Commercial consequences of Ramsden


The commercial consequences of Sunday’s Ramsdens’ Cup Final result didn’t occur to me until Celtic released season ticket news yesterday.  Over the years, when possible, Celtic and Rangers released season ticket renewal notices on the back of a favourable result.

As well as a party at Ibrox on Sunday night, the wheels would have been ready to roll with photographs of newly acquired silverware and a plea from the most expensive failed-yet-retained manager in history to renew early.  There may even have been a price increase this year, slipped in amid the feel-good factor.

There has been a lot of talk about how critical season ticket sales are to Newco Rangers but we are no different.  The circa 40,000 people who commit to support Celtic each season are the rock bed upon which all plans are made.  Sure, Champions League money is critical, but without this volume of season ticket sales there would be no Champions League money.  The season ticket is the Badge of Honour in Scottish football, during these critical years more than any other time.

In 2012 when we campaigned to deny a new club access to an elevated position in Scottish football we did so in the knowledge that competition in the league would be different going forward.  This was our preference.  While actual attendances have often been below season ticket levels I know that to a man, woman and child, everyone who pitches up to watch Celtic appreciates being apart from the scourge which afflicted us for so many years.  This is the way I like my football, long may it last.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. Paul67 –



    I’m sure I read somewhere that they were due to advertise their new season books today. The suggestion was an average hike of 18%? Will our own announcement to freeze prices mean a rethink by them? or do the really have to plough ahead as planned?




  2. GourockEmeraldBhoy on




    Still thought there might have been another small decrease but overall quite happy with the kids ticket kept at £50.




  3. bournesouprecipe on

    Sevco say a top grade football coach can seat up to 58 of the peepul.



    Can’tWalkAway CSC

  4. The Johnatron on

    Re-posted from the last article. Caught out with Pauls 2nd new article in a couple of hours! Must be busy today Paul!






    LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar


    12:49 on


    8 April, 2014






    I admire your optimism Livibhoy, but I fear an atmosphere akin to 3 sides of Easter Road on Sunday afternoon after 117mins.



    Remember we will be seeded, so likely opponents are going to be perhaps a team of fishermen from the Faroes, or joiners from Norway. You know, a team the equivalent of the over-paid “footballers” of Sevco.




  5. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    The Battered Bunnet



    12:42 on 8 April, 2014



    Interesting wee info piece on BBC ref the performance of EPL clubs who have fired their manager this season.



    Hughton at Norwich was the 8th EPL manager fired since the start of the season, here’s how the others have fared since they brought in the new guy:



    Sunderland: Before 20th; After 20th



    Crystal Palace: Before 19th; After 14th



    Fulham: Before 18th; After 18th



    Cardiff: Before 17th; After 19th



    Spurs: Before 7th; After 7th



    West Brom: Before 16th; After 16th



    Swansea: Before 12th; After 15th



    Only Tony Pulis has made a positive difference since he came in at Crystal Palace, and to be fair, Pulis is one of the better English managers around.



    For the rest, changing manager hasn’t made a damned bit of difference unless it is a negative difference, as with Cardiff replacing Malky McKay with OG Solskjaer, and similarly at Swansea.



    If it repeats to form, Norwich, currently 17th in the division, should escape relegation by virtue of the new guy managing to keep them… in 17th place, albeit the poor fellow doesn’t have much room for error.



    Well, I thought it was interesting.




    It is interesting. However, here’s Norwich’s remaining games :



    Sat 12 Apr – Fulham v Norwich


    Sun 20 Apr – Norwich v Liverpool


    Sat 26 Apr – Man Utd v Norwich


    Sun 4 May- Chelsea v Norwich



    What odds do the bookies give for them remaining up?

  6. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    I wonder if Campbell Ogilvie will defend Leigh Griffiths over his offensive behaviour as he did Lorenzo Amoruso who admitted racially abusing Victor Ikpeba during a European game some years ago.



    Ogilvie, a director of the oldclub at the time, dismissed the remarks as having been made ” in the heat of the moment”.



    As far as is known,no action was taken by the clumpany against the player.

  7. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on

    A few seasons back I attended the unveiling of jinkys statue in front of the main stand


    I wanted to get some good pictures so I was there at 11am and stood right at the barrier in front of the statue


    Ten minutes before the lions and jinkys family came out … The press pack walked into the gap between the barrier and the statue . Put their wee step ladders up and completely obstructed my view . I complained to them and the stewards but was met with ” official press photographers ” until jinkys wife intervened and agreed that jinky would have wanted this day for us fans and we should have unrestricted views



    That day I pointed out that they get free access all areas while we have to pay … They contribute next to nothing and should a bad news story come they would print that before the statue



    That day .. We played hearts … Aiden had a run in with WgS in the dressing room … And that was the back page story with the statue small time on an inside page



    Anyone who trusts or believes the SMSM ….. Take a hard look at yourself …


    And CFC … Treat the media accordingly

  8. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Jobo Baldie


    or do the really have to plough ahead as planned?



    What plan :)))


    They react day to day.

  9. Richie #TeamOscar on

    Judging by the rankers websites, they will have trouble shifting season books, no matter the price.



    The FF poll had 88% wanting rid of swally (1383 votes to 172) with many citing his departure as the only way they would renew.

  10. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on




    I still smile at the comment on RM everytime I look at the sleekit one



    “you could put 4 wheels on him and he still wouldn’t make a coach”

  11. the long wait is over on

    There’s a degree of disgust and disaffection with their club among Rangers fans that is simply unprecedented.



    Failure to win against Dundee Utd on Saturday might be the final straw for many who will not renew resulting in another insolvency event , which is pretty much inevitable in my view at some point.



    Their board may not be able to afford to dismiss McCoist at the moment either because of his payout or his usefulness in punting season tickets.



    An administration event will deal with the former and if the bears aren’t buying season tickets BECAUSE of McCoist then he really is toast.



    Saturday is everything for them. So much has not ridden on a single match for them since Malmo.



    For us it’s win- win.



    Either they get through and – even if the win the Scottish Cup – it just kicks the can down the road a bit longer or they don’t , and the fallout will be cataclysmic.

  12. Never mind season books, at the weekend the Sevvies had only sold 20,000 tickets for the SC semi final, that plus the Arabs 12,000 leaves it a long way short of capacity.


    Will be surprised if the total exceeds 40,000.

  13. the long wait is over on

    Green Lantern (((((0)))))





    13:28 on



    8 April, 2014





    I wonder if Campbell Ogilvie will defend Leigh Griffiths over his offensive behaviour as he did Lorenzo Amoruso who admitted racially abusing Victor Ikpeba during a European game some years ago.



    Ogilvie, a director of the oldclub at the time, dismissed the remarks as having been made ” in the heat of the moment”.



    As far as is known,no action was taken by the clumpany against the player.





    I understand the point you make but the are we really to set our standards based on what Campbell Ogilvie deems morally justifiable?

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    Ennisbhoy – I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up.



    Natknow – yip, belter of a run in for them, but I reckon they only need to beat Fulham to stay up. The other sides are averaging less than a point per game, and 3 points v Fulham would put Norwich minimum 6 points, more likely 8 ahead of 3rd bottom with 4 to play.



    And they have the safety net of a home game versus Arsenal to finish with…

  15. bournesouprecipe



    13:26 on 8 April, 2014



    Sevco say a top grade football coach can seat up to 58 of the peepul.



    Can’tWalkAway CSC





    How ironic, in that 58 peepuls season tickets pay for a low grade coach.



    For about a week.

  16. Libertadores – Rnd 6 (Final Group round) review – Tonight’s Games





    Bom dia,



    Group stages of the Libertadores get wrapped up this week. Here’s a look at tonights games (I’ve shown the ko times as UK and the points and goal difference of each team, just to gie an idea of how each group looks)



    Group 1





    23:45 Strongest (7pts, 0) v Atlético-PR (9pts, +1).


    Strongest needing a win, Paranã needing to avoid defeat.



    Strongest drew 1-1 on Friday in a re-arranged league match and are at full strength for this one. However, Strongest are overly reliant on veteran striker, Pablo Escobar and lack creative inspiration and drive in midfield. So could struggle to break down a well organized defence.



    Paranã had no game at the weekend (this year’s Para state championship is a real surprise, as neither Atlético-PR, or Curitiba, feature in the final) travel with a full squad including central defender, Manoel, surprise 18yr old midfielder, Marcos Guilherme and striker, Adriano. Whilst Adriano and Marcos Guilherme may not feature in this game, Manoel (who has been a stand out for Paranã) will be an absolute key figure.


    Prediction : (nearly too close to call) DRAW (55%)



    23:45 Velez Sarsfield (12pts, +5) v Universitario (1pt, -6)


    Velez already qualified. Universitario already out.



    Velez lost a hard fought match to Racing 1-0 at home on Saturday, but still are a point behind the leaders in the Argentinian Clausura and have a relatively straightforward match away to Argentinos to follow this next weekend. However, tonight Velez are safe in the knowledge that only a mathematical miracle will rob them of first place in the group now. So quite probable that they may rest some players tonight.



    Currently languishing in bottom spot of their Inca Cup Group (apparently, the Peruvian cup’s played on a league basis) and coming off a disappointing 1-1 weekend draw it will be interesting to see how much Universitario, under Manager “Chemo” Solar (their third since the tournament began, will bother in this one.


    Prediction : (an uninteresting) HOME WIN (75%)



    Group 3





    02:00 Cerro Porteño (7pts, 0) v Dep. Cali (7pts, -1)


    Winner takes it all in this one – unless it’s a draw (maybe).



    Currently languishing in seventh place in their national competition, Cerro had a disappointing draw against fellow strugglers, Luqueno at the weekend. However, they have no injuries for this game and have already named their side. Only change being Jonathan “Chiqui “ Santana replacing the suspended Fidencio Oviedo in the central midfield position.



    Useless fact : Most expensive ticket for this game = 65,000 Paraguayan Guarani. About nine quid, to you and me.



    Cali fielded seven youngsters in a heavily criticised 1-0 defeat to Millionarios at the weekend. This defeat now sees them in penultimate position in the Colombian Postobón League. Post match manager Hector Cardenas saying that “We’re a young team, this is all good experience and will not detract us from our main prize of a win in Paraguay”. Somehow, I feel he’s bluffing.


    Prediction : (should be) HOME WIN (60%)



    02:00 O’ Higgins (6pts, 0) v Lanus (7pts, +1)


    Another winner takes it all match – unless, of course they draw.



    O’Higgins fielded a very understrength (only two regular first team players) in their weekend 2-1 away defeat to Cobreloa (in front of a “massive” 2,400 spectators). O’Higgins celebrated their 59th year in existence yesterday and have high hopes that manager, Eduardo Berizzo will give them something to celebrate tonight.



    Lanus recorded a 1-0 win at home on Saturday but lost captain, experienced central defender, Paolo Goltz with a hamstring injury. Dilema now for the current SudAmericana (think UEFA Cup) holders, is whether to play an untried reserve signing, or experienced Facundo Monteseirín who is (allegedly) recovering from flu.


    Prediction : (a nervy) HOME WIN (55%)

  17. Buying a sevco season ticket must be akin to a 30 stone man purchasing a gym membership. You know you should do but you’ll be dragging yourself there and it aint going to be enjoyable or indeed pretty…

  18. Leigh Griffiths arrived at Celtic with baggage and attitude issues.


    Anthony Stoles arrived at Celtic with baggage and attitude issues.


    Derek Riordan arrived at Celtic with baggage and attitude issues.


    Scott Brown arrived at Celtic with baggage and attitude issues.



    Can anyone see anything else that links these players?



    Is there enough evidence to suggest that another Scottish club that plays in green & white should look at their player development structures?

  19. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    The Battered Bunnet




    13:37 on 8 April, 2014




    Ennisbhoy – I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up.



    Natknow – yip, belter of a run in for them, but I reckon they only need to beat Fulham to stay up. The other sides are averaging less than a point per game, and 3 points v Fulham would put Norwich minimum 6 points, more likely 8 ahead of 3rd bottom with 4 to play.



    And they have the safety net of a home game versus Arsenal to finish with…




    You could be right – as you say it’s a belter of a run in. Skybet had them at 1/4 to survive – but that was before the game at the weekend which they lost. Can’t check the odds now since access gambling sites is prohibited at work. I should work somewhere more enlightened – when did prohibition ever work?!

  20. The Road to Seville.



    May 1967, Lisbon. Hail Hail the Celts are here…



    “The visiting support was only too delighted to join in the spontaneity of joy, leap on board the carousel and share many light-hearted moments with their generous Portuguese hosts. They were made welcome in the local tavernas, pubs and tapas bars as the carnival atmosphere lit up the city.



    And, of course, they listened to the exaggerated tales from their interesting visitors. They were astounded by one character who wore an outsized green-and-white tammy, huge rosette proudly proclaiming, ‘Hail! Hail! The Celts Are Here’. Even in the soaring temperatures the large woolly scarf remained firmly in place around his neck. The locals were in awe of this individual and, in particular, the lengths he had gone to wear the colours of his favourite club. He was even adorned in a green suit. They remarked upon his loyalty to “the famous Glasgow Celtic”, as they had learned to call the team.



    The character hadn’t the heart to tell them he didn’t have time to change out of his work clothes before being picked up by his mates in their car to take him on their exhausting journey. Wearing the required dark green uniform of the era, he was, in fact, a bus conductor. Why ruin an illusion?



    All sorts of transport was utilised to reach the destination. A week before the game, two extreme optimists were spotted in the Gallowgate in Glasgow, waving thumbs in the time-honoured manner of hitchhikers at passing vehicles. They held a giant placard that spelled simply, ‘LISBON’. No-one would have bet against them being in position at the Estadio Nacional by kick-off time.



    Then there was the individual who (whilst at work) steadfastly refused even to acknowledge his devotion to a certain club from the east end of Glasgow. No amount of prompting from his colleagues could prise the secret of his allegiance from him. Celtic could win, lose or draw and he would never rise to the bait. Who he supported was his business and no-one else’s.



    His cover was blown on May 25 only minutes after the final chirp from referee Kurt Tschenscher’s whistle. He was photographed right there on the pitch alongside triumphant captain Billy McNeill. The world’s press paraded that unforgettable image. By the time he got home from Lisbon, his work-mates confronted with the front page picture. Completely non-plussed he looked at the photograph and remarked: “Aye, looks like me right enough.” Then he added: “Can’t be, though. I was playing golf with my brother in Troon all week.”



    And he stuck stuck to that story for years to come – despite the fact he was an only child.



    He was one of hundreds who managed to get over the moat that separated the trackside from the terracings. One fan warily asked of one of the local constabulary: “Ah hope ye’ve no’ got any o’ them alligators in there.”



    In broken English, the policeman reassured the supporter of the absence of any such menacing swamp-dwelling species.



    “That’s just as well,” came the retort, “because me and ma mates might get a wee bit peckish roon aboot hauf-time.”



    One observer looked around the stadium and the pitch just before kick-off, sighed and remarked: “It looks as though the interior decorators have been brought in.” Celtic always liked to do things in a certain style.”



    From the opening chapter of Seville – The Celtic Movement, from CQN Books.

  21. Richie #TeamOscar



    13:12 on 8 April, 2014



    ‘It’s not on the statute books that the PM cannot be a Roman Catholic. It is, however, impossible to be Lord Chancellor or monarch.’







    There’s no bar against Catholics being Prime Minister or Lord Chancellor or holding any office of state other than monarch.



    Given that the monarch is the head of the Church of England that’s hardly surprising.

  22. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Sevco MUST increase their season ticket prices,


    They cant afford to sell their season tickets at 200 quid for another year (a tenner a game)



    The problem they face is that


    some sevconians wont renew after the harry ramsdens fiasco


    other sevconians wont renew until Dave King Billy arrives on a white charger


    other sevconians wont pay until fat salary and the other (MSM supported leeches) quit


    Some sevconians are also twigging that its all a scam and might not want to be mugs for any longer


    some sevconians also realise that cost cuts mean an even poorer player pool



    if Sevco currently sell 35,000 tickets at 200 quid a pop, then its worth a measly 7 million quid. If Sevco collected all the cash upfront in May (highly unlikely) then by the time next season starts in August, they will have spent about 3 or 4 million in close season running costs before a ball is even kicked.



    Now since they dont have a 20 million quid share issue heading their way next season, they look very likely to go into administration next season, if they last that long. Question is, If you were in the shoes of the sevco leadership (ahem…..) would you go into administration now and take a 10 point deduction this season or wait until next season when there is wage bill cuts on one side and a better standard of opposition on the other side and when 10 points might be desperately required



    (Sevco leadership? what am I like?)

  23. From last post.Turkeybhoy


    13:43 on


    8 April, 2014


    Very well said Paul.I fear though it will not be good enough to placate our own version of”The Salem Witch Hunt”.They are demanding blood,and no matter what is said.The boy is now being called a “Low life”by some paragon of virtue on here.



    Having watched Jinky since his first game for Celtic,was even at his wedding,god knows what these “Moral guardians would have made of him”The greatest ever Celt”.Alcohol problems,on field indiscipline,off field indiscipline,a nightmare for Big Jock.I could say more,but wont.Would they be uttering the same Fatwahs against him.


    All this fairy tale nonsense about “The Celtic Ethos”is all very well on a piece of paper,or some fans fantasy daydreams,but in the real world,it is just that,a fantasy.We are all imperfect,our club is imperfect,the world is imperfect.


    What good should be taken out of this,as opposed to the hun hordes across the city,is the fact that many fans feel so strongly on the matter.Nothing wrong with that.While they glory in Novos tweets on Paedophilia,and Famine references,we rail against football fans singing in pubs.There are limits though.To call for someone to lose their employment,to their detriment,and that of the club we all love,goes beyond the pale


    Stupidity is not a crime.If it was Jinky would have done “Life”.

  24. The Battered Bunnet on




    The bookies agree. Norwich odds on to stay up. All others long, with Fulham shortest at 2/1.

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