Compper, Boyata’s strike and Brendan’s recruitment


In 1998, MSV Duisburg sold Celtic 33-year-old Lubomir Moravcik.  Yesterday, Celtic returned the favour by selling Duisburg 34-year-old Marvin Compper.  I think we did the better of the exchange.  Marvellous Marvin, as he was never known at Celtic, goes into the annuals of Celtic history alongside the likes of Rafael Sheidt and Dmitri Kharine.

In the summer of 2017 Dedryck Boyata made it clear he would not sign a new contract, Celtic acknowledged this.  No promises were made (they never are, of course), but Celtic intimated they would try to backfill.

The plan was to have a replacement at the club in January 2018, allowing Dedryck to be sold.  Marvin was scouted, went through the approval process and was purchased.  It took less than 83 minutes for Brendan Rodgers to decide the player was not suitable for Celtic.  For all his brilliance, this episode is emblematic of the glaring weakness of Brendan Rodgers management: recruitment.

The consequences of this were significant.  Dedryck did not get his move last summer.  As a consequence, he went on strike, placing the first poison in the well that month.  He missed the Champions League qualification defeat to AEK Athens, leaving Jack Hendry to fill the gap.  Sentiment in the dressing room was not what it should have been during the most important weeks of the season.

Whatever tally you are keeping on the cost of Compper, you have to consider the liability of a central defender on strike when we go out of the Champions League to a cross ball-goal.

Neil Lennon seems keen on Rapid Vienna left back Boli Mbombo, who he hopes to sign within the next 24 hours.  Before we get too carried away, remember, we lost both a left back and a right back this summer.  I expect at least three full backs coming in, even if we don’t lose a further player.

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  1. McPhail Bhoy on



    Brendan Rodgers has spent more money at Leicester in one week, than he did in 2 1/2 years at Celtic.



    Having £100 million pa from TV might help!

  2. DAVID17 on 3RD JULY 2019 6:46 PM



    Some of the rewriting if history when it comes to Brendan Rodgers is shocking. The man delivered a double treble and we couldn’t deliver on even basic transfer targets. He was forced to recruit players at £1m or less to replace key players. The entire strategy was a busted flush, to lay the blame at the door of Rodgers is pathetic. There are signs we are getting our act together but it is long overdue.



    *nae rewriting history he was a busted flush before we gave him a chance tae rehabilitate himself, won a double double with nae competition in sight and then when it seems there was one ran away.



    Real Tims don’t throw a game against the huns tae urinate off the board, probably Sheffield Wednesday ones do.



    Like a durty wee midden who shafted us and our greatest captain in my lifetime 30 year ago next Wednesday he should never be allowed tae darken our doorstep again.

  3. Meant tae add there’s nae way that fraudgers should be given credit for the treble treble, just like naesurname in 1991 when the beast ran away that should be given tae Lenny.






    Brendan Rodgers has spent more money at Leicester in one week, than he did in 2 1/2 years at Celtic.



    Has he commissioned a new portrait wearing the Leicester club tie ??

  5. We have ralston and perez will be coming in soon. We dont need 2 rightbacks, just give us 1 who is very good.



    Still hope KT will decide to stay another season. Great player.



    Would be very happy If we could sign up harper as well.



    After that we will need 1 forward.



    Like big ntcham and sinclair so would prefer they stay but can see both leaving. Rogic is a wonderful player when he is at it, but i dont think he will suite lennon’s style of player so can see him go.



    The mass clear out of fringe players is long overdue.

  6. Chairboy



    ‘Fulham increased their offer but BR stood firm.’




    Wish I’d seen that. A real collector’s item.

  7. FRITZSONG @ 8:08 PM,



    He stood up to Peter Lawwell, may not have done his Celtic career much good – but he’s nobody’s lapdog.



    Hail Hail

  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Any summer reads tips can ? Or audiobooks : just finished ‘The Shipping News’ : loved it. Still can’t get to feckin sleep though.

  9. Parking and driving restrictions will be in place this Saturday for the annual Orange Order Boyne Parade.



    Thousands are expected to take part in the biggest Orange parade of the year which will travel through the city centre.



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  10. glendalystonsils on



    BSR- challenging Paul67! Are you a bored plant?



    A bored plant…………a fed up Freesia



    …….a disinterested Dandelion…………a pissed off Petunia



    How did you enjoy your trip to west Perthshire, was the Queens course in good condition . I have been watching the Irish open from Lahinch looks beautiful , only managed to get there once but unfortunately the goats were in so meant the weather was atrocious Corkcelt would understand that. Back to the bhoys I enjoyed Bayo,s contribution last week hopefully Lenny nursing him back after his injury last year , he could be the target man Griff and Eddie can play off.HH

  12. fairhill bhoy on

    PAPAJOE55-it was outstanding,my brother n law Joe picked well.weather was magic and we met dougie Donnelly at the halfway ?

  13. D17


    I’m with you


    Finding the regular digs at Brendan by Paul67 Tedious


    From 2012


    How many Trebles or unbeaten seasons did Neil or Ronnie Deliver ???


    Brendan came in and basically won the first season Treble undefeated


    2nd season not as impressive, but another Treble


    Whilst at this managed to support the delivery of a £40m surplus – profit


    Season 3, yes left us in a really poor manner, but with the league cup, and an 8pt lead in the league, plus quarter final of Scottish cup


    Let’s not demean what Brendan delivered for us



    Did Paul miss some of the signing prior to Brendan arriving


    Was Amido Balde actually a football player ? Who scouted him ? I could name at least a dozen others



    Hail Hail



    PS – O’Donnell is not the answer to our right Back requirements



    It’s a great course to play, as a boy a couple of old guys used to take me over on a Sunday we would pay to play the princess course go into Auchterarder for a fish supper , and then go back up the back rd park the car and sneak onto the Queens 4th and play round to 15th ( in the sixties nobody from the hotel played in the evening) great days.HH

  15. Now a wee bit good news –


    My Dad passed away 2 years ago today,


    having witnessed our undefeated Treble winning first season of Brendan


    My Dads birthday would have been 25th May our Treble Treble and Lisbon day ?




    At halftime on Treble Treble day, my newly wed daughter Laura, took a pregnancy test to discover she was pregnant


    This morning she sent me her first scan , showing her 11 week old baby ???



    So huge congrats to Laura and Stephen, with new baby due 23rd Jan


    Grandad child number 2 on its way



    Hail Hail

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Wummans World Cup semi final Holland v Sweden going to extra time……who’s gonnae pick the weans up…..?

  17. Is it true Bayo is injured again?



    Hope not the guy really needs to get going this pre-season

  18. prestonpans bhoys on




    That pony tail semi is awful, had to open another can of beer?? and Holland scores

  19. NORRIE M


    Fantastic news ,so pleased for you and your family. It’s terrific being a grandad.HH

  20. FAIRHILL BHOY on 3RD JULY 2019 8:20 PM



    TONTINE TIM -7:29pm A bit harsh ?



    *mibbees so but he left us in the lurch and took his backroom staff with him, eff him.

  21. Mike in Toronto on




    Pleased to read your good news. Glad that things are good with you and the family.

  22. Papajoe55


    It’s my daughter that is the teacher in St Margaret’s


    Married 13 weeks this week, and 11 weeks pregnant ?

  23. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    That bar is a complete begonia!




  24. MIT


    Toronto June 2020


    Celtic Convention in Toronto


    Want me to book your seat at our family table ???

  25. Mike in Toronto on




    with all these grandkids, are you sure there will be room for me? :)

  26. NORRIE M


    My granddaughter starting primary 1 St Margaret’s in August , my grandson at Nursery there and my daughter in law classroom assistant. She knows your daughter well ,and will be delighted at her good news.HH

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