Concertina league, frustration, Joey for halftime draw


We waited three long years to get there but I suspect I’m not the only one who will be relived we’re not plunging straight into another Champions League game. Most Celtic fans shrugged the Camp Nou defeat off, but I hear the players have taken it all a bit personal. They want to respond appropriately in that tournament, however, there is the small matter of a trip to Inverness to deal with first.

Wheels come of the Celtic barrow at Inverness. Repeatedly. On paper, the Highlanders have endured an awful start to the season, but if you drill down you’ll see that their five league games have seen them play Aberdeen and Hearts away, and lose a local derby to Ross County. Form will improve when they face lesser-resourced teams.

Statistically, you are more likely to drop points away from home after an away European tie than at any other time. Ronny Deila defied these odds during his tenure, let’s hope Brendan manages to channel the frustration in the dressing room into a performance and result against Inverness.

While Celtic and Hearts have opened up a gap at the top of the table, the rest of the league went through a concertina last weekend. Any team from 10th placed Kilmarnock and up could go third over the weekend.  Does that make it the most competitive in Europe?  You could make a case, the champions aside.

Joint-fourth Ross County will go third if they win at Ibrox, while Aberdeen, Dundee and St Johnstone will all fancy their chances of being third if County can only take a point.

I was pretty keen on Joey Barton heading to Ibrox this season and his actions over the last 24 hours show why. No idea what happened on Tuesday, but he issued an apology of sorts on Twitter last night, before deleting it, and then went on live radio this morning saying, “I don’t think I’ve done anything to apologise for”.

You know best, Joey. Don’t take any crap from a manager with five games of top-flight football on his CV, or team-mates who don’t deserve to be on the same field as you. Apologise for telling it as it is? I don’t think so.

Mark my words, we’ll have him doing the halftime draw soon enough.

The Kano Foundation

Sannabhoy asked me to share this from The Kano Foundation, who will support their 5000th child at the Kilmarnock game later this month.

5000 kids! I’ve no idea the extent of the social impact The Kano Foundation is having, but it’s awe inspiring. It grew from the CQN community, when our pal Martin Kane, who is no longer with us, took seriously ill.

After we Brought Martin Home, the guys involved realised they would be able to harness this force for good going forward, and the Foundation was born – out of your efforts.

Here’s what Sannabhoy had to say:

“The Kano Foundation is holding our annual bucket collection at Celtic Park before the Killie game on the 24th of September. This game also marks the 5000th child that we will take through the turnstiles to see Celtic.

“We are really keen/ desperate to have as many people help us with the bucket collection as possible as every penny raised goes towards allowing more children to get to see Celtic.

“If you can spare an hour or so please get in touch with us as we would be absolutely delighted to have as many people as possible rattling buckets. Please drop a note to Sannabhoy at Sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com or go online to our website The Kano Foundation.

“Every single volunteer is worth about £50-100 to us so the more we have, the more we can raise and the more kids we can take to Celtic Park. We are now up to 102 child tickets at each game meaning we can now take almost 2000 kids each season.

Thanks and Hail Hail.”

You’ll speak to a hundred Celtic fans, have a great day and the weather’s going to be warm and sunny, I promise, so go sign up.


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  1. Rowley Birkin QC on

    I’d never want to see Joey Barton play for Celtic. Not just because he is tainted by them but his previous actions as a person and “footballer” leave a lot to be desired.



    p.s. he’s sh*t!

  2. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    EmeraldBee\o/ still proud to be an internet bampot on 16th September 2016 11:56 am



    Morning bhoys and ghirls. Heading to the Celtic Musical tonight because off to Lanzagrotty tomorrow for a fortnight (how’s that for crap timing).




    Anyway, staying in Playa Blanca, on the Manna Rubicon side. Anyone with suggestions where to see the Man City game? Muchos appreciated.






    Emerald Bee



    Also at the Celtic musical tonight and been to Playa Blanca for last 4 years.



    Mollies is your Celtic pub






    Drop me a mail if you want to catch up for 5 mins tonight










  3. Interesting that Barton was the only one of the 2 players in dispute that was sent home. Though I guess that, now the morons have bought season tickets they don’t really need him do they?

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Its a tonic to see them in pain.


    Im cackling like an auld witch:)


    Its good for the bhoys and ghirls to see them suffer


    Puts a smile on the faces:)






    Sounds like Joey is making a case for “it’s either me or the Cat in the Hat.”



    You can’t beat a we bit of hun on Hun action :-))




    I was listening to it on the way back from the cemetery.



    Basically he was saying he’d had a frank exchange of views with Andy Halliday, but had no problem with him at all. He said the whole team, including him, were gash and they had to accept that they had moved up a level from part-timers in the Championship. He was making his point that they all needed to do better and start winning. Though he was smug enough to say he was MOM against Hamilton so couldnae be that bad.



    The Magic Twat seems to have taken exception to how Joseph Anthony (RC) was making his point and they had a discussion about it. Apparently Warburton has indicated that Joseph Anthony goes away and re-evaluates his thinking.



    Barton doesn’t think his thinking will change; he admits he is ineloquent when putting across his point, but his message is bang on the money. He also mused on why he was put on the naughty step for a week and Halliday wasn’t. Didn’t display any respect whatsoever for the Magic Twat.



    So reading between the lines, it’s Barton setting himself up against the Magic Twat; bloodletting will no doubt follow. Both of them won’t be there at Christmas!



    FAC the Act




  6. Easy 80% of Huns want him dropped. This isn’t going to end well. Joey’s ego won’t countenance being dropped for a nobodyshot. In fact I hear (ahem, on the Internet) his contract stipulates he must play under normal circumstances.



    Popcorn, Irn bru, mars bar at the ready.

  7. Paul67, my wife is in charge of a team of 9 or 10 Social Workers in Springfield Road and has spoken many times about how much it means to kids who get tickets for the games at Celtic Park via the Kano Foundation. A couple of times I’ve given her my season tickets for a kid that couldn’t get to the bigger games.



    Some of these children have had such a poor, poor start to life and it’s not only that they get to see the Bhoys in action; it’s the fact that people actually care enough to do something for them; and people are willing to spend time with them.



    I was brought up in poverty in The Drum in the 60’s and 70’s but we could always get “a lift over” at the game so poverty didn’t prevent us from getting into the game. It does now.



    So, on behalf of my wife, I’d like to personally thank all of the team involved for making some of the poor weans she deals with happy for a few hours on a Saturday at least!



    FAC the Act




  8. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Coolmore Mafia



    Joey is just about to find out, they dont do ‘normal circumstances’:)







  9. Final word on BartonGate (or maybe CatholicGate): Jim White said about an 45 minutes before the Barton interview that he had contacted an inside and well connected source at Ibrox who told him “there would be no statement regarding Joey Barton” from Rangers today. White basically said “aye, alright, but what can you tell me” and the response was “there would be no statement regarding Joey Barton” from Rangers today.



    Joseph Barton contacted TalkSport within the hour to give his version of events!



    FAC the Act




  10. G’day fholks.


    = = = = = = =


    Love and thoughts to thefamily and friends of Annie Dunbar and Gordon Murray.


    = = = = = = =




    My mobile dictionary app says word of the day is:


    OVERWEENING – presumptuously conceited,overconfident,or proud.


    Remind you of anyone/thing?? ;))


    = = = = = = = =




    Enjoyed your post about Roy Keane and what he’s really like as opposed to his t.v. character.Good stuff mhate,thanks.


    = = = = = = =


    Wonder who Halliday will be encouraged to have a set-to with next?Neeeeko or Hamburger I suspect.


    I’m just going to enjoy thems unravelling.With dignity,of course. ;))

  11. We have less than two weeks until city come calling . As much as I respect the guy . No way should mikel be played at right back against sterling , most of city,s attacks on Wednesday came from sterlings speed and trickery . So for me it’s less than a fortnight to get the speedy WEE fullback ready . And less than a fortnight to get the rest of them to realise they are playing for the celtic .



    With regards the wee spat across the city . I’ve no time for anything associated with that stinking club . But that Halliday is a rotten to the core bigot of a guy . Good on Barton if he skelped him .

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Joey might be in for a shock when he attempts to return to the circus of horrors, when John(yooz boat ra pies)Broon is on the door:)


    Pay to see that one:)






  13. Thanks to everyone for their kind words for Annie Dunbar!



    Now laid to rest and I’m sure she will be with God today!



    FAC the Act




  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Rats couldnae keep up wi the huns on that sinking ship:)


    Wooft, never seen them move so quick in yer life……Abandon Ship




  15. I won’t be at the Killie game but would be pleased to make a wee donation online.



    Anyone got a link please?

  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    I said to my Bhoys when Barton signed for them “they deserve each other”.



    ps Whers my last post gone??

  17. St Peters and St Michael are rooting for the RC, Saturday.



    Be Brave RC Soldiers.






    Tantalising. I got it @ 7/1.



    Who knows though?




  18. Myself,and a few others said it at the time,that after watching the performance of big John Ongu,against us for HBS,that he looked exactly like the type of player we needed for our midfield.After watching him totally boss the midfield against Inter last night,I am even more convinced.


    He is a dead ringer for Victor in every way.Reports at the HBS game said he was available for 1,5 million.


    Considering the business dealings we have had with the famous Israeli agent,I am shocked we have not made a move.If BR thinks that James Morrison,is a better prospect than this guy,I am sorry,he is way out in this case.


    That might be “Infamous”Israeli agent to some.

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    I hope the undersigned doesn`t object to my reposting this from the dog end of the last article.






    Regular visitor but not a regular poster but felt compelled to post following the Celtic Story at the Pavilion last night.



    I have the to class myself as an armchair supporter as I seldom attend games nowadays due to other things in my life. My good lady booked the show for me as an early birthday present a good while ago and it was something I had been looking forward to.



    I was curious to how she would react to the occasion as she has always said that she is a Hearts fan.This stems back to her student days In the capital.and having a boyfriend who must have been an arse. (We were all young and daft once)



    Anyway for my part I found the show hilarious , poignant and very emotional, it managed to strip away all the crap like the politics, bigotry, finance etc and reminded me why I support Celtic and how lucky I am.



    The good lady danced and clapped along although “she didn’t know the songs” .On the way home she commented that it was good to find out the history, her comment that”you’re quite a passionate lot” made me smile (she’s no more a Hearts fan than I am, it was all based on teenage lust )



    I can’t see her buying a season ticket anytime soon but at least she has opened the door a wee bit and seen the light. The great thing is she did it herself .



    On another note a big well done to Bert Auld who was outside the theatre having photographs taken and came on with the cast midway through and at the end of the show.You just know that the wee man was having a ball as were the cast.Oh and he had the big cup with him to.





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