Concerns for 4 of 6 Celts in Scotland squad


I totally understand what it means to Scotland players of this generation to be selected for the Euros next month.  Few of them are old enough to remember the last time we qualified for a major tournament, for some, it will be their last chance.

Still, Celtic have so much business to do on the park in July and August, with legs that need to keep running until May.  I have concerns for Callum McGregor, James Forrest and David Turnbull, each of whom I expect to be first choice for Celtic next season.  Greg Taylor may fall into that category too, though I expect Ryan Christie to continue to resist contract offers and leave.

Even if uncapped David Turnbull does not feature in the tournament, he will go through the same intense training load as the rest of the squad.  Greg Taylor has Kieran Tierney and Andy Robertson to contend with, so might not see too much game time.

I keep reading about this Jack Hendry character who is ripping it up in Belgium, also in the Scotland squad.  With central defender numbers low and Christopher Jullien out until October, Jack is likely to see a bit of squad action in the early weeks of the season.  His Scotland involvement will do him no harm.

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  1. Arsenal , Spurs, Newcastle (I know) and Celtic want to sign you.



    No chance of a regular game with Celtic, don’t know about the rest.



    Who do you sign for?




    Dishoom. in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh.






    And they deliver.

  3. JHB



    Such a statement, an act of contrition in effect, would certainly have made it easier to forgive, but is contrition something they know?



    What if they dont?



    A Christian message is forgiveness is not conditional.



    ” Christ did not say “Forgive them father if they take me down ”



    He said ” Forgive them Father, they know not what they do”



    “They” being everyone.



    “They” didnt know they were acting out of fear, which is how I think Christ saw it.



    I think he felt sorry for them, knowing there was nothing to fear, not even death.



    There is a great opening line in The Long Glasgow Kiss by Craig Russell.



    It goes.


    ” Some concepts alien to the Glaswegian mind. Salad. Dentistry. Forgiveness.



    He was speaking of the 1950s Glasgow. I think progress has been made on Salad and Dentistry but I fear Forgiveness is the road less travelled for some.



    That does not mean the road is closed.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    I take it there are some Killie in the ground, be very surprised if my cousin is not there.

  5. Scullybhoy,



    Interesting the concept of a disinfected Celtic. I posted a few weeks ago about the name Celtic.


    Thus was after English rugby dropped the name Saxons.


    We have a noble and proud unbroken history, but if this insanity continues our name will be under threat for not being diverse or inclusive enough.



    I kid you not.



    Cheers and HH.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I consume little general SMSM and none of it’s football coverage – just to clarify – the guy managing Kilmarnock is the same Tommy Wright who left double cup finalists St Johnston?



    I laughed again when I saw Falkirk are trying to recruit the guy who got Hamilton relegated.



    Scottish football is a circus.

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH MAY 2021 8:04 PM


    That awkward moment when you want Killie to get relegated, and Charlie 2 Teeth is playing for Dundee….



    -mon the grass park.




  8. FAIRHILL BHOY on 20TH MAY 2021 9:40 PM




    Don’t know why, but I seem to be picking up a vibe that perhaps, maybe, possibly….. you don’t like me😃

  9. squire danaher on

    AULDHEID on 20TH MAY 2021 7:40 PM



    Thanks for the link



    It wouldn’t open but I will track it down.




  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Cursed it😩



    Is this one and done or over two legs?

  11. Finishes Dundee 2 killie 1 and onto killie for the second leg . Dundee should have been 4 up , they might just regret those missed chances.

  12. Marspapa.



    just want a grass park back.fitba played on real should be a condition of the league? heard earlier on radio killie have 6th biggest budget in league. You over at golf day?

  13. AULDHEID on 20TH MAY 2021 9:50 PM



    Excellent post….another example could be to paraphrase a famous line from the beautiful Ali McGraw in ‘Love Story’….”being entitled means you don’t have to say you’re sorry”.



    You say the road is not closed – I agree. If South Africa can move on, albeit imperfectly, with T&R after the atrocities of apartheid, then there could be a chance….. however it has been a totally committed support than has sustained the Rangers name throughout the last ten years. The “Going for 55” was/is a defiant message that Rangers FC never died and that they were more sinned against than sinner – the board at Ibrox know that if they ever considered an apology, their family homes would subjected to an attack that would make Krystallnacht & the Great Fire of London look like the Notting Hill Carnival.

  14. If dundee can manage to overcome kilmarnock, only livi will have an astro pitch in premier league. I am sure the premier clubs need 11 teams to votes to veto these pitches in top flight.



    Dundee get promoted we have 11 teams in premier league with grass pitches and the perfect time to end astro pitches in scotland top flight.



    The astro pitches are simply a way to get an edge on your competition I.e. know bounce of ball, financially cheaper than grass to maintain, kill any flow to games and they look bloody awful and amateurish







    Yes. Once again I shall grace the Hallowed turf of Aberdour 🤣🤣🤣



    Are you meeting up with jakies 😊, er, I mean our friends the non golfers furra swally?.

  16. squire danaher on

    AULDHEID on 20TH MAY 2021 10:14 PM



    Thanks again



    I managed to find podcast, I had to disable adblockers to listen.



    I can’t really go the Richards guy, usually very Metrocentric in outlook and offered little to the discussion on this occasion.



    Cosgrove and O’Neill were good and I could relate to much of their input.



    I agree with you re: T & R but I fear we will be a long time waiting for acknowledgment of any culpability for anything from the G51 area.



    Or, in respect of other not-unrelated matters from other places.



    Thank you from an ordinary fan for all your efforts.

  17. a good read Celtic win Coronation Cup





    night Celts








    no not this time flat out at mo.


    ta for reminder neec to text the OT & BT 😊


    keep sclaffin catch uo soon




  18. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 20TH MAY 2021 5:46 PM


    big jimmy







    However , NO one has ever been able to tell me IF Shane ” Makes It”…or IF He Dies from that Gun shot wound ?







    I think the question we need to consider is was he ever alive in the first place?





    ” SHANE NOT Alive” ?


    So who was it that shot and killed the Pyscho Jack Wilson ( Jack Palance), and the other Baddies ” The Ryker Brothers” ?


    MON the Shane….





  19. MICKYBHOY on 20TH MAY 2021 9:13 PM


    Big Jimmy





    The answer to your question could be in the book





    Films have been known to change things for the purpose of





    dramatising the story.





    However if you want to read the book it is simply called Shane





    and the author is Jack Schaefer. Can be purchased from Amazon from





    under seven quid or maybe cheaper from ebay.





    Classic film









    I will try and get the book SHANE, but I read less Books these days than before.


    Ive got Two Books at home that a Mate gave me a loan of Months ago, one is George Connellys Biography and the other is also a Celtic Book……Ive STILL to start reading them, and I will probably start with the Great George Connelly………..Noo there wiz a Player !


    I Must do more reading……..Im at the back of the Class these days with my Dunces/CHUMP Hat on !





  20. Its been Pissing Doon in the CALTON since I got up at 3.50AM.





    Hows the Weather in the Garngad mate ?



  21. SCHUMMI on 20TH MAY 2021 6:40 PM







    Great idea suggesting reward for the arrest and conviction of the twat who did this dreadful, idiotic thing.





    I sincerely hope it’s not a Celtic fan involved.





    My gut tells me that it was something which got out of hand, with the initial plan of petrol bombing the cars only, but as we know. the best plans and all that.







    On another topic. I think our very first signing should be Jordan Larsson







    Jimmy, look after yourself




    My first thought after reading about the Cars being sprayed and set alight was that this was an Attack that has went wrong, as the Culprits main aim was to burn the cars ONLY…….


    IF someone wanted to Torch the House….then why NOT start with setting Fire to the Front Door etc ?



    The Culprits MAY have been shocked when a Car(s) blew up and the Fire spread to the garage and the Flat above ?


    IF I am right…The Culprit(s) may be ” REALLY Bricking it”…IF it leads to Him/Her or THEM being Charged with ” Attempted Murder” ?


    I could be 100% WRONG of course ?


    I still say that Celtic and/or the Celtic staff SHOULD seriously consider starting a ” FUND”, as a Reward for the Arrest and Conviction of the culprit(s)….and maybe some Celtic supporters would be happy to join in that ” CROWD FUND” ?


    This Nutter…or these Nutters NEED to be caught ASAP !


    Lets get to what their ” MOTIVE” was/is ?



  22. Another aspect of this Fire Attack that baffles me is that since yesterday the SMS, have been claiming that this Attack on Mr Lawwell and his family…is the 5TH Attack on Cars in that Area in recent times ?



    I know I may have missed early Reporting of other attacks in that Area in recent months but, could it be ” Made Up” by the Cops/Authorities, in an effort to have the General Public, especially those with connections to Celtic FC, somehow BELIEVE that this Attack on Peter had NOTHING to do with him being CEO of Celtic FC….In order to attempt to “Play Down” any thoughts that this Attack had anything to do with Peters Association/Employment with Celtic FC… they dont want ANY possible Reprisals from any other Nutter who may claim to be a Celtic supporter etc ?


    Again, I am just GUESSING ?


    I could and probably be completely wrong ?



  23. Sorry taken from daily Rainjuirz…



    Off-duty police officer fined after being caught partying at George Square Rangers rammy


    Constable Ross Fowler is also facing disciplinary action after he was pictured in the middle of the George Square during the city centre rammy.


    The story goes on to state that cops were warned by their Superiors NOY to join in celebrations IF they are ” OFF DUTY”, because Glasgow was STILL in ” level 3″ lock down.

  24. 1995 Diana Interview and the BBC…


    Today Princes Harry and Wullie are angry etc with the BBC and Interviewer Martin Bashir , and asking that ” HONESTY from the BBC and Bashir” was lacking back in 1995 and beyond……


    They are probably be Right but……


    Maybe they should also have a Word with their Uncle….Prince Feckin Andrew….and his TRUE Association with that Scumbag Epstein ?


    They should ask THEIR Father…Charlie boy about when he started to CHEAT on his wife and …their Mother ?

  25. Good morning cqn from a rain soaked and blustery Garngad




    Big Jimmy- Aye pissing down here as well. 😂



    D :)

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