Cognitive challenge when supporting anyone but Celtic


In a world where Oh Hyeon-gyu is worth £3.5m, Adam Idah is worth significantly more.  The players were born 61 days apart and have made vastly different impacts at Celtic.  Oh travelled to Europe as a 21-year-old and clearly took time to settle, but you could make youthful excuses for Adam, if his stay in Glasgow had not been so spectacularly successful.

Caveat: notices of interest in a player is not always carried through, but if Genk are keen, £3.5m is right in their sweet spot.

I enjoy international tournaments.  The Olympics are great, the Euros are better and the World Cup is best.  But is it not easier when you don’t have to worry about scores?  You and I look at football through the lens of people who expect to win almost all the time.  This presents a cognitive challenge when supporting anyone with a lower win profile.

So officially, “I’m not bothered” about results.

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  1. I think that the Scotland teams sounness was in are deserving of much more criticism that the current lot.



    The team today are rank because they have no decent forwards and no defense whereas the team sounness was in had decent defenders and forwards but did absolutely hee haw.



    Yet, prick as he is, he is allowed to slaughter the present team AND make sure he referred to Calum as ‘the captain of Glasgow Celtic’ while slagging him.



    Hun bigot!

  2. Burnley


    To be fair Souness has raised a few million pound for the charity that supports the young girl with that horrible skin condition.

  3. GENE



    You’re absolutely correct, his charity work should be recognised.



    But. he’s still a hun, EBT tax dodger.

  4. Wife now hiding any sharp objects from me.Today,on Google.Tom Lawrence,who the scum are desperate to get off the wage bill,plus he is never fit,and crap,are willing to sell him for £ 5 million.Eh,!!!!,Wit !!!!!!!


    “SOURCES,have claimed Goldson ,suffering a knee injury which will make him miss pre season training is worrying Rangers,as he creeps nearer Saudi move” WTF !!!!!,get this shit away from me,Aaarrrggghhhh.WTF wrote this shit !!!!!!!!!!!.


    Where’s my raor blades?.

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    Former Rangers owner and chairman David Murray received £6.3m from the EBT scheme


    ( and a knighthood )



    As ever CSC

  6. What is the Starz on

    Who would win a fight between a tax dodging hun bigot and a parsimonious Lawwellite

  7. Ahhh dont you just long for the days when everything was more simpler,the Broons were a must read every Sunday,along with that wee rapscallian Wullie.Francis Gay column a must .


    .When sports in Scotland was lorded over,by,Gerry Mc Nee,Jim Traynor ( when he was a Tim ),Big Mark Mc Ghee,Wee Murdo,Big George Galloway,a political giant,when Neil Mc Can nearly signed for Celtic,if the wee bugger Fergus had not been bout.Schooll holidays were longer,sunnier,and and nobody batted an eyelid at someone on the Telly showing off a £7 million cheque.