Come to Celtic, we’ll make you a superstar


Moussa Dembele made the most of his debut opportunity for France under-21s yesterday. Arriving as a second half substitute, he soon won a penalty for France’s third and scored their fourth goal. The world has changed for Moussa since coming into the Celtic team for the injured Leigh Grifiths and scoring a hat-trick against Newco less than a month ago.

This is great news for the player but at a time when Celtic are pitching the opportunity to other young players to come to Celtic Park instead of sitting in the development teams of an English club, it’s just as good news for the player.

Moussa isn’t any better than he was at Fulham last year. Had he stayed, or moved to an English Premier League club, none of this would have happened. The move to Celtic has been career-changing within two months of the new season starting.

Telling Moussa’s story, and that of Fraser, Virgil and Victor, will be done again and again whenever Celtic track a player. “Come to Celtic, we’ll make you a superstar” is the mantra.

I see a bit of chat on the review of how away tickets are distributed.  Celtic have asked for input from lots of fans on this in recent weeks.  There are a few areas that aren’t working as well as they could at the moment, so the consultation is a good step.


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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.



    Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.



    M. Aurelius (FACT!)



    Ain’t that the truth.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.


    Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.



    M. Aurelius (FACT!)





    Including your and his contribution.



  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THECLUMPANY on 7TH OCTOBER 2016 12:43 PM



    “Our source revealed ”



    Love it.


    Par for the journalistic course.

  4. TONYDONNELLY67 on 7TH OCTOBER 2016 12:45 PM





    I’ll say this again, what I think about Palestine and its troubles are nothing to do with CFC OR UEFA, and are my thoughts, the warning was as has been before no political statements at UEFA games, what I do in my own time regarding Palestine is my business, you may call it being a drama queen, but the thing is, YOU, DONT even know whether I’m active over the Middle East troubles or wtf I do, the difference is you think, I act, and you haven’t a clue how or what I’m involved in, but I/ we don’t need Celtic Park as a rung in the ladder to get my/our point through, but keep surmising by all means.


    Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.



    Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.




    M. Aurelius



    “Celtic are the Champions ” ! Truth, neither opinion or perspective.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    On reading back, your post caught my eye. A sad but uplifting story, thanks to your PP and you and five friends. As our population live longer, I have become aware of many cases like this one. God bless the lady RIP and you and your colleagues.


    Nasty we spat continues. The present battleground is on the fields of Words and Opinions.



    Tony you are being singled out by some who show no consistency, no oubt. But you also give it back (and created) some of it.



    Give it a rest FFS. Paul67 must get fair annoyed at having to act as Solomon, referee, ego massager et al, during the kindergarten stuff.

  8. Hitler was a bad man, just my opinion though.



    Craig Whyte is a bona fide billionaire and a bad, bad, man… just my opinion like.



    The SFA are corrupt. The Scottish police are inept at enforcing some newly passed laws. Or is it just the law that is inept; or is it the elected government that is petulant and inept and prejudiced?

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Seeing Palestinian kids at CP wearing the hoops…..made me smile.


    And those kids loved the warm welcome they received.


    And if Celtic fans want to show some solidarity to those kids, i think that is truly wonderful.




  10. Well just “Jetted”back in to Turkey this morning.Pyoor ragin I did not get in to the Hootnanny last week.I got back from Daughters wedding on the Saturday morning early,all set up.Gets a phone call at 10.30 AM .Mrs TBs mother taken in to The Royal with a heart attack.That was us for the rest of the week.She got out yesterday,so Mrs TB is now OK.


    Anyway.Fantastic result against City.A 3rd gear win at Dundee.Everything looking great on the Hoops front,and the sun is shining here.


    Motherwell,Munchengladbach,Vermin all coming up.What a chance we have.




    Glad your MIL is better!



    You missed a great day , but mibbe see you at the next!

  12. VFR,



    Lovely to read of your act of kindness and respect for the lady this morning.



    Worrying also to read that Scotzine is closing due to threats to family members and an apparent failure by Police Scotland to act in defence of free speech.



    How many arrests for the damage at Celtic Park yet? Has the Sevco staff member (dressed in a tracksuit) been arrested for assaulting a Hibs supporter after the Cup Final been arrested?



    Positive news this week that the Board and the Celtic Trust appear to be on the same page? We’ll need to stick together and act as one, imo.




    I nearly posted a wee story about my MIL but thought better of it. Maybe another time.



    I suppose if we all tell stories of our MIL it might be better than the stuff that’s been posted today already.



    VFR800A8’s post excluded of course!



    MIL QUICK NEWS emdy?

  14. Do you think anyone will ask the MAGIC HAT if it takes


    players up to 12 months to settle why did he not pay


    Accrington Stanley £300,000 in JAn



    Crooks and WINDASS would be just about there..




    Perhaps it was Scotland’s Finest who were making the threats.



    Nothing would surprise me.




    and not only were you extended the courtesy to tell me what you did on here, you have been extended the very same courtesy to repeat it.



    Now your voice has been heard, is it only your voice that deserves to be heard… or are others, in other forums, allowed to have their opinions heard too?



    Please Tony you really are making yourself out to be a trumpet only you, and not your most loved, could listen to.



    For the sake of sanity Tony… look up the meaning of equality; then think hard about that meaning. It might cause some pain because you might not agree with it, but see those rights you demand for yourself, have you copyrighted a monopoly on them?



    I say rip down the tri-co;our from Parkhead, it is sectarian, divisive, racist, provocative, and uneducated 14 year olds are being played to fly it by insidious shadows of superior intellect, rabid intent and extreme prejudice.



    I advocate no flags at Parkhead of any demographic, or cause, or beseecher, ever again. No empathy for an Gorta Mor, no empathy for any oppressed peoples or even least of all an individual.



    Burn the flags. Hang the flag wavers. Stretch the Celtic Trust until their limbs sing.



    Or maybe we just live and let live… eh!!!

  17. Right just before I go, and being as it is International week where the blog glows with camaraderie, repartie and funfilled bon-mots, I thought I would post some inside info on the end of the world. So if you are interested where all our intelligence and civilisation has got us…..here we are…



    Just as the horsemen of the apocalypse come in fours, then the tale of impending armageddon and its hellish cause also comes as a tale in four parts.



    It has a beginning, middle, end and most importantly a glue holding it together that is made up of an orange walk, gullible sisters and a wean with the most productive bowels in the world.



    Most of all it has it’s roots in Coatbridge in the early sixties on the day that my father was taken over by an alien body snatcher.



    This is part 1 of “The A to B of Armageddon”; This sets the scene and while it deals with my father being possessed and a horse potentially sharing his bedroom, the actual bit about ‘the end of days’ doesn’t appear in this bit. But I think its important that you get a grasp of my spiritual hinterland.



    It is a true story! (most of it).






    Hail Hail





  18. Couldnae make it up!



    Just seen the UKIP MEP who was involved in an altercation with their leadership favourite, which resulted in him being hospitalised in Strasbourg, on lunchtime news.



    Steve Hookem!



    A bloke wi’ a jab!

  19. The man who runs the blog has spoken, rules are rules, unlike the GB I will honer them.




    Tony, I know, I read it, but if you are accused of grooming a child that’s what you hear, no matter how you are supposed to have done the grooming. It loads the situation with an inappropriately dark sentiment.



    I’ve hooked this exact same scenario before.

  20. And another hospitalisation, this time of the trainee teacher taken there by ambulance, accompanied by her boyfriend, following a mishap with a sex toy.



    Having posted photos of herself recovering in hospital on Facebook, she now wants to “raise awareness”.



    Maybe if she’d raised something else the NHS might’ve saved a few quid!

  21. Calling all Celtic shareholders.



    In a ground breaking move the board of Celtic Plc will this year be supporting a resolution proposed by The Celtic Trust at this year’s AGM. The responsibility for this going before the company and the shareholders still lies with us.



    You can find out more by reading this link where you will also find the form which is required to be completed.



    Yours in Celtic




  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    We have been telling you for months that you were out of order.


    You would not listen.


    You were at it then, you are still at it.


    Just taking the p


    I dont get why you want to come on CQN and wind Celtic fans up.


    What do you get out of it?


    Whats the point?

  23. No act of kindness is too small to belittled…



    It is the heart and soul and meaning and pulse and heartbeat and candlelight and spelling of Celtic.



    Nobody needs to know your name, you know your heart. You live for it and it beats for you. It craves to help.



    Even when you are down, you get up to lift up another, that is what you were born to do; that is what Celtic once, and maybe still does, embrace.



    Then the day comes when you’ll go to your maker and you’ll say nothing, but behind you your name will echo. Even if nobody even knows your name and who cares if they do.



    Tomorrow is a good day to gather all those clothes you’ll never wear again and put a postage stamp on them and send them to somebody who’ll actually wear them.



    Life is good when you have enough to eat and you have a roof over your head and somebody will hold your hand and tell you they love you.

  24. SFTB @ 09:01am,



    As it happens I did read the website and the “role” of Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People before I commented. That is why I stated he was probably doing his “job” well.



    And you know I have no problem distinguishing the “man” from the job… I’m sure he is a goodfellow, you have said so, no one has disagreed.



    Interestingly his main Statutory Duties are five bullet points…



    They begin…



    • Promote


    • Review


    • Promote


    • Promote


    • Encourage



    As you indicated in your post last eve… a job for a good PR person, ’cause it’s that kinda position, despite the Grandious Title…



    My thoughts were more (though granted I was a tad facetious:) – is this really the priorities and “role” that Scotland needs in a Child & Young Persons’ Commissioner?



    The one solid thing the Comissioner can do, and apologies to all concerned if this has already been instigated, is to “COMISSION” a formal investigation.



    If he has major concerns about the way Scottish Football Clubs treats Under 18s, and I take your point re-contracts – he can formally investigate this and he should.



    Couple of points to end, just before we admonish Tam completely… surely if he’s as PR savvy as you suggezt he would know the Media consequences of his statements and therefore the impact this could have on Celtic.



    Also do Scotland’s under 18s really need a middle age man to Advoocate for them!? A mean, even if he’s down with the kids… (see facetious again:)



    Hail Hail

  25. So what fans put the squeeze on Andy Muirhead Scotszine blog.as for the police waste of space.corruption at the highest with them pie eaters

  26. TGM


    I mean who the f,., are we? You and who else? A couldent give a m…..S f… who your we is, your not in my life your just a guy named the green man, a mean cmon ffs, I’ve to take you seriously, ffs catch yourself on mate it’s a blog ran by Paul67 like me your just another blogger, come down of your crucifix ffs.

  27. A couple of years ago someone on here recommended a place (or a chain of places) called Museo del Jamon in Madrid. I’m glad I remembered the name because it was a cracking shout – cheap and cheerful but an excellent feed. I’m sitting in one right now. Whoever it was that suggested it – gracias.