Cognitive Dissonance with Pressley always in middle of controversy


Stephen Pressley’s Falkirk team did well at Hampden yesterday but the manager did himself no credit with his half time rant at the referee, who chopped off a perfectly good Celtic goal but annoyed Pressley for awarding a penalty when Thomas Rogne was hauled to the ground.

An irritated Pressley, who always seems to be the one in the middle of any controversy, then gave an inexplicable post-match interview to the BBC, demonstrating as clear a case of Cognitive Dissonance you are likely to find outside of a textbook.  At the time he, apparently, hadn’t seen a TV replay of the penalty incident, made no attempt to claim Darren Dods was innocent of the alleged discretion, nor did he suggest the referee had erred, but he was clearly troubled trying to reconcile these facts with his feeling of being wronged.

To all aspiring Cognitive Dissonance posters in the CQN comments section, new standards have been set. You are a bunch of amateurs with functioning resolution pathways and have no future in the game.

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  1. Funnily that was my first thought yesterday during his interview and said as much to Mrs Mort who rolled her eyes and looked at me with distain.



    Basically what he said was, I didn’t see the penalty incident, but it wasn’t a penalty and I don’t think it would have given at the other end. Cognitive Dissonance at its very best.



    This has however received little comment from the Scottish press. Now if it was Neil Lennon who had said this, he’s probably be up before the beaks before long.



    I also think the interviewer let him off without passing much comment. Remember when Aiden McGeady was sent off for simulation against Hibs, ESPN’s Daryll Currie couldn’t get a TV with replay on quick enough to try and get Tony Mowbray to comment.




  2. Paul67 et al



    I must admit I have not the read the above article, but I have to conclude, you are way off the mark there Paul.

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    KevJungle says:


    30 January, 2012 at 12:04



    By a few light years … surprised you didn´t notice or even need to ask that question.



    Hail Hail

  4. Pressley should be pulled up by the beaks for implying the Ref would not have give them a penalty for the same foul in our box!

  5. Paddy Gallagher on

    A shocking example to his young players.


    If Neil had given a post match interview with that level of criticism of the officials (Would it have been given if it happened in the other penalty box = cheats) he would be front page news.


    Wanted to be seen as the big I am on the telly, big erse more like.

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    Pressley is a cantankerous character by nature – a bit like myself.



    A certain rookie manager, and former team-mate, could learn a lot from watching Pressley’s team and how they play the game. Oh … wait a minute…

  7. Paul67 and Mort


    “Basically what he said was, I didn’t see the penalty incident, but it wasn’t a penalty and I don’t think it would have given at the other end. Cognitive Dissonance at its very best.”



    That was the view (or not the view).of Begg and other panelists apart from Murdo on Shortbread. They did not know who was involved and admitted not seeing it as they were ball watching. Yet it was a “soft” penalty.

  8. Paul67 – There are a good few players kicking around looking for game time before the Euro’s in the summer. There is surely a healthy market there for teams able to pick up quality, motivated players don’t you think?

  9. Mort – from previous article – fair point on Hooper, but I think he has stepped down divisions. I think we’re both in agreement on him and Stokes though, he may well go on to better things. His age and nationality should dictate he command a big fee from an EPL club in time.



    Totally agree with your comments @ 12:08



    Pressley was hurting, fair enough, but why had he not seen the penalty at that stage ? Surely the BBC guy could have shown him it, or maybe mentioned the good goal Celtic had chalked off. No, like Terry Butcher and others before him, he was allowed his rant, and allowed to perpetuate the myth that his team had been harshly treated.



    Nevin’s comment afterwards that apart from the penalty he had to agree with everything Pressley said were even more ludicrous. At least Owen Coyle challenged him on that.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Ten Men Won The League: 30 January, 2012 at 11:58



    (From previous)



    I think Boyd would happily return to Poundland under any circumstances.



    He has made a bit of money in the past couple of years and will be back within his comfort zone having failed spectacularly to make any impression outside Scotland.



    But he will score goals in the SPL and Jelavic, should he actually leave, will not be missed if Boyd returns.

  11. Steinreignedsupreme – “He has made a bit of money in the past couple of years” well actually he hasn’t. That is why he isn’t in Turkey, they never paid him!

  12. Paul 67 @12:07



    I disagree m8!



    Neil imo, should have said “no comment!”



    If Neil feels that he will get himself into trouble with the beaks then the last thing he should do is be seen to be, kow-towing to the LL! IMO!



    P.S. Paul 67, i’m not looking for a ruck, because I know there will only be one winner!



    That would be your ghood self btw!



    Hail! Hail!

  13. I had to watch the game on a TV in the Scotstoun Leisure Centre as my son had a swimming assessment. There were 5 `Falkirk fans’ watching with me. They shouted for every tackle, shy and bookings galore. I smiled and said nothing.



    Stokes scored the third after some great build up play from Hoops.



    I turned to the aforementiond `fans’ and did a Lenny.



    Actions sometimes speak louder than words.








    Ps. my son passed!

  14. Paul67



    Pressley asked if the penalty would hve been given in the other box.



    I would ask him, “Would Hooper’s goal had been chopped off at the other end of the park?”




  15. We have criticised Euen Norris on these pages due to the number of penalties he has given for Rangers this season but I have to commend him for giving the penalty yesterday. These incidents do happen a lot during corners (maybe not so blatant and right in front of ref) but if more referees gave penalties, this pushing and shoving would stop.



    I remember Ireland getting a penalty in the 90th minute of a World Cup game against Spain in 2002 for something similar and FIFA had said they were intending to crack down on this type of fouling in the box. 10 years later and penalties in similar situations are still rare.



    I wonder how upset Pressley would have been had Norris correctly awarded Celtic a second penalty when the Falkirk defender handled the ball from Rogne’s shot just prior to Stokes free kick.




  16. James Forrest is Lennon on




    I believe they will mate. I think, considering some of the stick they have taken here and elsewhere about their fiscal strategy, that they will utterly refuse to have anything to do with any agreement which legitimises clubs which have not tried to live within their means, and in fact flaunted the fact they haven’t.



    One other thing, and this is just my personal opinion.



    I think our board are probably spectacularly well informed as to not only what is happening inside Rangers but as to who, and what, Craig Whyte is. I think it likely they have information we are not in possesion of, and could not even guess at, and are probably deeply concerned at the damage such information could do to the whole of Scottish sport when – not if, but when – it comes out.



    I think they will be concerned at the potential for not only serious embarrasment for the club and everyone else, but the notion of “guilt by association”. Too many people now, with the two most valuable resources I know of – time and determination – are looking. Too many shovels are being applied to the soil, there are too many people putting in spade work. This man’s secrets, as big as they might be, will not remain secret indefinitely.



    I think Celtic will be greviously concerned about their reputation if they are seen to be in any way involved with a scheme bearing this man’s name.

  17. James Forrest is Lennon says:



    30 January, 2012 at 11:56




    james ,i posted along the same lines more than a year ago , with regards to the points you raise in (2) I sincerely hope you get more debate on the post than i did , only person to respond to my point was auldheed , i would have thought that more celts would have been interested in justice being met .




    Mick says:



    30 January, 2012 at 11:51




    mick. ive been on this site since just after it started , i attend the golf day , and although i dont drink ive been in attendance at bb,s with the CQNRS. and they dont debate any of my posts either ,so just do what i do now and if you have some input ,go ahead and post it mate .



    hail hail




  18. Sky Sports understands Celtic are eyeing a move for Wolves midfielder Stephen Hunt before the transfer window slams shut.



    Republic of Ireland international Hunt has been left out of the Wolves starting line-up for their two most recent Premier League matches, a defeat by Chelsea and draw against Tottenham, where he came on as a second-half substitute.


    Celtic boss Neil Lennon is thought to be an admirer of Hunt and he is now weighing up a move for the all-action winger as he looks to bolster his squad.


    Former Reading man Hunt could be tempted by a move to Celtic as he looks for regular first-team football to boost his chances of breaking into the Ireland side for this summer’s Euro 2012 finals.


    Hunt has made 46 appearances for Wolves and scored seven goals since arriving from Hull in the summer of 2010.

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