Cole, Kazim-Richards, keeping the receipt


“News” broke this morning that Carlton Cole has left Celtic. Next they’ll be telling us the Berlin Wall has fallen.

Carlton had ‘left the building’ some time ago. Last month I asked about him in unflattering terms “Didn’t look like a Celtic player on paper or on the field, so why did we sign him?”. He was a pay-as-you-play punt, available to sign between transfer windows. If he could cut it, he’d get a game and be paid, if not, he wouldn’t cost a penny.

He didn’t work out (of course), but there’s no real harm in taking punts like this. I suspect Celtic also had a break option in Colin Kazim-Richards contract which allowed them to encourage him out of town this month. He was another bizarre looking signing who didn’t work out, but unlike Carlton, at least we got the odd shift out of Colin.

Don’t look for top-level strategy in all this but you’ll find a low-level strategy known at Celtic Park as ‘Keep the receipt” business. Get them in, get an option to make the move permanent, but give yourself an out, in case the warning signs have substance.

In short, the Carlton Cole-Colin Kazim-Richards strategy looks indiscriminate but it’s not really. Making transfer mistakes is a problem for all, but if you’re going to do it, and every club does, make cheap mistakes.

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  1. Stringer Bell on




    At this stage the goats movements are unclear. He is clearly to blame though. For everything.

  2. Hodgson doesn’t have clue ( I hope )



    No Vardy no party. But to take Kane off is just a joke. Rooney is a dud, Sterling is less than useless.



    Cmon ye Wales.

  3. St. Stivs: It comes from ‘sláinte mhaith’ which literally means good health but is the Gaelic version of ‘cheers’.

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Responsibility ultimately rests with the manager.



    Roy should be the escape goat if Wales win……….. But they won’t. England always get a spawny outcome in games like this against “British Isles” teams, even although they have been rubbish.

  5. Captain Beefheart on

    Can smug middle class people really understand the effects of mass immigration? I doubt it. It doesn’t affect them.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Ah ernie, I now have a problem with migrant workers, pathetic, I have been a migrant worker all my working life. So it’s a bit rich competing from someone who does not know the difference between a refugee and a migrant worker.



    The discussion was about a lot more than that but you decided to home in on that particular aspect, now quite simply if you do not know how the introduction of migrant workers can affect pay and conditions of the local workforce then you really wouldn’t be displaying such ignorance and expect you opinion to be considered relevant.


    But a simple wee example for you might help you understand a concept that should not have been that hard for you to deal with.



    During the 90’s I was on the tools and due to lack of work in Glasgow I took a job at the Nigg bay onshore rig construction yard. The locals and unions had an agreement with the yard owners who imposed the rules on all contractors, the union had previously been strong and loyal to its members. During my time there the number of migrant workers vastly outnumbered the locals and were more relaxed or less committed to ensuring the rights previously won were implemented because of fear of loosing their job. So the rights were whittled away in that previous issues that merited a warning were replaced by instant dismissal. What had been agreed to be the contractors requirements became the responsibility of the tradesmen.


    I was personally subjected to this treatment when I was told I was getting a warning for not having tools until a local educated me on the blue book agreement that stated the contractors were responsible to provide all tools to suit the tasks. Now the trick here was the car I was travelling in crashed on the journey north, delaying our journey thankfully no one was hurt and the car was still fit to get us to work, problem was the guys I was travelling with had their tools in the boot of the car, mine were in the digs and the original intent was to hit the digs first, the guys would dump their bags and I would collect my tools. Even after explaining this the contractor still insisted I would be getting a warning.


    The following contract the rate was dropped as were overtime rates, there was very little appetite to resist this because there were not too many alternatives and most were happy just to be working. Now does that help explain, I have other examples such as Geordies and Poles happy to take reduced rates if the overtime was increased thus reducing the options for the locals, this is not a few isolated cases it’s standard practice in the contracting game.

  7. Captain Beefheart on

    Looks like a poor tournament thus far. Too many poor sides. Croatia are the team I will keep an eye on.

  8. Tambourine Bhoy of 1967 on

    I blame the voters.



    They leave a mess for every future generation.



    Don’t vote. It’s OUR power! It’s OUR land. It’s OUR rights!




    Revolution before restoration.







    You’re missing the point.



    If the UK leaves the EU there will be just as many migrant workers from the EU coming here.

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Ah wouldnae mess wi’ Ledley in this game…………


    ………..he might have a baseball bat inside his beard :)

  11. Winning Captains – Tshirt arrived in FK3 earlier, thank you.



    Thoughts and prayers for Joe Woodside, his family and friends.




  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Oh right so the point has shifted again, ok, there is no guarantee that there will be as many migrants allowed to move as freely, there is also the discussion that the shengen agreement goes out the window and a new agreement is negotiated, you do not know what will happen so pretending you do does not make it so, no one has left the EU before so it’s all new ground.


    Your whole argument is based on supposition not fact or even evidence.

  13. Almore on 16th June 2016 2:57 pm



    Of course! Pobol y Cym was a Welsh language programme that meant, “People of the Valley.”

  14. WeefratheTim on

    Labour MP, Jo Cox is in critical condition after she was shot and stabbed in Leeds. Sad.



    RIP Sean Woodhouse. HH

  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on


  16. Almore



    Love those insights nto language and its history and origins And how Iit evolves into everyday use


    In Scotland BBC Alba made a prog called Tir is Teanga which


    Went into the vinfluence of the scot, gael:lowlanderscot, and viking on place names.


    Slainthe :-)



  17. Am I missing something here, the massive optimism from the English commentary team as their manager throws on three strikers to try and rescue his team from a two from two disaster???



    12minutes from a dreadful start to the Euros???

  18. Tambourine Bhoy of 1967 on

    How far north have the t-shirts got?



    I’m way up in the north-east point. Will Santa get here today?








    ‘Oh right so the point has shifted again,’






    No. The point is that you were arguing that migrant workers depress the conditions for indigenous workers. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant if leaving the EU would not affect the right of EU citizens to live and work here.






    ‘ no guarantee…….there is also the discussion….. you do not know what will happen’






    I started this by saying that the consensus of informed opinion was that even if there is Brexit EU citizens would still be allowed to live and work here. That’s what all the evidence suggests.






    ‘Your whole argument is based on supposition not fact or even evidence.’






    And your argument is based on nothing other than wishful thinking, and is contradicted by the available evidence.



    You don’t like migrants coming here to work, I get that. But you’re dreaming if you that leaving the EU is going to change that.

  20. England deserved that win based on their second half performance but Wales still in it with a win in their final match.

  21. Tambourine Bhoy of 1967 on




    I’ve been called worse :)



    How far north are you, if you don’t mind me asking?




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