 to 98.



    Scotland did not qualify from groups in any of these.



    Scotland won just 3 matches out of 15 at these events. 1 a meaningless dead rubber Vs CIS.



    A serial failure commenting as if an expert.