Cole, Kazim-Richards, keeping the receipt


“News” broke this morning that Carlton Cole has left Celtic. Next they’ll be telling us the Berlin Wall has fallen.

Carlton had ‘left the building’ some time ago. Last month I asked about him in unflattering terms “Didn’t look like a Celtic player on paper or on the field, so why did we sign him?”. He was a pay-as-you-play punt, available to sign between transfer windows. If he could cut it, he’d get a game and be paid, if not, he wouldn’t cost a penny.

He didn’t work out (of course), but there’s no real harm in taking punts like this. I suspect Celtic also had a break option in Colin Kazim-Richards contract which allowed them to encourage him out of town this month. He was another bizarre looking signing who didn’t work out, but unlike Carlton, at least we got the odd shift out of Colin.

Don’t look for top-level strategy in all this but you’ll find a low-level strategy known at Celtic Park as ‘Keep the receipt” business. Get them in, get an option to make the move permanent, but give yourself an out, in case the warning signs have substance.

In short, the Carlton Cole-Colin Kazim-Richards strategy looks indiscriminate but it’s not really. Making transfer mistakes is a problem for all, but if you’re going to do it, and every club does, make cheap mistakes.

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  1. 50 shades of green on

    There is that much rain falling at the NI game some of their fans will no doubt be reminiscing about George Square last year.

  2. Just logged on and knew nothing about the murder of Jo Cox until I read back. May she rest in peace.


    All this shit being stirred up during this referendum campaign has a lot to answer for. Most people who live in the UK ARE immigrants from elsewhere. All these weeks of stirring up people’s emotions because of a schism in the Tory party, well I hope they are proud of themselves.

  3. Canman


    Honestly how long might it take for Turkey to reach a level that an application has to be considered never mind a level that EU states might actually welcome them.


    People are fond of squirrels on this site and Turkeys inclusion into a Brexit debate is just another one.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Not hearing any bile at Norn Iron game,maybe one of our bhoys across the water could confirm?

  5. Stringer Bell on

    If anyone has a spare hour, the Graham Hunter podcast with Michael O’Neill is well worth a listen.



    A very impressive football manager. Good explanation of how he uses stats in management.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    When British politicians start saying things like Turkish membership not on the cards, it’s time to worry.

  7. Canman


    that makes no sense other than you don’t believe anything a politician says

  8. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Spoke to a zombie today.



    Like talking to a brick wall it was.



    A clampit.



    Extremely dangerous mentality none the less.




  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Worse, I believe the exact opposite of what politicians say will happen.

  10. And Britain on their own can’t decide who can join but they can decide who can’t

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Especially British torys, we’re all in it together remember

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Sorry pal, believe what you like, the EU is as corrupt as the SFA and as I said Greece had no problem duping membership auditors. Neither will Turkey.

  13. Sad day a wife and a mother murdered for doing her job RIP Jo cox.



    This world is getting scary.

  14. Well done, Michael O’ Neill. Great clincher from Niall. The great Joe Hart done my correct score. Good free kick but should save from 35 yards. Monthepoles !

  15. Good performance by the North of Ireland to-day, did not sit off opponents like against the Poles. Well done Michael O ‘Neill.



    ‘So much for Britain’s strict gun laws.’






    The reports suggest he had to reload after each shot. One report suggests the weapon may have been home made.



    He appears to be someone with mental health issues and some degree of involvement with extreme right politics.



    Just imagine a similar scenario in the USA, where automatic and semi automatic weapons are available fairly readily.

  17. Delaneys Dunky on

    Well done Michael O’Neill and the occupied 6 counties team.


    Tonight I am drinking Tyskie.


    Forza Polska!

  18. Niall mcginns goal wee bit reminiscent of scott macdonalds


    Against AC Milan




  19. Delaneys Dunky on



    Indeed, apart fae the fan head pat on the goalie. :)


    Hope you are well. Catch up soon.

  20. Have noticed that even through TV we can understand the P.A. announcements at all of the Euro grounds. Any chance of the same happening at CP? Has been noticeable in recent years how poor our PA is, there are interesting half time guests but I have never yet heard or understood anything, never mind the ordinary team announcements. If other grounds can do it why can’t we?

  21. 3 goals


    11 corners


    Preferably both, in the main, for Poland.



    Chasing my Wee Willie losses from last night!

  22. Almore


    Yes will indeed sir,waiting on a flight from east Midlands back to Dublin


    Will be there till next Thursday .



    Would love to meet up for a beer you still on holiday and do you still have my number,




  23. Mahe the Madman on



    I would recommend an Acer iconia tablet. Less than a hundred knicker. Had mine 18 months and it’s been a dream.


    Hail Hail

  24. Aye dd.all good.text me as I need to update this phone after latest swim!:-) hope ye had a good birthday.



  25. Very upsetting news that a mother and MP was murdered. Probably unrealistic but it would be good to postpone the referendum so that people, MPs and the media can take stock of how irrational the arguments are becoming.

  26. Evening all, hearing we are playing Sevco on weekend of 10/09 at Celtic Park.



    Hail Hail



  27. Butsybhoy: I don’t have your number. Can you email me at






    and Cloghercelt will forward it on to me.



    I, ahem, just started my holidays and off to Malaga for ten days on Sunday but will deffo meet up when I get back.