Compper and our central defs, (G)Invincible


Leipzip central defender, Marvin Compper (32), us cup-tied for the Europa League but that is of little concern to Brendan Rodgers as he looks to reshape his team for the future. We are not buying for the Europa League, Celtic’s primary responsibility in each transfer window is to prepare for future Champions League qualifiers.

There is likely to be a bit of traffic in-and-out in central defence over the next couple of transfer windows. What Brendan needs before any activity gets underway is that he has sufficiently experience headcount in place to see him through to 1 September 2018.

We were in a very similar situation in June this year. Patrick Roberts was wanted back at the club, but there was never any certainty Manchester City would agree. That left James Forrest as the only right mid option – and James is not unfamiliar with an injury lay-off. As a consequence, we recruited Jonny Hayes early in the window, to increase our options at right mid from one to two.

There’s a good chance we are going to be shopping for a central defender in the summer, but we will be reluctant to sell any of the three seniors in the squad without an experienced addition.

Compper fits the bill. He is at the stage of his career where a former German international (albeit with limited experience of the NT) would consider a move to Scotland. He is three years younger than Kolo Toure when he joined, so we can hope for a bit more from him. It will be interesting to see what he is like on the deck.

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  1. Play the Quiff!


    Start Stuart Armstrong along side Broonie and Ntcham.


    Secure the midfield, protect the defence.










    I’d like to see Ebouiei getting a start. I’ve seen him a couple of times and I thought he looked the part.



    Hope you are well!

  3. Philbhoy,


    I see your point, just that Stuart is the best box to box, scoring midfielder we have, IMO, and reckon we miss his dynamism and supporting runs. ( I also think he is very handsome and has lovely hair so augments our team photo).


    Did we just go 69 games without defeat?



    Rehab slow but sure, actually made it outside today get some fresh air. Fair knackered now right enough. I’ll be back at the Gazebo by February!




  4. Tomorrow night, 3-4-2-1, 6 changes from Sunday’s starting 11. Tierney needs a rest, as does Lustig. Kouassi and Ajer need game time and Oli should push further forward. Play the best striker at the club if he’s fit.



    De Vries


    Ajer Bitton Boyata


    Forrest Kouassi Brown Hayes


    Ntcham Sinclair





    Subs Gordon Lustig Armstrong McGregor Edouard Griffiths Johnstone

  5. BSR



    Lafferty ?



    Played one season for Palermo in Serie B . Played upfront with the likes of Belotti and Dybala . 12 goals in 36 appearances . Given the heave at the end of the season . Owner of Palermo described him thus — ” a brainless womaniser who doesn’t train . — think his only Italian word is birra “.



    He wasn’t ” dirty” . .Your typical Serie B defender had his measure

  6. Lafferty did well in circumstances he was in.


    Numerous fouls including hands and elbows to face were tolerated.


    He understood this and so should we have.


    The coaches should have designated Simo our most physical defender to man mark him and put scrutiny on player and ref.


    Was poor that an overrated journeyman was made to look good due to uncertainty from our players and coaching staff.

  7. SoT


    We needed some Serie B defenders then, our two were seriously uncompetitive and that all I am saying about them.

  8. SOT @ 13:00,



    Lafferty? A womaniser?


    That ugly lanky streak of pash a womaniser?


    I am assuming that he was the most unsuccessful “womaniser”, in Sicilian history??






  9. SOT



    Fouled, elbowed, slapped, his way through Lustig Boyata, Simunovic, and Tierney at will, until he found himself all alone, and was free to score.



    Even ‘Serie B’ defenders are protected by referees.



    Forgot to mention he’s also garbage.

  10. Is it safe to come out yet ?



    Avoided this place like the plague since SUNDAY



    Where’s our



    “we plan to build a new stadium/casino/pipedream”



    Statement as per SDM in 90’s after a defeat.



    There is a man who knew how to deflect a bad result.

  11. bsr



    bottom line we couldnt handle him. leav e the refs and poor wee us.



    w are a tidy light team we need a back bone.

  12. fan-a-tic/DessyBhoy,



    Agree entirely.



    We all knew how that big eejit would play, so for me, the first tackle from Simo should have been to blooter him, and the second, into the stand with him from Boyata.


    Ok, 1 of them (at least) would no doubt have been booked, but it would have been worth it, as he is a typical bully -stand up to him and he’ll bluster at best, but he’ll not mess. Give him an inch and he’ll be all over you.


    Unfortunately from what I saw, it was the latter.



    For all that, I think Sunday was just one of those games. It just wasn’t going to happen for us. And as soon as the young lad scored, the bell was tolling.









    I think you’re talking about BR’s Team 2 when the comings and goings start in the summer.



    Marvin Compper was courted well in advance of Kyle Lafferty’s slaps.

  14. “They did really well, they were composed on the ball and they were in a few good challenges as well. It’s great to see Scottish kids coming through.”



    Scott Brown in defeat CSC

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bourne, I’m just back from some Christmas shopping in East Kilbride.



    I had the misfortune to pass by that bih streak of pee holding court outside some coffee shop along from Debenhams. I think his wife runs a hairderesser’s next to the coffee shop as I have passed him there a couple of times.



    He is even more gruesome in person.



    I have been told by someone I know who works for a high end lettings agent that Lafferty had left a rented flat in a real mess when he played for the first Ibrox club resulting in some letting/estate agents allegedly unwilling to deal with him now.

  16. Paul67 et al



    You just know it is time for a Corporate Christmas when our host talks of the ‘Champions League’ before baby Jesus has seen the inside of a barn for the first time. Not even halfway through our own league games, and we are talking about next September’ s CL draw? And there is more, Martin has been brought in to help us see that shining light, in a way similar to that of er Johhny Hayes. But, at least Johnny wasn’t cup-tied for the European Tournament that we are still in. And hallelujah to that!

  17. Dalles- he rented a house in EK, and trashed it while he was still in it, the owner went to the front door at Poundland , and told him to GTF that day.

  18. Both the CHs we have at the moment,have good and bad attributes.Boyatta has very good pace,good in the air.His downfall,with us,is his passing.90% perfect,the other,puts us in trouble.This task should not be left up to him.Simo,good in the air,good breaking out of defence,fairly good pace and can read the game fairly well.Can tackle when the need arises.If it were not for the injuries,we would never be able to afford a CH like him.


    This is my one big crib with BR.He wants to play the passing game from Keeper out,but to do so,you have to have people in the positions who can do this.Gordon is far to erratic with his distribution.Not suited to it,at all.Problem.Boyatta,is not to be relied upon the number of times he is called upon to play it out from the back,yet we persist in letting these two have the bulk of the responsibility.Problem.


    The build up has to change,or the people doing the building has to.

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bada Bing, its never nice to hear of anyone’s house being trashed but no unsurpassed dignity shown by that big classless clown.



    I hope if he plays against us in the next Hearts game, our players deal with him suitably.

  20. Auldheid


    If you are about , I see that the money the mysterious benfactor gave Hearts to finish their stand has risen to 4.5 milllion, the plot thiskens , no way is this an act of philanthropy, it will need paid back in some way or other in my opinion.

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