Concerns for 4 of 6 Celts in Scotland squad


I totally understand what it means to Scotland players of this generation to be selected for the Euros next month.  Few of them are old enough to remember the last time we qualified for a major tournament, for some, it will be their last chance.

Still, Celtic have so much business to do on the park in July and August, with legs that need to keep running until May.  I have concerns for Callum McGregor, James Forrest and David Turnbull, each of whom I expect to be first choice for Celtic next season.  Greg Taylor may fall into that category too, though I expect Ryan Christie to continue to resist contract offers and leave.

Even if uncapped David Turnbull does not feature in the tournament, he will go through the same intense training load as the rest of the squad.  Greg Taylor has Kieran Tierney and Andy Robertson to contend with, so might not see too much game time.

I keep reading about this Jack Hendry character who is ripping it up in Belgium, also in the Scotland squad.  With central defender numbers low and Christopher Jullien out until October, Jack is likely to see a bit of squad action in the early weeks of the season.  His Scotland involvement will do him no harm.

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  1. While no one was injured, it has been reported that Peter Lawwell’s daughter and four-month-old granddaughter were inside accommodation above the garage when the fire broke out.



    Pretty awful to think of the possible consequences of that evil act. Of course, I am annoyed that Peter Lawwell mishandled some pretty big issues during his time (name one club that hasn’t made huge errors – Glentoran turned down George Best for being too small, Sheffield United could have signed a 17-year-old Maradona but wouldn’t pay over £200,000), but on the whole he achieved a great deal. Either way, I think we do have to tone down our language when talking about Celtic staff and players. Like any supporter I have my favourite players, and ones I wish were not getting picked, no harm in that, but do we have to dehumanize the players we don’t prefer? There is clearly a policy of click-bait type sites constantly referring to Celtic players in extremely insulting language. By joining in with their derogatory language, we are playing their game for them. They are no friends of Celtic. I have resolved to ignore such links to sites such as The Transfer Tavern.

  2. SFTB @ 3:14



    Thank you for “flagging” this up – I have responded.



    Auldheid @ 3:20


    What is going on here is burial of the truth and without the truth there can be no reconciliation




    Please rest assured I have no interest, nor, reason, to “bury the truth”…..and I agree that without it true reconciliation is impossible.

  3. CADDINGTONCOMMON on 20TH MAY 2021 3:53 PM



    I assume that when the police ask for witnesses they don’t mean to the actual event, but rather someone who might have seen something that in retrospect might be relevant, but who without knowing the location would not realise the significance of what they’d see.

  4. Lee O’Connor should play tonight in playoff first leg, whilst Afolabi should be on the bench for Dundee. Both games on sky.

  5. MY Personal opinion is that Celtic FC could ” Offer a Reward” of say £25,000 for the Arrest and Subsequent conviction for Information leading to the ” Arrest and Conviction “of the Culprit(s)” ?


    Again maybe Celtic supporters could ” Crowd Fund” such a ” Reward” ?….I would certainly throw in a few Quid.



    Offering a ” Reward” maybe frowned upon by the cops etc, but it MAY ENTICE someone who ” Knows” who the Culprit(s) are for the Attack…and decide to ” Grass up the Bastard(s)” ?



  6. From the BBC website:



    Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has called the deliberate fire at his home a “devastating attack” on him and his family.



    A masked man was caught on CCTV setting fire to three cars outside Mr Lawwell’s home in the early hours of Wednesday morning.




    Whomever is responsible must have had strong motivation to carry out this heinous act.



    He would surely have known in such a locale there would be multiple CCTV cameras – OK he was incognito, however there is a strong possibility that travel to and fro may be tracked.

  7. The Blogger…………and Squire D,



    You are both undoubtedly correct. I thought he had tons of potential but he’s really had the head turned.


    I hope he does well, but he might struggle elsewhere……….I suppose he’ll still end up a millionaire!




  8. CaddingtonCommon on

    Ernie Lynch 4.30 pm



    I was being facetious in these troubled times.


    Hail Hail

  9. gerry123



    “my post@3:42 on Peter you’ll never walk alone , can anyone name the French


    player i’m referring to , thanks”



    I’d assume it was Boumsong you are talking about. Souness, as Newcastle manager, paid £8m for him even though he was out of contract soon and old Rangers got him for nothing. A year later he was sold to Juve for £3m



    The Stevens enquiry said “There remains inconsistencies in evidence provided by Graeme Souness – a former manager of the club – and Freddy Shepherd – apparently acting in an undefined role but not as a club official – as to their respective roles in transfer negotiations.”



    “The inquiry is still awaiting clarification from agent Willie McKay”.”


    “The inquiry is still awaiting clarification from agent Willie McKay”.”



    I think WILLIE has bigger problems at present.



    I was told WILLIE was to get £1 million for arranging the deal. Last i heard he was 3 behind the FACE PAINTER.

  11. Peter Lawwell had an attempt made on his life because he was CEO of Celtic



    The media are downplaying this in their language



    Look at the evidence. There is cctv footage of a masked man dressed all in black emptying an accelerant on to the cars and setting it alight, This is Arson. The criminal would have been aware that the cars were parked on a flat area in front of the garage and that there was an eaves overhang above the cars, with 3 cars being parked there it is also obvious that there were people in the house. I suspect they had been watching the house till all the lights were switched off and the family were asleep.



    This was not a “petrol bombing”, it was arson and I contend, attempted murder.



    Peter Lawwell, to my knowledge, has no business interests outside of Celtic in Glasgow and he is not friendly with any others whose cars have been set on fire.



    Peter Lawwell will likely have to relocate and move from Glasgow where he has lived all his life.



    The CEO of Celtic has been the subject of an attempted Murder attempt and for the safety of his family will likely have to flee from Scotland.




    Shane………a blast from the past one of my favourites back in the day,a wee tear when the wee boy was shouting Shane come back Shane at the end

  13. big jimmy



    However , NO one has ever been able to tell me IF Shane ” Makes It”…or IF He Dies from that Gun shot wound ?



    I think the question we need to consider is was he ever alive in the first place?

  14. Regarding being impressed when Patterson played against us.


    Did we play wingers at any time against him.



    Seen him against Doig of hibs who ran past him on numerous times.



  15. The make up of the Scotland squad shows how Celtic´s influence has grown exponentially during the decades of domination. There are 6 current players in the 26 man squad and 4 who have played for Celtic. There are also others there with Celtic connections. No other scottish club comes near to this representation and influence. Aberdeen were not able to provide one player, Hibernian and Hearts have one player each. Berwick Rangers were awarded 2 places, a goalkeeper who doesn´t play for his club and a 19 year old rookie. Perhaps it is Motherwell who come next in the ranking order with their two players and ex Turnbull. The EPL is widely represented with players from Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton (2) and others, there are no overseas players.



    Good to hear Clarke thanking the players who weren´t going for their contributions in the qualification but he has let Griff down. The squad only has three out and out forwards and the boy from Hibs has all his time in front of him. What a lack of gratitude! Who put the backs up England at Hunden…Leigh Griffiths, a big time player. Too many defenders in the squad too….it takes a long time to get Levein out of the system once it gets in.



    Disappointed to see on here disparaging remarks about Christie He has been a key player for celtic and it is unceltic like to criticise your own even when you might not think they are world beaters. Strachan was to blame for holding McGregor back that´s true , when he was ripe for his country and another indication of how it has never been easy for celts to get recognition in a scotland jersey. However Clarke seems to have a bit more of an idea than Gord.



    It could be a big Jack type of approach with the lone striker up front. 23 years is a long time away from the highest level of the game.



    Personally, I would not mind if the Czechs beat the Scottish team in the first game in Glasgow after the way Slavia Prague have been demonised. A demonising by the scottish football team´s biggest and most dangerous opponents, the tartan media journos and pundits.



    So I´ll be supporting the players and remembering the likes of McGrory and Jinky, McGrain and Hay, McStay, Boyd, MacNamara, Collins and Maloney



    Football needs a Celtic presence.




    The cops will need to keep an open mind , not so much on the criminal actions ( they are pretty obvious ) but the motivation… bear in mind that folk carrying out these crimes are morons …. so anything is possible



    …. let’s hope the cops pull their finger out and get the moron

  17. EK Bhoy



    This attack was pre-meditated and pre-planned. It was not an off the cuff drive by petrol bombing.



    Like you i hope the cops will pull the finger but I am not confident.



    The Motivation was to harm the family of the Celtic CEO

  18. squire danaher on



    Hassan is a left-leaning soft-indy Dundee United fan. He is a bit of a moral prig and bangs on about what he calls ‘male toxicity’ and sexism. One of the characters who would identify with Tony Blair’s comment of being “ashamed to be a man”.



    However, apart from the usual OF two cheeks of the same asre crap, he generally doesn’t miss.



    The important thing is that he can carry this rightful apportioning of blame to the Huns to a wider and arguably more discerning audience than the MSM

  19. Not been on in a while. So first things first.



    Nothing, absolutely NOTHING that Peter Lawell has done warrants the hideous attack on his property and potentially him and his family. The scumbag(s) who did it will hopefully feel the full wrath of the law. And more. Just leaving it there.



    I noticed in an earlier thread that someone was criticising James Forrest in his defensive role for running full tilt at the opposition then pulling up before getting there.



    And then I see this



    EKBHOY on 20TH MAY 2021 1:27 PM


    On the subject of Ryan , his constant rushing , over commitment , is really frustrating which means that in any team (I.e. most teams) he can’t defend his position properly






    EKBHOY is absolutely correct.



    And Ryan should be more like Forrest in that respect. Go in too fast you are easily skinned with no chance of recovering.

  20. excathedra44 on



    I feel Clarke could have taken a chance with Griff,as you say he does not have sufficient forwards and if selected may have been the motivation Griff required to return to form.


    Not that he should have required motivation.


    Can’t get too enthused about Scotland when I recall the attitude to.Celtic over the years,I remember reading a statistic that Forsyth and Weir ,2 very average Sevco players,had more caps than the entire Lisbon Lions team.


    Last time I was interested was the x2 Griff free kicks that apart,ho hum.



    Great idea suggesting reward for the arrest and conviction of the twat who did this dreadful, idiotic thing.


    I sincerely hope it’s not a Celtic fan involved.


    My gut tells me that it was something which got out of hand, with the initial plan of petrol bombing the cars only, but as we know. the best plans and all that.



    On another topic. I think our very first signing should be Jordan Larsson



    Jimmy, look after yourself




  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    Tbh I’ll watch the Euros because it’s football and I wish all Celtic players well and to stay injury free, couldn’t care less about the Scotland results, my experiences as a young boy at a few Scotland games, the home internationals put paid to that, and that was from Scotland fans.



    Not sure anyone wanted to know that but there you go 🥴



    Hope the perpetrator how sought to burn out PL gets caught soon and we can deal with the reasons why once they’re caught. Harrowing experience I wish them all a speedy recovery

  23. TIMHORTON on 20TH MAY 2021 5:46 PM






    Shane………a blast from the past one of my favourites back in the day,a wee tear when the wee boy was shouting Shane come back Shane at the end



    find myself singin Chanpion the wonder horse :-) well it is close season







    Forsyth and Weir having between them more caps than the Lisbon Lions says all about the SFA. Seemingly now a player who has broken covid regulations not once but twice is given a place in the current squad, Is this because of whom he plays for? Would he be even picked if he played for any other team?



    In spite of all the bias, I still want Scotland to win, whenever they play.

  25. JHB



    My comment about burying the truth was not aimed at you but the media who turned down opportunities to check the information that makes up the Archive.



    The point was also a general one that the society we endure rather than enjoy is the result of lies not being called out and liars not being accountable for their lies.



    There is a process of healing the consequences of the lies.


    First the wrongdoing that is a lie needs admitted.



    An admitted wrongdoing can be forgiven.



    The consequences of not admitting will remain in the hearts of those wronged and the wrongdoers has no reason to change behaviour he cannot admit to himself is wrong.



    When the admission comes, forgiveness becomes possible and when the wrongdoer realises and accepts the pain caused and determines of himself not to repeat it, reconciliation can enter the stage.



    As a society the vicious circle has to be broken as it produces violence.



    There is a lot more to the process that starts with recognising the intrinsic worth of every one and goes from their.

  26. EXCATHEDRA44 on 20TH MAY 2021 6:32 PM



    There have been a lot of injusticies against Celtic but for many other scottish clubs too. See SFA.

  27. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 20TH MAY 2021 5:46 PM


    big jimmy



    However , NO one has ever been able to tell me IF Shane ” Makes It”…or IF He Dies from that Gun shot wound ?



    I think the question we need to consider is was he ever alive in the first place?




    One of the endings you’re disappointed in at the time but it’s the perfect ending.


    Of course, Shane (still) lives and remains in our hearts.



    I can imagine how Peter Lawwell and his family feel but hope they have the support and resolve to get over it as quickly as possible.

  28. And other scottish players.



    With no functioning SFA to meddle the media will do the rest.

  29. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Apologies if my honesty offends, but I’m hoping Scotland get papped out asap so the Celtic bhoys can rest and focus on next season (not to mention it’s an SFA 11).



    Apologies if my honesty offends, but I’m hoping Scotland get papped out asap so the Celtic bhoys can rest and focus on next season (not to mention it’s an SFA 11).




    I’m with you Blogger.hh

  31. Squire Danahar



    Good article by Hassan. You should also listen to this Talk Media discussion





    where the significance of what took place at weekend was discussed the result of which the contributor from England took back his opening statement the event had had coverage in England.



    He was left with a much deeper understanding of the issues at play.



    This will not blow over.

  32. BIGBHOY on 20TH MAY 2021 6:22 PM



    Cops will need to consider all options , random nutter , serial random nutter , moron that got mixed up , bigot moron , apparent serial nutter ….



    We’ll need to let the cops do their thing

  33. rimtimtim on 20th May 2021 6:03 pm





    Thank you. A nice thoughtful post.




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