Coherent recruitment strategy, in June!


There was a standing joke on here for years.  On day one of the transfer window someone would write, “The transfer window’s been open 13 hours and still no news, get your finger out Celtic”.  It mirrored the less jovial comments when the transfer window had 13 hours left, although “get your finger out Celtic” occasionally still featured.

It’s not just Celtic, transfer business is a deadline activity.  Why sell your prime asset early when you know desperate clubs will pay over the odds to appease the manager who is demanding sufficient resources to meet target?

You need to work an angle to pick up prime cuts this early in the window.  We picked up Virgil van Dijk for a paltry £2.6m in June 2013, which is remarkable, considering he is an outstanding player who was working in one of Europe’s heavily scouted leagues.

We got in early with van Dijk, who had been released by Willem II without playing a game before making 62 appearances with Groningen.  A false start followed by a period with just enough form to tempt Celtic’s scouts, but not so much as to alert the slower footed.

So what do we know about Dedryck Boyata?  He’s 24, three years older than Virgil when he joined, but has played around half the number of first team games Virgil had experienced.  Dedryck was vacuumed up by City as a 16-year-old, part of the annual harvest major clubs make each year.  He clearly had something about him to convince City to retain him, but first team outings were rare.  When Celtic came shopping a year ago, City were prepared to live without Jason Denayer for a season, but not Dedryck, who went into their first team squad.

It’s correct to say that knowledge of Dedryck is scarce, even among City fans, but Ronny has spent time on City’s training fields with him, and had him watched extensively in non-first team outings over the last year.

Is he the answer to our defensive prayers?  Time will tell, but the recruitment strategy which brought him here is coherent.  All our scouts and management team have watched him to the extent that a consensus has been reached.  His profile is not high enough to commend a fee which is out with our budget, and most importantly, we can bring him in now, making sure he’s embedded before the potentially lucrative Petrofac Cup Champions League qualifiers.

Welcome to Celtic, Dedryck.

Still laughing, in case you were in any doubt.

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    I recall a came of cricket,county match,being called off in late June/early July due to snow.



    Derbyshire I think.



    13:33 on


    3 June, 2015





    I can never quite make up my mind whether you genuinely despise the SNP but are sadly incapable of a coherent argument thus,or a fifth-columnist satirising the views of those who can.





    I despise all the Nationalists stand for, and have done for forty years – they have never been in our corner, nor, on the side of the poor and working class in their puff!



    The deluded in Scotland will come to realise that they have conned just for their vote – and for what – a new socialist, high benefit culture Nirvana in Scotland?



    There is not an ounce of socialism in the DNA of the SNP – NEVER has been – they have used those outside their hard core who voted for them, by merely positioning themselves as the anti-establishment party and turning them into Labour-haters. LABOUR, the ONLY party to have ever done anything specifically for the working-class and the poor…and there have been hundreds of things!



    The SNP are a ONE-ISSUE party – they know the economic sums don’t add up for Scotland, either independent, or, with FFA – that’s why they have ditched FFA recently.



    They care not a jot for the poor and working-class – proof



    Name me one – yes just ONE, policy and/or proposal EVER brought forward by them, specific to the poor – please don’t insult my intelligence by saying – Tuition Fees, or, Bus Passes, or, Prescription Charges, or Council Tax freezes – all of these measures have a disproportionate benefit to those who are better off in our society – indeed Tuition fees have reduced Further Education for 240.000 and freezing Council Tax has lined the pockets of the better off and decimated local services for the poor, disabled and those with Learning Difficulties.



    Yes I despise the SNP – any right thinking poor, working class and may I say Celtic/Irish/Catholic, should do also.

  3. Gerryfaethebrig


    13:50 on


    3 June, 2015


    I think Boyata could be a magic signing and I think the success of Jason Denayer probably helped make the big mans mind up, “if” we make CL group stages then Boyata must think he has a chance of a call up since Jason D managed it while playing in Scotland, without the CL anyway just my opinion but think it’s a great start to Ronnys first full preseason while being in full charge of signings (with Mr Lawells guidance as any good CEO should)





    It will be interesting to see how Jason progresses back at Man City. He’s there to fight for a place in the first team and good luck to him – I hope he achieves that. However, it is possible he will go back and not play a game for them. It would be ironic if our new signing Del Bhoy made the Belgium national side and Jason was dropped due to not playing enough for his club. I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but…stranger things have happened.

  4. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Just to remind you Ghuys & Ghals that the CL Final kicks off on Saturday night at 7.45pm (UK time) ……… Barcelona are trying to buy commie bell for it….but I think he’ll just DROP in …… :)

  5. Deliasmith



    The McMurdo piece begins……



    ‘The FA Cup Final is a special occasion and is partly made so by the community singing. I enjoyed watching Alfie Boe and the people from Songs of Praise sing Abide With Me the other day. It is a powerful hymn and is one of my favourites, particularly the Inspirational Choir’s version.’






    This is a pi$$ take no??,


    Intended or otherwise!



    Community singing?


    What was it – Abide With Me. A wee bit more inclusive than ‘the famine’s over….’


    Still at least they both feature GSTQ – though sadly not the Sex Pistols version.



    The rest of it makes for interesting reading. Largely lucid with occasional lapses into delusion.



    I was still expecting it to climax with a final paragraph promising a fuhreur who’d develop a ‘super weapon’ with which to defend the Reich…..or at least a floating pitch!



    HH jamesgang

  6. Bobbio



    We once had a rugby 7s tournie cancelled about now cos of snow!



    In the mountains of Paisley.


    I blame the (scary) Pens



    HH jamesgang





    You seem to have missed the point of my post.



    I also loathe the SNP. Not that I can do much about it in Swindon,of course. But the ship has sailed for the moment. They’ve got the result they wanted-and one which I suggested early last August. Though I admit to being astounded at just how much of a result!



    But people DID decide to vote for them,and in huge numbers. Yes,they have,IMO,lied about a lot of things,refused to answer on a lot of others,been economical on the truth with many more.



    But telling someone that he or she is an idiot for voting that way will not endear them to listen to your reasons why.



    And,worryingly,that is about the only reason you can give. You are an idiot for voting SNP in 2015.



    I’d be bliddy delighted if someone,anyone,was able to give them a reason why they were an idiot for not voting Labour up there in 2015.



    And that,I’m afraid,is the problem.



    Btw,I voted Labour down here. Swindon,historically a working-class town. Railways,factories,etc. Tory marginals. Safe seats for them now.

  8. I dunno,sometimes i wonder if i wandered into another site….i mean words like Hate and Despise,then im basically told Who i should vote for ,coz if i dont im ,in not so many words im a Traitor to my Class ,my Religion,my Team and my ancestry…..only thing missing is follow follow…i jezzo….

  9. Jonny the Tim



    But do we need the FBI -US coducting the fifa witch-hunt?? The CIA-US is corrupting half the world with bribes and secret payments maybe they should be investigating themselves first..

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Mr Pastry



    They have ensured that no tenant in Scotland will be effected by the bedroom tax, they have given the local authorities extra cash to cover the shortfall.



    No idea which budget it came from though..

  11. theclumpany



    12:02 on 3 June, 2015


    Good Afternoon.



    Celtic look suspiciously like a club getting its act together early in the summer transfer market…



    More please!



    In other news, did anyone catch the hilarious “20 Reasons Why Celtic Fans Are Jealous Of Rangers” piece online yesterday?!






    It was as hilarious as it was delusional.



    Here is my response. I only needed to make three points to debunk it.






    Have a brilliant afternoon!







    ….and here is the equally hilarious follow-follow up to that excruciatingly funny piece!






    Cheer yourselves up with this!




  12. Marrakesh Express on




    Spot on again mate.


    They’ve had it too easy for too long and how it shows. If I can ram three big words together (there’ll be one I’m sure) to describe the majority mindset of the hun, it’s that they suffer from a hubristic decadence with more than a hint of hedonism. (Yes, dictionary handy).


    The deceased Govan club lead by example and the new one has been passed on the same hereditary trait.

  13. bmcuw


    i was married the week before and in was a scorcher , engerland beat scotland 5-1 that day, the week before it had been snowing in stoke- and in buxton the week after




  14. VVD and Denyer are as good a CB pairing Ive ever seen in a Celtic shirt and they were young and improving. We will be very lucky if they are replaced by an equally strong pair.

  15. Boyata addresses one area. Left back, striker and another CB are probably other requirements.

  16. Wilson was on message last night


    Desperation doesn’t cover it


    Owen was more realistic


    Don’t know what the granny makes of the new signing

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    No idea hebcelt


    I thought Coyle was a manager in the American League

  18. O.G.Rafferty on

    Interesting headline on that whatculture.com site



    Haris Vuckic Left Newcastle For Rangers To “Play With Men”


    Honest if nothing else, anyway

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on




    14:30 on 3 June, 2015



    I wish JD all the very best but the way the Epl is, I honestly think he isn’t the tallest or strongest for their statisticians (a lot of mince in my eyes) but like you my point is a Boyata playing every week & hopefully in the CL could be an advantage, but JD probably looks at some the defenders down there and fancies his chances, Boyata on a 4yr deal looks good business to me

  20. timmy7_noted on

    Mr Pastry



    14:27 on 3 June, 2015



    When people vote for something that you don’t and you lose its called democracy not delusion,your constant repetition bores me to death.

  21. Other pros advised Dedryck to sign for Celtic.



    I wait to hear how Govan Wanderers next Mohsni wannabe was recommended to them by their cleaning lady.



    Laughter CSC

  22. Mr Pastry



    Here is a question for you. Did Tommy Sheridan do better at your school than you did?

  23. timmy7_noted on

    Jonny the tim,Just tried that link regarding players the huns should buy,now that truly is delusional………:-)

  24. Ah, democracy – that’s that thing you get when your neighbours Cyprus tree intrudes your garden.


    To imagine any other form esp on these Islands is truly delusional indeed.

  25. foghorn leghorn on

    one thing you can say about the Pasty-meister is that he is no fence-sitter-on-erer



    and at least he is consistent



    however he seems to have missed the point



    the persons of scootlandshire seem to be looking ahead to the future



    the Pastry filo is turned in the opposite direction



    so instead of asking a question like (and i paraphrase a tad) “name a policy the snp have ever proposed that helps the poor – but dont answer me by naming a policy the snp have ever proposed that helps the poor”, why doesnt he (if a flakey foodstuff can have a gender) wait a year or 3 and then discuss what the SNP’s elected MPs have achieved in their time of elected office?



    that way we will have an upto date discussion



    and the rest of us wont be bored by his constant use of the word ‘delusional’

  26. Neustadt-Braw on

    hey Delaneys …I think we got away with oor banter …. phew





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