Commons touch and experience needed


I was pleased Ronny Deila fronted up for the press conference yesterday. He didn’t say anything particularly revealing but it was reassuring that the pressure of the last week hasn’t seen him hide from searching questions.

Mention of clear the air talks at Lennoxtown was welcome. It lets us know that the fans are not the only ones who believe the ‘air’ hasn’t been right recently. It will also, hopefully, have given anyone harbouring a grievance to get it out.

One of the manager’s biggest decisions for Sunday is who to trust in midfield. He needs players who will respond to the circumstances, and who can open what will be a packed defence. Guys who have been over the ground before, who know how to dig deep in the face of adversity, are also required. For me that means a start for Kris Commons.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    From John james Blogs



    Doncaster, Regan & Topping PLC



    Four games from now Rangers will have earned promotion. If they were to win these games against the Championship fodder clubs, how Hibs conspire to haemorrhage more points will be of little consequence. As Mr Petrie, the vice-chairman of the SFA, returned from his junket to Zurich, he must be aware that his team are destined for what looks likely to be six play-off games in May. Once the League Cup final is out of the way, Mr Stubbs would be well advised to rest some of his players prior to the games that will define their season.



    The SFA and the SPFL are businesses. Their combined turnover, prior to the bookmakers’ deals from Ladbrokes and William Hill was £58m. The lion’s share of this, £33.6m, is realized by the SFA. The best attended game this weekend in Scotland will be at Ibrox. It will be one of the best attended games in the UK. The SFA derive their income from the Scottish Cup, Scottish Internationals, broadcasting and sponsorship (William Hill). The reason why Rangers were given three home ties in a row in a draw organised by Je Suis SFA Broadfoot is simply to add money to the SFA coffers. It’s a win-win-win situation. Rangers win, the SFA wins and William Hill wins. If Rangers make the semi-final with a tie at Hampden, preferably against CFC, the SFA will be laughing all the way to the bank.



    With Rangers no longer the force of old, the SFA cannot be guaranteed that they will make it to the final. They can certainly assist as they control the appointments of the officials. In the past the Glasgow teams would be kept apart from each other for an anticipated show piece final. However if we look at the League Cup final, the Glasgow Duopoly are conspicuous by their absence. The SFA will almost certainly pair them in the next round to maximise their revenue, assuming that they both prevail this weekend.



    We have learnt that the SFA and the SPFL are engaged in making money. Their combined turnover is higher than that of CFC. The SPFL turned over circa 50% more than Rangers last year. Next season there is a business imperative for four RFC/CFC games. Ladbrokes are depending on it, as are Sky and BT Sports. Ceteris Paribus, CFC will make the split but there’s no guarantee that RFC will follow suit. Ralph ‘Two Hats’ Topping might impress upon his colleagues at the SFA to continue to appoint Bobby Madden, Alan Muir and Steven McLean to Rangers games. We have already seen how effective Muir and McLean can be when they subverted the Scottish Cup semi-final last season. Mr Madden, who might as well wear five stars on his strip, is a Rangers supporter of considerable renown.



    Those who would be keen to dismiss my hypotheses as far-fetched should take a long hard look at how the reconstituted Rangers became Rangers continued with 114 titles to their name. Once you stop thinking of sporting integrity and a level playing field, and then recall how hard the then SPL and the SFA tried to shoehorn Rangers into the the SPL and First Division, one should realize that anything is possible in the entertainment that is Scottish Football.



    The circa £60m business is controlled by Neil Doncaster, Ralph ‘Too Hats’ Topping and Stewart Regan. They have added Rod Petrie and Peter Lawwell to their ranks as associates. Doncaster and Topping sought a meeting with Craig Whyte at his preferred watering hole in Charterhouse Square, London. He informed them of his plans to put Rangers into administration. He may have also added that he regretted not doing so in the close season of 2011. There can be no doubt that Stewart Regan was informed of this on the same day. Doncaster reacted immediately and drafted a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) apropos the Sky deal of 2011 that was worth £80m over five years. However this deal was never signed and when Sky came back to the table in the close season of 2012, the new five year deal, minus Rangers, was only worth £63m. Rangers absence cost the SPL £17m. The SFA also took a hit on their year-on-year revenue. This is the reason they were bending over backwards to assist the phoenix operation.



    Will Rangers and Celtic meet in the SPFL league cup next season? Will they meet in The Scottish Cup this season and next? Will Rangers make the split next season? The answers to these questions can be found at the £60m+ New Firm business of Doncaster, Regan and Topping PLC. As the supporters squabble over the existence of the Old Firm, the New Firm is calling the shots.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Couple of things:



    1) I was quite appalled that young Patrick Roberts was put out yesterday. Awful decision to expose the kid like that.



    2) The palpable anxiety over a cup tie versus Morton frames where we are as a club at the moment.

  3. Unusually for me Paul I’m totally disagreeing with you two days in a row,



    Commons should have been thrown out of the club after his Euro tantrum. I’d have given Mulgrew the same treatment when he walked off the pitch at the Ajax match.



    Shocking behaviour from senior professionals

  4. Lets hope Ronny sets his team correctly, plays players in their correct position, motivates the players to show pride and determination to play for Celtic, lets hope Ronny reacts to changes during the 90 minutes and changes tactically if required lets hope Ronny make good substitutions at the right time lets hope Ronny motivates and instructs the players during the 90 minutes lets hope the players respond to this motivation and instruction lets hope

  5. Nothing has changed, Deila needs to go now.



    TBB – absolutely right, PR in front press was a joke.

  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I thought it betrayed where Ronny is just now with regards player loyalty




  7. lennon's passion hated by the clique on







    Most of the stuff I post is a wind up.Never meet a Tim I didn’t like apart from those on my bus.

  8. Forecasting team selection prior to a game is increasingly difficult.Midfield especially.Let’s say Broonie is a given.


    Any 4 from a dozen.Lucky dip time.


    Left of the forward 3 behind the striker gets the short straw.


    Otherwise we will be predictable. As always.


    Time for change csc





    Scunners me.



    Even the likes of JJ,who admits the dishonesty of the past,revels in their future,having got away with it.



    I see no way forward for Scottish football with a bunch of cheating robbing bastards carrying on as though nothing had happened,with smug grins of supremacy and GIRUY to the fore.



    Due process according to the law should have seen them off. Due process,Scotland-style,is a national disgrace.



    Rotten from the top down.

  10. Commons shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad let alone the starting XI. He has been poor all season.


    Roberts, Christie, Allan with Brown and Johansen behind them. That should be our midfield.

  11. Paul67



    That’s James Forrest’s name on the team sheet then.



    If he’s fit.



    Well he did play for a few minutes on Wednesday.

  12. We’re stuck with the P.E teacher until May?



    What happens then? Does the Geography department get a shot?






    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 4th March 2016 12:09 pm






    Sure beats the Economics department.






    Lol, if it was the Home Economics department we could at least guarantee an improvement in the catering…

  13. Big Peat of Islay on

    bournesouprecipe on 4th March 2016 12:24 pm



    Really? That is a shocker…

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    If you read the exchange between Keech and Donkey that I put up this morning then you know that it is way beyond parody.



    Not a mention of it on CQN…..none of it Awe Nawed even.



    Our Bigot junkies need their fix and our PLC dealers will keep them high. Welcome to Celtic FC.




  15. For all the good things Commons has done, and his wife too, he has disgraced himself this season. Undermining the Manager at every opportunity and not trying a leg. You play for the jersey sunshine, not when it suits your ego.





    Yorkshireman in reverse?



    Not too far back,my hun mate and I were in the middle of a heated discussion. A few of our other friends threw their tuppenceworth in.



    It was early Saturday morning. No swearing,no shouting. But heated.



    And over some time,which included a few rounds.



    Stevie’s turn for the round,he was told we were not being served anymore due to our behaviour!



    Soon sorted,of course. Seems spirited debate is no longer tolerated.




  17. The fact that it’s being suggested we rely on Neil’s players to get us over the line in nothing short of tragic for me, guys who have time and time again let us down in important games.



    It shows that under Ronny we haven’t moved forward one iota.



    If Commons, Mulgrew, Brown and Forrest start it could be just that straw that broke the camels back for me….



    Any player who needs to be motivated by the manager to play for Celtic should pick up his P45 and go and play for some smaller team where the jersey can fit them.



    Are you listening Stuart Armstrong, you’ve been given more than ample opportunity man the feck up..



    As for the rest of you, not winning on Sunday is not an option..



    Great player though young Tierney is I miss Izzy and sometimes I think the team does too as a constant outball and a player who puts the opposing midfielder on the back foot..



    There I’ve said it:)))



    Come on Celtic..

  18. Sunday’s 3-5-2:






    Lustig Erik Teirney



    Commons Broon Allan Biton Roberts



    Griffiths Kazim-Richards





  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Big Peat of Islay on 4th March 2016 10:35 am Awe_Naw




    Right wing CQNers? What is your definition of a ‘right-winger’?







    Definition of a right winger? let me see.




    Predominately left footed, normally plays in another more central position and well within easy shouting ( and listening) distance from the fans, so that we can shout encouragement obviously :0)







  20. Allegedly Ronny has lost the dressing room. Players not giving 100% for their employers.



    Watching more than one replay would seem to back this theory up.



    If indeed this is the case, I would hunt them. Every single one of them.



    In what profession do you get to apply 67.33333333% of your aptitude and motivation when you are peeved at your gaffer?



    And we are talking about millionare footballers, with a lifestyle and privaledges most can only dream of.



    Imagine if Messi, Suarez and Neymar took to the field and moped aboot if the boss had upset them?

  21. What is the Stars on




    One of the manager’s biggest decisions for Sunday ???



    The only decision left is whether he resigns now or waits for the bullet.



    He will of course wait as he knows obscurity awaits him



    Pravda Quck News,keeping ostriches in the dark since …

  22. BSR



    Leigh Griffiths should study young Waghorn’s penalty taking.



    Now there’s a laddie that knows the way to the back of the rigging.

  23. I’ve e-mailed John – Paul to let him know how disgusted I will be if Celtic allow this shower of turds to float to the top with the support of that other shower of turds at the SFA/SPFL.



    He assures me that Celtic will ‘do the right thing’ for the game and the support when the time comes.



    We cannot bring our kids up to understand right from wrong, telling them the bad guys always get found out when up against honesty and integrity and witness what is happening here.



    I know it must be a pain in the arse for JP but get him telt so he passes it up the chain how we feel.



    John Paul Taylor

  24. KT will be a great player for Celtic in the future.



    But for me Izzy should be playing offers much more going forward imo.

  25. Big peat



    Not the conversion rate of a penalty taker.



    Henrik Larsson miss a right fair few as well.



    Kris Commons on the other hand has 17 goals from 19 penalties.

  26. BSR



    My post was obviously tongue in cheek, but 9 penalties, scored about a half of them.



    Not good enough.

  27. Ronny, if you want to implement youth- do it!



    Hunt every single one of the senior dissenters. You must who they are. Let’s see how they enjoy the rest of the season making occasional guest appearances for the development side.



    Let’s see Christie, Allan, Roberts combining with Griffiths up front.



    At least then I could stomach a loss, or draw.



    All we are asking for is energy, motivation and application.

  28. An Gorta Mor Glasgow ‏@GortaMorGla


    The Fundraising Quiz Night will take place a week today (11th) in the @squirrel_bar £5 entry fee. Come along and support this great cause.

  29. TheTimReaper



    The Bhoy was dead on his feet with ten mins to go on Wednesday night.



    I agree .


    Izzy should comeback in to give the Bhoy a Wee breather.



    I doubt if it will happen.



    Izzy’s contract was negotiated when we had higher income to pay it.



    Celtic want to lower the wage bill.



    Scunnering Stokes ,Izzy ,Commons,Mulgrew is the order of the day.




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