Concerning Irish history


When Celtic make their trip to the ‘neat little town they call Belfast’ (I’ve been off radar recently, assume it’s still described thus) they will have no reason to believe they are ready for a game of football which could determine the success or failure of the coming season.  Instead the players will share a degree of anxiousness.

Cliftonville rank about as low as is possible to get in European competition but they will be better than the Arbroath team which left Glasgow with a draw last season against a Celtic team who were motoring at the time.

We have some concerning history against the Irish.  Celtic’s first ever Champions League qualifier was against St Patrick’s Athletic in 1998.  The visitors left Celtic Park with a 0-0 draw before Celtic won 0-2 in Ireland.  In the 1979-80 European Cup Dundalk gave us a fright.  Celtic won the first leg 3-2, at home, but had to endure a nervous second half in Dundalk as the home side searched, in vain as it turned out, for the goal which would allow them to win the tie on away goals.

Anything less than 100% on Wednesday will see Celtic walk a tightrope………
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    DICK BYRNE. from yesterday






    It will be my pleasure,and a chance to apologise in a beerly manner for a somewhat intemperate reply a coupla years back.



    DBBIA is also owed one over that episode.



    HAMILTON TIM will keep you updated

  2. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Twisty – left a message for you last night about the 3:00 race.











    Get back tae work!



    Kidding,I know this is driving you nuts.



    You better be fine for September or I’ll sue yer doctors myself….

  4. BMCUW.


    Hope to be fighting fit for September’s beer fest..


    Only fly in the ointment could be a possible visit to Bundoran.

  5. Lol. Knew it was coming. When too many fans debate signings on CQN during a transfer window we get a new article


    Conspiracy csc


    Auld heid. Give Neil 6m pounds to go and find a striker. No more projects Too many failed projects up front


    How’s that for a plan :)))

  6. BT, you wouldn’t be too far away from Knock if in Bundoran!!! Hope recovery is going well.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    SydneyTim 12:10


    Give Neil 6m pounds to go and find a striker.



    What sort of wages would a £6m striker be on? 50-60 grand?

  8. I do like our transfer policy but we do need one to excite the support. Nothing better than that wee extra spring in your step as you ‘dad walk’ up Springy Rd in anticipation of welcoming a new hero.



    Go on Celtic…


    twists n turns



    11:51 on 15 July, 2013




    that 8/1 winner opened at 14′s :-)






    I gather the accumulated amount you lot won was weighed rather than counted!



    Next time you organise A Day at the Races,I suspect you may have more interest…

  10. Pb.


    Yes been there before.


    Spent a week in sligo pre mini BT arrival.


    Haven’t been back in several years. I need to return soon…

  11. Glass. I tell me which Epl striker is on 60k ? Not many. Maybe a few of the 20m plus big vic is on 30


    I do see we have a wage structure where 90% it has turned out to be correct


    But up front we pay a lot of guys Salarys not to score goals


    Why not pay one to score goals and be 1st name on team sheet ?


    Makes sense to me :))





    I’ll have a good look at the 4.00.



    I reckon you guys have tipped three horses in the same race,btw



    Findog,Beckermet,and the one I can’t remember which will probably win!



    Off to a different pub now with a nearby bookies,so check ’em out time.




  13. South Of Tunis on

    twists and turns @ 11 40



    ” come on without , come on within


    You’ll not see nothing like the Mighty Jim Brogan “

  14. paolosboots


    He sent me a text from the ferry sitting with the orcs.


    Terrible end to a holiday in the ole country

  15. In the days when I read the MSSM, I always felt that many of their articles were designed to ensure a lack of confidence in our support re whatever upcoming game.


    Paul`s article is meant to enure there is no complacency but I feel it is having the same outcome as the MSSM stuff was intended to have !


    Most of us say that Friendlies are meaningless but the results during our Germany trip have, I suspect, left many worrying about the Cliftonville game. That, combined with Paul`s article, has left many of us feeling very different now to how we felt at the time of the draw. Football. eh?










    That was why I wanted you to contact me last week,to give you 16 ROADS number so that such errors were avoided!



    Looks like my suggestion of you lot trying to Do The Huddle halfway down Shankhill Road-where it changes from UVF to UDA territory-wasn’t far off the mark….



    Fortunately the ubiquitous GOODTIM has come to the rescue in RAYMAC. I’m sure you’ll have a great trip.




  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    “Anything less than 100% on Wednesday will see Celtic walk a tightrope”



    These ties are decided over two legs.



    I am confident Celtic will be in the draw for the next preliminary round despite Daily Mail levels of fear gripping the blog … again…





    Philistine-words I never thought I would utter in your direction.



    Trying to improve on His Bobness.



    Laughed at your coaster comment,btw-and TNT’s follow up.



    How was the John Dory?

  19. tomtheleedstim on

    When we played Dundalk they had an ageing Frank O’Neill on the bench. Great guy and very good footballer.


    Played against him and several other ex Irish internationals at Home Farm in a friendly. I was about 18 and fit as anything – they were all in the forties. Couldn’t get near them when they had the ball at their feet. It was then that I realised my dream of playing at a decent level was not going to happen. Brilliant memories.

  20. scotlands shame on

    Not sure why so much negativity surrounding Celtic the now. Guy we knew was leaving has left, guy we expected to be away still here, we are the double winners an have added a centre half an forward to squad.an best of all we are not Huns. Look on the bright side guys, at least wait til it goes wrong before moaning about it rather than dwelling if it Will go wrong an what may happen then. Who knows it might even turn out ok!

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    SydneyTim 12.19


    tell me which Epl striker is on 60k ? Not many. Maybe a few of the 20m plus



    The Rooneys/Van Persies are on around 150k a week. I reckon you’d be lucky to get a 6m striker on less than 50k. But yeah, if you can get one and he does the business then fine.

  22. scotlands shame



    it happens every year around our pre-season kick abouts. Looking forward to the real stuff and the close of the window, then we’ll see how we are set.





    good luck to ole Stephen McManus who has signed for Motherwell for 1yr…as long as we gub you four times.

  23. Celtic don’t need a £6m striker. We need a goal scorer!


    Players don;t have to cost the earth to score goals. We have more possession than anyone else in the league. We will dominate most games. We should have at least 2 striker bagging more than 20 goals a season. Look at the players who did it last season. Would any of these guys get in our team? One of them struggled to make our bench!





    Michael Higdon 26


    Leigh Griffiths 23


    William McKay 23


    Niall McGinn 20


    Gary Hooper 19




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