Concerns for 4 of 6 Celts in Scotland squad


I totally understand what it means to Scotland players of this generation to be selected for the Euros next month.  Few of them are old enough to remember the last time we qualified for a major tournament, for some, it will be their last chance.

Still, Celtic have so much business to do on the park in July and August, with legs that need to keep running until May.  I have concerns for Callum McGregor, James Forrest and David Turnbull, each of whom I expect to be first choice for Celtic next season.  Greg Taylor may fall into that category too, though I expect Ryan Christie to continue to resist contract offers and leave.

Even if uncapped David Turnbull does not feature in the tournament, he will go through the same intense training load as the rest of the squad.  Greg Taylor has Kieran Tierney and Andy Robertson to contend with, so might not see too much game time.

I keep reading about this Jack Hendry character who is ripping it up in Belgium, also in the Scotland squad.  With central defender numbers low and Christopher Jullien out until October, Jack is likely to see a bit of squad action in the early weeks of the season.  His Scotland involvement will do him no harm.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Seems Watford agree £4 million for Doig of Hibs,who we have been linked with

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    JHB-you might be a great person (who knows)but you’re reply’s to AULDHEID suggest otherwise.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    That awkward moment when you want Killie to get relegated, and Charlie 2 Teeth is playing for Dundee….

  4. Failure to identify, apprehend and convict the perpetrators of the attempted murder of the Lawwell family will be a disaster for our police, prosecutors and our society. In my view, a great deal is riding on this now. What happend was so explicit and nakedly bold, if people think they can get away with that, it will almost certainly be repeated and escalate. I think back to the murder of Mark Scott in 1995. The perpetrator was apprehended quickly, and despite the worst efforts of Findlay, the perpetrator was found guilty and received as severe a sentence available at that time. Had justice not been served to a degree, things could have developed even more badly than they did. The authorities must know the implications of this attack. Similarly, with what happened on Saturday and the singing in the dressing room, if this sort of display is not stamped upon severely, quickly and decisively the lesson learned will be this can be repeated without significant sanction.

  5. AULDHEID on 20TH MAY 2021 7:08



    Did not imagine for a second that it was personally targeted.




    On reconciliation – had Ibrox stood up around the start of the Green & Sevco Scotland dynasty, held their hands up to all the past nefarious behaviour – apologised to all they had cheated & defrauded, then perhaps some would have considered an accommodation.



    Add in the serious consequentials that they suffered – from public disgrace & ridicule, loss of top players worth millions, four seasons as a new club in the lower divisions, out of Europe for years and forced to watch as we put together the second most successful period in our entire history…….then perhaps a kind reconciliation could have been on the agenda



    But of course the *Rangers way is to win at ALL costs, & under ANY circumstances – I bet the vast majority of them would endure it all over again if it meant stopping a future 10iar….the DNA has multiple entitlement markers.

  6. FAIRHILL BHOY on 20TH MAY 2021 8:03 PM


    JHB-you might be a great person (who knows)but you’re reply’s to AULDHEID suggest otherwise.







    Auldheid can speak for himself….and he does, very eloquently

  7. glendalystonsils on

    PICINISCO on 20TH MAY 2021 8:24 PM



    Excellent post . This attack with murderous intent is unprecedented but could set a dangerous precedent if the perpetrator/s are not caught and dealt with in the harshest way the law allows .

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Of course you can get 500 into the stadium now, or 600 at a cup final😯

  9. Maybe not quite as iconic as Tommy Smith and John Carlos but every bit as great an athlete in Mexico 1968, breaking the World Record for the 400 metres, and first to run under 44 seconds (43.86) for the event, gold medalist for the individual 400m and for the 4x400m, also a WR, he not only gave the Black Power while receiving his medal, after being warned not to, he also did so wearing the classic black beret of those times. Special mention to Larry James (43.97) and Ron Freeman (44.41) in that great race, but the great loss to the USA, Africa and Athletics that is Lee Evans.



    RIP Lee

  10. Given the foul weather today I took the opportunity to watch all of the English play off semi-finals from League 2 through to the Chsmpionship. Very enjoyable it was too. The limited crowds created really good atmospheres and really got behind their teams. Some good football, great goals and real effort to obtain promotion or at least to get the chance to play at Wembley. I can’t wait for the second legs. I’ve come to love these games over the years.



    In marked contrast I watched the Burnley v Liverpool game. What a boorish support the home fans were. They spent most of the 90 minutes booing Liverpool instead of focussing all their support on Burnley. It was their first game back after the lockdown as well. I was glad they were well beaten in the end.

  11. JHB on 20th May 2021 8:28 pm





    The lady does protest too much.



    You have convinced me. 60% of Irish/Catholic/Celtic supporters are sectarian and stupid. If we could only understand why the poor R~~~~~~ have suffered and feel sorry for them – we could get married again and the, Big Two, as you call them, could live happily ever after. There you are, you have done it. Get rid of the cult, and we all live happily ever after. BTW lets get the Tricolour off the Celtic Park and become a Glasgow version of Hibs or Dundee Utd.



    Glasgow Hibs / Glasgow Utd CSC

  12. fairhill bhoy on

    SCULLYBHOY-I think he knows what he is doing.


    And to be fair he’s doing well

  13. Big Jimmy


    The answer to your question could be in the book


    Films have been known to change things for the purpose of


    dramatising the story.


    However if you want to read the book it is simply called Shane


    and the author is Jack Schaefer. Can be purchased from Amazon from


    under seven quid or maybe cheaper from ebay.


    Classic film



  14. fairhill bhoy on 20th May 2021 9:11 pm



    SCULLYBHOY-I think he knows what he is doing.


    And to be fair he’s doing well





    I think he is actually a Celtic supporter. Sadly, he hates our Irish / Catholic heritage. He is clearly clever but wants a disinfected version of Celtic?!




    If you’ve read “The Lord of the Rings” the movie is different in so many ways.



    Some of differences were key in my opinion and made the movie a wee bit less enjoyable.



    Which was a shame considering the money they spent making them.

  16. fairhill bhoy on

    SCULLYBHOY-definitely intelligent no doubt.


    But what’s his goal 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. fairhill bhoy on 20th May 2021 9:23 pm



    SCULLYBHOY-definitely intelligent no doubt.



    But what’s his goal






    Create a Glasgow Hibs????????????

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Don’t care if Adam has no teeth, get these plastic pitches out of the top,league.



    Two in one disastrous season – every cloud and all that.




    …………………and he talks like a seven year old.

  20. fairhill bhoy on

    PHILBHOY-hi buddy.


    You’re probably right.


    I was a little sad that my hometown team finally lost out this season.


    Edinburgh for 2nights this weekend and then it looks like 3nights in Liverpool.


    Globetrotter 😉


    Hope yir all well pal

  21. I don’t have any real interest in the outcome of the Dundee v Kilmarnock two-legged tie….all I do observe is how quickly Kilmarnock have collapsed in the wake of Steve Clarke’s departure – he definitely has something special. Is Eddie Howe better?. I would warmly welcome SC to Celtic, of course I would also warmly welcome EH -but will the events of the past six days put him off – who would blame him if it did?




    All well here thanks!



    Ye should be ok in Edinburgh, no sure about Liverpool!!



    Hope you and your good lady are well and take care!

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    Timternet rumours we have bid for Aaron Bouoendza, Turkeybhoy might know more or maybe agent guff

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