Confidence, abrupt changes and the keeper position


Joe Hart is already away and, according to an interview he gave to Swiss media, Benjamin Siegrist is leaving too, despite two years remaining on his contract.  Reducing the goalkeeper count from three to just Scott Bain can be interpreted that Celtic are confident with their options at this time.

Whereas fringe outfielders often get a chance to play in the era of five substitutes and the need to rest players, backup keepers can go years without seeing competitive action.  Then when they are thrust into it, as with Scott Bain in May 2023, the rustiness is often on display.  It is a career where the overwhelming compensation is the wage, not professional development.

Joe was one of a few transformational signings we made in the summer of 2021.  The first-choice keeper target feels like the biggest transfer decision of the summer.  Great, if we get it right, but whoever comes in to replace Benjamin could be equally important.

When Gordon Strachan started as manager in June 2005, David Marshall was first choice goalkeeper and expected to retain that position, with new signing Artur Boruc as backup.  That scenario soon changed as Gordon realised what a gem he had in Artur.  The following seasons saw Celtic reach the knockout stage of the Champions League twice, with Artur becoming one of the highest rated keepers in Europe.

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  1. DRAMBOWIECELT on 19TH JUNE 2024 9:06 PM



    allright T.






    will look out for it when it comes.

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    Interesting shots of the crowd.



    After seeing the stunning looking women in the crowds at the French, Spanish, Italian games, you see the Scottish crowd and think “I wouldn’t go hame to her wi a burst pay”.

  3. Drambowiecelt on

    @SS..That would be worth readin..My auld maw had stories…a lot aboot drink lol..


    Anyhoo…we spread oot fae Sligo….And over and over iv’e seen it in my research.


    The G is Changed to an M..My own granda is shown on the empire heritage log as McK


    but thankfully on the Port memorium spelled right…


    look forward to it….

  4. SAINT STIVS on 19TH JUNE 2024 9:03 PM



    he is no paul mcstay.,no goals, no assists, average, exactly merr like a peter grant as all he seems tae dae is point and gesticulate.

  5. DRAMBOWIECELT on 19TH JUNE 2024 9:34 PM



    Again..Wee bobby…..He never Played for them.



    *allegedly his da is a Celtic mhan

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Not bad at all.



    I’ve criticised Clarke for McGregor’s constant minutes but easy to see why he does it.



    McGregor is the smartest player in the squad.



    Terrific leader too.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW – thank you Steve Bauer.



    Decent commentary.



    Miles above BBC Scotland’s talentless duo.

  8. Scotland need to beat Hungary on Sunday night, get to 4 points


    Chances are we wont finished second, but four points might get us a third place spot


    Only need to better two other 3rd place teams, 4 points could do it.

  9. Much better tonight from Scotland



    Get it into the hungarians



    Goulash the sheeeet out of them xxxx

  10. CELTIC MAC on 19TH JUNE 2024 10:08 PM



    Scotland need to beat Hungary on Sunday night, get to 4 points



    Chances are we wont finished second, but four points might get us a third place spot



    Only need to better two other 3rd place teams, 4 points could do it.






    As it stand the swiss have a goal difference of +2



    Amd we have a goal difference of -4



    Needs to be a huge swing on the last game for us to go thru 2nd on goal difference



    Am not gonna analyse the permutations, be interesting to see what we need to be at against hungary



    And what results need to swing in our favour



    FRor us to go thru

  11. The hand of God on

    Bad mistake by Tony tonight but I thought he showed great character to continue to play out of defence and had a fine 2nd half.A good performance from Scotland which gives them at least a chance to progress.

  12. clunks



    We are in Group A, which means we started first, and we will finish first, on Sunday pm. Of course we will know by then how the other groups are panning out after two games.


    Best we can do is get to 4 points, and see how the games play out Mon/Tues/Wed




    Yeah for sure matey



    Much better performance tonight



    And if we had the rub if the green



    We could have, maybe, got the second goal



    Let us see how the 2nd round of games plays out…

  14. glendalystonsils on

    Joe Hart , so insightful and instructive in talking about the game .



    Compare and contrast with the cheeky chappie with the cliche book .

  15. Not a bad result against a good Swiss team. There’s a few weak spots throughout the team. Thought Tony did as best as he could given he’s way out of his depth at this level. KT looks a shadow of his former self. Is Gunn really the best keeper Scotland can find? As someone else said, the fact that Steve Clark managed to put a defense together with the options he has is remarkable. Everyone seems to be saying a win against Hungary puts us through, so all to play for.

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